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Sameer S

Hno:10-01, Sri Saibaba Nagar

Bagamber Pet,

Hyderabad – 500004                               Phone: 9876543210

E-mail: sameer@yahoo.co.in


A challenging position in Information Technology with long-term career potential

for advancement and growth.


2+ years of experience in development of information systems for various applications

Experience and expertise in JAVA, swings, Servlets, JSP, Struts, XML, XSLT.

Experience in writing of stored procedures using AUTO, RAW, EXPLICIT Modes in SQL Server for generating xml file from db tables.

Knowledge of EJB.

Knowledge of SQL and  PL/SQL

Good technical, interpersonal and communication skills

Technical Skills

Java (JDK1.4), Servlets2.3, JSP2.0, JDBC2.0, SWINGS and Struts.

WebLogic 7.0, TomCat 4.0, Eclipse3.0, Stylus Studio, XML Spy



· Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A) from Sri Venkateswara University.

· Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. (M.P.C)) from Sri Krishnadevaraya University.


Software Engineer

BodthTree Consulting Ltd., Hyderabad

From Oct’04-Till date


Babutech R&D, Hyderabad

From Jan’04-Oct’04


Current ongoing project:

Job Board Manager Software (www.recruitmentbox.com)

Client                        : Recruitment Box

Technical Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Tomcat


Job Board Manager software is a Oracle application for recruitment web systems. It can be used by a portal site to run a job board for multiple recruiters. The System consists of three basic areas.

A front-end where candidates can register their CV., find the perfect job quickly using powerful search tool, apply for jobs, and set-up search agent profiles for use with optional email agent.

A restricted area where recruitment consultants, companies can login, post jobs, search for candidate CVs, view statistics and carry out certain other activities. This area features Posting Pal that allows recruiters to post jobs to multiple websites at one go. It has CV surveillance where recruiters receive daily email notification of new candidates that fit profiles as they add their CVs to the System.

Finally, there is the site administrators area, from where the site admin can setup companies, allocate contacts to them, view statistics, clean the CV database etc.


Involved in developing of java code

Configured struts framework for the application

Ticket Management System

Client                        : VSN Inc

Technical Environment: Java, Servlets, JSP, JavaBeans, HTNL, JavaScript, JDBC, Oracle and Weblogic.


The Ticket Management System Supports the creation and processing of tickets in a software and hardware frameworks of the information technology (IT) environment of an enterprise. The system is primarily meant to be used for processing tickets. It is conceivable that the system can be setup with minor changes to process other types of tickets, such as help desk support or customer service oriented tickets. Ticket Management System (TMS) allows a ticket can be created and processed throughout its life cycle until it id resolved serviced and closed and closed to the satisfaction.

The entire process is supported with workflow, security and authorization. The System enables and support report generation, external System Interaction and email notification


Involved in development of ticket creation module of the application Code and testing the user interface using java, Servlets, Jsp, Oracle, HTML and JavaScript

Involved in unit testing, Creating build and deploy

Product: Rapid Application Development

Technical Environment: JAVA, XML, XSL, XSD, SWINGS


Rapid Application Development environment, which will realize new business opportunities, Reduce Time-to-Market, Simplify and improve the performance of application development for s/w development industries to provide business insight to reduce cost s, improve productivity and assert competitive advantage.

As part of RAD Environment which Makes the Task easy for Developers. This can be helpful to work with different technologies like Sun Micro Systems and MS Technologies.

IDE developed in Java is enabling teams and organizations to easily create and work with rich dynamic forms. The informatioin gathered can be reused across network because the native file format for IDE forms is industry standard XML. It has Lower System requirements and yet faster speed than all Those IDE’s highly customizable user interface, customizable toolbars, menus, keyboard shortcuts and user-defined button Images


Involved in XML, XSL (Identifying the common properties of the controls (35 controls in swings) and  Individual properties of the controls and writing xsl file which are used in swing programming to generate java code) programming.

Generating Swing to Html code

Generation of Jdbc code

Involved in Swings Programming and writing of stored procedures.

Office Automation

Technical Environment: JSP, XSL, XML, JAXP, Stored Procedures, HTML, Tomcat 4.0, SQL Server 2000.


Automating the office using advanced technology like Jsp, XSL and Stored Procedures (RAW, AUTO, EXPLICIT modes in). Here by using stored procedures we can generate xml file from database tables. XSL fie is applied on generated xml file and HTML file will generates. This html file uses external css (cascading Style Sheet) and requires Report (html file) will generate.


Involved in Attendance Reports generation using xsl, stored procedures.

Involved in work reports generation using xslt, stored procedures.

Involved in Salary Reports generation using xsl, stored procedures.

Involded in JSP Programing in presentation layer.


Here I declare that all the above-mentioned information is true to my knowledge.


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