Yarn is a great material for any type of crafting, from crocheting to stitching plus there are a lot of other crafts where these techniques aren’t necessary. We’ve already shared some cool yarn crafts for this spring, and today I’d like to give you some crafts for kids – not only for this season, for any time!

Make these cute pompom cupcakes to let your children play with them – they will fit any toy kitchen for sure! Decorated with rhinestones, they look just amazing!

DIY pompom cupcakes with rhinestones (via https:)

These DIY dipped stitching boards are perfect for a cold afternoon inside. These are great for little ones developing motor skills and fun for older kids who love being creative with colors and shapes. Plus, using these little wood boards makes them completely reusable all winter long.

DIY dipped stitching boards for kids (via prettylifegirls.com)

The inspiration for this doll craft came from the craft stick dolls. Paint sticks are bigger than a craft stick (or popsicle stick), so they’re easier for little hands to manipulate, and because they’re wider than a craft stick, and you will be able to use fabric swatches in addition to yarn for decorating them.

DIY paint stick dolls with yarn (via happyhooligans.ca)

Crochet teething rings are a perfect gift for any moms and her kids, and you can easily make them in case you know how to crochet. Read this tutorial to find out all the details!

DIY crochet teething rings (via themerrythought.com)

Who can resist cute pompoms? They are so easy to make and great for all sorts of fun craft projects. In this post the author is showing you how to make a pompom mobile that will look adorable in a nursery, child or teen bedroom.

DIY colorful pompom mobile (via kidscraftroom.com)

This project is so simple and yet so adorable, it represents the technique of finger knitting. You can make a family of octopus, large, medium and small. Which is what’s so great about this, you can vary them up easily and make small or large ones.

DIY finger knit dolls (via www.hellowonderful.co)

Do you have a starry-eyed child with a serious obsession for space? Feed their enthusiasm with the power of planetary pompoms! In this step-by-step project, the author will show you how to make a solar system mobile with pompoms, so you can add a pop of color to your child’s room that’s out of this world. This is a fun and easy project for craft beginners, and it’s also an educational craft you can make with your kid/s. Study pictures of the solar system together online, and talk about which colors and sizes each planet should be.

DIY pompom solar system mobile to make (via www.we-are-scout.com)

Have you tried weaving with the kids? Circle weaving is different from loom weaving in that you need an odd number of “spokes.” Strings still look beautiful and the kids were very proud of their work so here’s a tutorial how to do that.

DIY cardboard circle weaving for kids (via www.hellowonderful.co)

Easter isn’t that far away, and it’s high time to craft something cute for it! what about making pompom chicks? You can rock them for spring and Easter, for various types of décor and of course to let your kids play with them.

DIY pompom Easter chicks (via blog.consumercrafts.com)

More yarn food to inspire imaginative playing! The ice cream set contains six different flavors of pompom “ice cream” (two per color),  two felt cones, an ice cream scoop, two sundae dishes, and a handy container to store it all in that doubles as the ice cream carton during play.

DIY yarn ice cream set (via www.two-daloo.com)

These cute butterflies can be made by kids themselves! If your child loves them, it’s high time to let him or her play with these yarn cuties!

DIY yarn butterflies (via we-made-that.com)

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