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Up Your Skills With the G Suite Training Chrome Extension

Ready to take your Google skills to the next level? No time for extended workshops and training, but need hands-on guidance? Need an easy way to help students learn and navigate Google Classroom, Gmail, Docs, etc.? This awesome G Suite Training Chrome Extension from Google is just what you need! The G Suite Training Chrome Extension (formerly Synergyse) is completely FREE and offers interactive, self-paced training and walkthroughs inside G Suite! Keep reading for tips and ideas on using this extension with students and in professional development.

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How Does G Suite Training Chrome Extension Work?

This free extension adds a training menu to your current G Suite services, including the Calendar, Classroom, Docs, Drive, Forms, Gmail, Google+, Groups, Hangouts, Sheets, Sites, Slides, and the Admin console. When you are in the application, just click on the menu to find relevant training, lessons, and tips to guide you and take your Google skills to the next level. Better yet, take your students’ Google skills to the next level. The lessons are interactive and will guide you through each task so you and your students can learn hands-on!

To view G Suite Training lessons:

1. Sign into Chrome with your G Suite credentials.

2. Go to the G Suite service you want to learn.

3. Click the Training menu (Training for G Suite menu) for a list of relevant lessons, or use the search feature to find a particular lesson.

4. Select the lesson and follow the onscreen instructions.

G Suite Training Demo

How to Install

1. Sign into Chrome.

2. Open the G Suite Training page in the Chrome Web Store.

3. Click Add to Chrome. The Training menu (Training for G Suite menu) appears at the top of the screen the when you refresh your G Suite services.

4. Alternatively, you can use Chrome App management in your Admin console to deploy the G Suite Training Chrome extension to your domain. This is useful if your domain has a large number of users, or if your users are spread out across multiple offices.

Access the G Suite Training Video Library

If you are curious about the training that is included in this extension, explore the video library. Here you can access all of the videos, categorized by application. Gmail alone has over 100 video tutorials! Most of which are about 30 seconds to two minutes long. Just in time learning!!! Below is a demonstration video using G Suite Training in Google Drive.

Yes! G Suite Training Works in Google Classroom!

Not only does this little extension help you learn how to use Google Drive, but it will also help you learn how to master Google Classroom. Check out the demo video below that shows teachers how to differentiate posts in Google Classroom.

4 Ways to Use G Suite Training with Students

4 Ways to Use G Suite Training with Students #gttribe #SUL #gsuiteedu
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This little extension can be very handy for helping students and teachers in the classroom. Sometimes, even our most tech-savvy students need a little tutorial to learn a new skill.

To make the most of this extension with your students,

1. Demonstrate to the whole class what it is and how it works—just a quick two minutes of class time will do.

2. Set clear expectations that you expect students to use this and other resources to answer their own questions about how to use certain features in G Suite. This helps students learn to problem-solve and troubleshoot on their own.

3. Use the, “Ask three before me,” strategy, and make it clear that G Suite Training can be one of the three. This helps alleviate some of the questions and interruptions during instructional time, and most importantly, teaching students how to learn on their own could be one of the most important skills they need to survive in this ever-changing, technology-driven world.

4. Use G Suite Training as challenges for students. Reward students for completing lessons and trying new things with G Suite Training. BONUS: You can even create some badges as a reward for learning new G Suite skills.

4 Ways to Use G Suite Training in Professional Development

4 Ways to Use G Suite Training in Professional Development #gttribe #SUL #gsuiteedu #GoogleET
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1. Send this out as your weekly tip! Send the link to this blog post to your teachers and encourage them to try it today. And don’t forget to add this to your essential Chrome Extension list when training on Google Chrome. This extension is not one that should be missed, especially for beginning users.

2. Differentiate learning in your Google-related training by assigning leveled activities that are supported by the G Suite Training videos. You can easily build the training videos into some independent or group learning and creation time. The entire library of videos can be accessed here.

3. Create challenges and badges aligned to G Suite Training objectives. These challenges could be completed in face-to-face training or self-paced and on the teacher’s own time. Badges can be super motivational, even for adults. Create some badges using Google Drawings or Credly.

4. Don’t forget your administrators and administrative assistants! Share this extension with all of your leadership and their administrative assistants so that G Suite use is modeled and used from the top down!

Coming Soon! The Google Certified Educator Academy!

Ready to get become a Google Certified Educator in 2017? Shake Up Learning will be offering online courses to help you prepare for the Level 1 and Level 2 exams. If you joined the list above, you will be the first to know about these courses and when they will be released. Stay tuned for more! The home for information about the new Google Certified Educator Academy can be found here: GoogleCertifiedEducator.com.

Check out all of the Google Certification Resources from Shake Up Learning.

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The post Free G Suite Training On Demand for Teachers and Students appeared first on Shake Up Learning.

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