It wouldn’t be the Super Bowl if brands weren’t slapping ads in our face at every chance during the big game. Expectation are always high for Super Bowl commercials, though about half usually fall short, bloating their adverts with celebrities and adorable animals, instead of clever marketing and copy writing. This year a spot reportedly cost a whopping $5 million for a 30-second spot

As always, expectations are high for this year’s slew of Super Bowl commercials, which reportedly cost a whopping $5 million for a 30-second spot. As The Big Game™ in Houston approaches, Super Bowl 51 advertisers have already begun rolling out details and teasers for their 30-90 seconds in the spotlight on February 5. Here’s a look at what we can expect from this year’s lineup.

Calling John Malkovich | Square Space

Squarespace is rolling out it’s fourth Super Bowl ad spot and this year has decided to ask for the help of everyone’s favorite Hollywood weirdo, John Malkovich. In the 30-second spot, Malkovich argues with another John Malkovich, who owns the domain JohnMalkovich.com.

Cleaner of Your Dreams | Mr. Clean

Every woman loves a guy who can clean or better yet cleans with swag. In this Mr. Clean ad spot, a thirsty wife sits back and watches the squeaky clean, hairless icon wiping and moping, but there’s a twist.

“Hero’s Journey” with Melissa McCarthy | Kia

Melissa McCarthy doing what she does best; scream, fall and just be the funny slapstick woman we’ve all grown to adore. McCarthy helps with this ad spot for the new eco friendly Kia Niro during the Big Game, but as she sets off on a mission to save the planet, she finds out the hard way that it’s not easy to be an eco-warrior.

Cam Newton & Miranda Kerr | Buick

If you can’t believe your eyes when you see the new Buick, then you’re in for a big surprise with “Not So Pee Wee Football,” starring Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr.

Jungle Hero | Old Spice

Here is the actual description from the YouTube spot “Some journeys define a man. But with Old Spice Odor Blocker, a man defines the journey. And with a dictionary, he can define himself. And with a Gorilla-to-English dictionary, he can teach Chuck how to write YouTube descriptions. Beetle farts.” You read that correctly; Beetle Farts.

“Born The Hard Way” | Budweiser

This is the story of Budweiser’s founder,  Adolphus Busch’s ambitious journey to America in pursuit of his dream: to brew the King of Beers. This is going to be the most controversial commercial that never meant to be that of the night. Unintentionally injecting itself into the surrounding whirlwind of President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration orders with a new Super Bowl ad about the company’s origins. The one-minute ad, titled “Born the Hard Way,” tells the story of how Adolphus Busch immigrated to the US from Germany in the 1800s, which led to the creation of the Anheuser-Busch brewing company (now AB InBev, the world’s largest beer company). The dramatized origin story shows Busch on a long, arduous voyage to St. Louis, where he meets Ebert Anheuser, fittingly, over a beer.

Romance | Skittles

One of the few commercials that relies on it’s cleverness and not a personality, this Skittles “Romance” spot tells a classic romantic tale that will air during the first quarter of the big game.

Live: Curtains | Snickers

Snickers is takinng a revolutionary approach to Super Bowl ads with a live ad spot, starring Adam Driver, stunt horses and less famous actors. We’re thinking it’s going to be a wild west style showdown, but are shaking in our boots with anticipation.

Brady Everyday | Intel

Patriots franchise, Tom Brady will make an appearance in this year’s Intel advertisement, highlighting the brands processing power you’ll be witnessing during the game. The brand was first to release its teaser, which gives us a glimpse into the life of the the man-myth-legend at home.

Jason Statham & Gal Gadot | Wix

Wix.com’s Big Game commercial featuring Jason Statham and Gal Gadot features the duo as a pair of spies in a restaurant. When Felix, a business owner in a disruptive world, has to deal with Gal and Jason destroying his bistro, he keeps his cool. Why? Because with Wix, he knows he’ll always stay stunning.

Humpty Fall | Turbo Tax

Humpty Dumpty landed the lead role in Turbo Tax’s first Super Bowl teaser, which aired during the Steelers-Patriots AFC Championship Game Sunday night. The somewhat graphic ad spot delivers the brand messaging of being able to do your taxes anywhere.

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