At last! Now there is a way you can post company updates to your LinkedIn Company Page, via a third party app...... and it is brilliant!

The tool to use is the awesome Hootsuite dashboard. Here you can manage all your social media activity from one place - you can plug in Twitter, Facebook accounts, Foursquare, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups and of course now, LinkedIn Company Pages.

So how do you set it up?

1. First ensure you are an administrator of your LinkedIn Company Page (this is essential that you are).

2. Go to your Hootsuite page and click on the top square on the immediate left of the screen - it should be your image.

This opens up your profile. Go to the bottom where it shows your social media accounts set up through your Hootsuite account. Click on add a new social network > then click on LinkedIn. It will ask to re-authorise your LinkedIn account, then show you all your Groups and Company Pages you are an Admin of.

You simply click th relevant ones and it will be immediately added to your Hootsuite Account and dashboard (highlighted below in red)

Now you can post content and importantly schedule content for your Company Page. So simple and yet so brilliant!

If you are one of the many people that are not understanding the value of their LinkedIn Company Pages, then you might want to check a previous post on the gold dust piece of LinkedIn marketing potential - YOUR Company Followers.

So just to make this really clear in simple terms for those of you still failing to see why this whole part of LinkedIn is so important for your company:

Stats from LinkedIn show, that the first click people make after clicking onto your LinkedIn Profile is to the company link you work for.

People have the option to follow your company. Think about it - who is going to follow your company.... analysts, competitors, employees AND people that are interested in working for you!

Everyone that follows your company, will get Company Status updates (that you post) in their personal status update stream -Signal.

Anyone that visits your company page (see point 1) will see all your updates.

You can now segment your followers and send specific personalised LinkedIn messages to them.

You can now schedule updates to your Company Page really easily.

You can manage and monitor your LinkedIn Company Page in Hootsuite - the same way you can do for your Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts.

You can add a FollowUs on LinkedIn button to your website to drive more followers (make sure you give them a reason to do so).

So, have I got your attention on this now? Your LinkedIn Company Page is VERY IMPORTANT and you should now give it the attention it deserves.

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