United States Senator Dick Durbin has called for hearings to be held on President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration policies, which have attracted criticism around the world.

Last week Trump announced a ban on refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries, citing

the need to protect Americans from terror attacks.

A moratorium has since been placed on that, after the courts ruled against the White House on it. However, the Trump administration has since challenged the court ruling on what has become known as the Muslim ban.

Durbin hopes that Senate Republicans will share his concerns on the immigration policy position, and has written a letter to Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) to that effect.

“These executive orders, which have dramatic implications for our immigration system, are inconsistent with America’s heritage as a nation of immigrants and a safe haven for those fleeing persecution,” read the letter written by Durbin.

“The Subcommittee has an urgent responsibility to address the serious questions that have been raised about the legality, efficacy, and morality of these orders,” added Durbin.

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