Found one stupid post called "Awesome Answers In IAS Examination" on Facebook. Curiosity got over me and i checked some of them and found them to be dumbest answers with stupidity to the core. Though i doubt the validity of this questions actually being asked in so called interviews or exams but still have answered some of them sensibly.

Q: How can you drop a raw egg on concrete floor with out cracking it?

A: Concrete floors are very hard to crack. (UPSC Topper)

Best Answer: Dumb Ass he asking how not to crack egg. Anyways if you would have dropped           it Quarter inch from the floor it would have not broken (true, try it and see).

Q: If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall, how long would it take four men to build it?

A. No time at all it is already built. (UPSC 23rd Rank Opted for IFS)

Best Answer. 20 Hours Dumb Ass because it was not built but was imagined to be built (IF word in the question). Dumb Ass this question was put to check your ability to handle work load.

Q: How can you lift an elephant with one hand?

A. you will never find an elephant with one hand. (UPSC Rank 14 Opted for IES)

Best Answer. Dumb Ass he is talking about your hand not elephant. There is a thing called common sense (which you clearly lack) and if you would have used it you would have said "its not possible unless i'm a super saiyan or super hero.... or in ZERO gravity."

Q. What looks like half apple ?

A. The other half. (UPSC - IAS Topper )

Best Answer. Even if you eat the other half of apple does it look alike???? Dumb Ass put the Apple in front of mirror and say the reflection looks like an Half Apple.

Q. What can you never eat for breakfast?
A: Dinner.
Best Answer. Dumb Ass we don't eat Dinner we have it.

Q. Bay of Bengal is in which state?

A: Liquid (UPSC 33 Rank)

Best Answer. Liquid??? Seriously Are you kidding???? Its not water to be in liquid state Dumb Ass its a BAY and the interviewer should be kicked in the Ass for asking this question.

One of the post read 'This guy wrote the below answer and topped the exam!'


Question: What is courage? (50 Marks)

Answer (After 7 blank pages, at the end of the last page…): This is courage

Reality:  Dumb Ass its not courage but Stupidity. How in the world did you top an Essay examination without writing a single word.

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