Actors and hotel owners Robert De Niro and Leonardo Dicaprio

When you are Robert De Niro and have an estimated net worth of $150 million, there only so many race cars and diamond necklaces you can buy before you begin looking for other ways to spend your fortune. Like De Niro, a growing number of celebrities are investing in hotels. While they are keeping their day jobs, the optimistic stars are sinking a considerable amount of cash into the hospitality industry. Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, purchased an island in Belize for a cool $1.75 million. He plans to build an eco-resort there, scheduled to open in 2018.

While some celebrities have found success in the hotel business, others have not been so fortunate. Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort in Utah garners rave reviews from travelers, however The Nobu Hotel in Manila, which opened in May and is co-owned by Robert De Niro, was recently named the world’s worst by Luxury Travel Intelligence. Actor Rupert Grint, who achieved fame as Harry Potter’s fictional friend Ron Weasley, was less successful as a hotelier. He was the sole shareholder of Rigsby’s Guest House in Hertfordshire, UK, which closed.

Planners looking for unusual properties to house VIPs at an executive retreat, for example, may want to consider some of the luxury properties owned by celebrities. In addition to being situated in some of the most beautiful parts of the world, they come with some pretty impressive bragging rights.

Writer Adeline Duff has compiled the following roundup of hotels owned by celebrities:

1. Gwinganna Health Retreat, located on Queensland’s Gold Coast in Australia

This retreat is co-owned by Hugh Jackman; who stayed there for two months while preparing for his role in the film Wolverine. The wellness resort offers spa treatments, outdoor activities and stress therapy.

2. The Cromlix Hotel, Scotland

This property is owned by tennis star and Olympic gold medalist Andy Murray, who bought the Victorian country estate and transformed it into a five-star luxury property.

3. The Bedford Post Inn, Bedford, NY
Richard Gere, who lives in the area, co-owns this charming historic property, which dates back to the 1860s.

4. Ariel Sands Resort, Bermuda
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones co-own this beachfront resort, which is currently undergoing a renovation and is expected to reopen in 2017. The green property will feature beachside cottages, a salon and spa.

5. Mission Ranch Hotel, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

This hotel, which was converted from a 19th-century dairy house, is owned by actor Clint Eastwood. The expansive ranch is set on 22 acres and features 31 guest rooms, a tennis court and a fitness center.

6. The Cypress Inn, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

Hollywood darling Doris Day also owns a property in Carmel-by-the-Sea.  Her boutique inn welcomes pets and features a lovely garden courtyard.

7. The Big Sleep, UK

Actor John Malkovich has always been somewhat quirky. Rather than invest in a luxury property, he is a primary investor in this chain of budget hotels with locations in Cardiff, Wales, and Cheltenham and Eastbourne in England.

8. Number 11 Cadogan Gardens, London

Model and actress Elizabeth Hurley owns this velvet-decorated boutique hotel in London’s posh Knightsbridge neighborhood.

9. Hotel Rival, Stockholm

ABBA band member Benny Andersson owns this hotel in Stockholm, which is reportedly one of the city’s best places to stay.

10. Goldeneye Resort, Jamaica

Music producer and Island Records founder Chris Blackwell owns this resort, which was previously owned by Jamaica’s favorite son, Bob Marley.

11. Gaia Retreat & Spa, New South Wales, Australia
Olivia Newton-John, who starred in Grease, co-owns this health retreat, which features spa treatments, yoga, organic cooking classes, boxing, meditation and clay sculpting.

12. Palazzo Versace, Australia’s Gold Coast

Designer Donatella Versace owns this property south of Brisbane, Australia, and has plans to open two more; one in Macau and one in Dubai.

13. Sundance Mountain Resort, Sundance, Utah

Veteran actor, director and founder of the Sundance Film Festival, Robert Redford, owns this picturesque mountain resort that features outdoor activities such as river rafting, horseback riding, fly fishing and skiing.

14. Blackadore Caye, Belize

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio bought an island and is building an eco-retreat on it. The projected opening is 2018.

15. Greenwich Hotel, New York City

Actor Robert De Niro has reaped a lot of success with the Greenwich Hotel, located in New York City’s hopping Tribeca neighborhood. He has had less success overseas, where his Nobu Hotel in Manila has received less-than-favorable reviews.

16. Terrace Beach Resort , British Columbia, Canada
Jason Priestley owns this woodsy property in Ucluelet, British Columbia, nestled in a pristine portion of Canada.

17. Costa d’Este Beach Resort & Spa, Vero Beach, Florida

Grammy award-winning couple Gloria and Emilio Estefan own this pet-friendly property in Vero Beach, Florida, which features gorgeous waterfront views, a luxury spa and paddle boarding and snorkeling.

18. The Clarence Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

This boutique hotel, located in Dublin’s vibrant Temple Bar neighborhood, is co-owned by U2’s Bono and The Edge.

19. Multiple properties around the world

Director Francis Ford Coppola owns five resorts around the world. The Francis Ford Coppola Presents lifestyle brand includes the Blancaneaux Lodge and the Turtle Inn in Belize, Palazzo Margherita in Italy, La Lancha in Guatemala and Jardin Escondido in Argentina.

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