Law Blog Guest Posting for Novices  There are many benefits to derive from guest posting on law blogs.  Such benefits include growing your audience, building your authority, or adding back links to your own blog/website.  If you seek to become a guest blogger, check out my top 3 guest blogging tips below for your best experience.     1. Authority Write for law blogs that have authority.   An authoritative law blog will write and share compelling trustworthy content with their audience.  Authoritative law blogs usually have detailed and unique content as well.  Seek out law blogs that have gained authority by positively impacting their specified practice area with the content they write.  For instance, if you practice criminal law, seek out authoritative criminal law blogs to write for. a 2. Community Guest posting on law blogs is a great way to grow your online social community.  Guest blogging allows you to build relationships with other blog readers and expand your outreach. Do not write guest post and “run.”  It is best to interact with the guest blog community.  You can add comments to other blog posts, follow the community members on other social networks, or comment on other community members blog articles as well.   This will show that you actually care about the community. a 3. Link Building I could go on and on about the benefits guest blogging has on link building.   Most law blog authors will let guest bloggers insert links into their blog article.   Since most law blogs seek to educate their readers, make sure the links you provide serve educational purposes.  Do not insert irrelevant links. If you want to use guest blogging to promote your law practice, I strongly urge you to write for other law blogs within your practice area.  Writing within your targeted practice area will help you build quality backlinks.  Google will give greater value to these backlinks because they are relevant.  For instance, if your law practice focuses exclusively on social media law, you should not write and get backlinks from elder abuse law blogs.   You should keep your guest post centered around your practice area(s). If you need help developing content for your law blog, connect with San Diego Esquire today for assistance.  If you found this article helpful, please share it with other legal bloggers.

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