Let’s face it, the gym gets boring after awhile no matter how much you change up your workout routine. You barely find enough time to hit the gym throughout the week, and you haven’t seen your friends in weeks. Now is a great time to sign up for fall, and soon winter, recreational sports leagues, and be sure to have your friends sign up too!

A Sport and a Level for Everyone

Volleyball, kickball, basketball, and even dodge ball are played throughout the fall and winter seasons. Most leagues offer multiple skill levels, so there’s something for everyone. Recreational leagues are usually the lower skill or “for fun” leagues. Or just people not trying to blowout knees. Competitive leagues typically feature higher skilled players, and are for people who might take the outcome of the games a little more serious. If you’re unsure of your skill level, it’s always better to start in a recreational league and move up. Sometimes recreational leagues can have the intensity of a competitive league, so don’t be deterred from recreational leagues just because you’re looking for competition.

Grab Your Friends or Make New Ones

Can you bring the fab-5 from high school back together and take another championship? Sports leagues are great places to meet new people, or keep in touch with old friends. Busy lives can make it hard to get friends together if it’s not a special occasion. Joining a team is a commitment, and showing up to play becomes are part of your routine. You can see your friends on a regular schedule or make new friends from your team or other teams in the league.

Motivation to Stay Fit

When you’re playing in a local sports league, even if it’s a recreational league, you want to be good. Joining a league will help motivate you to run faster, jump higher, increase your stamina, etc. This helps you reprioritize your fitness higher on the “to-do” list. Always wear the appropriate clothing and shoes for the sport you choose, and have fun in your sports league this fall or winter.

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