On any given day, you’re likely to find me online, scrolling through food blogs, recipe archives, and Twitter foodie feeds. It’s my hobby, my job, and my passion. There are often times when I’ve spend the better part of an evening looking for something to hold my attention and take my finger from the scrolling wheel.

There has been the rare time when I’ve come away from my desk uninspired, with a stiff back and an empty mind. More frequently however, I’ll stumble across a certain site or feed that will pull me in and allow me to spend the rest of my day scrolling, ogling, and drooling. This week’s culprit was the Twitter feed of Roly’s Bistro, @rolysbistro. They’ve stolen my entire evening!

Located in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Roly’s Bistro is an awarding-winning restaurant and café, offering up some spectacular food porn on @rolysbistro. From the daily bakes to tempt and tantalise, like…

There's no such thing as a 3pm slump at Roly's Cafe! #sweettreats #scones #midweek pic.twitter.com/EkBHCEn8vH

— Roly's Bistro (@rolysbistro) September 9, 2015


You've made it half way through the week and the world didn't end today. Time to treat yourself! #humpday pic.twitter.com/Z2zumsirqV

— Roly's Bistro (@rolysbistro) October 7, 2015

… to the phenomenal lunch and dinner options that will have you packing up the car and heading to Ballsbridge in a matter of moments, including…

Dublin's tastiest lunch is served in Roly's Cafe from 11am! We've got everything from power salads to warming soups! pic.twitter.com/ccNF3qizxM

— Roly's Bistro (@rolysbistro) September 16, 2015

…or how about…

Celebrate #September1st at Roly's Bistro with beautiful Fresh Dover Sole! #seafood #dublin #restaurant #fish pic.twitter.com/R4IvccvZEz

— Roly's Bistro (@rolysbistro) September 1, 2015

you can tell @rolysbistro knows exactly how to play this Twitter food porn game!

The @rolysbistro features photography so incredibly mouth-watering that I’m close to calling the authorities to see if this kind of behaviour is legal. Surely this kind of wanton temptation is impinging on my human rights!

Whatever the course of legal action I pursue, I’ll hold out hope that I’ll be able to look over the court papers and discuss the matter over a delicious meal at Roly’s Bistro. It’s only fair – I need retribution (and a dinner reservation)!

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