If you’ve ever been fascinated by the art of Parkour and free running impresses you, brace yourself for something new. Parkour basically requires you to get point B from point A as gracefully as you can, utilizing obstacles on your way to help you push forward. Enthusiasts have taken this even further by adding bicycles.

A new video looks at a biker, Tim Knoll, displaying unbelievable tricks on his bike as he rushes around Barcelona. It’s a visual treat – from Knoll biking sideways on walls to going forward while maintaining a handstand on the handlebars. The man has managed to master quite a few tricks even without pedaling such as launching off his bike straight onto a skateboard.

The video is packed with tricks. You should also expect shots of surprised bystanders, colourful walls filled with graffiti and scenes full of swift clean action set to a funky soundtrack.

While Parkour has steadily gained immense popularity over the years for the dexterity it demands from its practitioners, its popularity on the internet or in popular culture isn’t new. One of the most well-known examples includes the video for the 2008 hit song by Three Doors Down called It’s Not My Time....

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