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Darkies skin

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Darkies – The Children of the Darkness, Recruited from those who choose the side of evil. All of them are man, but these men are no longer men. Well! Darkies are men or not men? these problems is the haunted dreams and nightmares of all Zaharina. It is very difficult to understand them . Do you know why? Players can find out the answer in Minecraft world.

Darkies serve no purpose but to bring chaos and pollute the lands with their filth. They live in Hell gate – a massive mountain range separating the South from the North. Their work is leading the forces of other Darkness into battle. That is the best way to improve their power. Let join us now in Minecraft version!!!!!!!

Skin detail

Progress:     100% Complete

Gender:       Male

Format:       Only Skin 64×64

Tags:          Mod skin, Fantasy Skin, Game Skin, TV skin

Version:      Minecraft 1.7+

How to install this skin for Minecraft

1. Download this Skin

2. Go to minecraft.net

3. Click profile

4. Browse your new Skin

5. Click upload image

6. Enjoy your new Skin

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