Neomasculinity combines traditional beliefs, masculinity, and animal biology into one ideological system. It aims to aid men living in Westernized nations that lack qualities such as classical virtue, masculinity in males, femininity in females, and objectivity, especially concerning beauty ideals and human behavior. It also serves as an antidote for males who are being programmed to accept Western degeneracy, mindless consumerism, and immoral state authority. The purpose of this article is to list and describe the principal doctrines of neomasculinity.

Table Of Contents


Traditional sex roles

Understanding the true nature of women


Sexual marketplace value

Self-improvement (weightlifting & fitness | individual responsibility | hard work ethic | lifestyle optimization)

Free speech and due process



Red pill truths

Male-only spaces

Sexual moderation

Nuclear family

Binary sex model

Feminine beauty ideals

Natural health and hygiene

Male virtue and development


Technological skepticism

Deeper meaning and spirituality


Due to changes in mating behavior and pair bonding brought on by technology, shifting demographics, migration to cities from rural towns, universal suffrage, promotion of sexually promiscuous behaviors, and destruction of traditional sex roles, most men do not have the ability or knowledge to successfully reproduce with a modern woman on a comparable attractiveness and socioeconomic level. Their “natural” self will lead to reproductive failure without purposeful intervention that increases their attractiveness in the eyes of women who are actively encouraged to seek out high-value males.

“Game” is a collection of socially-based tactics and reproducible behaviors that increase a man’s sexual attractiveness to women and therefore his access to reproduction. It can range from a trivial aid like an opening line that starts a conversation with a woman in an interesting manner to a physical move that escalates intimacy in the bedroom in a way that is most likely to lead to sex. Its primary goal is to give men a set of tools and beliefs that allow him to more easily enter sexual relationships with the women he desires. In modern Western societies, a man who doesn’t at least subconsciously understand game concepts is unlikely to have sex at all.

Game is ultimately a response to signals that women in any environment are displaying, giving them what they want in sexual partners based on their desires and tastes of the day. These desires are undergoing regular change, meaning that game is a constantly shifting set of outward rules and practices while the inward game beliefs governing those practices remain mostly static, based on known biological truths that stem from animal reproductive science and studies based on female human sexual behavior.

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Traditional sex roles

Humans purportedly diverged from chimpanzees 4-8 million years ago. During that stretch, natural selection has applied different pressures on the men and women of our hunter-gatherer ancestors to increase their likelihood of survival. The most visible difference between the sexes is muscle mass, whereby a modern woman is only 60% as strong as a man, since stronger men were more likely to ensure individual and group survival.

Selection did not stop at the neck, meaning that our brains have accumulated differences in behavior, psychology, and how we respond to various environmental stimuli. For those who don’t believe in evolutionary processes, sex differences would have been bestowed onto humans by some type of creator.

The sum of these differences lead to a strength and weakness profile for each sex that allows them to either excel or be deficient in certain roles compared to the opposite sex. The term “traditional sex roles” is slightly a misnomer—a more accurate term is “human sex roles,” since they have likely existed since the beginning of the human species.

Traits possessed by men in greater percentage than women: dominance, independence, intelligence, rationale, analytical thinking

Traits possessed by women in greater percentage than men: submissiveness, dependence, emotional nature, faster intuition, cooperative sharing

The idea of “gender equality” is a myth that has no scientific basis. Pushing for it is detrimental to both sexes because it minimizes their innate strengths and maximizes their weaknesses, decreasing their overall chances of reproduction, survival, and even happiness, especially in an environment that is constrained with resources.

Forcing men to cooperate, share, and nurture like a woman is as unusual as training a house cat to bark like a dog. In the same way that we have the economical division of labor, where you are trained to perform a narrow set of tasks better than others in order to earn a successful living, traditional sex roles have done the same in splitting the burden of survival and child-rearing between two sexes.

While women don’t “belong” in the home, they do a better job than men at nesting and child raising. While men don’t belong in coal mines or on oil rigs, they do a better job at digging minerals from the earth and raising it above ground. Creating government programs or propaganda that aim to show women can be coal miners and firefighters as good as men is a foolish, politically correct behavior that comes from a false notion (“men and women are equal”) that cannot ever be made true without us evolving into a new species. Westerners, as defined by those living in the Anglosphere and Western Europe, are currently forced to digest all manner of manipulation and dissemination of falsehoods to make equality truthful.

Men and women should have some degree of free will to live a life compatible with their respective societies, but there should not be coordination between the media, government, and academia to program citizens to abandon their innate strengths for imagined ideas of utopia.

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Understanding the true nature of women

By the time most men finish puberty, they will have an impression of women that is mostly fantasy. Modern culture has undertaken huge steps to portray women simultaneously as victims needing male assistance and empowered superheros who are so capable and brave that they don’t even need men at all. It’s not surprising to find that many men have an understanding of women that is not far from what you would find in an old Disney movie, of women who display amazing acts of courage one moment and then needing approval and assistance from dashing princes the next.

Women are reactionary in that they subconsciously assess the environment to determine how to proceed with mate selection. If survival is hard, and her basic food and shelter needs are difficult to attain, she will latch onto a provider man at an early age that aids in her survival. If survival is easy, and she already has her food and shelter needs met, she will then pursue more base hedonistic instincts while leisurely shopping around for the most high status male she can obtain.

If she fails in her search of the latter, she will procure a provider male well past her peak beauty and fertility (after 30 years of age) so that she does not grow old without any life partner at all. (A provider male, or beta male, is a man who eagerly, kindly, and sometimes mindlessly shares his financial resources with a woman of dubious worth in exchange for sexual benefits, companionship, and the chance to reproduce.)

Women are also craftily aware of local legal conditions and how it can be manipulated in their favor. If rape laws tighten against men, more women will use false rape accusations as a weapon to punish men, alleviate feelings of sexual guilt, attract the attention of high-status men, or get out of being caught cheating. If domestic violence laws tighten, women will use that as a weapon to control their husbands. Women are skilled at using the structure and rules of the local environment to fulfill their goals, which is to secure the highest possible value male, gain as much material resources as possible, pursue the female primal need for pleasure and vanity, and compete successfully against other females.

A woman behaving as the model of femininity and kindness in an environment with conditions favoring males will behave quite differently in an environment with conditions favoring females. A woman’s nature is therefore not static, and takes the shape of the container of her environment.

The true nature of men, on the other hand, is in turn reactionary to signals women put out that declare their sexual preferences in males. Women act according to the broader environment to accumulate resources and self-satisfaction while men act according to the best method and strategy to secure female sexual partners. The mating feedback loop that results, involving untold number of variables, can help explain differences in mating strategies of people living in nations that have similar cultural values.

In the past, the best male strategy to reproduce was resource sharing since survival was difficult and in no way guaranteed, but now with survival needs easily met, men are moving into a “clown” strategy of providing entertainment, excitement, and alpha male simulated behavior to women who are quicker to reward this set of tactics with commitment-free sex than with provider male tactics of yesterday.

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Western society is moving away from a patriarchal-based system where men held sole power and determined the rules governing society. In the past, men like Arthur Schopenhauer and HL Mencken understood the true nature of women and the chaos that would ensure if patriarchal rules were dismantled by allowing women to pursue mating without constraints while allowing them to directly compete with men in the labor market. This has the simultaneous effect of making women less able to fulfill their motherly duties while impoverishing men economically and making them less able or likely to fulfill important provider roles that foster societal stability.

Patriarchy does have its flaws in locking in roles for males and females who are outliers, but it was undoubtedly a superior societal system that catered to the innate abilities of the sexes and provided them with roles that not only furthered their own abilities and interests but civilization as a whole. Men were able to provide through their labor while women were able to nurture and raise children in an imperfect but mostly harmonious family system. It’s likely due to patriarchy that humans did survive various threats to their existence. Patriarchal systems must therefore be regained as the primary organizing structure of modern societies.

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Sexual marketplace value

The job market in a capitalist country is fluid and free. Employers can hire and fire workers at will and workers can join or leave a company at will. Neither have much in the way of loyalty or dedication to each other, and each party is attempting to extract as much money, labor, knowledge, and experience as possible from the other party.

Some corporations hold more value in the eyes of employers than others, due to their brand name, salary, facilities, and perks. Some workers are eagerly sought out by corporations because of their experience, ability, and reputation. The top corporations can easily retain the best talent while the bottom corporations continually lose their best talent to corporations above them. At the same time, the best workers are promoted and lavished with higher salaries while the worst workers can only retain the lowest paying jobs or have to suffer persistent unemployment.

The modern dating market is now as fluid as the job market. Once traditional sex roles were dismantled and women were allowed to embrace their hypergamous nature of seeking top males, they began shopping for the best “corporation” that they could land, hopping from one man to the next as a way to maximize the value they could receive. At the same time, men at the top could attract the very best females, while men at the bottom struggle to attract even one.

In the days of Christian monogamy, women were culturally shamed and prevented from shopping for men, and encouraged to marry the first good man they bed, one they often met through family or church. This ensured society stability and sexual equality in that most able-bodied men would be able to procure a wife. These women would gain a dedicated provider male instead of being sexually used for short-term sexual pleasure by high-status men until being replaced by a younger beauty.

The breakdown of traditional sex roles and Christian-style egalitarian monogamy with the promotion of fluid dating has begun to revert society into a harem model currently practiced by Arab royalty in countries like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, where high status men reap nearly all the highest quality fertile women and maintain concubines on retainer while low status men receive no women and struggle to have their basic survival needs met.

In America today, famous and good-looking men are hotly pursued by beautiful women while the majority of “average” men are forced to undergo strenuous efforts to increase their sexual marketplace value (SMV) to compete, just like how any worker must increase their job market value by educating themselves in university and working in low-paying internships.

With fluid dating, every man must vigorously improve his SMV in order to land sexual relationships, and if he doesn’t, he’s at risk at failing to experience any sexual success. At the same time, women also have an SMV that is tied mainly to their beauty and fertility. Men have to work at increasing their SMV while women are given the bulk of theirs by nature.

Except for natural-born alpha males, a man’s SMV is still rising in his late teens and early 20’s before he has accumulated significant resources, social status, and game, during a time when a woman’s SMV is at her highest, thanks to her being at the peak of her beauty. If a woman is unable to gain commitment of a man during the height of her SMV, it will be a game of musical chairs in her 30’s or even 40’s to find any man who will walk down the aisle with her. A woman who doesn’t lower her standards in her 30’s will undoubtedly fail to find commitment, since there is little she will be able to do to increase her value. A man, however, has many options even into old age for keeping his SMV relatively high, such as increasing his status or wealth.

A healthy and stable society will put limitations upon both men and women to fully maximize their SMV as if they were working in a capitalistic job market. Men would be limited from excessive philandering for extended periods of time and “using up” a woman’s beauty for hedonistic pleasure while women would be limited in using her sexuality and peak beauty to sleep with dozens of men in the hopes that one high-status man will keep her. Sexual experimentation should be self-limiting, but as long as dating is fluid, male participants have no choice but to play the game and work on their SMV to hopefully land some semblance of a normal relationship. The more fluid the dating market is, the less likely that will happen.

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Self-improvement is necessary for a man to transform the raw material of his genetics to maximize his sexual marketplace value, accumulate enough material resources to live comfortably (and protect himself from the actions of an unjust state or hysterical mob), and to gain enough wisdom and experience to live a virtuous life with a mind free of falsehoods and brainwashing. This is an individual journey that better suits a man with an above-average mind that resists the trends and styles of the day to pursue truths and conditions that were no less relevant hundreds of years ago. Four basic components this includes is physical fitness, hard work ethic, individual responsibility, and lifestyle optimization.

Weightlifting and fitness

Body development increases a man’s overall health, instills into him hard work ethic, and increases his confidence, which facilitates attainment of his other goals. At the same time body development is important, it should not be so involved that it begins to take away from development of the mind.

For the average man, the mind exists solely for the pleasures and functions of the body, but for the above-average man, the body exists for the functioning of the mind. Men must be careful not to overcompensate in body development to pursue goals of vanity or narcissism that end up limiting their overall development.

Individual responsibility

Men are not victims. While we have been placed on the Earth during a unique time in humanity that can be institutionally oppressive to men, we’re still allowed enormous ability to affect the fabric of our lives. Even the most repressive regime on the planet today will afford men the opportunity to privately develop themselves, and so no excuse must be made to quit, obsessively gripe, or not even attempt the difficult steps that can improve our stations.

While there are some features of modern Western society that make it harder to achieve our goals, such as finding a loyal wife to raise a family with, there is still room for a disciplined and focused man to win in a climate that wants him to lose. The limitations stopping us exist partly in our minds, as any brief study of history can show that men never had it easy. Blame for our failures in life must be put squarely on our own shoulders to train our minds to focus on what we can control instead of what we cannot.

Hard work ethic

Men are the mules of the human species. Their nature codes for them to work endlessly until they perish, and so a neomasculine man is one who sets a goal for himself and tirelessly labors for its realization. Success may not be a guarantee in his journey, but labor is, and the man who doesn’t labor is not more deserving of the fruits of male life than one who does. While some men have to work less at their goals because of innate talents and abilities they were born with, work is a significant equalizer that allows one born with a lower stock to raise himself up to those men born above him.

Society is now structured to teach men to work for corporations to earn money for products that go right back to corporations. After a man has put in a shift of eight hours in the office, his mind and body is too tired to work for himself, and so this is how the modern format of work inhibits a man in developing his potential. Along his life’s journey, a man must figure out how he can work for himself first, during times his mind is fresh, instead of giving the best parts of himself to a corporation that does little more than satisfy consumer wants that were programmed into him.

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Lifestyle optimization

Every man’s nature is different. Some are morning birds, some are night owls. Some have fast metabolisms, some have slow metabolisms. Some are extroverted, some are introverted. Every man has a responsibility to discover his own nature, his strengths and his flaws, to understand how his mind and body responds to stimuli to better construct a way of living that suits him best and allows him to accomplish goals instead of trying to merely copy someone else’s formula.

Man must find the best diet, sleep, supplements, and workout regime for his body. He must find the best work habits for completing his labor. He must find the social environments to further his friendships or relationships with women. This requires men to be open to trying different things, be vigorous with experimentation, and self-reflect honestly without ego. By the time a man is 35, he should have a custom lifestyle in place that is seamlessly integrated with a program of self-development that aids in his goals instead of hindering them

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Free speech and due process

Free speech is important from the perspective that concerned men or women should be able to speak out once they have identified corruption and degeneracy in their societies. In a well-educated population that is resistant to mob rule and raised on virtue and honorable values, ideas are only likely to be accepted if they are correct or scientifically sound. Otherwise, they are discarded, meaning that theoretically there should be no large danger posed by an incorrect idea within a healthy society.

Without free speech, reading this document right now may not be possible, meaning you might have stayed less aware of the sickness our society is currently facing. For that reason, citizens must be able to speak intelligently and freely as a defense mechanism against the backwards slide to cultural toxicity, of which it’s worth noting that free speech alone was no defense to our current ills. It should be no surprise that men today who have shared views that fall within the realm of neomasculine thought have been subject to censorious mob action.

Equal due process is also important. While men should be treated as the sex that knows more about how to structure society than women, both sexes, along with different races, must be held to the same legal standard.

Western law has currently gone so far to the side of women that men are no longer being treated with equal due process. They are being held to a different standard when it comes to consensual sex in colleges where extra-legal tribunals and punishing them and ruining their livelihoods based on allegations without sound evidence. Additionally, they are being imprisoned if they fail to pay child support, regardless of their employment status.

In spite of the fact that a man’s word is often more credible than a woman’s, since a woman is naturally more skilled at quickly inventing stories and rationalizations based on the feelings and emotions she’s experiencing, both sexes should be charged or prosecuted for crimes based on the legal evidence at hand, without consideration of their sex.

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Testosterone is the biological hormone that is responsible for masculine behavior and characteristics such as muscle development, voice deepening, body hair, aggression, and a host of positive cognitive effects. Men are a unique sex primarily because of this hormone, and any decrease of its concentration in a population of men through environmental pollution or dystopian regulation will decrease masculine behaviors.

Being a man is not a social construct—it’s a primarily biological construct that is heavily dependent on healthy body and brain function that results from appropriate testosterone levels. An unhealthy society will undoubtedly be composed of males with stunted levels of testosterone.


Major sources of employment for men are corporations and medium-sized businesses, but they have become an increasingly unreliable and hostile means for men to earn their daily bread, especially if the work environment includes women.

Men in modern workplaces are forced to submit to the authoritarian whims of the female-dominated Human Resources department, where their statements and behaviors are monitored for anything causing the slightest offense, meaning that men are one politically incorrect statement away from losing out on a promotion or outright getting fired. Even if they behave according to corporate regulations, they are still subject to dubious training programs which treat them as innate harassers of women and minorities. In such an environment, a woman can easily hurt a man’s employment through false allegations.

Even if a man exhibits perfect behavior, a slight downturn in business means he can get fired immediately. The corporation is designed to have no loyalty to a man and his prior service, even if he was an integral part of the company’s prior success.

For the above reasons, it is important for a man to start his own business or firm. He will be able to pick and choose the customers that he wants to serve and not have his livelihood be dependent on a petty manager or disgruntled woman who sets out to destroy him.

Most men begin their path to entrepreneurship by developing a freelancing side business while employed full time, but at some point he will have to make the jump from being dependent on only one company. The world is so hostile to the ideas and behavior of the neomasculine man that he must view corporate employment as a short-term solution until he can develop his own business. Otherwise, he sets himself up for future destitution.

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Red pill truths

While “red pill” has many definitions, it’s consistently used as a way or means to view the world in an objective, truthful, and factual manner, no matter how inconvenient or painful. It may seem redundant to need a method of seeking truth of the world, since it should be a default technique for all educated persons in a society, but identity politics and special interests deliberately conceal and distort truths to further utopian ideals or to consolidate their own selfish need for power.

For example, today’s left-leaning establishment deliberately conceals differences in sex and race in order to promote an ideal of equality that is meant to severely handicap men. They also downplay a woman’s true nature to deceive the public on the benefits of fluid dating when it is in fact wreaking havoc on monogamy by encouraging women to tickle their most hedonistic urges that breed anarchy and instability into human pair bonding.

The opposite of red pill truth is “blue pill” ignorance, whereby people maintain large blind spots in their thinking or observations to shield themselves from the undeniable facts of human behavior and reality. Some people adhere to blue pill ideas because they have been brainwashed while others do so purposefully to raise their position in the hierarchy of the group they’re a member of.

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Male-only spaces

The ability to be a man—as according to nature—has diminished in recent years as women invade all spaces that were traditionally male, going so far as to protest to be served in male barber shops (1, 2).

After women are included in male spaces, men have to speak and act with a filter to not offend the sensitive women, removing the masculine banter and jockeying that is an important part of male friendship and development. By having women in all spaces, men are no longer able to nurture their masculine side, and instead sacrifice the strength of their friendships and limit display of their natural identity in order to appease the females that are now present, who relish the male attention they can receive at little cost.

Men and women should be allowed to co-mingle in designated spaces, but other spaces should be exclusively male, forbidding women from participating. At the same time, women are encouraged to have their own female spaces free of men so that they can nurture their feminine qualities.

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Sexual moderation

Men have a biological need for sex that must be sated for them to function normally, but if that need is overshot, such as in the case of sleeping with women only for ego gratification, the man begins sacrificing more important needs for fleeting pleasure that will provide no lasting meaning. It is normal for a man to pursue sex because he wants sex, but pursuing sex because he wants to impress others, hit an artificial notch count of women, or alleviate personal insecurities will invariably result in self-harm and lost time.

Game is a tool that allows a man to fulfill his sex and relationship needs, but once game is used outside of those needs, he will succumb to hedonistic urges that are no different than a woman uploading selfies every day on Facebook to receive validation for her appearance. A man must always check his sexual behavior with the needs of his body and spirit to make sure he is not trying to satisfy the bottomless pit of his animalistic hunger.

The sexual activity of women must be even more closely monitored than men. Repeated studies shows that a marriage is more likely to fail based on higher number of sexual partners a woman—but not a man—had before marrying (1, 2, 3, 4), a fact that should be obvious to any man who has experienced the highly impulsive and shallow behavior of easy women. An additional study showed that promiscuous women are more likely to abuse substances, regardless of her age. The results of these studies clearly show that a marriage is at high risk of failure if a woman had more than two sexual partners before marrying.

A high level of promiscuity on the part of the woman will also expose her to more sexually transmitted diseases, particularly the common infections of chlamydia and gonorrhea, that may render her sterile and incapable of reproducing. Lastly, the indigestion of birth control in pill form, which offers a frictionless path to promiscuity, impairs their ability to become pregnant up to a year (and possible longer) after they stop taking it, harming their reproductive potential.

Even though traditional marriage is the best path towards societal stability, it is becoming extremely difficult for a man today to find a woman with an acceptable sexual history and proper values that wouldn’t put a possible marriage at great risk of failure. This risk, combined with the fact that the state has marriage laws biased in disproportionate favor towards women, essentially turns husbands into hostages within their own homes, making them have to suffer a woman’s impulsive “no-fault” decision for divorce (80% of them are initiated by women). With the ensuing financial ruin and emotional turmoil that would result, it is no longer an automatic safe bet for men to marry in a Western nation.

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Nuclear family

The most stable family unit that fosters normal development of children is a nuclear family composed of one father and one mother in the same home. Further aid may possibly come from extended family members living either nearby or in the same household.

Single parent households must be avoided because they have shown to significantly harm the development and overall well-being of children. In England, children from single-parent households are nine times likely to engage in crime, and a Department Of Justice study (PDF) found that 70% of incarcerated youth came from single parent homes. A newer study with a sample size of over 16,000 show that children raised by single mothers are 70% more likely to develop Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which harms their mental development and education while increasing their risk of hospitalization due to injury and respiratory infections. Even more severe, children raised in single parent households are 82% more likely to be raised in poverty than children raised in nuclear family homes.

It is now politically incorrect to question if being raised by a single mother increases the child’s risk for poverty, homelessness, mental illness, physical disease, and substance abuse, even though a multitude of studies clearly point in that direction. Those who have an agenda in pushing single motherhood are ignoring existing data at hand that shows it brings great harm to children and, as a result, society.

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Binary sex model

The binary sex model consists of only two sexes, male and female, which is determined at birth by a person’s genetics. It is the most stable, natural, and biological approach to human classification. Behaviors by genetically born males will lean masculine while behaviors by genetically born females will lean feminine, though variation in human stock can cause marginal overlap. There are also exceptions with hermaphrodites, deformed humans who are born with genitalia from both sexes.

Any attempt to manually seek out a gender or identity outside of the binary sex model is artificial, non-biological, and deviant. Such a practice is not conducive to family formation or sanity on a societal level A society can be definitively labeled ill if it enables its citizens to artificially invent gender identities and pick them at will as if shopping for fruit in a supermarket. Even worse is outright facilitating mentally ill individuals to change their sex, which leads to an increase in suicide and drug use without alleviating the underlying mental disorder.

Academics and corporations are now eagerly promoting and catering to “new” genders such as polysexual, genderqueer, pangender, and skoliosexual. If a child believed it was a snake and started biting others, we would get him professional help, but we are now taking seriously grown adults who go so far to claim they are “two spirit,” which means that they have the spirit of both men and women inside them, or “otherkin,” where they claim to be animals like wolves, badgers, or deer mistakenly born into a human body. Such delusions are being normalized as mentally acceptable human behavior.

The binary sex model has flaws in that it will not perfectly suit those who possess personality and behavioral traits from the opposite sex, meaning that institutions and spaces for homosexuals or transsexuals won’t be constructed, but at the same time it is inappropriate to encourage or enable a person to jump out of their genetically determined sex by opening the door on dozens of different gender identities and orientations that definitively harm the individual.

In a patriarchal society with traditional sex roles, only a tiny minority will have trouble with their assigned sex at birth. They should not be allowed to disrupt the lifestyle and healthy traditions of those who soundly fit into the natural binary model.

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Feminine beauty ideals

Feminine beauty is highly objective and can be reliably measured across different cultures in two principal ways: body measurement and facial symmetry.

Body measurement comprises three numbers in inches that are displayed in the following format: 36-24-36. The first number is the size of the chest around the breasts, the second number is size of the waist right above the navel, and the third is the size of hips around the buttocks.

Scientific studies have shown that a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 is linked to high fertility in women. The distribution of fat around bodies produced by such a ratio is biologically linked to an optimal concentration of bodily hormones that would most greatly aid in reproduction. Not coincidentally, such as ratio is found to be most attractive to men from all around the world.

Men therefore subconsciously determine a large part of a woman’s attractiveness based on her ability to successfully reproduce, and this is exemplified by an hourglass figure that a 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio consistently displays. While certain aspects of beauty taste may change over the years, such as hair color or lip fullness, a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 leads to the best biological functioning for reproduction, and so will be seen as most attractive by virile men.

The hourglass figure can also come in different shapes, which is why even more voluptuous women can still be seen as highly attractive if their waist-to-hip ratio is still close to the optimum value. But if a woman’s body resembles something more like a milk carton, she is far away from the ideal ratio and should not be dismayed if men find her unattractive.

Facial symmetry is the second component of beauty that can be reliably measured. You may be surprised to know that the left and right sides of your face are quite different. One artist created two full faced figures by doubling a person’s left side or right, leading to images that can look drastically different. Additional studies consistently show that people rate others with symmetrical faces as more attractive and in better health, two traits that humans want to pass on to their offspring.

Even if symmetrical individuals are not actually in better health that those who are asymmetrical, our genetic wiring clearly prefers symmetrical individuals, a fact known since the time of the Ancient Greeks judging by the art they left behind. It is thought that animals who display asymmetry had poor development that exposed them to environmental or genetic stress, lowering their reproductive fitness.

Here is a selection of attractive celebrities with highly symmetrical faces:

Symmetrically challenged individuals are consistently rated as less beautiful:

While female attraction for males can be complex and dependent on many factors that includes a man’s resources, charisma, social status, and appearance, male attraction for females is more narrow and highly correlated to body shape and facial symmetry. Therefore we can easily debunk notions that beauty is a social construct or that women with a waist-to-hip ratio over 1, suggesting advanced obesity and diabetes, can be attractive to a man with a functioning brain and normal vision. The movement of fat acceptance is a particularly damaging notion since obesity shortens human life spans, increases public health expenditures by $190 billion a year in the USA alone, and is one of the most reliable symptoms of mental illness.

From the available data, we must conclude that there are objective patterns in beauty that make some individuals clearly more attractive than others. In America, women who are not beautiful, due to their genetic bad luck or gluttonous lifestyle, are using bogus science and shaming to convince the masses they are indeed beautiful. Such attempts should be immediately discarded as absurd.

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Natural health and hygiene

Modern medicine has made great advances in treating ailments that used to more easily kill our ancestors, especially when it comes to bacterial and viral infections. If you are suffering from illness, your first instinct should be to see a doctor. However, the pharmaceutical industry, along with corporations that sell health products, have a financial incentive to maintain profits by selling expensive medicines or health solutions that must be used over a long period of time without solving the underlying problem.

A man must carefully weigh the costs and benefits of whatever medicine, supplement, and health product he’s using and ask himself if there is a more cheap and effective alternative with less side effects. A classic example is baking soda, which has been found by large numbers of men to be superior to chemical deodorants. Other men swear by non-pharmaceutical solutions that either maintain good health or solve existing body issues. Examples include apple cider vinegar (various ailments), coconut oil (skin), vitamin D (mood), zinc (male sex drive), hydrogen peroxide (bad breath), cranberry extract (UTI), light therapy (sleep), green tea (antioxidant), nasal irrigation (sinus infection), and fish oil (dry eye). Many others can be found on Earth Clinic.

There are serious diseases and problems that only modern medicine can handle, but for minor ailments and hygiene issues, men would be better served by finding more natural remedies that don’t carry an unnecessarily heavy cost.

Male virtue and development

We’re taught that the biological reason we are here is to survive and reproduce, but since both are now easy to accomplish without much of a strain on our energy or resources, we are given extra time to live for reasons beyond the biological. How should men spend that time? What code of morality or principles should guide men in their daily lives? Is there a deeper life meaning that can help us set better goals?

The answers to the questions are difficult, but they must be asked. While most of the world is running downhill to pursue immorality, degeneracy, and base pleasures, the self-actualized man must instead climb upwards along the harder path that makes him a better man today than he was yesterday. He must instill within himself a code that creates right action and right thoughts to separate himself from the hysterical masses, allowing him to operate on an elevated level of consciousness and existence.

Aristotle’s cardinal virtues were prudence, temperance, courage, and justice. Eastern philosophies teach self-control of desire. Stoicism tempers desire and aims for mental fortitude against misfortune. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau taught self-reliance. It’s important to examine the great men of the past to construct a living code that can aid men in the present, because it’s certain that a consumer lifestyle with authoritarian deference to false prophets fails to lead to male virtue or character advancement. Such progress can only come from deeper thought and self-examination.

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The two biggest problems with socialism as an ideology is that (1) it takes from the strong to give to the weak, and (2) it makes individuals dependent on the government to survive.

Those who apply effort to obtain benefits deriving from their labor, virtue, or fortunate genetics should be able to keep the bulk of its rewards instead of making forceful donations under the barrel of the state’s gun to those with a lower worth ethic or constitution. Beautiful women are—due to nature’s prescription—more deserving of high value men. Men who are born with a higher level of intelligence are more deserving of advanced jobs that pay more. Anyone who is more willing to trade their labor for income is deserving of a higher income.

We must not allow the poor to starve on the streets, but it is counterproductive to encourage those on the bottom to beg for more benefits instead of lifting up their own station to a suitable job position that can provide for their basic survival needs.

The effects of socialism are even more damaging when it comes to gender relations, because women now seek out the government as a substitute provider to help them survive instead of using the feminine gifts given to her by nature to land a husband. With her survival needs met thanks to a government bending over to bail out her impulsive decisions, she can spend up to two decades pursuing excitement in the males she meets without any worry about her future. She is no longer punished for her mistakes.

It’s no surprise that single motherhood in the United States has exploded in the past few decades. Why should a woman find a good man who she must serve and satisfy when she can fornicate with sexy men and have the government send her monthly checks and crates of food at no cost? The perverse incentives that socialist policies create mean that women are encouraged to treat men as battery-operated sex dildos that can satisfy her present desires instead of carefully evaluating men for their long-term worth. This has decimated the institution of marriage and also created future criminals and emotional man-children of the state who did not have the opportunity to develop strong values in a stable nuclear home that included a father.

People in genuine need can be provided with temporary assistance by the state to help them through rough spots in their lives, but it shouldn’t be the job of the government to enable citizens to make poor decisions by providing permanent assistance with no strings attached. Limiting such aid would bring out the more industrious and hard-working side of those on the lower economic scale while encouraging women not to whore around and have bastard children because they wanted to gratify their boredom by seeking out bad boys who are exciting to pursue.

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Technological skepticism

Technology has brought many benefits to those living in the 21st century. Food is cheaper than in the past (as a percentage of total income expenditure), appliances make maintaining and cleaning the home easier, and electronic devices allow you to instantly access information and media. Very few individuals would like the clock rolled back to a time when we didn’t have such developments, but we must accept that there is a human cost of each step forward made in technological advancement.

Food is cheaper, but now over 50% of Americans are morbidly obese. It’s easier to maintain a home, but now women have left that home to serve a corporate master instead of her husband. The internet has given us information and entertainment that makes reading this very article a simple matter, but it has created electronic junkies with short attention spans who are less able and willing to rationally communicate with their fellow man. The laws of the universe ensure that there is no free lunch.

One obvious example of a heavy technological cost is the smartphone, a handheld computer and communication device that was rapidly adopted by most individuals in the Western world starting in 2007 when the first generation Apple iPhone was released. Heralded by most as an amazing invention that will bring forth informational bliss, it’s clear that the smartphone has damaged gender relations by making women less capable of love and more capable of resistance-free hypergamy, cheating, and attention whoring.

Not a single technologist stopped to think about how the smartphone would affect humans, and so now we are left with the wreckage it has created. While it’s a great tool for business and playing rudimentary games, humanity would suffer only minor effects if they were suddenly banned overnight.

With every technological benefit, there is also a cost, and we must carefully examine such costs before the widespread encouragement and adoption of any shiny new gadget that is forced upon us by corporate marketers or the utopists in Silicon Valley.

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Deeper meaning and spirituality

While nihilism may be preferable for some, it does not provide sufficient answers for most men who want to live their one life with deliberate purpose and meaning. Being trapped in a completely random existence while floating on a big rock hurtling through an infinitely growing universe can cause men to lose sight of their own self development of masculinity and virtue. Traditional religious beliefs can fill in these gaps of meaning.

In spite of the faults of organized religion, believers pursue a moral code that has been tested and refined for hundreds of years, giving it far more weight and value than Western consumerism and hedonism, a relatively modern invention. While the scientific conclusions of atheism can provide some answers of our reality, such a purely logical set of beliefs will lack the traditional and heuristic components that aid man with living well today, leaving them with a value system of Swiss cheese that allows skilled profiteers and propagandists to fill the holes. It’s highly likely that atheists would be well-served by incorporating some religious traditions or beliefs to help guide them towards more purposeful and worthwhile life outcomes.

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Neomasculinity is a new term that uses old ways of helping men live in a virtuous manner while catering to the masculine side of their biological nature. It gives men the practical tools to receive the benefits possible with a male existence while living in natural harmony with women and improving the sustainability and value of their societies. It also provides a man with powerful mental defenses to aid his navigation through a world that wants to reduce him to a zombified consumer who serves at the altar of the corporate state. It will serve as a superior ideological alternative for men who reject the poison pills prescribed by the modern political and cultural elite.

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