Your World is a series of blogs on all things figure skating by Jo Ann Schneider Farris, About.com's Guide to Figure Skating.  In this article, explore and learn about summer skating opportunities.


Summer skating is a great way for ice skaters of all ages to stay busy and cool. Some figure skaters stay inside an ice rink all day long during the summer to beat the summer heat; others may get their training done in the morning and then spend the afternoon doing typical summer activites.

Extra time on the ice during the summer will definitely help a skater improve.  In fact, it is very common for serious figure skaters to put in extra hours every day during the summer.  When you make your summer plans, check with your local ice skating rink.  The facility may offer additional free skating sessions, classes, or clinics.  Also, consider asking your skating coach for extra private lessons during the summer.  He or she may have extra time available.  Your daily schedule may be more relaxed, so why not take advantage of the extra time you can spend skating?

Many ice skating rinks offer special summer figure skating workshops or off-ice class opportunities. Some arenas offer clinics which concentrate on choreography, ice dancing, or jumping and spinning. For example, Olympic figure skating coach, Frank Carroll, is scheduled to give a special seminar in Sun Valley, Idaho during the summer of 2013.

Ice dancers travel to Lake Placid, New York each summer for the Lake Placid Ice Dancing Championships, and many adult figure skaters attend ice dance weekends or adult skating weeks. A popular option for some adult figure skaters is to travel to Aspen, Colorado or Sun Valley, Idaho annually for the adult skating weeks or weekends. They say the time spent skating in those popular mountain resorts combined with figure skating is exhilarating. Adult skating weeks also take place in Lake Placid in June and August.

Some ice skaters go away to overnight skating week long camps.  Grassroots to Champions Super Camp is a week-long camp in Shattuck, Minnesota. Winning Techniques is an overnight skating camp in Ontario, Canada . It is not necessary to leave home; however, since many ice arenas offer day camps especially designed for recreational ice skaters or new figure skaters.

Even if you are unable to travel, just taking advantage of the open public skating opportunities or extra figure skating ice time may be all you need during the summer. Remember that during the summer months, ice skating rinks may be the "Coolest Places in Town!"  Ice skating may be the best way to escape the summer heat.

Happy Skating!


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