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In an industry already filled with starry-eyed love teams, these two teens definitely standout because of their genuine spark and sweetness that make their fans crave for more.

“Aminin mo crush mo ako noon!” Actress Barbie Imperial playfully teases heronscreen partner Ryle Paolo Tan. Unable to hide his true emotions, Ryle sheepishly admits to Inside Showbiz Weekly, “Yeah, yeah. Crush ko siya dati. Aminado naman ako,” he laughs.

The coo-some twosome, both 18 years old, are two of Folded & Hung’s newest ambassadors, and they’re giving fans a hefty dose of kilig as the up-and-coming love team on TV, “RyleBie.” A boy from the dance troupe, #Hashtags, and the girl from the all-female group, GirlTrends, this duo is undeniably a match made in showbiz heaven. Since July, they’ve been adding some much needed fun, youth and kilig on the highly popular noon-time show,It’s Showtime.

For Folded & Hung, they join the likes of other rising stars: JC Santos, Klea Pineda, Jak Roberto, Laura Lehmann, Mark Rivera, Jennica Sanchez, Lharby Policarpio, Karen Reyes, Kenzo Gutierrez, Julian Aurine Flores, Vince Vandorpe,  and Lauren Reid, who are putting a fresh take on the beloved brand’s Holiday 2016 Collection.


The young beauty, Barbie, was first lured by showbiz when she joined Pinoy Big Brother 737 in 2015. “Actually, ‘di dapat ako sasali ng PBB,” she reveals with a laugh. “Sinama lang ako ng mga friends ko kahit hindi ako interesado, pero ako pa ‘yung nakapasok!” It was an unexpected blessing, and though she was painfully shy, she knew that this was an opportunity that should not go to waste.

However, her stint on the show was short-lived. She was the first to be evicted after two weeks. Her airtime on the show left a lasting impression on the audience, and this helped pave the way for her other stints in showbiz. While Barbie is a new face in showbiz, Ryle Paolo Tan is a child with showbiz lineage. His mother, Sherilyn Reyes, is a seasoned actress most noted for her roles in Pangako… Ikaw Lang. His biological father, Junjun Santiago, hails from the renowned showbiz clan of Santiagos. “When I was growing up ‘di ko namalayan na my mom was a famous star. I just knew na I came from showbiz clans, but I didn’t know na sikat sila. Parang dedma lang ako,” he laughs. Paolo admits that when he was young, he  was naturally drawn to dancing and performing. “Though I’m really into artistic things, I was never really that interested to join showbiz until one time I saw na pinagkakaguluhan sila Kim Chiu. I thought, I wanna try that.” When Mariole Alberto, one of ABS-CBN executives, asked Ryle if he was interested to test his acting chops on the small screen and the stage, the young lad didn’t hesitate. “Let’s do it!” While Ryle has been in showbiz for about three years and Barbie for a little only over a year, their paths had only finally crossed in July 2016.


“‘Shocks, ang ganda niya!’ ‘Yun ‘yung unang inisip ko when I first saw her,” Ryle beams, with the memory of their first encounter fresh in his mind. “Hanggang ngayon kapag tinitignan ko siya, palagi ko sinasabi na ang ganda ganda niya talaga. Always. I don’t forget to remind her every time. ‘Di ako takot sabihin sa kanya.”

As Barbie blushes at his unabashed admiration, Ryle shares how they first met: “Pinicturan kami ng Mom (ni Barbie) tapos she sent the photo sa isang fan ni Barbie. From then on, it spread like wildfire at kaya kami naging RyleBie,” he shares. “I also answered an anonymous question posted online about sinong PBB housemate gusto ko ma-meet, and sinagot ko, Barbie. I shared it on Twitter, and pinagkaguluhan, until lumaki nang lumaki. Eventually, we followed each other on Twitter,” he recalls with a smile. But even before that, Barbie already had a crush on the talented performer when he became a guest on a show with his mom and siblings in 2014.

He was then known as just Paolo Tan, but his boyish charm and handsome face was forever ingrained in her memory. “When we met in September 15, for the launch of Stellar, I thought ‘Uy, kailangan ko magpapogi kay Barbie.’ And I was so happy kasi kung paano ko siya ni-imagine, ganun din siya in person,” he reveals.

As destiny would have it, the two were paired and they became extremely close. “What I admire most about Barbie is that she has a way of showing people how much they mean to her. She makes them feel special and worthy of her time,” he shares. Barbie jumps in to add, “Gusto ko lang kasi ipakita kung gaano sila ka-important sa akin, kahit hindi nila ibalik sa akin. Iniisip ko kasi kapag ‘di ko pinakita, pagsisisihan ko. Kaya ipakita mo kahit hindi maibalik yung love…at least pinaramdam mo sa kanila.” Like with her friends and family, she takes great care in showing Ryle how much he means to her.

When it comes to reciprocating the compliment,Barbie shares this about her onscreen beau: “(What I admire most about him is) sobrang tiyaga niya sa mga tao, especially sa akin. Sobrang tapang ko magsalita minsan, pati actions ko. Si Ryle ay isa sa mga tao na naging reason kung bakit nagiging soft ako,” she confessed.

“On the other hand, what annoys me about him is he’s overly competitive and hindi siya mabilis mag-forgive. Also, minsan masyadong flirt and mayabang,” Barbies teases.

Ryle immediately comes to his defense, “I’m close with everyone kasi and even girls. Some people think I’m malandi but in truth, friendly lang ako with everyone. If someone needs a ride and it’s on my way naman, I offer them a ride.” Barbie explains, “Actually, when you get to know Ryle, parang akala mo mayabang and sobrang competitive. Pero ‘yung totoo, Ryle is sobrang bait and sobrang sweet. ‘Di mo akalain, she laughs.

“When it comes to me being mayabang, my dad gives off the same aura,” he begins to explain. “I got that from him. Parang sa kanya, you enter a place always with presence. But when you start talking, you become one of the warmest people to talk to. You come in mapapansin ka.”


Their chemistry onscreen is sweet and innocent, like the beginnings of young love in Spring. But is puppy love really on their minds? While there is definitely a spark of attraction, and both consider each other their best friends, the two clarify that, “We’re not a couple.” Ryle quickly adds, “But there’s a great chance that I will pursue her (in the future). When the time is right, I will pursue her. Ako alam ko, kaya kong maghintay. I don’t have to entertain anyone else. I’m a lone wolf, ‘di ako mabarkada and I’m happy to be with just one person.”

There’s no need to rush when it comes to love they both admit. And Barbie, who just turned 18, shares that there are other priorities in their life at the moment. “I’d like to enjoy what we have right now, which is a really great friendship. Oo, may pag-asa kami maging kami in the future kasi parang wala na akong makikita na ibang guys na katulad niya. Parang sobrang swerte ka sa isang Ryle Tan,” she says. While other young, less mature hearts would jump at the chance, these two are taking it slow and are not pressured by the fans who are watching their so-called “romance” with bated breath.

“Ako, I don’t feel the pressure na maging kami.Ayoko naman pilitin ang hindi talaga. Pero if kami magkatuluyan in the future, why not? Matagal na kami magkasama at magkakilala. We respect each other,‘di na namin kailangan mag-adjust. If ever, the only thing that we will need by that time is the label,” he confesses. But the fans are insistent and persistent. “Does that make it hard to work with someone whom you admire on a different level?” asks Inside Showbiz. Ryle answers, “No naman.”

“I guess, I understand the infatuation with love teams and romance… it’s because ang daming fans who are yearning for love. Everybody wants to be loved. It’s the number one thing that they want. So watching people fall in love onscreen, they think ‘Ay, sana ako din ganyan. Ang ganda ng hugot lines. Magamit nga ‘yan in real life.’ Everybody wants romance. So if they have not yet found love in their real lives, it’s understandable why they project that kilig onto their loveteams,” he shares.

Barbie shares her own insight on the matter, “(People as obsessed with loveteams because) masarap ‘yung feeling na kinikilig ka kahit wala kang lovelife. Papanuorin mo lang ‘yung loveteam, sobrang kinikilig ka na. It may all just be fantasy, but it feels good to indulge in that daydream.”


For the rising RyleBie, they themselves have their own favorite loveteams, which is KathNiel (for Ryle) and JaDine (for Barbie). “Minsan inaaway pa nga niya ako kapag usapang KathNiel vs. JaDine!” he jests. Barbie gives him a nudge.

When it comes to being a successful loveteam themselves, Ryle shares, “In all honesty, I want to be as big as them, pero you just have to accept that no one will reach that. They’re one of a kind talaga. Daniel is different. Sobrang ganda nung mga na-contribute nila sa showbiz. Lahat ng teleserye and movies nila, wala akong na-miss kahit isa.” As an avid fan of James Reid and Nadine Lustre, Barbie reveals that she’s been a supporter of Team JaDine from the first time she saw them at a mall show promoting Diary ng Panget in Legazpi, where she’s from.

Reaching the status and star power of the phenomenal teams may seem like a far-off dream, but RyleBie is hopeful. “For us as a love team, I think we have what it takes. We’re unique. There’s real element of closeness. We care for each other, and as bestfriends, we know what makes each other tick. Kung mabibigyan kami ng break, we know how to play around with the audience,” shares Ryle.

Though both legally adults and of age, are the two exploring more dramatic and more romantic roles that may entail kissing scenes? Barbie is shy to answer, but Ryle is firm in his response. “Ako, okay sa akin. And pumayag naman lahat except my dad. Pero gusto ko if I’m going to have my first kiss with Barbie, ayoko naman on cam. Syempre if ever mag-seseryosohan kami in the future, dapat sacred ‘yun,” he reveals with a little protectiveness. For now, their love lives may need to take a back seat as both are focused on honing their craft and advancing their careers.


When it comes to priorities today, both agree that time and energy should be spent on improving their craft. “For me it’s not about the money. Syempre it’s a need, but performance comes first. If I need to perform for free, okay lang. I will still give my 100%. I don’t wanna go half heartedly. That’s how I got into the biz. Performing arts, singing, acting,” says Ryle.Though naturally shy, Barbie is slowly coming out of her shell and blooming into a talented actress. “Acting talaga ‘yung gusto ko. Swerte lang din ako kahit ako ‘yung unang na-evict sa PBB, I was still blessed witha career. ‘Di ko akalain na nandito pa rin ako.” Though showbiz may not have been her first choice, Barbie is adamant to make it her lifelong career.


Of course, as RyleBie makes their way to the top, rivalling others who too are trying to make their mark, it’s not surprising that RyleBie has received criticisms from their bashers. With a growing fan base comes as well a growing league of bashers.

“Sa akin, ayoko patulan,” shares Ryle of the anonymous bashers online. “But if below the belt or kung super bastos, I have toanswer back. Sasabihin ko mali ‘yung ginagawa nila tapos block or mute their messages.”

Barbie, who has since learned the fine art of ‘dedma,’ reveals that she has had to deal with a steady stream of insults and negative comments since her PBB days. “Ngayon nabawasan na. I don’t block or report people, because gusto ko ipakita ko sa kanila na wala akong pakialam. Ayoko sila patulan, pero nagbabasa talaga ako ng mga hate comments kasi gusto ko masanay and makarating sa point na wala akong pakialam. Ginagamit ko ‘yung hate nila to inspire me to succeed.”

For Ryle, on the other hand, he takes a different approach. “Ako nililista ko lahat ng mga tao who brought me down. Tinataga ko talaga sa bato at sinusulat sa papel kasi I wanna show them that one day I’m going to be successful. Lahat ng doubts nila sa akin, I will prove them wrong,” he shares with a stern reply.

While the comments from the haters may be hurtful, this is easily soothed by the comforting words and admiration of their RyleBie supporters. And the two have no lack of love coming from their fans. “For me, I want to say thank you to the fans. From the beginning, hanggang ngayon, nandito pa rin kayo at ‘di nagsasawa. Salamat sa tiyaga at sa pagmamahal,” beams Barbie.

Ryle ends with his own message of love to their fans: “Thank you and please continue to support us in every project. Without your support, ‘di kami magiging RyleBie. Sana ‘di kayo magsawa at dumami pa kayo. When the time comes at gumanda pa ‘yung career namin, ‘di namin kakalimutan suklian ‘yung tiwala at pagmamahal niyo.”

Original content appeared on: ThePulse.ph

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