Re: binary trap, among other pap:

http://gawker.com/a-comprehensive-new-y ... 1490954162

A comprehensive New York Times investigation into the deadly 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi found no evidence of involvement by al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups; in fact, according to the report, the attack was largely fueled by anger at the American-made video "The Innocence of Muslims."


StarMemberULacey Donohue391L
All I see is a liberal leaning news paper trying to protect a liberal/socialist administration. Yesterday 5:27pm

Floyd PepperUStarMember1661L
That's incredible you were able to read the article in only two minutes!

Please, share with us your speed-reading secrets! Yesterday 5:31pm

Yesterday 5:33pm

StarMemberUFloyd Pepper121L
I hope you do know that all this site does is REPOST stuff from actual news sites except on rare occasions like Rob Ford crack video. So one could argue that there is a high possibility that I already read this article before.

One could argue that, don't you think? Yesterday 5:35pm

What makes Obama a socialist? Yesterday 5:37pm

Shut Up!UFloyd Pepper151L
But reading is so hard....Just ask Sarah Palin.... Yesterday 5:37pm

Floyd PepperUStarMember91L
So you've read it then? Yesterday 5:38pm

If this is a socialist administration it's the least successful in history of socialism. Taxes are down for your beloved plutocrats, military spending remains at an all-time high, and more than million people just had their unemployment cut. But I trust you won't let any of these pesky facts into your Fox news-addled pea-sized brain. Black politician =Muslim loving Communist Yesterday 5:40pm

So you're saying the NYT is lying? Yesterday 5:41pm

1. Universal health care. let the free market do drive competition and let government stay out of my health and wallet.

2. Loves to tax the hard working Americans.

3. hates guns and wants to take our guns away. Eventually using the military to seize power from the people.

4. spies on honest Americans.

5. he shook Raul castro's hand.

6. Hates freedom.

7. Wants to increase funding for "urban" people.

8. Death panels. Yesterday 5:42pm

I don't think he knows what the word means. Yesterday 5:42pm

If that's all you see in that report, please consider seeking professional help. Yesterday 5:42pm

That's how you parry. Yesterday 5:43pm

Empress FoofypantsUStarMember11L
One could, but it sounds like a terribly boring thing to do. Yesterday 5:43pm

StarMemberUFloyd Pepper21L
Obviously, I mean it would be wrong and that never happens on gawker to comment without reading the article. Yesterday 5:44pm

Just saying that the NYT has an agenda, a liberal agenda. Yesterday 5:45pm

Five stars for the satire. Yesterday 5:46pm

Good trolling, I was fooled until I got to item 5. Yesterday 5:47pm

Awww, did I hurt your feelings with my wittle picture? Y u stepping on my God given rights, bruh?

Yesterday 5:47pm


2. Flag

3. Freedom

4. Love it or Leave it Pussy Libtards Yesterday 5:48pm

coffeebeanqueenUFloyd Pepper111L
Notice how he didn't reply... I have the article bookmarked to read later... It just came out a few hours ago and is QUITE lengthy... $20 says he hasn't read it... Especially since he didn't address your question. Yesterday 5:48pm

5. Truck Nutz

6. Mountain Dew

7. Boobs

8. Flag again, you low information libtards! Yesterday 5:50pm

Well, newsprint is black and white...don't you know things are simple? Yesterday 5:50pm

Is this a serious list or some type of joke that's going over my head? Because I was laughing hysterically by the end of your first point. I'm confused, Obama hasn't taken anyones guns away.

I'm assuming you like the old system of healthcare where you could get kicked out or denied for any reason? We've tried your way and it sucks, its a terrible no good healthcare system.

Death panels??? That's a listed reason for reals as to why you think he's a socialist?

Plus Barry loves freedom, he's the president of freedom.

"Urban" means black?

So much with this list, either I'm being trolled by a master progressive or you truly honestly believe this gunk.

Who cares who he has shaken hands with? GW Bush made out with every Saudi Prince under the sun and that doesn't bother you? Yesterday 5:50pm

You should actually try to understand muslim people and their hatred of Americans! If you actually put your feet in their shoes, you'd realize how pissed off they are and why, and possibly have compassion for their plight. Just like how Americans are upset over 9/11... The hatred is not one sided... Yesterday 5:50pm

What part of Appalachia is urban? Yesterday 5:51pm

Stop trying to project, it makes you seem sad. Yesterday 5:51pm

Now now, don't be jealous. We didn't get investigations on all of the embassies attacked under Bush's Administration, you can give Obama at least ONE... Yesterday 5:52pm

I would bet heavily against it. I doubt your even capable of reading the NY times. Yesterday 5:54pm

The part where you rearrange the word "appalachia", then take out 3 a(s),p(s), l, i, c, h and add a U, r b n. Yesterday 5:54pm

And he wants ALL the white women.

All of them. Yesterday 5:54pm

You put "death panels" last. A real American would have put "death panels" higher up the list. Yesterday 5:55pm

Because it never happened under bush, if it did the liberal media would have reported it. I am sure Rachel Maddow would have made it the biggest thing ever.

Also if it did happen, it was probably during war so that doesn't count and Obama try to lie to protect his muslim brothers. Finally, I want to give a shout out to Ronald Reagan he was a great man. Yesterday 5:56pm

obviously you are assuming they are in order of significance. Yesterday 5:58pm

Liar. Yesterday 5:59pm

One could argue that, don't you think?

But I notice that you are not arguing that....

"One can argue..."- "There is a high possibility..." these are called "weasel words"- they are meant to lead the reader to specific conclusions while keeping plausible deniability for the writer that's drawing them.

If you didn't read the article just say you didn't read the article- spouting weasly drivel just makes you look like an asshole who is making comments on an article he didn't read... Yesterday 5:59pm

....only to the simple minded. Yesterday 6:00pm

They hate us because of our freedom. Yesterday 6:00pm

You got me. Nice trolling. Yesterday 6:00pm

Yesterday 6:00pm

Floyd PepperUStarMember291L
Yesterday 6:02pm

Are you implying I am trying to avoid saying whether or not I actually read the article, because if you are I am offended as a red blooded American. Yesterday 6:04pm

I think he has to be joking. That list can't be the thoughts of a grown up. Yesterday 6:04pm

Well, when it comes to protecting administrations that are caught lying and leading us into situations that ends up costing hundreds of thousands of lives, yeah. So, in theory, they'd at least have practice doing that.

"During the War"

Oh, so the War On Terror is over then? Oh man, someone needs to tell the government that they won, and now it's time to give us all our freedoms back like they promised. That giant "Mission Accomplished" banner was serious then.

"It never happened under Bush"

Tell that to the embassies in Kolkata, Karachi, Islamabad, Tashkent, Saudi Arabia, Karachi (again), Syria, Yemen, Istanbul and Yemen (once more!) . They'd like to disagree with you. Yesterday 6:06pm

Im mostly sure he is but I've seen enough people on here lately that would share those views that I don't even know any more. Yesterday 6:07pm

Your comments on this thread are incredible. really... i know you aren't for real here, but you walk the line between legitimate and retarded so well. Yesterday 6:07pm

Floyd PepperUStarMember41L
I'm beginning to take a liking to you, Starmember. Yesterday 6:08pm

That some pretty good trolling right there! Yesterday 6:11pm

agreed. he makes one decent, semi-legitimate point, with nine horrible, totally foolish points, provides just enough to keep us confused. the nuance, really fine troll work. or i mean, he could just be on a bunch of pills. Yesterday 6:12pm

Commenter no. 33
Excellent post. I have just one question, though. Do you think Obama is a genuine socialist, or is he merely pretending to be one in order to bring about the demise of our country for a nefarious reason?

And it couldn't have been more obvious. Yesterday 6:16pm

Jason's RobotUChongsboy21L
I'm not sure what your comment is pointed at or responding to - But by 'muslim' do you mean Middle-Eastern people?

Because the Christians in Pakistan probably hate us just as much as the Muslims there do - And, for a random example, German Muslims probably don't hate us any more or less than any other German.

And American-Muslims certainly don't hate Americans.

Speaking personally, I don't have animosity towards Muslims because a cult-like offshoot of religious extremists attacked us on 9/11. But because of our foreign policy and military actions, I can understand why people have animosity towards us. Yesterday 6:16pm

Terrible troll still got so many people. Gawker I am disappoint Yesterday 6:16pm

Terrible troll still got so many people. Gawker I am disappoint Yesterday 6:16pm

Thanks it was too easy. The list was design to be as obvious as possible without spelling out my intent. Yesterday 6:17pm

Lol Obamacare is not universal healthcare nor is it even close to it. Yesterday 6:17pm

Yukon KizmiazULongSnake51L
I think we're being trolled. Yesterday 6:20pm

One could argue that your original statement makes you seem to be decidedly judgmental, as well.

And here you go.

Also, the domestic surveillance program currently in the news was started under the previous administration. Yesterday 6:23pm

One could argue that but it wouldn't be true. You know it and I know it. You didn't read this. You just offered a knee-jerk response because that's all you have to offer.

Obama signed NDAA again.

Stephen Nix
You could not have read this article before because it just came out and it will appear in Sunday's NY Times. It's about six pages long. You know, it's the kind of article that stems from months of investigative journalism. Oh, and by the way, investigative journalism is not the same thing as "liberal leaning news."

The "Shout Out to Ronald Reagan" made me literally spit my tea on the laptop. That was A+ material. Yesterday 6:34pm

Death Panels? Seriously?

troll smarter, not harder. Yesterday 6:39pm

Considering you think Obama's a socialist, your actual ability to read is in question. Yesterday 6:42pm

Funniest thing i have read in a while, Not sure if this serious or trolling though.....

You don't really understand what "socialism" is, do you?

1. Boring

I couldn't care less if you read it or not- I was just saying that being so evasive made it sound like you didn't Yesterday 6:55pm

If one's intent was simply to troll, it doesn't matter how complex or simple it is. all that matter is if emotions were evoke. Trolling 101. Yesterday 6:57pm

Monica BerserkUStarMember21L
Ban this troll and his IP address too. Yesterday 6:58pm

If you couldn't care less why bother making a comment. I mean when I don't care about something, I don't comment about it. Yesterday 6:58pm

You sounded like an asshole and I thought you should know... I was being polite. Yesterday 6:59pm

StarMemberUMonica Berserk31L
Trust me slick, I am not getting banned for this. In a way, in this instance I am the type of person gawker needs, but not the one gawker deserves.

In any case if you have been here long enough, you would know my comment was pretty weak compared to the real thing. Yesterday 7:00pm

Yesterday 7:02pm

The "free market" hasn't been so good with health care in this country. In fact the "invisible hand of the market" has been throttling the average Joe when it comes to health care.

I try to help someone make clear and logical arguments and this is the thanks I get.

I tell you- pearls before swine... pearls before swine.

P.S- I could say that it's only now that I realize that you sound like an asshole because you are an asshole but I knew it all along. You just vibe ignorant.... Yesterday 7:05pm

the part of the trail in Buenos Aries Yesterday 7:06pm

ohhh, so you're dumb. got it. Yesterday 7:12pm

Notice how Mr. krabs play the violin so elegantly. Yesterday 7:13pm

Actually, I think Boobs is something that both the left and the right might agree upon. Yesterday 7:13pm

Your mistake was trying to help a troll. The fact that you didn't notice he was a troll after his special list is concerning. Yesterday 7:14pm

Gov. Sanford, is that you? Yesterday 7:15pm

Boy, I'm with you on those death panels. No WAY should doctors be paid to help out patients with Advance Directives and pre-need consent. That's just...Unamerican. Yesterday 7:17pm

a liberal/socialist administration
You keep using that word, "socialist" ...

Yesterday 7:21pm

In fairness, Obama has had sloppy seconds with most of the Princes.

"Elegantly"- that's a pretty big word, good for you. Yesterday 7:24pm

Oh, I knew exactly what he was from the start- I felt like being a jerk to an asshole- not my best self, to be sure, but it's a little fun. Yesterday 7:27pm

Samuel M.
You should have stopped with the comment before you posted your 8 reasons of why you should be on meds.

If you think the Obama administration is "liberal/socialist" there is very little chance that you've ever read anything that wasn't a bumper sticker. Yesterday 7:30pm

7. Wants to increase funding for "urban" people.

THERE IT FUCKIN' IS. Yesterday 7:30pm

I can't believe people are actually taking you seriously lol Yesterday 7:32pm

Wow. Tell me you are actually a liberal trying to make a point because this is the dumbest damn list I've ever seen. The "death panels" were a myth, for one thing. Another thing is, half the stuff on your panel isn't true, and most of it doesn't actually have anything to do with socialism. Yesterday 7:36pm

And they say a sucker isn't born every day. Yesterday 7:39pm

Very disappointed, at some of you folks, but I am assuming you only read the first post, the hook. Yesterday 7:40pm

It's O.K maybe next time. Yesterday 7:42pm

I mean I couldn't have made it more obvious after my initial hook. The list was so absurd that the most logical thing was to assume the worst. Yesterday 7:44pm

You're too fucking stupid and ill-informed to be an effective troll, jackwad. You're just a know-nothing loudmouth being driven into the ground by facthammers.

N-Joy! Yesterday 7:45pm

1. Universal health care. let the free market do drive competition and let government stay out of my health and wallet.

Passed 90s Republican healthcare plan, previousdly passed by Mitt Romney when he was governor of MA. While not perfect, it still brought better care at low prices. Is entirely market based.

Also, you may have noticed doing it your way didn;t work. That's why it needed to be fixed.

2. Loves to tax the hard working Americans.

In reality, has not raised taxes. Even extended Bush's temporary tax cuts.

3. hates guns and wants to take our guns away. Eventually using the military to seize power from the people.

Has passed exactly zero legislation regulating gun ownership- even those that 80% of Americans favor. Only legislation that has pass regarding gun rights had been to expand places where gun nuts can bring their guns- places like national parks.

4. spies on honest Americans.

This is true. But, I'm imagining you don't care much when Bush does it.

5. he shook Raul castro's hand.

Do you think he got cooties? What are you, five?

6. Hates freedom.

Have I been fooled by satire here?

7. Wants to increase funding for "urban" people.

I assume you mean "niggers", don't you?

8. Death panels.

These still don't exist. Yesterday 7:46pm

Honestly, your whole comment says more about you than me. Yesterday 7:46pm

Yukon KizmiazUStarMember41L
I've been chuckling at the way some of these people have gotten their panties in a twist. I think you were a little too successful.

Do what Maury Compson does. Just walk away. Watch this thread grow to hundreds of responses. Exhibit A. Yesterday 7:58pm

What liberal socialist administration?

The fact that Obama has consistently caved, set up a national healthcare system that does nothing but bebefit private enterprise, not arrested and seized Wall Street and banned the stock market, not arrested most of the Bush administration and shipped them off the The Hague , is a realmgoodmstart for how unliberal he is. I would have been flogging them in the a national mall by the end of. My second week and started on my interrogation of the Koch brothers and Adelson and arbiter Ailes by then. Yesterday 7:59pm

Is that why you troll? Seriously Starmember, just to provoke any sort of emotional response? I mean there was only one or two responses here that showed any genuine annoyance, let alone anger. And you're not even wasting anyone's time by hijacking the conversation because the kinja system is setup so that multiple threads co-exist for every article, so everyone who has responded to you did so of they're own volition — you haven't tricked anyone really (straight-forwardly telling a lie at the start and being called on it almost immediately isn't much of a trick). And Gawker is all about the conversations, so saying something provocative to start the conversation is pretty much expected and not, in and of itself, considered trolling.

Of course, maybe you're only saying now that this has all been a troll because you're trying to pretend that your initial comments were that ignorant on purpose. In which case — nice save! Yesterday 8:00pm

Yeah he or she had me going. I'm impressed. Yesterday 8:02pm

Dude, worst trolling ever. The only people who actually think what you just said aren't literate enough to type it out. Try harder. Yesterday 8:02pm

Tinfoil helmet time. Yesterday 8:04pm

But... I thought this conclusion actually supported one of the original conservative theories of the attack - that this was a bunch of amateur zealots that Obama would rather appease with platitudes than protect his own fellow American citizens from.

Obfuscatio: philosopher at largeUStarMember1L
"1. Universal health care. let the free market do drive competition and let government stay out of my health and wallet."

Medicaid and Medicare have been around for quite some time now. How did the Republicans not wipe that out while they were in office? Or are they socialists too?

"2. Loves to tax the hard working Americans."

Yes, not the rich who have money to spare for higher taxes. They paid for his campaign, after all.

"3. hates guns and wants to take our guns away. Eventually using the military to seize power from the people."

Please tell us which piece of legislation has banned which types of guns. I'm at a bit of a loss to identify any.

The militarization of police forces happened under G. W. Bush. You might remember 9/11? The Patriot Act? The Department of Homeland Security? The (domestic) War on Terror? No?

"4. spies on honest Americans."

That's the NSA. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans run the NSA. Try again.

"5. he shook Raul castro's hand."

Nixon shook Mao Zedong's hand. I'm pretty sure he didn't suddenly abandon the Republican Party in favor of the Communist Party. In some circles, shaking someone's hand is considered polite behaviour. You can even look it up, if you choose.

"6. Hates freedom."

Which is why there are only State run newspapers, television, radio, and movies. Riiiiight.

"7. Wants to increase funding for "urban" people."

You mean people living in cities and towns? Where most of America lives? So... like... funding most of the populace? Should all government spending be limited to farmers and ranchers, or just those living in the wilderness?

"8. Death panels."

Are you refering to Guantanimo or the kill list for drone strikes? Please specify. Yesterday 8:23pm

He said "death panels." Case closed, guilty of trolling. Yesterday 8:25pm

You are dumb as fuck. Yesterday 8:26pm

So, youre blaming others for your short comings? Yesterday 8:27pm

Yukon KizmiazUObfuscatio: philosopher at large1L
He. Was. Trolling.

You. Got. Sucked. In. Yesterday 8:28pm

Hold Fast McLeod
Or both.

You are a hero. So cool and clever. Lame. Yesterday 8:29pm

You are the batman of comment threads. So, thought provoking. Yesterday 8:30pm

Trolling isnt cool. Even if you have "good" intentions. Yesterday 8:30pm

People post comments like that all the time. And they are serious. So... yeah. Your trolling was just to get attention. Not to make a point about the article. Now that you have the attention do you feel better about yourself? Yesterday 8:32pm

Yesterday 8:33pm

I don't think so =) Yesterday 8:38pm

That's not a star in your member. It's herpes. You got it from raping Ayn Rand's shriveled corpse. Or was it Reagan's...


Obama also wants all the white men, because he's gay and smokes crack. Yesterday 9:00pm

You're giving a shout out to Ronald Reagan? The guy who tripled the national debt, raised the debt ceiling 17 times, raised taxes 7 times (but only on the middle class, not on the rich), and had 300 Marines die in Beirut on his watch? Oh, OK, that makes sense. Yesterday 9:02pm

You're one of those "Sheeple" we keep hearing about. Your list reads like you copy/pasted it from the Drudge Report. Are you incapable of having a single original thought?

Obfuscatio: philosopher at largeUYukon Kizmiaz21L
"You. Got. Sucked. In."

You're making some bold assumptions about whether or not I knew he was trolling, and whether or not I was playing along. Where would Jerry Lewis have been without Dean Martin? Costello without Abbott? Quayle without Bush? Yesterday 9:20pm

Once they say "death panel", it's all satire. You can't take that shit seriously, even if the person who wrote it does...

Were you saying that when NY Times held the water for Bush and his illegal wars?

Thank you. Could not have said it any better. Since when does anyone trust what the New York Times publishes?

lol, socialist? you should come to Europe, your left of centre is our right of centre. Yesterday 9:41pm

StarMemberUObfuscatio: philosopher at large1L
You are so smart, you got me. Yesterday 9:45pm

Yukon KizmiazUObfuscatio: philosopher at large11L
Your subtlety sure fooled me. Looking back at your reply, I can see just how well you played it. You wanted people to think you got sucked in, when in reality, you didn't. Well done. Yesterday 9:50pm

Was Chico Marx's cat playing old timey bar piano the whole time? Got so heated in here I'm not sure anyone noticed. Yesterday 9:56pm

Obfuscatio: philosopher at largeUYukon Kizmiaz1L
"You wanted people to think you got sucked in, when in reality, you didn't."

Actually, I totally got sucked in.

No, come to think of it, I didn't, I merely wanted you to think I did.

Or maybe I did and just covered well.

Who knows what the fuck I was or was not doing?

I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens... Back, and to the left. Back. And to the left... Where's my tin foil hat? Yesterday 10:03pm

I have had conversations with conservatives whose views were much less rational than your statements. Poe's law has a very wide overlap.

"All I see" kind of makes the credibility a li'l ...

I don't know


All I see-ish Yesterday 10:10pm

I actually think the op of this thread is right. It'd be nice if Gawker picked a story from a moderate leaning newspaper. They did not do that in this situation. And I'm not even political. I consider myself apolitical for religious reasons. Not kidding.

jeanindasUJason's Robot1L
Muslims in Egypt hate the USA, while Coptic Christians appreciate America as a refuge as they are being driven out of Egypt.

Muslims in Germany hate the USA more than the other Germans do. Muslim religious leaders preach hate against America because we dare support Israel's right to exist - which is against all Muslim beliefs in any country. Yesterday 10:50pm

This right here is the moment I started laughing. Beautifully played.

Shariah Healthcare
Which paper would fit the bill, pray tell?

Let's just say that something like Newsmax would be too conservative, and New York Times is much too liberal. To be honest with you, I don't think that there are a lot of middle-of-the-road newspapers. I've given up trying to find one. I think that anybody's best bet is to watch local news on television, make up your…

Jason's RobotUjeanindas11L
"...which is against all Muslim beliefs in any country."

That's a vastly sweeping and short sighted statement.
All Muslims don't believe the same thing nor hold the same political views - just like how all Christians don't have the same beliefs and views nor do all Jews.

And let's be honest. The U.S. has done WAY more than just 'support Israel's right to exist'. Way, way, way more.

It's also naive of you to think Egyptian Christians like or seek out America. They go several places as refugees - America isn't high on that list. They and the aid groups involved know they're more likely to be harassed or even harmed for 'looking and/or sounding Muslim' than being accepted here. Yesterday 11:20pm

I completely thought he was serious until he said "shout out to Ronald Reagan." Then I realized I had bitten on the bait.

Angry Wasp
If this were Politico I'd think you were serious.

So is "supporting Israel's right to exist" today's reason for invading Iraq? You are the one preaching hate, you vapid piece of shit.

Actually they say a sucker is born every minute. I'm still not sure if you are playing dumb or just not playing. Yesterday 11:59pm

Sarcasm is great, trolling is shit. Congrats on attracting the flies, shit!

Giving a "shout out" to Reagan was the best part IMO Today 12:13am

I replied to the op. I'm sorry if this will make it difficult for you to see my reply. I find this way of replying confusing. Sorry about that.

God, you are stupid! I so pity you. "hates freedom," for christssake, are you kidding me? who actually writes something so addle-brained?

haha look at how mad this guy is Today 1:08am

libtards are wimps, not pussies

I hate Bush too, what is your libtard excuse now? Today 1:14am

Muslims are the world's number one child-butt-rapists, no joke Today 1:15am

LOL you are the most naive gullible libtard on Gawker, and that is saying a whole huge hell of a lot Today 1:21am

lame ass bitch Today 1:21am

This is what I posted, which seems to have disappeared (I'm not very computer-literate, obviously): Let's just say that something like Newsmax would be too conservative, and New York Times is much too liberal. To be honest with you, I don't think that there are a lot of middle-of-the-road newspapers. I've given up…

Consistency. If Bush can stand watch on almost a dozen embassies attacked and people getting killed without so much as the media batting an eye, but Obama stands watch over Benghazi and suddenly it's impeachment worthy, I'd like to know what the cognitive dissonance behind it is.

Bush embasy attacks = good
Obama embasy attacks = KILL HIM HE'S A WARLOCK MUSLIM! Today 1:28am

Like I stated before, it isn't my cognitive dissonance, it is yours. I hated the Bushes since probably before you were born. Today 1:32am

Pastor of MuppetsUStarMember1L
Wait, how is this comment not sarcasm? Today 2:19am

In regards to 5, non issue. Considering the tumultuous history the US has had with Cuba there isn't really a path to go where you don't end up irritating people. You a Limbaugh fan?

Pastor of Muppets

"LOL you are the most naive gullible libtard on Gawker, and that is saying a whole huge hell of a lot"

This is parody, right? Sarcasm? Youre not really that stupid are you? "a whole huge hell of a lot"? Seriously? Today 2:45am

You hurt my feelings. Stop being a mean panda and give me a hug, silly. Today 2:46am

Thanks for making me laugh! Today 2:48am

It was #6 that gave up the troll for me, but thanks for giving that its own number. I spit beer out when I read it because of the hilarity. Today 2:49am

Yeah because a liberal socialist government would sanction drone strikes on a regular basis.

VeryWellUPastor of Muppets1L
I can't tell who you're talking to because your name is too long, nor do I care about your intent; that burner handle. Today 3:12am

Because that is all you want to see, facts be damned.

You're bad at trolling.

I dunno about that~ Could be? I have no clue. Today 5:42am

Has everyone forgotten all the articles about the moles who literally work for fox news and post shit on gawker? No one should be responding to stuff like this.

I love you... Today 7:56am

Oh man, you troll too good for us. You coolest guy in gawker comments

That's "all" you see? Because you're wearing blinders, of course.

You got trolled enough to bring out the n-word. You win, and by that I mean the troll got you the worst. Today 10:34am

A lot of us just spent Christmas with our relatives, where these bullet points are all taken seriously. Gotta give us a little slack.

You and a few million other morons (2.5 million in fact). Facts are something that you eschew like the plague.

Don't you know that "urban" (wink, wink) is the new right wing socially acceptable replacement for the "N" word but has the added benefit of including hispanics and liberal hipsters who also congregate in cities. Its what the republicans call being more inclusive. Today 10:42am

What Sam
We got a troll!


It wouldn't be shocking

...Oh, I hate you so, so, so much.


*slow hand clap

You're killing me dude! Why did you stop, this shit is hilarious! Today 11:18am

The NYT has long been the PR arm of the CIA. They are completely compromised, and yes, probably lying. Today 11:47am

Funyuns for breakfast
This thread was far more humorous than expected.

It's a sign of a weak stance when a person attacks the deliverer of a story or position, instead of the story or position. Today 12:21pm

Noooooooooo! This is too funny. It cant be real


how were you able to scan your crayon scribblings into text like this? Today 1:22pm

1, the ACA is patterned on Romneycare. You remember Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate of 2012? When he was governor of MA he said it was the right thing to make certain that everyone had insurance so as not to be a drain on the social welfare nets. The big difference between ACA and Romneycare? Romneycare pays for abortions and has single payer (socialized medicine) the ACA has neither.

2, if he loves to tax hardworking US citizens why are taxes at their lowest point in over thirty years?

3, really can you show any of us how or have you only been watching Fox?

4, just like it was authorized under GW Bush.

5, and did you feel the same way when Reagan and GHW Bush shook hands with Fidel Castro and when McCain gave a hug to the Communist Vietnamese leader who was in charge of the prison camps?

6, really? How?

7, really, are you meaning not cutting food stamps?

8, this was disproved before the week was out the first time this was brought up. that seals the deal. You are listening only to Teabagger/Kochsucker sycophant who gets their drivel from the approved sewers that they call outlets. Today 1:28pm

I suspect you are right. 41 minutes ago

Statistics: Posted by Belligerent Savant — Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:51 pm

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