I can’t believe 2013 is almost over. Where did the year go? I went back to reflect on my year as a blogger. I wanted to share some of my favorite moments and posts for each month. This post is full of healthy recipes, not-so-healthy recipes, workouts, and more, but that is because this is my reflection of life as a blogger. Not everything I experienced in the year is in this post. I promise I’m more than just a baking and blogging machine. Writing this was so much fun! Going back and reading about the places I have been, the things I have done, and the goals I’ve reached made me very proud of myself.

Start thinking about what your New Years resolution will be. Tomorrow I am going to share mine and talk about how I kept my last years successful. I’m looking forward to hearing all of yours!

1st: I brought in the New Year downtown Atlanta, Ga at the Peach Drop.
1st: I posted a recipe for a light orange Julius.
1st: I started off the New Year’s with a two-a-day at the gym.
2nd: I was introduced to one of my best friends, Anna.
2nd: I posted some tips for eating at a buffet the healthy way.

2nd: I made healthy protein banana-egg pancakes with PB2 & chia seeds after my workout.
3rd: I posted 50 Things You Don’t Know About Me (But now you do)
3rd: I roasted vegetables in my new Bobby Flay pan I got for Christmas.
4th: I was spotlighted in 2MAX’s new fitness and health ebook, College Fit Guide.
4th: I posted a recipe for flax-seed breaded chicken drummies.
4th: Went to the Atlanta Hawk’s game for Jeremy’s Birthday!

7th: I made a Healthy Dinner Night Week Preparation post.
8th: I made my first, ever, Baklava!
9th: I shared my midnight snack idea for a serious sweet tooth.
10th: I shared another healthy dinner night recipe with leftovers.
10th: The First Team Taralynn Girl’s were picked.
11th: I was nominated for a Shorty Award.
11th: I made protein packed dark chocolate coconut PB2 fro-yo!
12th: I share 21 ways to break a weight loss plateau.

13th: I taught myself a lesson when it comes to working out late.
14th: I started drinking lemon/lime water to clean out my body.
15th: I had some banana-egg pancake withdrawals.
16th: I had a cardio day!
16th: I started my smoothie kick.

18th: Went out to dinner at Buckhead Bottle Bar & Bistro with Jeremy and friends.
19th: I used my new crock pot for the first time. I made healthy Minestrone Soup.
21st: I started buying in bulk.
23rd: I made healthier meatballs.
24th: Jeremy’s mom flew to Atlanta to visit us. We took her out for Long Islands and Trivia night at the Tavern.
25th: I continued my smoothie kick with a nice green one.

25th: I made light scotcharoo oats!
30th: I  made blueberry honey grilled avocado salad!
31st: I made myself BIRTHDAY PANCAKES!
31st: I made healthy chocolate blueberry banana cupcakes with peanut butter whipped frosting for my birthday treat!

31st: I made healthy chocolate blueberry banana cupcakes with peanut butter whipped frosting for my birthday treat!
31st: I turned 22

4th: Jeremy and I made sweet and savory sweet potato chips!
5th: Still obsessing over Christian Grey & Smoothies

6th: My workout class threw me a post-birthday workout party!
9th: I made Lauren Conrad’s Friday Favorites Post
10th: I learned that Kale is only allowed in my smoothies, oven, and juice.

13th: Whipped up a cute strawberry banana smoothie for Valentines Day
14th: I wore all pink to the gym and strangers kept handing me chocolate.
14th: I made a huge healthy Chinese Food feast for Valentines Day.
15th: I prepared breakfast sandwiches to-go.

16th: Had my first sick day in a long time.
18th: I found Vega at Whole Foods and became obsessed.
21st: I even made brownies with Vega.
25th: Grumples took my favorite photo of all time.

26th: Got hooked on body pump class.

27th: Updated my grocery list.
28th: The birth of my zucchini pizza relationship.
29th: I flew to Las Vegas!

2nd: I won $600 during my first Vegas Craps session.
3rd: I sang at the House of Blues.
4th: I went to five buffets in one trip.

5th: Flew back to Atlanta
5th: Made a healthier version of McDonald’s Shamrock Shake
9th: Continued my smoothie obsession.

9th: Hiked up Stone Mountain in Atlanta
13th: Made pistachio almond muffins with garbanzo bean flour for the first time!

15th: Flew back to Chicago to pack up all of our things and load it up into a storage Unit. (Haven’t been back since)
16th: Flew back to Atlanta in Atlanta.
18th: Started the pumpkin kick with four ingredient protein pancakes.
22nd: Created 6 ways to spice up your rice cakes!
25th: Made a healthy & light seafood Alfredo with spaghetti squash!

26th: Made a massive post full of workouts, relaxation, and smoothies!
29th: I cracked and got an INSTAGRAM account.
30th: We had a hilarious game night.
31st: My parents visited Jeremy and I in Georgia for Easter.
31st: My parents, Jeremy, and I all went bowling, ate at Mambo Italiano’s,

1st: I made my dad his favorite shrimp pasta salad (But on the healthy side)
2nd: I became a huge fan of butternut squash.
3rd: We headed down to Valdosta GA for our future temporary home. The place I would fall in love with.
4th: Someone told me to try Walden Farm’s Peanut Butter spread…And never will I ever….
5th: I made No Bake Banana PB2 No-Bake Energy Bars

8th: We spent the weekend in Florida. It was Mr. Grumples first ocean experience.
9th: I made The Pioneer Woman’s meatloaf for the boys.
10th:I made Mango Pineapple Chicken Skewers for the grill.
12th: The heat was unbearable in Georgia

13th: I made french onion dip and put it on Youtube!
15th: Jeremy and I went on a Fro-yo date!
16th: I sucked at Crossfit.
18th: Jeremy was working late at the hospital, so I brought him over chicken tacos and sweet potato fries.
19: I shared my post workout face and skin care.

21st: Jeremy and I had our Anniversary
22nd: Lots of running progress was being made.
23rd: I made 2 ingredient dark chocolate energy bites!
24th: I tried sushi for the first time, ever! I loved it and now I’m hooked.
30th: I made 2 ingredient dips; Cookie dough & Brownie!

5th: I made Cinco De Mayo Appetizers!
5th: I put together a great Cinco De Mayo Menu!
6th: I put together an easy plan to conquer a new lifestyle. Baby steps before the huge hump.
8th: Spent the day golfing!
7th: I made low carb vegetarian stuffed peppers.

11th: I put together two DIY baskets for Mother’s Day.
13th: I had a wonderful weekend home for Mother’s Day!
15th: I shared my mom’s famous pasta dish!
15th: Made the trip back to Georgia from Iowa the healthy way.
16th: I had the honor to interview Beverly Gloebel-Yanez.

20th: I made buffalo chicken lettuce wraps. and smashed potatoes.
20th: I spent the weekend in Florida with my two favorite people.
22nd: Came up with a new no-gym workout.
28th: I made a post about my fears for moving to Detroit. Crazy how much I love it here.
29th: Crazy how fast plans change.
30th: I died my hair blonde!
31st: I made Healthy Flaxseed Mozzarella Sticks!

2nd: Jeremy and I spent another weekend in Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)
5th: A venting post about more changes!
6th: I turned one of Giada De Laurentiis’s recipe’s into a healthy dinner!
8th: Bought my first polar watch.
9th: Went to a baseball game in Atlanta!

18th: While Jeremy was in Arizona, I made easy dinners for one!
19th:  Made healthy Energency Bars!
23rd: Jeremy finally came home and we went out for Pizza!
24th: I made homemade Horchata!

25th: I made a Crust-less Pie Parfait!
28th: I attempted the Pinterest Gummy Strawberries and made them better.

1st: We made the move to Detroit!
2nd: I made some sandwiches to help me unpack!
4th: I made breakfast paninis!
7th: I saw my very first fishfly.
8th: I made Vegan chili and healthy cornbread for the the 4th of July weekend.

10th: I made my favorite crock pot recipe so far, Taco Soup!
13th: I played hours of softball and then came home to make kale chips!
18th: I made a delicious vanilla latte protein shake.
20th: I made the famous “copy cat Pizza Hut” recipe from Pinterest!
24th: I posted the recipe for ”crustless pumpkin pies”. I have made these over and over and over again.

25th: I posted all of my “outfit of the day’s”
28th: Jeremy and I took my Dad golfing.
31st: I shared my pineapple jellies recipe.

1st: I made banana frappe’s for my mom and I. (Oh and shared the recipe)
3rd: I made the road trip back to Detroit
7th: I caught competition winning sized muskie! 38 lbs and 50 inches long.
9th: I made Cinnamon Rolls Glazed With a Protein Honey Coconut Milk Icing! (Grain, Gluten, Dairy, and Refined Sugar Free) and they were great!
12th I took some photos and shared the inside of my little baking cabinet.

16th: I made Not Your Average Chocolate Cake: Low Carb, Gluten Free, Protein Packed, No Sugar Added, No Butter and Flourless
18th: I made rice krispie treats for my slow pitch team!
20th: I bought my first Juicer.
21st: I had the honor of interviewing MTV’s, Jessica McCain on her fitness journey.

23rd: I went to my first Detroit Lions game.
23rd: I updated my post from 16 months ago.
24th: I went to Canada for the first time!
27th: My grandma made it to Rome.
29th: I made 100 ways to stay healthy this school year.
31st: I made paleo chocolate chip cookies!

2nd: I made a trip to my favorite place in the world, Valdosta, GA.
2nd: I was upset that Charlie Hunnam was cast for Christian Grey, but now I wish he was still paying the role.
2nd: I had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.
4th: I shared the amazing transformation of Kayla MacMillan.

4th: I was excited to share all of your photos sent in.
8th: Made the road trip back to Michigan.
9th: Another day on the road back to Michigan.
11th: I made Paleo Almond Butter Cookies for Jeremy and I!
12th: With all the football on, I finally had a date night with Jeremy.
14th: I made GAME DAY chocolate covered strawberries for the tailgate.

16th: I made one of the best meals I have yet to make! (Grilled Pineapple Glazed Shrimp Avocado Peach Salad With Sweet and Savory Sweet Potato Zucchini Fries!)
17th: I started posting “typical dinner nights.” on my blog for ideas!
19th: I packed my bags for a weekend getaway to Las Vegas!
22nd: Jeremy danced like a fool for a crowd on the streets of Vegas.
23rd: I shared part one of my Vegas trip!

25th: I shared part two of my Vegas trip!
26th: I shared part three of my Vegas trip!
26th: I drove back to Ohio to Pick up my dog and had my first REAL sushi experience.

27th: Made Alton Brown’s famous Mac & Cheese! It was awesome.
30th: I went to the Lion’s game, Fishbones, & Greektown Casino.
30th: I made ground turkey tacos!

1st: I made a Teriyaki crock pot chicken!
2nd: My friend, Jess, and I went for a walk on the trail and noticed how the trees were finally turning into fall.
2nd: I made dark chocolate whiskey cupcakes! “MAN APPROVED”
3rd: When there is nothing in the house, I throw whatever all in a bowl.

4th: I whipped up some 65 Calorie Flour-less Pumpkin Cookies With Cranberries, Butterscotch, and Chocolate Chips!
5th: Made Pumpkin Quinoa Cinnamon Spice Baked Apples & Pears with Cranberry, Walnuts, & a Honey Glaze!
8th: I made lighter loaded potatoes for a healthy side idea!
10th: I made another “typical dinner night post”

10th: My parents came to visit and I made my dad a candy corn trail mix!
11th: I added some fall touches to my living room and found the best yogurt!
11th: I made a healthy pumpkin bar with Greek yogurt frosting! It was a hit.
12th: My mom ran seven miles with me! She’s 50
13th: I had lunch with my parents by the lake!
14th: My worst nightmare happened!

14th: We had breakfast for dinner!
15th: Had a great run and Sushi date with my friend, Jess!
17th: I made pumpkin pie yogurt!
19th: I made a DIY wreath for the Holidays!
21st: Went to the Lion’s game and got stuck making football grub.
21st: I made healthy granola cluster’s!

22nd: Visited Detroit’s Heidelberg project…(Before some idiot set the art on fire.)
23rd: I made BoooOreo Balls for Halloween (OREO BALLS)
24th: I made a healthy Gluten Free Banana Bread!
26th: I made healthy maple almond butter oat cookies.

29th: A 12 Hour road trip to Iowa for Halloween.
29th: My mom made the BEST Mexican black bean spaghetti squash casserole.
30th: I made frosted sugar cookies for Halloween!

1st: I flew to Arizona to meet up with Jeremy!
3rd: I made it to Arizona and enjoyed my warm morning! (1/2 marathon update)
3rd: Pancheros and I met again!
4th: Jeremy’s mom, Cindy, taught me how to make her famous tea ring!

5th: I had the honor of introducing you to, marathon runner and friend, Courtney Brown. (Super inspiring)
5th: Jeremy and I had a nacho night at the Lodge!
6th: Jeremy and I climbed Camelback Mountain! All the way to the top.
7th: I had a little crab leg challenge with Jeremy. (1/2 Marathon Update)
8th: The worst pain ever! Deep tissue massage.
9th: I posted a recipe for a pumpkin protein shake.

10th: I was faced with a 1000 piece puzzle challenge.
11th: I shared my thoughts on salad dressing.
12th: Posted a leftover stuffed pepper!
12th: I answered 10 personal questions that get asked way too much.
14th: I had a much needed girls day!
16th: I had a great time at the Art of Merlot!

16th: I ate at Tacos and Tequila in Scottsdale, AZ.
17th: I shared a new before and after photo.
18th: I had sushi at Sting Ray in Scottsdale, AZ . & Died my hair brown.
22nd: I tried my first quest bar!

25th: I made it to the top of Camelback mountain again!
27th: I flew back to Iowa to be home for Thanksgiving and to reunite with my doggy!
29th: A wonderful Thanksgiving with the family!

1st: I posted the recipe for the best apple pie recipe ever!
1st: I put the Christmas tree up and then made zucchini pizzas with my mom.
2nd: I headed back to Detroit.
4th: Adding a little something back into my diet.

5th: I made Sweet Potato Soup with Chicken!
5th: My Eggnog addiction arrived and I made an eggnog protein shake!
6th: I made eggnog whole wheat muffins!
6th: I shared my favorite juice recipes.
7th: Grumples had his first picture taken with Santa!

8th: I made DIY Gingerbread Men Ornaments.
8th: Another typical dinner night post!
10th: I put together a giant Stocking Stuffers list for your fitness fanatic.
10th: Had a delicious Panera Bread Lunch!

12th: Spent the day out enjoying the snow, not the mall, and made Vegas Themed Oreo Balls.
14th: I made Teriyaki Chicken Salad and Buffalo Chicken salad for diner.
15th: I made healthy Eggnog Granola!

16th: I spent the morning out taking photos for a coping mechanism.
18th: I made healthy extra dark chocolate chip whole wheat oatmeal cookies & my Dad came to visit us in Detroit!
19th: I had a lunch-date and gift exchange with, Jess!
20th: I made a huge update post before heading back to Iowa for Christmas.

22nd: While I was home I went out and took photos of some important places in my hometown
23rd: My brother made the family breakfast, vegetarian sweet potato hash.
24th: I put together some great holiday recipe menus and shared some of your photos.
26th: I took you inside my family’s Christmas tradition!
27th: Shared my Christmas morning cinnamon roll recipe!
28th: I made cupcakes and played board games with friends over break.
29th: I headed back to Detroit.

Thank you for spending the year with me. This one has been one of the best years of all. I can’t wait to make next year better!

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