The American Bison - Our National Mammal

Celebrate the recent announcement of the American Bison as our National Mammal (via @americasgreatoutdoors) with a virtual bison hunt through the National Archives Catalog!

“Black Dog” - a large buffalo. Wichita National Forest. 1927

Ungulates: Buffalo - All States
Series: Photographs Relating to National Forests, Resource Management Practices, Personnel, and Cultural and Economic History, ca. 1897 - ca. 1980. Record Group 95: Records of the Forest Service, 1870 - 2008

Help to transcribe and tag vintage Forest Service bison photos in the National Archives Catalog.  This easy transcription mission will help make these images more accessible and searchable for researchers and the public.

Becoming a Citizen Archivist is easy!

Create a username and password in the National Archives Catalog.

Login from any transcription page or on the login page.

Find vintage Forest Service bison photos to tag and transcribe in the National Archives Catalog

Select the “View/Add Contributions” button located below all images in the catalog.

Select the “Tag” or “Transcribe” tab for the page of the record you would like to work on.

Select the “Edit” button and remember to save your work frequently.

Check out this example transcription page and Citizen Contribution Policy for more information.

Read about one of our “Virtual Volunteers” who spends his retirement as a Citizen Archivist

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