Communications supply specialist Nimans has joined an army of volunteers helping transform a derelict Manchester street into a new village as part of a special TV programme.

Salford-based Nimans has donated cabling, a data cabinet and accessories for the BBC’s DIY SOS show which is converting 60 houses into a mini village for Army veterans.

The BBC team, led by presenter Nick Knowles, has begun refurbishing homes in Canada Street and New Street in Newton Heath. In the space of just a week, they will become homes for former servicemen and women to live in with their families.

A veteran walk-in centre is also being created on the site which will be run by charity. Some of the houses will become shared properties where unemployed veterans’ will live while they re-train and learn new skills at a nearby college.

Dozens of local building firms and tradesmen are helping out with the huge project, including Nimans (part of the Nycomm Group of Companies) and their customer CIA 2000 – supported by veterans working with charity Walking With The Wounded.

“We received a call from CIA who helping create an office in the community centre by installing cabling for communications,” said Nimans’ Chairman Julian Niman. “They asked if we could donate some equipment and we were delighted to help such a worthy cause especially as we have ex-military personnel within our business. Good luck to everyone involved.”

Presenter Nick Knowles said he came up with the idea for the village when talking to founder of Walking With The Wounded Ed Parker about empty housing.

He said: “These young men have gone off to different parts of the world and had to see extremely difficult things. They didn’t choose to do it, they go and do what they have been asked.

“Having done what we have asked them, they find themselves on the streets. This community is making it happen and housing them. Manchester, and companies such as Nimans and CIA 2000, should be very proud of themselves.”

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