Cover made by @kentayuki and posted with his permission.

After three months, Tom from Tani’s Halloween decides to give summoning the short succubus a chance. Unfortunately, a certain cupid from an older Valentine’s Day story interrupts their fun…

Contains: M/F, M/FF, shortstack, demon girl, angel girl, huge breasts, huge ass, huge cock, excessive cum, blowjob, throatfuck, titfuck, vaginal sex, anal sex.


Tani’s Valentine’s Day

It was a relatively cold, but sunny day out. Not that a lot of sunlight actually poured through the basement window. Inside of said basement, it was nice and cozy. Old, mismatched, but comfortable, furniture stood around an old CRT television with a console hooked up to it. On one of the grey walls hung an pin-up calendar. This month’s model was dressed in tight white toga and had a pair of angel wings strapped to her back, she smiled at the camera while aiming a bow and arrow at it. Underneath the picture, the 14th of the month had been circled.

One thing that didn’t fit the basement, and you probably wouldn’t associate with Valentine’s Day, was the circle drawn in chalk on the floor and the odd-looking runes surrounding it. The basement’s only occupant was holding a page that looked as if it had been torn from a book, and did his best to decipher the words that were written on it before saying them aloud. No smoke, loud bang or strange sensation followed the words. It was just as it had been during Halloween. First the circle had been empty…now it wasn’t.

‘Long time no see…’ a familiar, sensual voice purred.

Tom put down the piece of paper he had received last Halloween with a sigh of relief, and glanced down at the demon he had summoned. Tani looked just as he remembered her. A succubus with flawless, deep purple skin who couldn’t be more than three and a half feet tall. Yet she was blessed with curves that would probably look more at home on a woman that was nearly twice her size. Like the first time he’d seen her, Tom’s eyes were instantly drawn to the succubus’ chest. They were huge purple globes that sat high and firm on her chest, yet they still managed to obscure plenty of Tani’s slim waist and flat stomach. As always, the demonic silver omega symbol holding the succubus’ top closed seemed to be under great stress due to all the purple titflesh pushing against the black cloth. But it continued to hold.

‘I don’t even get a “hello”? My, you must be very happy to see me again.’ Tani chuckled, covering her plush black lips and sharp, pearly white teeth behind a glove-clad hand.

Slowly Tom managed to pull his eyes away from the succubus’ hypnotizing cleavage to look her in the eye. It was still a bit uncomfortable to meet those glowing blue points of light in the sea of blackness and to see the hunger there. But Tom did not regret summoning the succubus. To him, she was sexy and drop dead gorgeous. Her face was sharp and angular, which combined with her poise and demeanor made it so that she could have passed for an empress…or perhaps a Hollywood starlet from the 1950’s, the beauty mark underneath her right eye certainly helped that comparison. Said face was framed by pale lavender hair, looking almost white in the right light. It fell to about her shoulders and looked a little wild, but Tom doubted that a single hair was out of place.

‘If you’re quite finished admiring me do you think you can break the circle? I would like to be able to greet you properly.’ Tani suddenly asked, and Tom could see how her lips were still tugged up in a smile.

‘Sure.’ Tom croaked as he approached her.

Before he had a chance to erase the chalk, however, a blinding light filled the room. Tani put a hand up with an annoyed expression to shield her eyes while Tom turned towards it. The light didn’t seem to be caused by anything natural, Tom was certain of that. He was facing away from the small window, and none of the lights in the basement were on. As suddenly as it had come, the light faded. Leaving Tom to blink the spots from his vision for several seconds.

‘Don’t release that demon, young lady!’ An unfamiliar voice commanded.

‘…young lady.’ Tani snorted, while she and Tom looked at the newcomer.

Before him and Tani stood a woman, taller than the succubus herself but she couldn’t be over four and a half feet. Although she could pass for a human with her pale skin and lovely dark red hair, Tom couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something unnatural about her. He swore that he had seen a pair of wings of light growing from her back when his eyes had been busy adjusting, although they had faded now…

When she got closer, however, Tom was certain she wasn’t human. Her red hair had been pulled back into a business-like bun, held together by a glowing circle of light that looked suspiciously like a halo. Tom’s eyes followed the few loose strands of red hair that ended up framing the strange woman’s soft, heart-shaped face before his eyes met hers. Although her eyes weren’t quite as strange as those of Tani, he doubted that they could’ve belonged to a human. Her irises were completely pink, while her black pupils were shaped like hearts.

‘Shouldn’t you be out spreading love and cheer, cupid?’ Tani sneered. ‘Spending time in dark basements with strange men is more my thing.’

‘Strange…men?’ The cupid muttered, blinking slowly as she looked at Tom a little harder.

Tom couldn’t blame her, it wasn’t the first time his appearance had confused someone. His facial features were more sharp and soft than rugged and hard. Black hair framed a face with expressive almond shaped eyes blessed with the kind of long eyelashes women would be jealous of. He had a small nose you would call “cute”, and relatively full lips. He had to admit that he felt a bit embarrassed when it came to his looks and had always been too shy to approach a girl. So instead of spending another Valentine’s Day alone, he decided to use the page Tani had given him and his friends last Halloween.

‘M-man or not, you shouldn’t be consorting with demons!’ The cupid suddenly burst out, her eyes drifting over the young man’s lithe, but powerful, torso dressed only in a tight shirt. ‘You can not trust her, she will take your soul and leave you a husk of your former self.’

‘I didn’t last time.’ Was all Tani said in response, arms folded underneath her expansive purple bosom.

‘L-last time?’ The cupid stammered in confusion.

‘I can understand being distracted by a pretty face, but I figured someone of your height would have noticed it way sooner.’ Tani replied, black lips slowly forming a smile again.

‘It…?’ The cupid muttered, eyes drifting lower still to take in the way in which Tom’s slim waist started to curve out into a pair of relatively broad hips. Then, a gasp.

‘He wasn’t exactly small before,’ Tani explained with a shrug, sounding almost bored. ‘But I definitely left my mark on him. His friends too.’ She added, her smile having turned so fierce that she was showing the angel her pointy teeth.

‘Wh-what…impossible!’ The cupid gasped as she gawped at the enormous bulge pushing out Tom’s sweatpants. It appeared as if the young man was trying to smuggle some sort of monstrous coiled up snake around in his trousers.

‘Oh, it’s real…’ Tani purred. ‘Why don’t you show her, Tom?’ The succubus asked sweetly.

‘I…alright.’ Tom hesitated at first. He wonder that, if angels existed would that mean God and Heaven were real as well? But then he remembered that he had already slept with a succubus, which would mean that there was a good chance he was already doomed to go to Hell anyway.

Besides, like Tani this cupid might have been short but she sure was curvy. All she wore was something resembling a white toga, which did a terrible job of hiding a pair of huge breasts that appeared to be almost as big as Tani. Like the rest of her skin they were a pale, porcelain white and dusted with freckles. They threatened to spill from the garment every time she took a breath. And her staring up at him with her big eyes and her plump, pouty red lips hanging open so invitingly definitely didn’t help his arousal.

So with an audible gulp, Tom pulled his sweatpants down. A meaty slap resounded through the cold basement as his huge, meaty shaft swung down and slapped against his slender legs, followed by a gasp from the cupid. She took a step forward to get a closer look, perhaps involuntarily, and Tom could feel her hot breath brushing against his member.

‘I think he might be bigger than Parvion…’ The cupid said quietly, but not quietly enough.

‘Wait, you’re Lanael? You’re the cupid he bangs at the end of every Valentine’s Day? You hypocrite!’ Tani shouted, before she burst out laughing.

‘I-it’s a good way to unwind after a hard day of work, alright?’ the cupid, Lanael, replied while her freckled cheeks turned a bright red.

‘Speaking of work, why don’t you go back to yours so I can start on mine?’ Tani replied, clearly fighting back another fit of giggling.

‘I am only staying to make sure you do not corrupt him!’ Lanael quickly hissed in response, though it was clearly an excuse.

‘I think you are about three months too late for that.’ was Tani’s reply, before she burst out laughing again.

To prove her point, Tom brushed his foot over the chalk circle. Erasing a part of it. Tani collected herself and hopped out of the broken circle while smiling up at Tom. Lanael watched as the tiny succubus wrapped a glove-clad hand around the young man’s shaft, which was still in the process of growing erect, just below his plump cockhead. Then, as if she was leading him by the hand instead of by his monstrous dick, Tani pulled Tom towards the old, cracked vinyl couch. He was only too happy to follow her, and his awkward, shuffling footsteps were drowned out by the loud clicking sounds of the succubus’ thigh high heeled white boots.

Lanael gaped at them for a moment, before she slowly followed. Tom was already sitting on the couch with his legs spread wide when he felt someone get on the couch beside him. Sitting awkwardly with her hands folded in her lap was the cupid, Lanael, occasionally glancing at his swelling prick while pretending very hard that she wasn’t. His focus soon returned to Tani when he felt her grab his shaft again, with both hands this time.

‘Let’s get this beast of yours nice and hard!’ Tani growled as she strained to pull Tom’s heavy monstercock upwards.

As soon as the tip of his member was pointing at the succubus’ face, she opened her plush black lips and stuffed it down her gob. Tom could hear Lanael gasp next to him as Tani started to force her head down towards the base of his shaft. Even though he wasn’t completely erect calling his cock big would be an understatement. Yet, Tani managed to swallow it all with ease. Not a single drop of spit ran from the corners of her mouth, and she didn’t gag once despite the fact that her throat was bulging outwards in an obscene fashion. So it came as no surprise to Tom when he eventually felt the short woman’s chin brush against his testicles. It seemed he was the only one who saw it coming, however, because he heard another gasp right next to him while something heavy and soft brushed against his knee.

Lanael was leaning forwards now to get a better look at what Tani was doing. Her huge, heavy breasts were resting on one of Tom’s knees and her rear was sticking up in the air slightly. Her strange toga had ridden up slightly to show a great deal of it and while Tani seemed to have beaten the cupid in the chest area, if just barely, it appeared that Lanael’s buttocks were bigger than those of the succubus. They were heart-shaped, which was no surprise, and had a light dusting of freckles. Her asscheeks were only complimented by her broad, baby-bearing hips and they ballooned outwards in such a fashion that Tom wasn’t surprised her clothing had ridden up. He reached out towards the cupid’s bum, wondering if he should risk grabbing a handful of one of her asscheeks. But before he could get much further than wondering, something wet tickled his ballsack.

When he glanced down at Tani again he saw the short succubus glaring up at him with her tongue stuck out far enough to lick his balls while the entirety of his monstercock was throbbing against the walls of her throat. Could she actually be jealous? Tom wondered to himself, but the thought quickly escaped him when Tani quickly pulled her head back. When she had extracted about half of his, now fully erect, dick she glared at him again and forced her head forwards again until her nose bumped against Tom’s belly.

‘Wow!’ It appeared that the cupid couldn’t help but be impressed Tani’s actions, and as a result she pushed her tits a little tighter against Tom’s leg.

In response, Tom couldn’t help but glance in Lanael’s direction again. But this time, he didn’t have the chance to get distracted by her ass. Almost immediately Tani’s glove-clad hands wrapped around his wrists and Tom watched as she led his hands towards her horns. Seeing what she wanted to do Tom nodded slowly and grabbed onto the succubus’ jet black horns, before slowly getting off the couch. Tani smoothly moved with him and ended up standing before him with his monstercock still buried down her throat while looking up at the young man expectantly.

Fortunately, Tom wasn’t about to keep her waiting. With a grunt he pulled his hips back several inches, tightened his grip on Tani’s horns, and slammed them forwards again. Like before, the succubus didn’t make any sounds of protest and no spit escaped from her mouth. Instead she grabbed the young man’s ass and squeezed it, as if to egg him on. Not that Tom needed it, considering how he was already in the process of extracting his monstercock from Tani’s throat again. Lanael simply watched as the pretty young man rammed his shaft down the short succubus’ gullet again and again, wondering how she wasn’t affected by the brutal pace.

What the cupid didn’t know was that Tani was being affected by the way Tom was fucking her throat. Just not in the way Lanael thought. Everytime Tom’s heavy balls slapped against her chin, Tani could feel a small pang of pleasure in the pit of her stomach. Whenever a fat rope of precum was shot down her throat, she squeezed her thick thighs together as girlcum trickled from her clenching pussy. She dug her fingers deeper into the young man’s asscheeks and pushed her head forwards a little more, as if she could somehow swallow more of Tom’s monstercock despite the fact that it was already pushed down her throat to the hilt.

So it came as no surprise when Tom could take no more. ‘I’m cumming!’ He announced, gripping Tan’s horns so tight now that his knuckles had turned white.

Obviously, Tani swallowed the thick load of jizz without any trouble. Tom felt a little dizzy as his orgasm started to die down, but was fine otherwise. While Tani felt a surge of energy course through her body as her belly was filled with the young man’s hot, sticky cum. Despite the fact that Lanael had told the little succubus that she would stay so that she wouldn’t corrupt Tom further, the cupid had been very quiet since the young man started to fuck Tani’s face. Which led the two to turning their attention back to the couch.

Lanael was lying on her back on the couch, legs spread invitingly so that everyone could see her plump, darkened labia hidden between her thick thighs. Pale, slender digits were eagerly sliding in and out of the cupid’s snatch, and her eyes were focused on Tom and Tani. Or, to be more specific, Tani’s bulging throat. Her heart-shaped pupils practically seemed to burn. Once again, Tani didn’t seem to appreciate that Lanael was taking Tom’s attention away from her. The succubus took a few moments making sure to lick the young man’s massive shaft clean of every last drop of jizz, before extracting it completely from her throat.

Tom had just enough time to release a ‘Whoa!’ of surprise when Tani suddenly pushed him. He landed near the foot of the couch, the back of his head resting against one of the cracked cushions while he sat on the scratchy circular carpet that extended between all the pieces of furniture. Tani approached him with a frown on her face, before grabbing the demonic Omega symbol holding her top closed between her thumb and forefinger. Tom watched as she yanked the accessory away with a flourish and her huge, heavy tits came into view. The purple globes sagged only slightly once they were no longer held in the tight black garment, and were capped by dark purple nipples.

‘Mmm…I guess I know what you want to try.’ Tani purred as she got on all fours and crawled over to Tom.

The young man hissed as the succubus’ soft tits and hard nipples dragged over his bare legs, not stopping until his monstrous shaft was trapped in her cavernous cleavage. Tani could only smirk in satisfaction when Tom released a satisfied groan, his attention once again completely on her even though Lanael was sitting only a few inches away from them. You could even hear the wet sounds of the cupid’s fingers moving in and out of her soaked twat, but Tom only had eyes for her.

‘Good…’ Tani sighed as she watched a fat blob of pearly precum slide down from Tom’s cumslit, her tail swinging back and forth lazily in satisfaction.

She followed it with her luminous blue eyes until it disappeared between her breasts. Tom looked at her with his pretty face twisted in pleasure, but Tani only smiled back at him. Another blob of precum soon followed the first, and then one more. Finally Tom seemed to grow tired of waiting and grabbed her tits rather forcefully. A little cry passed the small demon’s black lips, but she didn’t stop Tom as he started to drag her huge breasts up and down along his cock. From her current position, it went awkwardly but Tani didn’t mind. She just dug her teeth into her bottom lip and shivered in pleasure as the young man took charge. This time without her having to lead him first.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get to enjoy Tom manhandling her tits for very long. Because just at that moment, Lanael decided to stop simply being an observer.

‘I can’t take it any longer!’ The cupid moaned desperately.

A moment later, a pair of soft, thick thighs pressed against Tom’s ears while Lanael’s dripping muff was forced against his face. Tani watched Tom’s head disappear behind the cupid’s huge, heart-shaped asscheeks as she clung to the back of the couch and began to grind her eager snatch against Tom’s face. She scowled in anger at Lanael’s pale, freckled rear and slapped Tom’s, now slack, hands away from her breasts and began to slide them up and down around the young man’s spit and precum slick monstercock herself.

‘Oh yes, eat that pussy pretty boy!’ Lanael growled, her previous angelic demeanor having faded completely. ‘Make this a Valentine’s Day worth remembering!’

It wasn’t clear if Tom had heard her, what with the cupid’s thighs acting as earmuffs and all, but he brought his, now free, hands up towards Lanael’s rear and squeezed her fat buttcheeks. Pulling her even closer towards his face as he buried his tongue deep in her twat. The cupid shivered and clawed at the couch, while gently moving her hips up and down as best as she could in her current position. Not to be outdone Tani had her mouth hang open and stuck out her tongue, allowing saliva that accumulated in her mouth to drop down on her huge tits as she continued to slide them over Tom’s monstrous shaft.

Despite the fact that he had filled Tani’s belly with spunk not too long ago, Tom could feel himself edging closer to an orgasm already. Lanael’s smell and taste was driving him wild, and the way in which Tani was pampering his shaft with her tits certainly didn’t make holding off on cumming any easier. He was certain her soft breasts had already forced out about a pint of precum!

Tani had already realized that Tom was getting close, of course. The throbbing of his dick had grown more incessant, and both his shaft and her chest had been liberally coated with his prejizz as Tom’s monstercock continued to slide in and out of her cleavage. But she wasn’t about to share that information with the horny cupid. She wasn’t planning to share anything with her, for that matter. When she could feel Tom’s shaft suddenly swell Tani plunged her head down and wrapped her black lips around his cockhead. Her cheeks ballooned outwards comically as the young man filled her mouth with another impressive load of cum, and she swallowed it all down in one big gulp. Lanael looked over her shoulder just in time to see an obscenely large bulge travel down the succubus’ throat.

‘Hey! You already made him cum twice now, shouldn’t I get a turn?’ Lanael whined.

‘Geez,’ Tani spat, after sliding Tom’s cockhead out of her mouth. ‘And here I thought Parvion was exaggerating when he described how thoroughly unangelic you were…’ she mused.

Lanael was about to retort, but the only thing leaving her mouth was a moan as her whole body shivered in pleasure. At least she had the sense to look ashamed in response to Tani’s comment. Her embarrassment didn’t last for long, however. Tani hissed as wings of light extended from the cupid’s shoulder blades. She hoped this would mean that the cupid was about to leave. But unfortunately she flew up to the ceiling, leaving a dazed Tom grabbing at nothing while Lanael’s juices dripped from his chin, before the short angel landed next to Tani.

‘Come on now, sex is a part of love too! At least don’t let my visit here be completely in vain and let me spread some form of love.’ Lanael pouted.

Tani slowly got to her feet and glared up at the, slightly, taller woman. The effect perhaps somewhat diminished by all the precum coating her chest. ‘Begging won’t work on me, angel. I’m a demon, remember? Besides, Tom summoned me for this task. You’re just an uninvited guest.’ The succubus replied coldly.

Seeing that she wasn’t going to convince Tani, Lanael tried a different tactic. She turned her attention to Tom and looked at him with big, hopeful eyes.

‘I-I think I’m capable of handling the both of you.’ Tom groaned as he looked from Lanael to Tani and then down towards his monstrous shaft that was still very much erect.

Lanael clasped her hands together in joy and Tani folded her arms underneath her chest and shook her head. It wouldn’t be the first time that she had to share her “master” with someone. But with an angel? The thought alone made her sick. Unfortunately, Lanael didn’t seem to be bothered about sharing Tom with her at all and Tani was gently nudged aside as the cupid went to stand over Tom with her legs spread wide, brushing her soaked snatch against his fat cockhead.

‘It’s a little big…’ Lanael whispered uncertainly, although it was obvious that she wouldn’t let that stop her.

Both Tom and Tani watched as the cupid slowly dropped to her haunches. Tani with clear envy in her eyes, while Tom looked on with a mixture of surprise and pleasure as his brawny shaft slowly disappeared up Lanael’s snatch. After only a few inches the cupid’s body was shaking and beads of sweat had appeared on her forehead. Although she handled the young man’s monstrous member better than a human woman could, she was by no means a succubus. Even more inches were pushed into Lanael’s twat and by now her belly was bulging outwards and she was breathing heavily. She had stopped lowering her body now and was staring at down the remainder of Tom’s dick with worry in her eyes.

‘Oh my, it appears that the cupid requires some assistance!’ Tani said theatrically as she laid her hands on her cheeks. ‘Here, let me help.’ She offered graciously, while placing her hands on Lanael’s shoulders.

‘No really, it’s fi- Hngh!’ The rest of Lanael’s words turned into a grunt of pleasure as the small succubus suddenly pushed her down.

‘Now, doesn’t that just feel much better?’ Tani whispered in Lanael’s ear while her hands slipped from the cupid’s slender shoulders towards her chest.

‘Ah!’ was the only sound Lanael could manage as she gasped for breath.

‘No?’ Tani mused as she cocked her head. ‘Didn’t you say that sex is a part of love too? If you don’t do your duty now, you would’ve visited for nothing. Weren’t you worried about that?’ The succubus continued, while she tugged Lanael’s toga down to free her huge, freckled tits. ‘Here…why don’t I help you enjoy this more?’ Tani purred, before she sucked on Lanael’s earlobe.

‘Ungh…’ Again Lanael’s reply consisted of a single sound, but she did not resist the succubus’ advances.

‘Don’t tell me you’re going to let me do all the work, Tom?’ Tani mused when she caught Tom staring at the two short girls with an open mouth.

‘What? Oh no, of course not.’ He quickly muttered before he shook his head in an attempt to clear it.

Tani smiled in amusement as she watched the young man reach for Lanael. She wasn’t surprised when he grabbed her ass again, if she was being honest she wouldn’t mind fondling the cupid’s huge, shapely rear either. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem she would get a chance. Hell, because of the way in which Tom started to thrust his hips it was already becoming difficult for the succubus to continue massaging Lanael’s tits. So instead, she decided to to use her tail. A yelp managed to pass the cupid’s plush red lips when she felt the spaded tip of Tani’s tail prod her anus.

‘Hngh!’ Lanael growled, just as Tom forced his hips upwards. However, what she had meant to say was: “Why are all you demons so obsessed with my butthole?” As she remembered that Parvion had shown a similar interest in it.

Tani’s only answer was to slide her tail up the cupid’s ass, resulting in a loud moan from Lanael. Because Tani was teasing Lanael’s ass, her pussy was clamping down hard around Tom’s invading shaft. Which resulted in Tom’s thrusts slowing down somewhat. Not that the slower pace helped the poor cupid much, considering how Lanael still had difficulty speaking simply because of the size of Tom’s shaft.

Yet, she quite enjoyed the experience. Which didn’t go unnoticed by Tani as she glanced over the cupid’s shoulder to see how her stretched pussy was fluttering around Tom’s massive member and leaking copious amounts of girlcum. And now that she had that knowledge, the succubus could only smile evilly as she sped up the way in which her tail was sliding in and out of Lanael’s anal tunnel.

‘God!’ Lanael cried, finally managing to utter a coherent word while she arced her back.

A satisfied smile spread across Tani’s face as she watched the curvy little cupid climax. Now she only needed to help Tom along. Another cry passed Lanael’s lips as Tani pulled her tail from her tight asshole before she dropped to her hands and knees again. Although they were partially hidden behind Lanael’s large asscheeks, the succubus still managed to spot Tom’s huge balls and she wasted no time in peppering the hot orbs with wet licks and kisses. Almost as soon as her lips connected with Tom’s nuts she could feel them starting to tense and clench in their sack.

‘Cumming…’ Tom grunted, a little less energetic than the first time he announced it.

Like I hoped you would… Tani mused to herself, before crawling backwards and climbing to her feet again.

Tani got up just in time to see Lanael’s stomach swell out further and further. Due to not being a succubus like her, the cupid had no chance to accomodate all the seed that Tom’s magic enhanced nuts could pump out. Which meant that cum would spill from Lanael’s stuffed cunt if his orgasm didn’t stop. But despite the fact that this was already Tom’s third orgasm, he appeared to pump out just as much semen as before and it remained as thick as ever. So it was obvious that things were going to get messy if Tani didn’t step in.

‘My, what a waste!’ Tani sighed as she pushed Tom on his back again and went to lie down on his stomach. Her face about an inch away from both his prick and Lanael’s pussy.

Once she was good and comfortable Tani began to clean up the excess semen that had started to flow from Lanael’s pussy with her tongue. Although she purposely seemed to linger on the cupid’s snatch, which made the redhead’s screams of pleasure rise in pitch. Tani’s snatch clenched in pleasure. Never would she have thought that teasing an angel and bringing her this much pleasure would be so fun! She had barely even noticed that Tom’s orgasm had come to end. But she realized very quickly when she suddenly felt the young man grab her tail.

Tani yelped as she was very rudely pulled off of Tom, though she found some consolation in the fact that Lanael was pulled off of his member immediately after. An obscene, wet sucking sound resounded through the basement as his shaft left the cupid’s cum-filled pussy and Tani watched as a small waterfall of semen poured from the angel’s stretched cunt. Her vision quickly shifted when Tom grabbed her again and dragged her towards the couch with him. Even though he had sounded tired only moments before, it was clear that he still wanted more. And it was obvious to both Tom and Tani that Lanael was out for the count. For a moment, Tani wondered if Tom had gotten a second wind because the cupid had made him climax. After all, if her kind drained humans perhaps angels would give them a bit of extra energy? But she stopped caring as soon as Tom yanked her loincloth from her body and rubbed his huge, heavy shaft against her soaked slit.

‘Ah yes…that’s the stuff…’ Tani purred as she felt Tom’s member throb against her drenched labia.

The young man continued rubbing his cockhead against the entrance to the succubus’ pussy, but just when it looked like he would penetrate it Tom lifted her a little higher to instead push the tip of his monstercock against her anus. Tani released a little yelp of surprise, but didn’t otherwise resist as the huge shaft coated with spit, jizz and Lanael’s orgasmic juices was being forced into her bowels.

‘Well, aren’t you naughty?’ Tani giggled as she glanced over her shoulder at Tom.

His only response was a grunt, and Tani could feel his grip on her waist tighten. With a grin on her face she decided to help the young man out a little, and dug her heels into the couch cushions as she begun to work her hips. It didn’t take long before Tom threw his head back with a moan while his grip on the succubus’ waist slackened. Fortunately, Tani didn’t need him to keep her up and simply continued bouncing up and down on the young man’s monstrous member. Releasing the occasional moan as she felt ropes of his precum shoot deep into her bowels.  However, she soon noticed that Tom wasn’t only moaning because of her.

When, after a few minutes of riding Tom’s shaft, Tani glanced down she realized Lanael was no longer in her original position. Instead, she appeared to have left behind a trail of cum leading right to the couch. If she focused, Tani swore she could hear the cupid sucking on one of Tom’s big, heavy balls. Apparently she hoped to get back at Tani with the same trick the succubus had used on her. Tani merely grinned an evil grin as she wrapped her tail around the base of Tom’s cock, and tightened it.

‘That’s cheating!’ She could hear Lanael say from somewhere below.

‘I’m a demon!’ Was Tani’s simple response.

Unfortunately for Tani, Lanael had set her eyes on a different goal now that the succubus seemed set on denying Tom’s his next orgasm just to spite her. Slowly the cupid rose up from the floor and placed her hands on the succubus’ boot-clad thighs. Tani barely paid any attention to her, what with being far more focused on trying to squeeze the biggest load of cum possible from Tom’s balls. But when she felt the cupid’s soft red lips suddenly touch her labia, she definitely made Lanael a priority.

‘Stop that!’ Tani hissed in annoyance, being touched by an angel made her skin crawl!

But when she tried to swat at Lanael, her hand brushed against the cupid’s halo. Tani let out a cry of pain and glared at the cupid, not that her glare seemed to dissuade Lanael in the least. Instead, she seemed to be emboldened by the fact that Tani couldn’t stop her and quickly slipped her tongue in the succubus’ muff. Tani couldn’t fight back a little moan of pleasure, and she swore that she could see a glimmer of amusement in the cupid’s eyes. She growled and was prepared to give shoving Lanael away another try, but was instead pulled back against Tom’s chest when the young man suddenly squeezed both of her breasts.

‘Lucifer’s balls, what’s wrong with you all of a sudden!?’ Tani cursed in response to Tom’s sudden roughness, having completely forgotten how her tail still prevented him from reaching his orgasm.

‘Need to cum need to cum need to cum…’ Tom whimpered softly in one of the succubus’ ears, repeating it like it was some sort of strange mantra.

Tani couldn’t hear him over the blood she could hear rushing through her ears, however. The stimulation of Tom’s hard cock and Lanael’s nimble tongue were taking a toll on her body and she could feel an orgasm of her own approaching. So she decided to simply let Tom do as he pleased, she had had rougher partners in the past, after all. Because of this, the only sounds one could hear coming from the basement for the next few minutes were the straining of the couch, the meaty slaps of Tani’s rear hitting Tom’s lap, her moans and Tom’s own mad mantra.

‘Oh my,’ Lanael briefly paused eating Tani out. ‘He looks about ready to blow, doesn’t he?’ She mused while glancing down at Tom’s sack and rapidly clenching and unclenching balls.

‘What?’ Tani mumbled, trying to shake clear the haze of lust that seemed to cloud her mind. ‘Oh yeah…’ She added, and unwrapped her tail from Tom’s shaft as if it was just an afterthought.

Barely a second later Tom screamed so loud that, were he in the right state of mind for it, he would fear his neighbours would come by to check on him. It only took about a moment until Tani’s squeal of pleasure joined his, as she started to buck her hips and writhe on top of him. Meanwhile Lanael had placed her mouth of Tani’s gushing pussy, and was eagerly swallowing mouthful after mouthful of the succubus’ orgasmic juices.

‘Delicious!’ Lanael mused once Tani’s climax came to an end.

Tani only groaned as she pulled herself off of Tom. Her asshole was gaping slightly, but not a single drop of cum escaped. Tom himself released a tired groan as well, despite the fact that he was still as hard as a rock.

‘My turn again?’ Lanael asked Tani, who was still clearly riding the waves of pleasure.

When she got no answer, the cupid simply climbed on top of the couch and shoved Tom’s erection between her huge, meaty asscheeks. Tom only released another groan, which made Lanael glance over her shoulder at him and smile warmly.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy this! Almost every human, demon or angel I’ve met so far loves my ass.’ She teased, as she started to slide her hips up and down…

* * * *

Tom could barely remember anything after he’d fucked Tani’s ass. He vaguely recalled Lanael crawling on his lap after the succubus, but not much after that. He was sure that both girls had pressed their huge chests together at some point to give him a titfuck together, and he saw the occasional flash of succubus and cupid lying on top of each other so he could stick his shaft between their bodies and over their pussies whenever he closed his eyes. But it was all just bits and pieces…

‘I think we might have gone a bit too far.’ Lanael said in a concerned tone of voice as she looked at the barely conscious Tom on the couch.

‘You didn’t seem all that concerned about his health a few minutes ago, dear angel.’ Tani replied with an impish grin.

‘Well, it’s not like I’m the one sucking out his energy whenever I make him cum!’ Lanael shot back.

‘Of course, blame it on the demon…’ Tani sighed. ‘The nymphomaniacal cupid had nothing to do with his current state at all, I’m sure.’ She added drily.

At that, Lanael could only blush.

‘Anyway, shouldn’t you get back to your…route?’ Tani asked. ‘You did your job quite thoroughly here, no one up above or down below will say that Tom didn’t get enough love today.’ The succubus said with a grin.

‘Honestly, I think I’m just going to go straight to Purgatory,’ Lanael sighed. ‘I can use a drink and a few hours of rest…’

‘Oh, I doubt you’ll get any rest,’ Tani chuckled. ‘After all, my brother will be waiting for you.’

‘Brother?’ Lanael wondered aloud, but Tani had already disappeared in a blast of white and purple flames. So instead, the cupid cast one last glance at Tom before she disappeared in a beam of light.

God, please don’t let anyone come to the basement for a while… Tom begged to no one in particular. He was so tired that he was certain that he wouldn’t be able to get off the couch. But he doubted very much that God would be listening to anything he had to say after what he had just done with a succubus and one of his angels…


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