Big Brother 15 – Results – HOH and Eviction – Live Blog for 8/29/2013 – Video via Rickey.org

Big Brother 15 Week 9 eviction results, recap and live blog for August 29, 2013! Who is the new HOH?

Big Brother is pre-empted in many markets because of pre-season football, but we have the live results right here.

Big Brother 15 – Results – HOH and Eviction – Live Blog

Operation Backdoor Amanda failed this week, but Andy or Aaryn leaving is still a good HOH week. We could be getting the racist-charged interview with Julie tonight.

Also, Amanda was a big bully this week and thankfully, her edit is showing it. I hope the HOH result tonight is in our favor! I hope she gets evicted next week.

Big Brother 15 – Week 9 – Summary

Head of Household: Elissa

Nominated for Eviction: McCrae and Aaryn

Power of Veto Winner: Amanda (Saved McCrae)

Replacement Nominee: Andy

Nominated for Eviction: Andy and Aaryn


So the “3AM” alliance is going to be broken up… but that has not stopped Amanda from making enemies!

More footage of Amanda harassing Elissa in the house. She’s awful!

Amanda complains to Andy, Spencer and McCrae that she’s being the “bully” and not them. (LOL)

Amanda harassing Elissa – Big Brother

Andy, Spencer, Judd and GinaMarie form “The Exterminators” alliance!

“The Exterminators, get rid of snakes and rats,” says Judd. Woohoo! (But Andy is a rat! LOL)

The Exterminators – Big Brother

Aaryn makes a last-ditch effort to get votes to stay! Will Amanda and McCrae keep her???

Dan Gheesling Inteview

Dan Gheesling Interview – Big Brother 12

“Amanda is playing the game like a brat,” says Dan. He says that he has been “forgiven” for all the bad things he’s done in the Big Brother House.

Dan is a huge fan of Judd! Dan is rooting for Judd! I AM SO HAPPY!

Big Brother Showmance Feature

1. Brendon & Rachel

Apparently they were the first BB marriage.

2. Dani & Dominic

Yes! I love Dominic!

Dani and Dominic

3. Jeff & Jordan

Jeff and Jordan

House Interview

Amanda said that she has apologized to Elissa.

Elissa says bygones are bygones.

The houseguests are informed how messy the front bedroom is. “What’s going on with that bedroom?” asks Julie.

Andy’s speech: “I love you Anderson Cooper.”



Judd votes to evict Aaryn

Spencer votes to evict Aaryn

GinaMarie votes to evict Aaryn (crying)

Amanda votes to evict Aaryn

McCrae votes to evict Aaryn

Aaryn – 5

Andy – 0

Aaryn is evicted from the Big Brother house!

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Eviction

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Eviction


Aaryn was boo’ed by the audience!

Julie read some of the comments that Aaryn said in the house! OMG! YES

Audience laughed at Aaryn saying “Candice and I were great friends.”

This girl is ruined.

Aaryn Exit Interview

Aaryn Exit Interview

Head of Household Competition

Less than 3 weeks for the season! (Yay)

The players who finish last in the competition will get a punishment!

#bbBunny or #bbChicken

“Big Hoppertunity”

Collect a dozen eggs though HOH maze.

Looks like a long one! I think the results will come in the live feeds tonight!

America has chosen the chicken suit for the loseer!

HOH Competition Week 10

Surprise competition on Sunday!

Double Eviction next week again!


Waiting for the live feed to go up. Exciting! Stay tuned!

GinaMarie is the new HOH!!!!

C’mon GinaMarie, put up Amanda and McCrae like you promised. I hope Judd and Elissa are safe this week.

Nomination Spoilers Friday!

Judd will wear the chicken suit!

Spencer will wear the chicken suit!

GinaMarie is the new HOH

GinaMarie wins Head of Household

GinaMarie wins Head of Household

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