… “This shadow organization is the wellspring of gold and silver price suppression—not China!”

Editor’s Note: Although this no easy read, we are thrilled to share this important update to Charles Savoie’s ‘Silver Squelchers‘ series by request. Charles writes, “This thing has absorbed several hundred hours of my time and prioritizing its completion has prevented me from many other activities besides those which aren’t avoidable.” Please keep that important fact in mind as you read this incredible new addition to ‘The Silver Squelchers‘. Thanks, ~ SGT Report

by Charles Savoie, SGT Report.com:

The Independent Magazine volume 74, 1913, page 261—“There are really two Pilgrims Societies in existence. They are closely affiliated. One has headquarters in London, the other in New York.”

“The activities of what has been identified as the most powerful international society on earth, the “Pilgrims,” are so wrapped in silence that few known even of its existence since 1903.” —“The Empire of The City—World Superstate” by E.C. Knuth, 1946, page 9, privately published at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The top financiers in Wall Street and London were noticed to be members in leaked rosters from 1914; 1924; 1933; 1940; 1949; 1957; 1969; 1974 and 1980. There is no reason to project any different situation today. If we had a list, Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase and William Dudley of the New York Federal Reserve Bank would appear. Add to them others including David Rockefeller Jr., Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan, John D. Rockefeller IV, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Timothy Mellon, Matthew Mellon II, Michael Corbat, chairman of Citigroup—I anticipate would all be members—plus their counterparts in The City of London. This is the top level circle of precious metals price suppressors behind the USA and UK central banks. I can’t presently document any of those men to be members; consistent past patterns dictate it. After this item, the following releases will focus on others who can be adequately documented. The tally will be around 7 percent of current members based on the last known stats seen in the Encyclopedia of Associations. The influence of this 7 percent is off the scale. Add the other 93 percent in; you’ll have a concept of the immense influence that has been united into this shadow organization.

“This Society has lasted 100 years and has had great influence behind the scenes in promoting Anglo-American ties.”

In “Mystic Chords of Memory” by Michael Kammen (2011) we find on page 388—“A mysterious and exclusive association known as the Pilgrims of the United States was formed, and Nicholas Murray Butler of Columbia University served for a while as its president.”

The top area of the image shows some of the industries The Pilgrims dominated at their founding—shipbuilding and ocean transportation; iron and steel manufacturing; bridge and other construction; motor cars and the fuel for them; freight trains and railroads; and even bicycles, which saw a mania in the 1890s among women. Notice that the British Empire lion is shown leading the American eagle!

Silver Squelchers # 11 was posted at various sites in early February. #12 Silver Squelchers was originally intended to be the conclusion of the series. In each presentation we reviewed information profiles on 15 members, with others included to pad that quota. As time to compose #12 approached I realized that covering 15 out of possibly 1,400 members in both the New York and London branches would be woefully inadequate—especially since these are current members, who have become members of The Pilgrims organization since the 1980 roster surfaced—this remains the most recent roster we have for both branches, and it’s now more than a third of a century past! It’s presently impossible to profile 1,400 names (it may be less) since this is the group refusing to issue rosters to the public domain! Current membership identities by reliable sources are barely 8% of the entire purported membership. The trajectory of the ending presentation changed therefore from one documentary featuring 15 members, to several (five to seven) presentations with a grand total of just over 100 present members. I have a few more confirmed names than these; perhaps a dozen and a half more. We’ll distill them into presentations by categories—members of royal ancestry; members involved with Russia and China; members in the megabanking and mega-finance community; ambassadors and diplomats; military, intelligence and CIA; and miscellaneous members. The order of presentations remains to be determined. These categories may not be firm at this time but expect to see them largely adhered to. I hope to release the first of these in one to two weeks. I have two leads going which may result in more members identified later this year, especially in the London branch.

Sorry; but if anyone believes that Senator Rand Paul, now running for President, would agree to mention anything in public about The Pilgrims group, you may as well ask him to drink antifreeze. Though not among his constituents, I asked him to call for legislation restoring the former 165MOZ national military strategic silver stockpile. He gave me a disappointing answer indicating he realized that such a call on his part would really unleash TBTB against him! Former Texas Governor Rick Perry did mention Bilderberg briefly, and also with hints of evasion, but none of the contenders dare touch this other one. It exists in part as an indoctrination session for major political contenders. Perhaps he should stick to shooting coyotes. On second thought, we’d be better off with coyotes in public office than these typical globalist sellouts.

In the meantime I felt it useful to present certain items I don’t recall presenting beforehand about The Pilgrims Society; and some I have presented, but which may have been missed by persons new to this investigation into “persons of interest.” At the end of this presentation you can view details on a list of members who weren’t members as of the 1980 lists, and who’ve passed away before this series started.

https://emotionsblog.history.qmul.ac.uk/2014/03/friends-across-the-ocean/ —

“In 1902, The Pilgrims of Great Britain were formed in London, followed six months later by a companion group in New York. Membership was reciprocal and the Pilgrims’ aim, which remains today, was to foster fellowship between Americans and Britons and other English-speaking peoples.”

“I mean a secret society supported by the accumulated wealth of those whose aspiration is a desire to do something.”

—Review of Reviews, May 1902, New York, page 556, words of Cecil Rhodes

The April 22, 1922 NYT Sir Auckland Geddes address to The Pilgrims is here.

http://www.ibiblio.org/pha/policy/1942 —speech at meeting of The Pilgrims at the Bankers Club of New York, January 28, 1942—by Nicholas Butler—

“Hardly any American—apparently no one now in Congress—realizes that in June, 1910, nearly thirty-two years ago, the Congress by the unanimous vote of both houses called upon the President to invite the nations of the world to organize for the establishment of international peace, to be protected by an international police force made up of the combined navies of the world. There was not a dissenting vote, Republican or Democrat, in the Senate or House of Representatives.” January 28, 1943, page 6, New York Times—

From the 1949 Pilgrims roster—

“Men of distinction in many fields” and only 5 names revealed?

What are the names of these looters, pillagers and parasites?

Bilderberg & Trilateral, founded by Pilgrims, release lists; not this one!

The Times, London, July 23, 1977, page 14—

See “The Best Monetary Insurance,” April 2014 for info on these characters!

August 2, 1983, page 12, The Times, London—

Lord Carrington was Secretary General of NATO and chaired Bilderberg. Carrington was a director of Pilgrims Society banking giant, Barclays, major silver price antagonist for generations. Lord Astor descended directly from John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) who was the main domestic power in the gold and silver stealing second United States Bank (1816-1836) and known as “landlord of New York.”

Lord Richardson was chairman of the historically notorious Schroder’s Bank (1962-1973) and was Governor of the Bank of England (1973-1983) and had his role to play in battling the rise of precious metals, especially during the climax of the Hunt-Arab silver play, December 1979 into January 1980—

The Times, London, February 10, 1982, page 10—

This was from a Gale Research Company (Detroit) Encyclopedia of Associations.

The address listed for The Pilgrims is no longer current; before then it was 1 Wall Street—

http://www.stgeorgessociety.org/documents/GardenPartyInvitation.pdf 2013 document—

“The New York British Societies Annual Summer Garden Party” lists The Pilgrims and nine lesser groups including the Order of St. John, a hereditary Crusader organization, which would be second in order of importance after The Pilgrims among those mentioned. The OSJ, headed also by the British Crown, has much interlock with The Pilgrims.

“Precious Metals Manipulators—Who Are They in 2014?” was released in March 2014 and is a presentation of 51 personalities who I regard as likely members of The Pilgrims today. If a roster were available, most would prove out to be members. However, my sense of smell in this regard falls somewhere short of a completely acceptable standard of proof. It was an attempt to shake the tree these people are hiding in, so to speak. What follows this item you’re reading now will be more securely documented identities of just over one hundred of these characters!

In “Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War” by Gerry Docherty and James MacGregor (Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh, 2013) pages not numbered in the preview; click here—

“These small groups of massively rich individuals on both sides of the Atlantic knew one another well, and the Secret Elite in London initiated the very select and secretive club, the Pilgrims, that brought them together on a regular basis. On 11 July 1902, an inaugural meeting was held at the Carlton Club attended by around 40 members of what became the London chapter of The Pilgrims Society, with a select membership limited to 500. Ostensibly, The Pilgrims was created to “promote goodwill, good friendship and everlasting peace between Britain and the United States,” but its highly secretive and exclusive membership leaves little doubt as to its real purpose. This was the pool of wealth and talent the Secret Elite drew together to promote its agenda in the years preceding the First World War. Behind an image of the Pilgrim Fathers, the persecuted pioneers of Christian values, this elite cabal advocated the idea that “Englishmen and Americans would promote international friendship through their pilgrimages to and fro across the Atlantic.” It presented itself as a spontaneous movement to promote democracy across the world. But The Pilgrims included a select collective of the wealthiest figures in both Britain and the United States who were deeply involved with the Secret Elite. They shared Rhodes dream and wanted to be party to it.”

They write about “the Secret Elite” as if it were separate from and above The Pilgrims; this is mere verbiage but could there be substance to it. Yes; I am dubious. Using the word “cabal” means that fewer readers will catch the meaning. People switched to that term due to the media barrage against the more forthright word “conspiracy” (“collusion” if you prefer). More—

“The London Pilgrims established a tradition that they should be the first to entertain each new American Ambassador to Britain and that his first official speech should be at a Pilgrims dinner. They also hosted a farewell dinner for each new British Ambassador departing for Washington and welcomed him back after his tour of duty. The New York branch of The Pilgrims was launched at the Waldorf Astoria on January 13, 1903, and comprised the most important financiers, politicians and lawyers on the eastern seaboard. They established a similar tradition of close interaction with British and American Ambassadors. These ambassadorial connections with The Pilgrims would prove crucial in linking the Foreign Secretary in London and the Secretary of State in Washington to the Secret Elite and its agenda for war. In New York, members included both the Rockefeller and Morgan dynasties, and many men in senior government posts. Membership was likewise limited to 500, and it was agreed that any American resident in London who was proposed for membership should first be vetted by the New York committee. The Pilgrims Society brought together American money and British aristocracy, royalty, presidents and diplomatic representatives. It was indeed a special relationship. Of all the American banking establishments, none was more Anglocentric than the J.P. Morgan bank, itself deeply involved with The Pilgrims.”

Next follows a brief necrology list of members of The Pilgrims who became members after the 1980 roster leaked, but who are since deceased.

Pieter Alricks Fisher was a partner in Goldman Sachs from 1974 till 1986; did he play a role in the crashing of the Hunt/Arab silver play? Resources such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal may be investigated; of course, they won’t mention his Pilgrims activities. “His business interests over the years included Ramco Oil & Gas of Oklahoma CityHe was listed in the1984-1985 Who’s Who in America, page 1046 —

Died in 1992; descended from Pieter Alricks, born in Holland (now called the Netherlands) who lived 1630 to 1693 and in 1664 married Maria Wessels. The Wessels are an old Dutch family; Volker-Wessel conglomerate does around $7 billion in volume annually. At the link, scroll up one page to read about a Mr. Fisher of Baltimore, a more recent ancestor of Pilgrims member Pieter Fisher. The more recent ancestor had “mammoth business ventures” and was involved in building construction, the Mercantile Trust Company, Seaboard Railroad and a telegraph company. He was president of the Corn & Flour Exchange, a big wheel in the Baltimore Chamber of Commerce, and was president of the Board of Trade (1885-1889) and he had “immense dealings.” This may have been the great grandfather of this Pilgrims member. Page 337 of this link shows that there was a William Cabell Bruce born in 1860 who became a law partner in Fisher, Bruce & Fisher in Baltimore. The Cabell and Bruce families go way back in Maryland history. The Cabells were big in agricultural ventures and the Bruces—yes—are descended from Robert the Bruce of Scotland back in the early 1300s! William Fisher of this law firm was descended from Pieter Alricks, “the Dutch deputy governor of the colonies on the west side of the Delaware River.” William Cabell Bruce in 1892 became father of James Bruce (Pilgrims Society as of 1957 or earlier) and in 1898 of David Kirkpatrick Este Bruce (Pilgrims Society as of 1969 and very likely by the late 1950s). W.C. Bruce was a Democrat Senator from Maryland (1923-1929). The “Este” name is woven into the genealogy in the person of a Judge David Kirkpatrick Este, who was an early settler in Ohio and a superior court judge there. Notice in the scan Pieter Fisher was chairman of the David K.E. Bruce Foundation. David Bruce became a Pilgrims vice president. He married Ailsa Mellon, daughter of Pilgrims executive committee member, silver price antagonist Andrew Mellon (Pilgrims Society inner circle) and David Bruce became Ambassador to France, West Germany, England and NATO. Bruce was Ambassador to England (1961-1969) during the critical era when silver coins were removed from our money system, and London does strongly appear to be the “centre” of silver suppression. Of course, he’d also have played a role in the London Gold Pool holding gold at $35 the ounce to make the Federal Reserve dollar look stronger. Ambassador Bruce helped bring Europe more into The Pilgrims fold by attending Bilderberg by the mid-1960s. James Bruce was on numerous big boards (more later besides these) and was associated with the silver suppressing Chase National Bank (Who’s Who in America, 1950-1951, page 353) —

Margaret Morgan, first wife Pieter Alricks Fisher, may have been a J.P. Morgan offshoot (unconfirmed). Notice how this very old-line wealth turned up as a Goldman Sachs partnership in 1974. The Quebec-Labrador Foundation appears to be a parent entity to the Atlantic Center for the Environment. The QLF board has several likely Pilgrims members present; this is another globalist environmental front—

“Since the early 1960s, QLF has worked across borders to serve the communities of the Atlantic Region by working in partnership with communities and organizations from Long Island Sound to Labrador. For the last 30 years, QLF has also worked across international borders in Western Europe, Central and Southeast Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East, offering fellowships, exchanges, and leadership development for conservation leaders to focus on global challenges and provide dynamic and thoughtful leadership for the future.”

Rear Admiral Elliott Bowman Strauss was a member before 1980. I present the link merely to show that in rare instances, an obituary of a member mentions the group, without attaching any transcendent significance to it. He passed away in 2003.

The following seven persons were Pilgrims members after the 1980 list but passed away before the upcoming presentations of current members since 1980—

William Treadwell Ketcham (2006) an Episcopalian; was a Yale graduate and was president of the Saint Nicholas Society of New York, a Dutch hereditary group founded in 1835 on the part of large landowners of Dutch descent. It has significant interlock with The Pilgrims. After military service, he was special assistant in London at NATO headquarters, then joined the important Pilgrims Society law firm of Davis, Polk & Wardwell and was special counsel to IBM Corporation. Ketcham “was a direct descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt.” Of Cornelius Vanderbilt, financial historian Gustavus Myers remarked (pages 273, 340 and 373), “Even the huge Astor fortune, so long far outranking all competitors, lost its exceptional distinction and ceased being the sole, unrivalled standard of immense wealth. Nearly a century of fraud was behind the Astor fortune. The impact of his (Vanderbilt’s) vast fortune was well nigh resistless. Why tempt exhaustion by lingering upon a multitude of other operations which went to increase the wealth and possessions of the Vanderbilt family?”

Donald F. Daly (2007) was a banking agent for the Mellons (Pilgrims Society) who may be wealthier than the Astors and Vanderbilts combined. He was however with the lesser Hemphill (Pilgrims Society) interests before graduating upwards to the Mellons. He was a member of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, a hereditary order of Protestant crusaders to the Holy Land, and like The Pilgrims, sponsored by the British Royal family. Daly was a member of American Institute of Investment Managers, Investment Counsel Association, Philadelphia Estate Planning Council and was president of the Episcopal Diocesan Trust of New York.

Martin Eli Segal (2012) wasn’t in The Pilgrims 1980 roster. He was probably a member by the mid-1980s. Here’s info on him from the 2005 Who’s Who in America, page 4204—

Segal was in a distinct minority of Jewish members in The Pilgrims New York branch; most are Episcopalian, reflecting the British heritage of King Henry VIII establishing the Church of England and establishing Crown supremacy in England over the influence of Rome. The Pilgrims is primarily a money thing, not a religious thing! The Segal Company was/is international consultants and actuaries for employee benefit plans.” “For almost 70 years, Segal has been involved in developing health and retirement programs to meet the critical needs of employees and employers. Many widely accepted benefit practices were and are today innovations first conceived, designed, and introduced by Segal. Today, Segal Consulting provides employee benefits and human resource consulting that serves public sector and multiemployer clients on the full range of health and welfare, retirement and human resource-related issues.” The Segal Group has offices across America and in Dublin, Toronto, Edmonton and Montreal. During 1967-1982 Segal was a wheel in the Wertheim & Company investment bank. You can see Wertheim & Company in issues of Fortune Magazine during that period participating in share underwritings for Silver Users Association companies—and many others. Segal had involvements with Sweden, France and China; plus many other countries not specifically identified in the scan. He became a big shot in the New York arts and culture scene. Such activities may easily include subtle messages to large segments of the public about “global citizenship” and related malarkey pushed by the globalists of The Pilgrims. This is no stretch, because Segal was a director of Public Radio International (1981-1998), which has an internationalist slant.

He mentioned ASCAP American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers. Today this group has dealings with 525,000 individuals and publishers, as in royalty collections and lawsuits.

Peter Herrick (2012) we read at the embedded link—

In 1951, he proceeded to join The Bank of New York as a trainee in the banking department.  In 1982, after rising through the various ranks, he became president and chief operating officer, director, and chief commercial banking officer.  In 1984, he also became president of The Bank of New York Holding Company and director of The Bank of New York Trust Company, Bank of New York International Investments, Inc., and Bank of New York Leasing Inc.  Always active in the financial industry, Peter was a director of MasterCard International, Skandia American Reinsurance Corp., Skandia America Corp., Hudson Insurance Company, Bank of New York Hamilton Funds, Reinsurance Company of America, American European Reinsurance Corp., Urstadt Biddle Properties, Inc., and the Gallaudet Foundation. He was also a director and the president of the New York State Bankers Association, a member of the New York State Banking Board, president of the New York Business Development Corporation, and chairman of the Regional Loan Committee. He served as vice chairman and member of the executive committee of the Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan New York and was a member of the Association of Reserve City Bankers, the British North American Committee of the National Planning Association, Pilgrims of the United States, the Board of Governors of the Hundred Year Association of New York, and the Economic Club of New York, and a trustee of New York Community Trust and Hood College.”

This one’s about businesses founded over 100 years ago—

Hood College in Maryland, founded in 1893, has a $70 million endowment—

The BNAC, British North American Committee, is a little known Pilgrims offshoot suggesting the British continue to view North America as their personal property—their “colonies.” It’s connected to GATT, the General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade, which mutated in 1995 into the notorious, much protested World Trade Organization (WTO). Urstadt Biddle Properties! When I saw that it was so much more of the same! Biddle is a Pilgrims Society dynasty seldom in the news, and traces to Nicholas Biddle, president of the second United States Bank, and the bitterest enemy of Andrew Jackson, who got the better of Biddle. Here’s two of the Biddles in the lousy New York Social Diary. UBP was founded in 1969. It has three Biddles on its board (possibly more—there may be maternal ancestry of other directors) and several are prospective as Pilgrims.

Donald J. Robinson (2014) has this info from the link—

“Donald J. Robinson, 79, a resident of Weston, Vermont, passed away Wednesday June 11, 2014 at Equinox Village. He was born in Chicago, Illinois on August 24, 1934 to Stafford and Anne Robinson. He graduated from Columbia Law School in 1958. He was a public finance attorney whose distinguished career in the municipal securities industry spanned more than 45 years. He has served as Bond Counsel to many of the most prominent issuers in the nation and the New York metropolitan region. He served as bond counsel to the Municipal Assistance Corporation for the City of New York, the financing vehicle created to deal with New York City’s fiscal crisis, the Power Authority of the State of New York, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. He also served as special counsel to the Bonneville Power Administration to refinance certain debt of the Washington Public Power Supply System (now known as Energy Northwest). He served as bond counsel to the State of Louisiana on an issue of revenue anticipation notes in connection with that state’s financial crisis. He served as one of the counsel for the Sawhill Commission, which conducted preliminary studies to determine the control of the Long Island Lighting Company’s Shoreham nuclear facility. He joined Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe in 1987 and helped to build the New York public finance practice to national prominence. He was a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. Prior to joining Orrick he was a partner at Hawkins, Delafield & Wood from 1969 to 1987. Before that he was associated with Caldwell, Trimble & Mitchell and with Nixon Mudge Rose Guthrie Alexander & Mitchell from 1965 to 1969. He was also a staff member of the Securities and Exchange Commission from 1961 to 1965. In 1981 he was a member and then in 1984 Chairman of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board. In 1985 he was a member of Governor Cuomo’s Committee to Reform Local Borrowing. He was a member of the National Association of Bond Lawyers and Chairman of the Committee on Judicial Policy in 1986. He was Chairman of the Municipal Finance Officers’ Association Revisions Committee for Disclosure Guidelines for Offerings of Securities by State and Local Governments in 1975 and a member of the Public Securities Association Treasury Regulations Committee. As Chairman and Lecturer of the Practicing Law Institute’s Municipal Bond Workshops since 1969, he authored and contributed to numerous professional publications. In 1996 he was honored by The Municipal Forum of New York for his service in the Municipal Securities Industry. He was a member of Piping Rock Club and the U. S. Seniors Golf Association. He also served as a Trustee of the Museum of the City of New York. He was a member of the River Club and The Pilgrims of the United States.”

Shirley Dixon Miller (2014) had this info at the link—

“DIXON-MILLER, Shirley Ann, died peacefully at home, August 6, 2014. Born in Liberty, Mississippi, Mrs. Miller moved to New York and became a real estate investor and continued in that capacity until her death. A long-standing board member and former Treasurer of The Colonial Dames of America, she served as chairman of its Education and Scholarship Committee for many years. The Colonial Dames of America will honor her in 2015 by naming one of its 2015 scholarships for her. Mrs. Miller was also a dedicated volunteer and member of numerous other organizations including the Pilgrims of the United States, Sorosis, Inc. (the first women’s club in the country), the Women’s National Republican Club, the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, National Society United States Daughters of 1812, New England Women, United Daughters of the Confederacy, the National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims (New York Branch Treasurer), National Society Colonial Dames of the 17th Century, the Amite County Genealogical Society, the Avery Memorial Association, and numerous other genealogical and patriotic societies.”

Pilgrims members are involved in a vast array of historical, genealogical, and ostensibly patriotic organizations. Regular members of these patriotic groups aren’t aware their leadership has been penetrated by this neo-British Empire Secret Society!

Allen Johnson Simpson (2014) had info at the link—

ALLEN JOHNSON SIMPSON, 75, Philadelphia passed away on Monday, November 3, 2014 at National Healthcare in Greenville, SC. He was a son of the late James Alden and Susan Johnson Simpson. Allen was a graduate of Episcopal High School in Virginia, the University of North Carolina and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He began his career as an investment advisor at Smith Barney in 1965 in New York City and later in Philadelphia. In 1971, he founded Simpson Capital Management Company. He was frequently quoted in business publications and appeared on CNBC’s “Kudlow and Cramer.” He traveled to England, France, The Netherlands, Russia and Argentina. In Philadelphia, Allen was a member of Christ Church, The Union League, Morris Arboretum, The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and Society Hill Civic Association. He was active in the National Association for Business Economics, Financial Analysts Society of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Council for Business Economics, Global Interdependence Center, Foreign Policy Research Institute and World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. He was also a member of The Pilgrims of the United States.”

The Pilgrims Society is the inner core of the globalist movement—

GIC sponsors this—

“The Central Banking Series— this series assembles well-known bankers to speak on their countries’ monetary policies, their views on U.S. economics and the business ramifications of monetary systems.”

Small wonder—The Global Interdependence Center occupies the fifth floor of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia at 100 North 6th Street—

The WAC of Philadelphia directors represent Du Ponts, Drexels and Rothschilds—

Donald R. Caldwell of Cross Atlantic Capital Partners, at the WAC Philadelphia, is highly prospective as a Pilgrims member, considering the implications of the name of the finance group he runs! One of his associates was with J.P. Morgan & Company.

John Cunningham Whitehead (2015) was a close associate of David Rockefeller, Paul Volcker and Henry Kissinger. Whitehead used to boss Goldman Sachs. He became a trustee of the Andrew Mellon Foundation, linking the Rockefeller and Mellon inner circle Pilgrims factions. Whitehead ran the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, rebuilding the area after the 911 attacks which yes, I believe happened only due to Pilgrims Society planning. Were any financial executives advised to not report to work at the Twin Towers that Monday morning? Were there Pilgrims Society members who stayed away that day, taking a long weekend and watching the catastrophe on TV from safe distances? Whitehead received the Rockefeller Award for Extraordinary Service in 2009. He was a trustee of Rockefeller University and J. Paul Getty Trust. He was chairman of the anti-silver Brookings Institution and the United Nations Association of the United States. He served as president of the board of overseers of Harvard University and was co-chairman of the Republican National Finance Committee and a trustee of Haverford College (Who’s Who in America, 1994, page 3648). While at Goldman Sachs, Whitehead was on many boards such as Pillsbury Company; Household Finance; Equitable Life Real Estate Trust and Dillard Department Stores. Whitehead was chairman of the gold stealing Federal Reserve bank of New York and on the Bilderberg steering committee; no mention of his deeper secret Pilgrims activities. He was an advisor to Global Financial Integrity in D.C. —

GFI says of itself—

“Global Financial Integrity (GFI) is a non-profit, Washington, DC-based research and advisory organization, which produces high-caliber analyses of illicit financial flows, advises developing country governments on effective policy solutions, and promotes pragmatic transparency measures in the international financial system as a means to global development and security. Every year roughly $1 trillion flows illegally out of developing and emerging economies due to crime, corruption, and tax evasion—more than these countries receive in foreign direct investment and foreign aid combined.”

Translation—“GFI is a Pilgrims Society instrumentality for obstructing the flow of money, finance and capital on the part of persons, banks, businesses and organizations outside The Pilgrims influence circles.”

The best way to get a picture of what this Pilgrims Society is about is to do research profiles on most of the members we can document to be members—their profound historical genealogies spanning in some cases, over 1,500 years, marriages with other overshadowing wealth, political influence, banking, business, foundation, university, government, military, intelligence and diplomatic connections. This is what we’ve done in numbers 1-11. Therefore what will follow this brief item will continue the Silver Squelchers series numbers One through Eleven, by reviewing background on over 100 members currently on the scene. I have less concern over the world’s major banks acting as one entity; and more concern for—by what means is this concerted action effected? Discovering the means is key to fighting it. The Pilgrims Society is the concern, because they enable this concerted action; much of it is done by members of other groups founded by Pilgrims members—Bilderberg, Trilaterals, CFR, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Order of the British Empire, Rhodes Scholars and several others. There is no need to diverge from bullseye specifics and vector towards a zero target with nonspecific azimuth! There’s no chance to bust, shake, or pry loose a current roster of these Worthy Gentlemen by focusing on some hopelessly generic concept; it’s an ineffective trajectory! Remaining on the right road to possible results is what should be magnetizing our efforts. It is not (in the final analysis) banking institutions dragging us towards globalism—its individuals, specific individuals—and the predatory, old-line multiple marriage related dynastic families they represent—doing this. Therefore, it’s essential to investigate their identities and connections, so the victimized peoples of the world, long deprived of honest money, can get to know these historically capstone exploiters within The Pilgrims Society! This is the last place these people have to hide—help me move the rock away. How, for instance, would JP Morgan Chase suppress silver prices, absent the specific men in its organization pushing the buttons? The Pilgrims Society is the single bank, because its members coordinate global fiat finance from the USA and the UK, with Europe included via power-brokering marriages, and the Far East taken in by the Trilateral group. The One Bank (a distractive model) has no membership list of specific names of men; The Pilgrims Society has a list and it’s critically important to drag it into the full light of national scrutiny. Asking Congress to investigate this single bank concept won’t be beneficial—we must know exact identities of specific men who are working in concert to run global banks as a united entity. It falls on me to present as many specifics as I can. It would be like going after “organized crime,” and never getting to specific names and the specific, named gangs they belong to—names they chose, rather than attributed to them by outsiders. I would have called them the TCL—Transcontinental League of Overlords but that would have been too eyebrow raising.

Being socially stylish by beefing about “kooky conspiracy theories” will play no role in helping to bring this deadly racketeering organization to light. Some people don’t grasp the deep historical monetary connections in suppressing silver prices, though it should be plain as a rattlesnake in the sheets. The master document, from which the others will be derived, now has 611 revisions. I will present detailed dossiers on these Worthy Dignitaries to all interested parties. Those releases are just around the corner. You can call it Pilgrims Society 101 as there will be at least that many detailed profiles.

A hallmark of my research has been thorough documentation—certification of facts and events. It continues to disappoint (after 63 months) seeing major sites allowing statements (April 2015) such as “Unlike gold, silver has never been wrested from the public by government edict.” That embarrassingly incorrect statement comes from someone who can get doors opened for himself which I can’t and no longer care about, yet he presents this off beam information. Such are the ways of favoritism. Nothing is so just because some charisma attributed person says so; history can’t legitimately be reworked. See the 312 page documentary I prepared for the community which ran during June through August 2009 at Silver Investor. In fact, from August 1934 inclusive through February 1937, 113,031,000 ounces of silver were taken in by the government under Executive Order 6814 using the Silver Purchase Act of 1934 as an excuse. That’s a huge amount of silver to be taken, which a purported expert says wasn’t taken. Personalities matter less than correct info, or they should. Silver absolutely was taken, regardless of compliance being achieved by fear mongering on the part of the media in those days. If the government announces silver nationalization, the pretext will be “we have no silver for defense purposes,” well, the same Pilgrims Society that used FDR to seize gold and silver four generations ago is able to pull the same stunts today, which is why we must expose them. They disposed of the stockpile for price suppression all while targeting us as eventual victims for replacing it at what will be labeled a “non-inflationary price”! Long term extended horizon future planning? They are the masters of it as this is a genetic, hereditary multi-generational group. (C & FC = Commercial & Financial Chronicle, which was published from 1865 to 1987) —

Two ideas about the silver accumulation of JP Morgan Chase—one, it may be used for price suppression at higher levels. That’s exactly what happened with a much larger silver hoard—that of the U.S. Treasury—as a consequence of the Silver Purchase Act of 1934 and Franklin Roosevelt’s “Pilgrimized” executive order 6814, causing Americans to forfeit 113MOZ silver bullion at 50.01 cents the ounce. Once Treasury had a colossal pile of silver, it was used for global price suppression till it ran out (allegedly by year end 1970) and at that time, 165MOZ silver was allocated by Congress for the now vanished national silver stockpile for defense. Two—Morgan Chase may have accumulated silver in order to have it to dispense to members of the Silver Users Association, especially Du Pont and Dow Chemical, the two biggest silver users—when shortages and screaming prices transpire. Whatever Morgan Chase’s purpose, it’s completely dirty, like everything else they do. Are you buying from silver users? Please don’t! Here are the scoundrels to avoid. They’ve stolen money from us! Here’s a 4 minute morality play of philosophical relation—

The next five to seven presentations, heavily documented, are assured to fill your plate. Please forward them to your State legislators and national members of Congress and ask for official probes into The Pilgrims Society to include subpoenas of their leadership and full roster disclosure, including the waiting list. This shadow organization is the wellspring of gold and silver price suppression—not China! China has no reason to not capitalize on the suppression. It’s possible that China was bribed with gold to swap silver for it so these fiends could have silver to dump for more price suppression, starting with the price collapse in mid-April 2013. Silver likely came from other sources, possibly traded for gold at a lower ratio that the COMEX ration of 70+ silver to 1 ounce gold. The Chinese may have been convinced that silver will never be used as money again, and so may have swapped silver for gold. In any case, regardless of the source of the silver beyond mining and recycling, borrowing from the past can’t go on forever. Remarkably, a half century after the end of 90% silver coins, we’re still in a price suppression regime in silver!

By drastically depleting gold and silver from the country, they’re building an excuse for a repeat of Roosevelt’s 1933-1934 metals nationalization. This doesn’t have to happen. Some have proposed a Constitutional amendment to prevent a second metals forfeiture. That would be great, but the more realistic way to prevent it happening is to expose these British allied looters behind this ever-brewing conspiracy. You should also ask your state legislators to legislate holding some state funds in gold and silver, at depositories within their borders!

In “A Conspiracy With a Silver Lining,” which appeared in the New York Times, March 2, 2011, we’re surprised to read—

“It’s getting harder and harder to continue to brush off Andrew Maguire’s claims as the rantings of a rogue trader with a nutty online following. The Commodities Futures Trading Commission should immediately release the files from its investigation into the supposed manipulation of the silver market so the public can determine whether JPMorganChase and HSBC did anything illegal, with or without the help of the Fed.”

That was written by William Cohan, and statements like that are as far as he’ll ever go. In “Money and Power—How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World” (2012), Mister Cohan, misguidedly trusted by some PM longs, had no mention to make of The Pilgrims Society. The same applies to his other offerings. Cohan graduated from Duke University (Pilgrims Society) and Columbia University (Pilgrims Society) and was hired by Lazard Freres (Pilgrims Society), Merrill Lynch (Pilgrims Society) and J.P. Morgan Chase (Pilgrims Society) before launching his writing career. How many of the Worthy Aristocrats of The Pilgrims organization did Cohan take his bossing from during his 17 years as an investment banker? Does he care to comment? Cohan married Deborah Gail Futter. Is she related to Ellen V. Futter, currently a J.P. Morgan Chase director? EVF was a director (1988-1993) of the NYFED, top tier gold stealers! She was an AIG director during 1999-2008, often mentioned as having been big in the silver leasing business. You can also say that Ms. Futter “fluttered” to other boards—Viacom and Bristol Myers Squibb. In “The Last Tycoons—The Secret History of Lazard Freres & Company,” Cohan holds back their most vital secret—representation within The Pilgrims organization. Operators like Cohan aren’t gonna help us—he’s a desert mirage offering no water. No probe into The Pilgrims Society means never getting to the brains of precious metals suppression.

Montana Congressman Jacob Thorkelson in the Congressional Record, August 19, 1940, referred to an address by Joseph H. Choate, Vanderbilt family operative, one of the founders of The Pilgrims, as saying that those members who would many years later celebrate the start of the second century of The Pilgrims in 2003—

“…will have cause to bless their fathers that they founded this Society and kept the world on the right track.”

“All in silver—I never trusted paper money”— line from “Have Gun Will Travel” TV series (1957-1963)

See at 13:10

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