Walking down the Champs- Élysées, travelers from each corner of the globe eagerly anticipate the famous Swarovski crystal stairs. This striking, extravagant stairway shines with breathtaking sparkle as one of the major attractions in this famous retail hub.

Catwalk Creations

Swarovski crystals are of utmost quality and widely range in color, shape, type of usage, lighting effect, and size.  The entire loose collection exceeds 200,000 variations, and products include jewelry, figurines, couture, home décor, and chandeliers.

Fashion legends, including the former Coco Chanel, have been inspired by and using Swarovski crystals in their fashion creations throughout the years.  One current architect, Vincent Van Duysen created this stunning 10.5 foot high pillar of light out of Swarovski crystals.  Swarovski is a design staple representing elegance and luxury used by both classic and modern designers.

There’s No Sparkle in Print

For the Swarovski sales team, showcasing this massive collection of crystals was limited.  It’s impossible to display over 200,000 varieties of crystals in printed product catalogues, demo boxes, and printed brochures. The paper catalogues could only portray 10% of the entire Swarovski collection, doing a disservice to this beautiful brand of products by inhibiting customers from fully witnessing all of the magic that Swarovski creates.

Crystal Clear Strategy

To fully represent the massive range of Swarovski’s products, the company decided to work with SAP to develop a digital mobile app. With its Crystal Collection App based on the SAP Mobile Platform, Swarovski’s sales team can view and present the entire loose crystal collection with the swipe of a finger.

Customers can interactively and instantly visualize each and every option for loose crystals in any color, size, and shape.  They have a conceivable tool to create different variations, play around with all options, and really experiment with how the crystals will look.

Through the app, sales representatives now have insight into which products customers are searching for most frequently, and new product launches and innovations can be represented on the app the moment they are released.

For individual consumers with refined taste, a business to customer version is available on the iTunes store which includes detailed information on single products in addition to fashion trends and news.

For more information about the new app, watch the full video interview:

This story originally appeared on SAP Business Trends.

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