Nalini Suresh from "Nalini's Kitchen", is one of my friends, which the blogging world gifted me with. She is one such a cute person, who always loves to talk about, food, photography and what not? We got introduced few months back ,through FB. I was glad to know that her Husband is a alumni of "IRTT" Erode. She is just like a "next door" girl, who loves to talk about food. She has a beautiful space, with lot of interesting recipes and pictures. I always admire her pictures, with lot of details.Do check her space for the recipes.She will never hesitate to discuss about the techniques. We will sure have a telephone call for atleast once in a month, though we chat in FB regularly. Now ,lets hear what Nalini talks about the recipe. 


      Today I am happy to share a guest post for one my friend cum blogger Savitha of Savitha's Kitchen.I got her friendship after I got into the blogging world,initially our friendship started in FB chatting and now we speak over the phone atleast once in a month.Savitha aked me to do a guest post in April,but due to my India trip and personal things kept me busy and finally at December.

     Here I am sharing a chicken fry popular in Chettinadu cuisine which goes very well with rasam rice and curd rice.This recipe is a simple and easy to make,doesn't need any fancy ingredients.There is no spice powder used for this fry,the spiciness is from the amount of red chillies used.


Basic Information

Preparation Time -15 minutes

Cooking Time - 25  minutes

Serves 2-3




Chicken(with bones)

11/2 lbs

Shallots/chinna vengayam(finely chopped)



1 (medium size)

Garlic/poondu(finely chopped)

7-8 cloves

Dried Red chilly/varamilgai(broken)



1/2' piece

Turmeric powder


Curry leaves/karivepillai

2 sprig

Coriander leaves/kothamalli


Ginger&garlic paste


Fennel seeds/sombu









Clean and cut the chicken to  bite size pieces,marinate the chicken with ginger& garlic paste,1/2tsp salt and turmeric powder for 30 minutes.

Heat a pan with oil and crackle the fennel seeds,add in the broken red chillies,curry leaves.Now goes chopped shallots and garlic,saute it till transparent.

Add the crushed ginger and tomato,cook it till the tomato becomes mushy.

Now add the marinated chicken and saute in for couple of minutes.

Add salt and a cup of water,cook it covered in a medium flame till the chicken gets tender.Stir it in between for 2 times.

Once the chicken is cooked,sprinkle the chopped coriander leaves and keep in a flame for 2-3 minutes till it gets dried and reaches the desired consistency.

Chicken Uppu Varuval is ready.

Serve it with rice.


The amount of red chillies given here is for bit spicier version,can alter according to your taste.

Using shallots gives a nice flavor and taste to this curry so try to use shallots,if not use a large onion for this amount of chicken.

Cook it in a medium flame and if you feel the fry is very dry add another tsp of oil after the chicken cooked completely.

The garlic cloves used here is a fat clove,if it is a small clove use 15 cloves.


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