Akelta: Demons have a lot of very interesting abilities, but like other entities they can choose to specialize in a particular area. Some Demons opt to explore the areas of healing, energy working and cleansing.
Akelta: I have been feeling better, still kinda sick (for those who don't know I finally ran myself down and got sick)
Aprodisiac: Did you have any demons help with your healing?
Akelta: Actually I did lol, I recovered much faster than my family, though I was told by the demon who was working on me that in his words "it's you own Damn fault! You ran yourself into the ground and didn't take enough breaks, I should keep you sick to have a time out!" lol thanks
3xcalibur: I’ve heard demons heal in different ways, like they usually attack the virus instead of giving you healing energy.
Akelta: 3xcalibur, yes they do heal in different ways. Some do use their energies to attack the virus and cleanse your body; others use their energy to activate your primal energies which stimulate your immune system in order to give it the edge over the virus and others will actually use energy workings. We are going to go into detail on a few of these.
Galadraal: So when they said I need to activate my primal energies, that's what they (Dr Uphir) meant?
Akelta: Galadraal, good question, the primal energies are in the root chakra, they can do a lot of thing.
Akelta: Health and vitality is just one and for tonight conversation that is what we will be talking about regarding the root chakra and our primal energies.
Akelta: Ok one way demons heal - this way actually stimulates good health and wellness and helps to boost the immune system and help with things like pain.
Akelta: Pain can be detrimental to healing
Akelta: it can also weaken the immune system
Akelta: What Demons can do, those of you who have been in past seminars know of the energy that Demons have the Demonic Dark energy.
Akelta: They can use that energy to cleanse and stimulate the root chakra, keeping in clear and allowing the energy to flow through it. What they can also do is stimulate the chakra in order to activate your primal energy. This is creation energy source energy.
Akelta: Demons can also use their energy to destroy things that are harming you. they can destroy negative energy that might be blocking you or causing issues, as was mentioned at the beginning having a cleansing from a demon can help to destroy and target foreign thing in the body that are causing problems and don’t belong.

TheInsidiousOne1A: Black Flame Demons are very good for that too.
Akelta: @ Insidious, yes they are and the ones that are good and cleansing and burning away things that are limiting and harming us.. Black Flame Demons actually use the black flame and can target blocks, negative energy and even thoughts that are holding you back. The black flame can also burn away sludge energy.
TheInsidiousOne1A: my BFM H is quite good at eliminating obsolete and no longer needed thought patterns.
3xcalibur: Hmm, sounds like a rough cleansing
Akelta: xcalibur actually is feels very warm, like a sauna
Galadraal: cool, are there things we can do also?
Akelta: Galadraal, Yes your demons they could do these workings on you.
BriarForestheart: Have you had any experience with Demons specifically working with people who are immuno-supressed?
Akelta: Briar - I have worked on the elderly and some of them have compromised immune systems.
Akelta: Actually one demon I worked with on my Oma was Marbas, she had 6 heart attacks in one year and every time I went in and worked with her he was able to have her out of the hospital in two days
Aphrodisiac: Akelta, since you have that Demonic Dark Energy in you would you have the potential to heal to the extent that demons do?
Akelta: Aphrodisiac, yes with training I could use my demonic dark energy to heal.
Blue: can evolved humans ever learn to heal like demons, or you need demonic black energy to be able to?
Akelta: @ Blue - some demons use healing technique just like humans do, it depends on what you want to learn.
lalaDinky: Is demonic healing energy compatible with whiter healing energies at the same time in one person?
Akelta: laladinky, it is energy, different systems are compatible but others I would advise caution.
Akelta: White light is divine light, maybe just not at the same time.
Akelta: Some demons do know how to connect with divine light and work with it

Akelta: Devotion Demons can
Drake: Divine demons too I'm guessing?
Akelta: Yes Divine Demons as well some of them have amazing healing energies; they tend to use healing energies and can use a variety of systems. Like all demon species though some specialize in healing, others do not.
Blue: I bet most divine demons stay rather healthy and rarely get sick?

Akelta: Demons are a pretty harty bunch
TheFancifulFox: like, if you have someone sending you white light while your demon is trying to work on you well, because you know how people can be. They try to help with good intentions, but if they just send energy willy nilly while another energy is trying to work on it, there could be some... something
Akelta: At Foxy, yeah that is very true, some systems of energy healing are not compatible with others, it is good to just have a focused healing, though if someone asks me I will send healing energy, white light as I find it is most compatible.
Cheesie: She's pretty freaking good with that energy sending thing.
Satyra: She’s better in person! She oozes awesome energies.
BriarForestheart: In your experience, what are the downsides of Demon Healing versus "White Arts" healing systems, if any?
Akelta: Briar - I haven't noticed any, they are just different from each other, My 89 year old Oma having 6 heart attacks and recovering from all of them has really that has been one of my most profound experiences.
Irrational: How do you know if your energy is compatible for healing demons?
Akelta: @ Irrational, It depends on the system that the demon uses, some use white light to heal, others use black flame, these are all energies, if you feel uncomfortable or something flat out tells you know or your instincts tell you no, trust it.
Drake: Hmm, I've never actually thought of asking E for help with healing, but then again my first stop is usually the doctor.
Akelta: That is wise Drake, even Uphir sends people to the physical doctors, demons will help but they also want you to be empowered and take your life into your own hands.
BriarForestheart: Speaking as a first responder- please call 911 or your countries equivalent before asking your beings for help.
Akelta: @ Briar - Yes and also supernatural working are not the equivalent of advice from your professionals though they aid in healing please go see your doctors! And keep taking your medicines!
LalaDinky: So should a person who keeps angels never adopt a demon companion?
Akelta: Some of them do get along, as I said I have both, I just make sure they are compatible.
Drake: Maybe Akelta is going to be the person who introduces a ton of people to Demons changing their views and impressions about them which results in Demons becoming a lot more welcomes among Humans in the future. Which would result in a major clash of opinions, especially with the religious groups and things could get out of hand and much life could be lost.
LalaDinky: are there any demon species that you would recommend staying away from as a whole if you're not completely dedicated to LHP?
Akelta: @ laladinky, I like to take the ones I conjure on an individual basis but if I had to pick a species, Mutilation Demons. Even Mutilation demons have an odd form of healing.
Aphrodisiac: I think it'd be interesting to learn more about the mutilation demons method, or if it's just an individual thing.
Akelta: Some of them take on people like for example, someone who is mutilated beyond being able to recover their beauty. The mutilation demon might help them to heal their mind and discover the beauty and power in their deformed self.

LalaDinky: do demon commanders have a special healing as well?
Akelta: @ Lala, Demon Commander is a rank not a species, it depends on the commander
3xcalibur: A commander commands thousands of demons, if you need a healer they’ll assign one to you
Akelta: @ xcalibur, most of them do have access to demon who heal yes


Akelta: I'll talk more about Marbas as I have brought him up. He uses a lighter energy for healing, it is amazing when he appears there is a white glow and when he works on people he sends this golden white energy into them.
Akelta: Marbas is awesome!
blue: Marbas, is a healing demon?

Akelta: Marbas does healing yes
Arianna: any suggestions on how to approach Marbas?

Akelta: Marbas is the 56th I think Goetic Demon
BriarForestheart: Technically speaking, do you consider Marbas and Barbas as the same being or seperate beings?
Akelta: @ Briar - yes they are
BriarForestheart: Any thoughts as to why Johann Weyer's De praestigiis daemonum only lists Barba's rather than both?
Satyra: Demons have different spellings of their names depending on , well it can be regional or even which sect works with them. same demon different name.
Akelta: Marbas, The first time I connected with him was a full physical summoning cause I wanted to meet him in person so I had a lot of offerings and it was a big ritual. I burned sandalwood incense and created artwork of his sigil. I brought him fresh flowers and a few crystals
Aphrodisiac: Do you use your own summoning ritual or go by a book?
Akelta: I took the summoning ritual in the book and modified it to suit my liking.
Satyra: books generally only give a skeleton ritual. We use our own.
BriarForestheart: What are your preferred Texts, if you don't mind me asking?
Akelta: I read everything I can get my hands on
BriarForestheart: You are wonderful <3 I have a penchant for collection/hoarding older books, so I’m always looking for good titles that I don't already have.
Akelta: Older books are awesome!
Blue: I would think you ladies with all your real experiences working with demons would make more sense to me following your advice then a stranger that wrote a book, not knowing if they even worked with any demons.
Akelta: The Ritual I used, I read a bunch of the summoning rituals and I was really unimpressed, they are very nasty and harsh and treat the demon like they are your servant and they will kill you so much as look at you. So I took the basic formula of the ritual and created one much more suitable to my liking
Blue: I personally would trust your work before I would trust any book written by a stranger
Akelta: There is a lot of good information in some of the book. I recommend reading them, but questioning what is read.
Aphrodisiac: What did you originally summon Marbas for that first time?
Akelta: My Oma, she had her first heart attack and I was really desperate to help her.
Arianna: so how is Marbas in person?
Xeritch: Marbas is electric...
Akelta: @ Arianna - Marbas is very intersting he appears as a lion at first, and then takes on a human form. He likes cats; he is strong spoken direct and knows his stuff. He is very compassionate and he will flat out tell you when it is a lost cause. Like when my Oma was on her death bed I asked for him and he came and said, no this is the end, she wants to go the healing now is for you.


Galadraal: I was wondering too, about Dr Uphir, is he also a Demon Lord?
lalaDinky: dumb question...is Dr Uphir pronounced hard P sound or ph = f sound
Akelta: ph=f
Arianna: At the risk of sounding rude (and I'm not), who is Uphir after all? I mean, I don't remember hearing anything about him before, yet he sounds oddly familiar
Satyra: He is Hell’s physician
Akelta: Uphir, few know of him because he is a specialist and it takes a lot of approach him. He is basically is the surgeon general (to use our terms) of hell and is responsible for the health of the demons. It took at bit to connect with him.
Akelta: Lord Uphir is one of the more unknown demons but he is exceptionally skilled in the areas of health, wellness biology and physiology.
Akelta: His approach is very thourough, he likes to analyze and look at the whole picture of the human vessel and its connection to the energies, he actually is one of the skilled ones that combines many different systems.
Blue: can one get a binding of Uphir?
Akelta: @ Blue – no
Aphrodisiac: Did you work with him before or after Marbas?
Akelta: @ Aphro - I worked with him after Marbas yes
Arianna: so how did you first connect with Uphir Akelta?
Akelta: @ Arianna - I researched him and was curious about him. Cheese, Satyra brought in to test on day. When I began working with him I meditated looking to find a connection with him
Aphrodisiac: What are the differences between Marbas & Uphir's work in terms of healing?
Akelta: Uphir is more systematic he analyzes and looks into the physical component the mental component the emotional and spiritual component. He is also very private. Marbas heals with light energy and uses energy working and a combination of cleansing. He actually worked on healing and strengthening my Oma Heart chakra


3xcalibur: I’m more interested in the chakra working, what does Azazel do with the chakras though?
Akelta: Ok Azazel likes to work with the chakras and aligning them. The healing work I have done with Azazel actually involved removing sometimes odd energy masses from the aura. The work I have done with him involved going through each chakra and analyzing it to see if it working.
Akelta: There are odd things that can get attached to the aura.
Akelta: some people who are shy have things like barb wire around their neck.
Akelta: Barb wire is one, actually odd energy creatures. my dad has one in his stomach I tried to remove it but it is emotionally attached to him and he does not want to let it go
Akelta: Our thoughts and beliefs can create the blockages; everyday living can create the blockages.
Arianna: This is really bad, I hope there's a way for it to be removed eventually.
Akelta: It just causes him to have an anaphylactic reaction to dust... stubborn father.
Galadraal: Is there a way to stop the stuff from attaching?
Akelta: Just living and experiences can cause them. We are like vessel ourselves and the vessels sometimes get damaged, they sometimes need healing and they need general repairs.
Eilana: Could the barbed wire block your throat chakra and possibly make your voice quiet or not easily heard by others?
Akelta: @ Eilana, it is more an energy that wraps around people who are shy, they do tend to speak quieter and not want to be heard of seem.

Rainbowmoonlight: Hi Akelta, you mentioned about stimulate chakra in order to activate primal energy, I’m still confused what primal energy is. i thought primal energy is root chakra? How is the primal energy related to healing?
Akelta: Root Chakra, Source energy, creation energy. Primal instinct, it is a powerful sometimes violent passionate energy that can create and destroy.
Akelta: The lower ones tend to suffer the most damage in life. The Lower Chakras are connected to the physical aura, physical injuries and also lack of connection to people can effect the root chakra, a lack of self-love and appreciation, also the upper ones are more fun so people care for them more, the third eye, the crown, let’s all go have fun in the spiritual world. When really we need to nurture our bodies and ground, root chakras get so badly damaged and it is sad because they have such primal power for creation
Drake: Primal power for creation is THAT why it's always associated with sex.
Akelta: @ Drake, yes that is very true
TheFancifulFox: Drake, during sex, you essentially connect with the universe. Pranic release. So... yeah

Akelta: @ Fox exactly
Akelta: Guilt and sin, yeah...right. It is so damaging the memes that are instilled on children.
Akelta: Most children by the time they are 8 their root chakra is very closed and they are slowly losing their connecting to source.
Akelta: I had asthma until I opened my heart chakra, then my lungs healed.

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