Turtles are just turtles, right? I mean, sure they come in all shapes and sizes and have that neat little shell they can hide in, but they aren’t one of the more fascinating creatures in the world, right? Well, apparently, that assumption couldn’t be more wrong, as divers in the Solomon Islands were shocked to discover the glow-in-the-dark hawksbill sea turtle late yesterday evening. The hawksbill sea turtle, which transforms the ocean’s blue light into red, green and orange light, instantly becomes the only known reptile on the entire planet to exhibit bioluminescence.

National Geographic explorer and marine biologist David Gruber, along with his diving companion Markus Reymann, were so excited to make the discovery that they celebrated like little kids in a candy shop. Upon finding the glow-in-the-dark tortoise, Gruber and Reymann spent some time hanging out with him after he absolutely fell in love with their lights and chose to stick around and play for a bit. This bioflourescent turtle, which will certainly be considered one of the coolest creatures by animal lovers, is practically a kind-hearted swimming disco ball; what could be more awesome than that?

Here’s footage of Gruber and Reymann’s time with the hawksbill sea turtle:

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