Androids have a big plus that is the ability to customize its Operating System. You can make your phone what you want it to look like. Let us see some the best free icon sets for Android.

Types of Icons


This kind of icon is the visual representation of the app on the Home or All Apps screen. The user can change the Home screen’s wallpaper. It can be made sure that launcher icon is clearly visible on any type of background.

Action Bar

Action bar icons are graphic buttons that represent the most important actions people can take within your app. Each one should employ a simple metaphor representing a single concept that most people can grasp at a glance.

Small / Contextual Icons

Use small icons to surface actions and/or provide status for specific items within the body of your app. For example, each message has a star icon that marks the message as important in the Gmail app.

Notification Icons

If your app generates notifications, provide an icon that the system can display in the status bar whenever a new notification is available.

Best Free Icon Sets for Android

MIUI 5 Launcher Theme

MIUI 5 is one of the best icon packs available in the Android market. It makes your android device look and feel exactly like an iOS device. This pack comprises of very similar icons used by MIUi ROM that are more than 3000 in number and are developed by China’s Xiaomi Tech.

Belle UI Icon Pack

This is another very good pack for android sets. It has over 1250+ custom icons designed for XXHDPI screen. This icon pack finds itself very much compatible with multi launcher and supports almost all launchers, including Inspire, KCIN, Action, ADW, Apex, Smart, Solo, Atom, Dodol, Holo, Lucid, Go launcher, Nova, launcher, and more.

Tiny White Icon Pack

Tiny white icon pack is a minimalist icon pack that has a crisp as well as a clean look. As the name suggests, all the icons are white and much smaller than their default size. This icon pack has 1300+ free icons and supports a wide range of launchers like Nova, Smart, Apex, ADW, Go, etc. it is simply perfect for all those who have a liking towards tiny and minimal looks.

Moonshine Icon Pack

The icon pack contains more than 400 high quality icons that you can use to customize your phone’s stock icons. It supports all popular launchers such as Nova, Smart, Apex, ADW, and Go Launcher.

Voxel Icon Pack

Voxel icon pack is a simple, colorful icon pack which houses nearly 1000 icons. The icons are mainly square based with drop shadow effects over pastel colors. If you have a fascination towards big drop shadows, you must try this type of pack.

DCikonZ Theme

DCikonZ is a free icon theme that includes a whopping 4000+ icons. This set has a very consistent kind of a look. It’s huge which makes this kind of set to stand out. It also stands out for going in its own direction and avoiding the super-simple, flat look many icon packs use.

Chrome Holo Icons

Holo Icons helps to replace many app icons with consistent-looking as well as simple icons that match Google’s Holo style.

Square Pack Icons

Square Icon Pack turns the icons into squares. This makes every icon a consistent size and offers a unique look. The icons here almost look a bit like the small-size tiles available on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone.

Rounded UP

This offers simple rounded icons. The development of this icon set has been inspired from round icons in Mozilla Firefox.

Crumbled Icon Pack

Crumbled Icon Pack applies an effect that makes icons look as if they’re crumbling. Crumbled Icon Pack adds an effect to every app icon on your device. This means that all the app icons will be themed and consistent.

Dainty Icon Pack

Dainty Icon Pack offers gray-on-whiteand simple icons for over 1200 apps. It’d be ideal over a simple background. The contrast may be a bit low here with the gray-on-white, it is yet very slick.

Simplex Icons

Simplex Icons offers more contrast, with black-on-gray icons. This icon pack could simplify busy home screens, allowing photographic wallpapers to come through.

Min Icon Set

Min attempts to go as minimal as possible. It offers simple white icons for over 570 apps. It is particularly ideal oversimple wallpaper with app names hidden in the launcher. It mainly offers a calming, minimal home screen. For apps it doesn’t recognize, it will enclose part of the app’s icon in a white circle.


Elegance offers icons that incorporate more details and gradients rather than going for minimalism. It’s over 1200 icons offer another good option for people who aren’t into the minimal, flat look.


Alos is easily one of the largest icon packs. It has nearly 2200 themed icons. It is a popular set of icons to try.


It is super square, super flat, and has super bold colors which help to make up this icon pack very attractive.

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