Dear Folks,

Please Take a moment to look at the article pertaining to tonights hearing in Somerset County on Poultry Houses. This is all the more reason we need to turn out in mass. Please attend the hearing tonight, the results could have long term impacts on your future as a family poultry farmer, no matter which county you live in.

Residents fear May 7 Planning Commission meeting will ignore their demand County protect the public health from industrial scale poultry factories.

Princess Anne, MD, May 5, 2015– On Thursday May 7th at 7 pm, the Somerset County Planning Commission will be addressing the extremely contentious discussion about the expansion of poultry CAFO complexes and public health concerns, as they decide if the county should adopt a Public Health Ordinance. The meeting will be held at 11916 Somerset Ave. in Princess Anne, MD.

Residents of Somerset County had met with their PlanningCommission members in November 2014 about their concerns related to the expansion of new industrial scale Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) complexes in their rural communities, and are now concerned that their request for a stakeholder workgroup to discuss the human health impacts from large scale animal operations close to residential neighborhoods has been ignored.

They are concerned the Planning Commission has by-passed their request to let residents, county health department, county staff, and agriculture representatives work together to make recommendations to county planning staff for changes to county zoning codes related to public health and CAFO developments.

Lisa Inzerillo, a resident of Backbone Road near Princess Anne, expressed her concern, “We asked specifically for residents and the county health department to be part of a stakeholder group that would make recommendations to the County Commissioners. As a fourth generation farm owner, I have serious concerns about the Delmarva Poultry Industry’s credentials when dealing with public health.”


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