“The fact that over 50 percent of the residents of Toronto are not from Canada, that is always a good thing, creatively, and for food especially. That is easily a city’s biggest strength, and it is Toronto’s unique strength.”- Anthony Bourdain

The city of Toronto is continuously shaped and reshaped by the innovative forces at work, which makes the city, ambitious and alive. Toronto’s rich multicultural diversity is expressed by the more than 200 distinct ethnic origin inhabitants. This creates a sense of place and a feeling of belonging, and makes the city striking and captivating for Digital ad agencies and businesses.

Toronto, home to some of the big Digital ad agencies in North America, is every marketer’s dream. Full of inspiration and talent for design, advertising, and branding, the best and brightest gravitate to the many digital ad agencies that are widespread throughout the city. The creative and vibrant environment of this city and the various opportunities that it offers, shapes some of the brightest minds in the industry. Agencies of Toronto have an integrated approach to build powerful brands as they believe that creativity is the most powerful force in business

Each agency in this list was hand-selected by the team at ReportGarden, and they are among the most creative, top-earning agencies in Toronto. A wide range of criteria, which include user reviews, culture, certifications, employees, thought leadership and a lot more, have been considered while compiling this list. Apart from the usual big names, this diverse list also includes up-and-coming creative agencies that are working with the largest, most well-known brands and are creating today’s major Digital Marketing campaigns.

Fast 50 is a definitive listing of the fastest growing digital ad agencies in the city of Toronto. This post features a detailed analysis on the core USPs and success strategies of the fastest growing digital ad agencies in Toronto. These digital ad agencies have earned success and respect with their outstanding work for years. Apart from the marketing lessons, information on the various services offered has also been included to help client-side professionals choose the right partner to help achieve their business goals.

Read ahead to get inspired!

After a month of research, we found some of the best digital ad agencies in Toronto. We hope this list will save you some valuable time. Since it’s a long post, find the quick index below:

Top SEO agencies in Toronto

Top PPC agencies in Toronto

Top Digital ad agencies in Toronto

Top Social Media agencies in Toronto

Top Inbound agencies in Toronto

Top E-commerce agencies in Toronto

Top Design agencies in Toronto

Top Content agencies in Toronto

I. Top SEO – Digital ad agencies in Toronto

1. Powered by Search

We are a group of Thinkers, Problem solvers, Dreamers and Creators.

“Marketing is increasingly becoming more complex and fragmented, with less trustworthy subject-matter expertise than ever before. Our vision is to become the de facto digital marketing partner of choice for discerning brands who aren’t unlocking the full potential of the internet as a medium to fuel their growth.” – Dev Basu, Founder and CEO.

Adoption of Local search both implicit and explicit based search queries by search engines got better and better in understanding which queries had local intent and which did not. This in turn gave birth to local search industry. Though local search existed before in form of yellow pages etc., it had turned into something big now. And this is the sole reason behind the birth of Powered by Search.


They are Canada’s fastest growing digital marketing agency. The agency cares about growth and momentum over being comfortable or complacent. Powered by Search is the home of doers and risk takers. Everything they do helps businesses succeed. Every step they take transforms marketing practices from confusion to clarity, unlocking the path to predictable growth is what you can confidently leave to the team of Powered by Search.

They operate as a full service inbound marketing agency. They have been around since 2009 and doubling growth ever since. Inbound marketing is smart marketing as customers find you instead of you going around to find customers. Their true genesis is SEO, but nowadays the traditional SEO has changed a lot that, they had evolved with time which laid foundation for PR and real marketing. Powered by Search helps you

Grow traffic

Engage users

Convince and convert

Build loyal advocates

Powered by Search are among the awards too, they are accredited as a Google Partner, Better Business Bureau member, and have been featured in the Branham 300, PROFIT HOT 50, Deloitte’s Impact Infused Award, the Globe & Mail, Financial Post, Toronto Star and CTV.

The clientele of Powered by Search is big. They work with midsize and enterprise businesses like FedEx USA, RE/MAX, Rogers, Valvoline, Kijiji, Public Storage, BMO, Whirlpool, InterContinental Hotel Group, Belairdirect, Publicis, Primus, GM, Toyota, Kia, Garaga.

You have to go for Powered by Search for a simple reason i.e., you can depend on and get along with them easily.

2. TechWyse Internet Marketing

Data Driven SEO & Internet Marketing Agency.

“We work within a carefully planned process called the SMART PLAN CYCLE and we have the bandwidth to ensure all our unique client’s needs are addressed.” – TechWyse.

“If you have a business that can generate revenue, there are services that we can offer to help your business grow” – DJ Kennedy, CEO.

TechWyse is a agency, providing a wide range of digital services that include Responsive Website Design, Landing Page Design, Conversion Optimization, Video Development, Infographics, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Online Advertising, Local Business, Content Marketing, Social Media Management.


Culture of a company is always discussed before we either partner with them or have a business deal. It is important to understand the basic need of the client before evaluating profits. TechWyse have a proven record for putting client before themselves. Their Smart Plan Cycle just proves this fact. Encouraging personal growth of people they work with is one of their top most priority.

The agency uses the latest and best-of-breed technologies and tools. Some of the tools used by TechWyse include Facebook Image Checker for Promoted Posts, Lorem Ipsum Site Scanner, GPablo Google Analytics Validation Tool. TechWyse also uses a powerful tool called ‘AdLuge’ that will put all your data in one place.

3. Searchenginepeople (SEP)

We help organizations successfully reach targeted online audiences to grow their businesses.

“When you work with us, you’re not just another client, you’re a partner. We firmly believe in shared success because we are not just your digital marketing agency, we are an extension of your organization.” – Jeff Quipp, President and CEO of Search Engine People Inc.

During pre-Google days Jeff Quipp found that there are not many companies who did a proper search marketing. This is what went missing in the market and he wanted to build his business on the lines of search engine as he had entrepreneurial desire and he rightly used the opportunity for it (SEP) is one of the top agencies in Toronto now.


In 2001, Jeff launched Search Engine People as Quipp Internet Marketing Solutions (QIMS). By 2003, the company had evolved into a full-service Internet Marketing firm and its name was changed to Search Engine People Inc. (SEP). Search Engine People Inc. has developed a trusted reputation in the SEO, PPC, social media, and online marketing industry.

They initially started knowing that businesses knew only about traditional marketing like newspaper, radio, television and didn’t properly understand anything about internet marketing. They wanted to make businesses capitalise this latest trend and stay in market by keeping up to date with technology and this is what they do to help companies stay in business.

The SEP Advantage all comes down to client-based and results focused approach, which delivers SEO, PPC, Inbound Marketing and they have a dedicated specialists for On Page or Off Page SEO, Local Search, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Lead Nurture and Conversion Optimization. They use advanced link analysis tools, penalty identification software, and local SEO competition analysis tools. SEP have their own huge but delighted client list. They are into B2B, Education, Entertainment, Financial, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Industrial, Legal, Non-Profit, Real Estate, Retail and Travel.

Their work culture is perfect as at Search Engine People whole team is committed to building long-term relationships with clients and enjoy helping them navigate the challenges of growing their businesses through SEO and inbound marketing. Clients stay year after year because of commitment to executing high-quality, sustainable campaigns that deliver results.

At the 17th Annual Business Excellence and Business Person of the Year Awards the Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade recognized, celebrated, and honoured the business achievements of Search Engine People Inc., lauding it for its excellence in business. Every company has a unique thing to talk about and SEP fulfils this point through CSR (Corporate social responsibility). They work for non-profit companies like, Canadian Hero Fund, Children’s Wish and Sick Kids Foundation. SEP uses a long list of tools like Buffer, Segment, Hubspot CRM, Zencoder and Vimeo to name a few.

Search Engine People is a results-focused organization and their over-riding mantra is Win-Win-Win. Clients must win, employees must win and the company must win and that is why you can choose SEP.

4. SeoPlus

We are dedicated to developing and implementing an extensive online marketing strategy for your company.

“We believe in distinct focus on seo, social media and digital marketing. We let our results speak for themselves. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of personalized service.” – Eddy Abounehme, Co-Founder / CEO.

Seoplus+ is a full-service agency. They are an award-winning digital marketing agency with offices in Canada (Toronto, Ottawa & Calgary) and USA (Miami, Florida).  Here they breathe life into brands with thoughtful and speckles design, quality print materials, innovative marketing strategies that are interesting. They have strategy for a simplest task too. The people at Seoplus+ do this by delivering high-quality strategies and creativity for start-ups and the corporate.


Seoplus+ offers a full suite of digital marketing services that includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development.

The only thing that this agency seems to care about is  their clients. The Smith Investigation Agency, Kardish Health Food Centre have been associated with seoplus+ to improve their businesses.

Seoplus+ culture is to provide client with real results. One would appreciate the professionalism the seoplus+ team offers, along with their ability to help client achieve their goals with their extensive marketing knowledge. They would completely surpass your expectations, and there’s no doubt you will be happy to continue working with them as one continues to grow your business.

The agency always keep up with the technology. These are some of the latest tools used by Seoplus+ Adroll, SharpSpring, CloudFlare, DIsqus and nginx. You can opt for Seoplus+ if you really want to see an increase in the organic search rankings.

5. Page Zero Media

We are a search marketing agency passionate about driving client ROI.

“We have a brilliant digital marketing strategy. Deep paid search expertise. Detail-oriented team. We do this and your company grows. And don’t forget that We live at the centre of the black box.” – Andrew Goodman, CEO.

Andrew originally launched Page Zero in 2000 as a company devoted to thinking about online content, portals, business models, and the rise of search as a marketing channel. The name “Page Zero” was chosen as a metaphor for the portal companies’ ascendance. To get to anything online, most consumers and advertisers had to go through these major Internet monopolies in some way, thus paying a toll to those who control “page zero.” This trend has only magnified with the rise of Google and Facebook as dominant global Internet brands.


Tested by fire in a highly competitive paid search marketing auction, Page Zero’s consulting services start with search marketing and Google AdWords expertise, but they don’t stop there. They can also work with you on a comprehensive online strategy.

The true culture and spirit of Page zero described in these two lines:

Whether you’re really “big,” or just big in heart, professionalism, and aspirations for growth and results… we’re there to provide you with custom service that meets your needs. Page Zero success lies within the heart of their culture. They are constantly on look for ideas that fascinate and motivate new behavior.

Services offered by Page zero includes PPC Agency Services (Paid Search Marketing), Display Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Website Development. They boast a huge clientele like Canon ,Yahoo Canada, Paypal, Direct Energy, Capital One, Brit+Co, Bellaliant.

6. Seologist

We Provide proven, innovative strategies to help your brand dominate your industry’s search rankings.

“At Seologist, we believe the best job is a profitable hobby.” – Val Zamulin, Founder.

Val Zamulin founded Seologist in 2003. By capitalizing on his own diverse knowledge of Applied Linguistics and search optimization, Val Zamulin began implementing his vision in the United Kingdom, planting the seeds for a company that has now become a leader here in Canada and beyond.


Major services provided by Seologist include SEO audit, SEO strategy, SEO Detox & penalty remover, Content Marketing, E-commerce SEO, Social SEO and Local SEO, Keyword and Topic research, Influencer endorsed backlinks.

They put in their expertise to bring desired results for their clients. The success of this agency solely is based on a simple philosophy i.e., “your company is unique and you need unique solutions.”. This unique philosophy not only drives their ideas, it also drives their structure. They‘re built without silos or competing interests to truly tap into an ever-expanding range of disciplines, from Content Marketing to SEM/SEO to social SEO  to E-commerce-whatever it takes to create compelling experiences. This philosophy has made Seologist one of the best agency in the the nation to work with.

7. Green Lotus

Marketing driven by results – we value data.

“We Understand that the Only Way to Keep a Client is by Providing Top Quality Online Marketing Services & Amazing Support!” – Bassem Ghali, CEO.

Toronto’s Green Lotus was founded in 2012 by Bassem Ghali, a marketing and SEO specialist. He has a knack for creating innovative online marketing strategies businesses of all sizes. After years of working in-house for major Canadian corporations, Bassem created the Toronto agency in response to specific issues identified throughout his experience. Green Lotus goes the extra mile to consult, create, and implement the most appropriate digital marketing strategies based on business needs.


Green Lotus provides a variety of digital marketing services such as Search Engine Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Effective Paid Advertising, ROI & Lead Generation Optimization, Responsive Web Design, Email Marketing.

The USP of the agency is that they will first discover your goals, implement, track & monitor and finally report. The skills and expertise of the Green Lotus Team are at your fingertips, every step of the way and this is their way of displaying their work culture.

Bassem Ghali’s philanthropy and demonstrated success in online marketing has garnered the attention of the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) and led to his nomination for entrepreneur of the year award.

They also fulfil their responsibility towards society through Donate & Learn. It all started In May 2013, in an unimaginable turn of events, the Donate & Learn initiative gained the support of GoDaddy an international industry leader in the online world. With GoDaddy as a major supporter, the Donate & Learn initiative grew exponentially.

II. Top PPC – Digital ad agencies in Toronto

1. 6S Marketing

We’re the wheels turning behind the web. We are a team of skill, dedication, and industry-savvy individuals.

“It’s all about embracing your brand’s vision – and our top creative minds make it happen, with a boutique digital agency approach.”- Chris, CEO.

IN 2000, Chris and John started 6S Marketing with the goal to do outstanding work. They envisioned a digital marketing agency that was innovative and exciting, where co-workers were more family than friends. Since then, the company has grown impressively in size, with multiple offices and a wider range of service offerings. Though 6S has evolved over the years, the same beliefs that started the company still drive it today.


6S Marketing has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver, their growth as said dates to year 2000. They remain a trusted Premier Google Partner, with more Google-certified strategists than 99% of agencies around the world. They believe in making digital marketing eye-catching and most effective.

They have worked with over 1,000 companies to build and grow their online presence by offering services in Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile & App Marketing, Paid Media Optimization, Content Marketing Automation Consultants, Chinese Marketing, Social Media & Opinion Outreach, Analytics Consulting, Digital Marketing Strategy.

The agency uses some of the latest tools and technologies such as Dmarcian, BambooHR, CallRail, HubSpot Marketing Free that are both proven and practical.

In 2015, 6S Marketing has been recognized as one of British Columbia’s top Employers for the sixth consecutive year. The fuel behind this astonishing success is their unique work culture. 6S Marketers are a diverse and multicultural bunch, but share a common connection. Together, they work hard, laugh a lot, share personal and professional experiences, and support each other through thick and thin.

6S Marketing agency’s co-founders say that if there’s one thing that sets 6S apart from our competitors, it’s our people and the level of knowledge, creativity and drive they bring to each campaign. From the east coast to the west coast 6S got you covered!

2. BlueHat Marketing

Our goal is to increase your leads, calls and sales through SEO done right.

“Successful digital marketing is a mix of several separate but intertwined pieces working together in harmony, a useful blog is a creative mix of topics, opinions, and issues.” – CEO.

Since 2001, they have been thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers on the forefront of search engine optimization, search engine marketing, web design, and social media. Blue Hat Marketing is a melting pot of opinions, each with a wealth of knowledge and real-world marketing experience to back them up. In addition to developing strategies that increase relevant traffic to a business website, BlueHat Marketing consistently emphasizes the importance of web design in optimizing a business website for converting that traffic, whether it is through compelling landing pages, layouts, graphics and content.


Some of the major services offered by the agency are BlueHat SEO, Local Seo Services, PPC Management, Hybrid Seo Solutions, Social Media Management, Custom Website Design. Also, they have extensive experience in building safe, secure and user-friendly web design for online shops(E-commerce) of all kinds.

Their impressive list of clients include clients Tribecca Finance, Marlow’s Diamond & Design, Priority Plumbing, Keller Williams Realty.

Over the years, this agency has won several awards for their outstanding Services. BlueHat Marketing named Best Search Engine Optimization firm in Canada for October 2015. They were selected due to their strong performance in the meticulous evaluation process. Based on a pattern of remarkable results, a continued dedication towards exceptional customer service, and the results of an in-depth evaluation, topseos.com has named BlueHat Marketing the best search engine optimization company in Canada.

BlueHat Marketing has set itself apart from competitors by providing business partners honest, effective, and most importantly sustainable SEO services. With all these qualities BlueHat Agency stands chance to be looked at for their services.

3. Hooplah

There are devices connected to the internet than there are people on the earth.

“We’re are not ‘just another agency’ trying to ride the wave of interaction on the World Wide Web – We were there when it was merely a ripple, and we’ve stuck around. We’re that good.” – Leslie Hartsman, President.

Since its inception in April, 2005, HOOPLAH as a social media agency focused on building and supporting brands online. As one of the fastest growing creative firms in Toronto, Hooplah’s team of expert marketers, strategists, designers, developers and managers works with clients to help streamline their business processes, convey a marketing message and build an interactive brand or community.


The Hooplah vision is one that believes, that an individual’s work is stronger when they’re happy. They continue to grow and learn as agents of change, advocating for inspired ideas and solutions. Their team of experts believe in dedicated digital marketing and are obsessed with social media marketing – but not in a creepy way. They provide companies with necessary consulting and services such as Strategy, Search Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Display Advertising, Video Marketing.

They work with ambitious clients across a diverse range of categories. HOOPLAH’s award-winning client list includes Mazda, Roots Canada, Airmiles Rewards Program, Bombardier, Royal LePage Realty, The Tides Centre, Nestle and Extreme Fitness, eOne Films, Sobeys, Weight Watchers, Rexall, TIFF, Fruits & Passion & Ministry of Transportation.

Hooplah believes in Online promotions as they have a proven method to increase brand and product awareness, generate hype and excitement, and encourage engagement and interaction with your target audience.

You may have to choose HOOPLAH because they can PICK, PLAN, PROMOTE.

4. 9THCO

Team of in house experts.

“Can’t reach the goal if you don’t have a clear one.” – Justin Cook, CEO.

9th sphere is one of Canada’s oldest website service providers. It was has won over 14 awards for the results they have achieved for their clients, speaks at major industry events on best practices and has been referenced by numerous publications. Convurgency is a performance-driven digital agency that helps businesses expand by providing internet marketing expertise. Using search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media, Convurgency’s team drives traffic to their clients’ websites, ultimately converting traffic to leads and sales.

9thCO is a merge between top Toronto online marketing agency Convurgency, and 9th sphere. They have evolved as full-service web design and online marketing agency. The agency was founded in 2013, with an aim to combine smart design with targeted Internet Marketing campaigns, to generate leads for clients within their marketing budgets. 9THCO digital team continuously strives for improvement, always staying ahead of industry trends while delivering results.


They understand your business, audience and competition thoroughly and provides detailed tracking and reporting to report on leads and increase volume over time. The research-based strategic approach of the agency can be seen in the kinds of services  offered by them. The solutions offered by the agency include Strategy and Consulting, Web Design, Web Development, SEO, PPC, Performance based Marketing, Social Media Marketing.

A badged Google partner and have insights and tools that very few other companies have. 9THCO are always among the awards. They are the recipients of

Communicator awards winner for website excellence

6 times webaward winner for standard of excellence

Avant Garde Winner

Winner of Canadian information productivity award

5. Ignite Digital

Experience-driven digital agency with an in-depth, complete guide to running a social media marketing campaign.

“Our company is based on efficiency, automation, accountability and structure. Our goal, simply put is to drive client business while creating and inspiring leaders in the process.” – CEO

Ignite Digital is a Canadian Digital Agency founded in 2008. Who are proud to be Canadian and 100% Canadian owned. They currently provide digital solutions for medium to big brands. Their solutions combine content marketing, social media (community managers), SharePoint Website development, enterprise mobile applications to enrich our client’s campaigns. Ignite Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency focusing on creating unique social media and digital experiences for its clients.


Ignite digital is driven by results and quality service. They Continuously focus on developing winning results that drive client’s business and nurture leaders for the future in the digital world so that both clients and organization succeed.

Ignite Digital are here to provide you with all of the latest technologies and services on the market and keep your business on top of what’s trending. They specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design & Development, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Agency Partnerships, Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

“We provide services that will help our clients generate results. Our focus when we ignite the project is to hit all our client’s objectives. We do this for every project we work on. Going above and beyond is our promise to our clients.”- CEO

Ignite Digital works with some of the most amazing companies in North America. They are serious about developing an effective online strategy and look to them to help execute their vision.

In 2015 Ignite Digital has been recognized by Clutch.co as one of the Leading Web Development Agencies in Canada. This award is a recognition for their Company experience, Client lists, Industry recognition, verified client review and Web development expertise.

6. SearchKings

We treat you like our first.

“We build profitable and measurable digital advertising campaigns for companies across North America and around the world.”

Established in 2009, they have tremendous success helping customers plan, build and execute their digital advertising campaigns. At SearchKings, they spend the time to learn about your specific business goals, and never charge an account set-up or start-up fee. Their clients are not locked into a long-term contract as they prefer to work with you on a month-to-month basis. SearchKings is a result driven organization whose goal is to prove that internet marketing works, and to help you measure the exact ROI you experience from the advertising campaigns.


The agency offers a full range of services including Search Engine Optimization, AdWords Management, Franchise Marketing, Google Remarketing, Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing, Website Design, Call Tracking. SearchKings will make sure that your website stays ahead of your competitors by implementing SEO practices, increasing your results in both organic and paid search advertising.

SearchKings clientele is vast. Their clients operate in Retail, Medical / Professionals, Franchise, B2B and E-Commerce industries.

The SearchKings has been recognised with many awards since their inception in 2009. They have won Google partners All-stars award five years in a row. They are also proud Winners for Best Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto for 2014, 2015, & 2016. These awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication put into being the leading and best agency in toronto. They truly believe in helping customers and making better choices for their own business.

III. Top Digital ad agencies in Toronto

1. Cundari

The 6th most awarded Digital Agency in the world.

“We have moved from the information age into the age of consumer empowerment supported by customer centricity. We work hard and don’t let any negatives bother us.” – Aldo Cundari, Chairman, CEO.

Aldo Cundari established himself in the marketing field in Canada. By 1980, he had created the foundation for what would become Cundari Group Ltd. Today, Cundari is Canada’s most globally awarded independent agency. Their work has been recognized around the world at Cannes, the Cassies, by the UK’s Directory Ranking and is the only Canadian agency to have two campaigns on WARC’s 100 smartest marketing campaigns in the world list.


Cundari Group Ltd. holds strong expertise in Advertising solutions, Branding and design solutions, Digital solutions and has seen amazing growth in terms of both revenue and employees, working for big ticket clients. They are not a traditional advertising agency and have implemented innovative solutions for clients that deliver business results. Cundari Group Ltd. is proud to have been entrusted with premier brands including BMW, Canada Bread, Meridian, Maple Leaf Foods, LCBO, Fix Auto and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Cundari has received numerous awards over the years. In 2014, Cundari was recognized for its work with clients like BMW, Toronto Zoo and Dempster at the CMA Awards, which honour the best, most innovative marketing solutions created in Canada.

Cundari is the biggest winner at the 28th annual MAA Worldwide GLOBE Awards, as their Pain Squad mobile app for The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto has earned the distinction of “Best of the Best” in the World. The Agency is much larger than and generates much more revenue than the average advertising agency. Constantly striving to shatter the standards of how consumers interact with brands in the digital world, CUNDARI is leading the way!

2. Cossette

We are a team of individual talents that innovates day in and day out.

“At the heart of every journey is the power to shake things up.” – Melanie Dunn, President and CEO.

Cossette is one of Destination Canada’s New Marketing Agencies. Cossette was launched as a graphic design firm by Claude Cossette in June 1964 and relaunched in May 1972 by Claude Lessard along with five partners (including Claude Cossette himself) under the name Cossette Communication-Marketing in Quebec City.

The company expanded to Montreal in 1974, opened in Toronto in 1981, and by 1985 added its fourth Canadian office in Vancouver. Cossette went public in 1999, with shares trading on the Montreal and Toronto stock exchanges. In 2009 Cossette returned to private ownership when Connecticut-based private equity firm Mill Road Capital purchased all outstanding shares of Cossette. Cossette is majority-owned by Mill Road Capital, with management also owning a significant share.


It offers a range of services including Apps and digital platform development, Brand activation, experiential marketing and sponsorship, Brand positioning, Branding and design, Digital production, E-business, Integrated creativity, Market research, Media planning & buying and analytics.

Cossette, is by far the most awarded and decorated ad agency. Cossette was named “Agency of the Year” in 1988 and 1991, and Newsmaker of the Year in 1986 by Canadian advertising and marketing trade publication marketing. It was the most awarded agency at the 2016 Boomerang Awards.

After winning Strategy’s 2016 Agency of the Year, Cossette was named one of the 2017 Aon Best Employers in Canada. These awards are a testimonial to the creative environment that Cossette offers to its employees. Not only is Cossette the sole advertising agency on Aon Hewitt’s annual list, it is also ranked at the Platinum level.


Creativity is a business tool.

“We measure our success by the success of our clients’ businesses in an age of hyper-competition, creativity is perhaps the only sustainable competitive advantage marketers have over their competition.” – Arthur Fleischmann, Partner & President.

Founded in 2001 by Arthur Fleischmann, John St. has rapidly become one of Canada’s top creative advertising agencies. In starting John St., his goal was to create a “creative collaborative” without the silos, or bureaucracy or territorialism he’d seen in his previous lives. He believes creativity is a powerful business tool and has led his team to win more advertising effectiveness awards than any other agency in the last decade.


JOHN ST. specializes in Advertising, Digital Services, Integrated Production, Social Media, Strategic Planning, Studio Services, Design Services, Account Management. John St. has the best complete package of services to establish and manage a brand’s social media properties. These services include social media strategy development, creative frameworks for social media properties, community management, content creation, social application design & development, and monitoring and analytics.

John St. has excellent information architects, web designers, developers, producers and project managers. During the specialized production capabilities, their internal teams collaborate with class-leading production companies and accomplish the project goals in the most effective way possible. This includes responsive web design and development, applications, digital ads, electronic sales tools, email marketing and CRM.

Their Philosophy is simple, In a world, fast approaching commoditization, their job is to make clients’ brands un-ignorable. Why choose them: because, they have a team of young leaders with new ideas and effervescent talent.

4. Arcane

We partner with clients who have a desire to change the stale status quo of their current advertising.

“Our team will change the way you perceive marketing. Whether creating a brand or working with established brands, we apply our fully integrated team’s talents to work in multi-faceted and interconnected ways. Our objective is to drive growth and generate revenue. We’re happy to talk to you about that in person, but don’t look for case studies on our site…that information is proprietary to our clients – and hence, arcane.” – Eric Vardon, President & CEO.

Founded in 2011, Arcane has been decoding marketing for each client with a formula that leverages the right media with the right technology at the right time. Each client is different. Each strategic and creative formula is different. Their core strength lies in their client-centric process. Being involved with the client as early as possible in the strategy and creative development phase helps them in clearly understanding the business objectives & problems of their clients. After a thorough analysis they come up with ideas and execute them.


Solutions offered by Arcane include Digital Communications Strategy, Media Planning & Buying, Web Design & Development, User Interface Design, Digital Design & Graphic Design, Facebook & Application Development, Social Content Development, Copy & Creative Writing.

This agency has been known for its ROI. Arcane delivers on the promise with an average return-on-investment (ROI) more than 1900% – based on hard sales data and revenue. Arcane is a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Oriella PR Network – Canadian Partner. In February of 2015, techalliance of Southwestern Ontario awarded Arcane its Business Growth Award.

Arcane has a beautiful work culture where everyone has a voice, every voice is from a place. They often claim to be blind to things like race, gender, sexual orientation and ability, it seems like the safe play in the workplace. Diversity is more than inclusion. Inclusion means more than acceptance. Diversity is embracing all the parts of each one of us, unfettered.

5. NOISE Digital

Advertising Agency built around real-time Innovation, Quantifiable results and memorable work.

“We make Noise that cuts through the clutter. If that sounds like an oxymoron, then you’re half right. Yes, advertising today is a fragmented mess. But what if we could harness that chaos? Make one voice clear above the rest? We consider ourselves noise sculptors, shaping the clutter into something worth looking at- turning it from a test pattern into a conversation. The noise we make is the kind that gets stuck in your head. It’s the kind of noise you tell your friends about. It’s the kind of noise you won’t forget.” – Trevor Carr, President/CEO.

Trevor founded Noise way back in 1998 at the start of the digital revolution. Trevor’s diverse and extensive experience in digital marketing is unique. His seventeen years of digital strategy and planning experience with clients like Toyota, Johnson and Johnson, Ferrero (Tic Tac), Unilever, Adidas, PlayStation and Nokia has given Trevor the experience to guide clients through the complex digital marketing landscape.

It is important to understand that consumer experience and engagement play a pivotal role in advertising. Brands increasingly seek a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their customers. Noise media team is completely integrated with strategy, technology and creative departments.


Noise Digital agency offers world-class digital marketing services which include Exchange Based Media Planning & Buying, Ad Serving & Trafficking, Traditional Media Planning & Buying, Social Media Community Management & Monitoring, Social Media Outreach, Behavioural Segmentation, Market Segmentation, Analytics Reporting, Real Time Iteration/Optimization and SEO & SEM.

Noise digital has been awarded numerous awards by various associations and multiple summits. They are the winners of

2 Cannes Lions Awards

2 Canadian Marketing Association Awards

10 Summit Awards

5 CAPMA Promo Awards

13 W3 Awards

These awards are a testimonial to the creative environment that Noise Digital offers to its employees. Noise digital is your go to destination if you want to create extraordinary experience for your customers.


Combination of Creative Inspiration of the Artist with the Analytic rigour of the scientist.

“Our designers are as analytical as our coders, and our coders are as creative as our designers. We’re “technology agnostic”, meaning that we don’t play favourites. The best technology solution is the one that’s right for the job.” – Spencer Saunders, President.

Founded in 2012, Art & Science is a place where boundaries are pushed, traditions are challenged, and new ideas are always welcome. They are small, smart and agile. They have a great history of creating digital experiences for some of the biggest brands in Canada, launching new brands designed from the ground up, and helping new businesses get off the ground with proven customer-centric strategies. With the recent acquisition of Maple North, they have added a robust mix of services to help clients build their site traffic, test their messaging and ultimately surpass their lead-generation and sales objectives.


The agency has a lot of recognition among clients for their major services in Experience Design, Product & Services Design, Site Design, Branding & Identity Design, Audience Building, Analytics, Digital Business Development.

They have a unique way of thinking. With Art & Science  you’ll be surprised by the amount of creativity and innovativeness present under one roof. This will also be reflected in the solutions they provide you.The agency has a great deal of experience in handling client’s goals and vision alike. They are on surge mode right now.

IV. Top Social Media – Digital ad agencies in Toronto

1. Pound & Grain

Original fearless and independent

“We often say there are easier ways to make a buck than being a creative agency. But what would be the fun in that? That’s why we are in this business. We are passionate about the endless opportunities to create products, brands, and unique experiences that drive great businesses forward. we absolutely love making users happy. Our goal is simple, Help clients make a splash digitally by creating memorable and magical apps, websites, and experiences that generate results. This means doing great creative not to simply win awards, which is nice, but that people truly love and actually use.” – Sandy Fleischer, Managing Partner.


For them, the granular detail and pixel perfect precision must be balanced beautifully with the heavy, big picture ideas they bring to the table. Hence, the name Pound & Grain. Their work is grounded in digital strategy and beautifully designed experiences optimized for multiscreen culture. What gets them excited every day is creating the intersection between pixels and lines of code and turning ideas into meaningful interactions.

Major services offered to clients by Pound & Grain are Brand Strategy, Content Marketing, User Experience Strategy, Digital Marketing, Mobile Design & Development, Social Media, Web Design & Development and Apps. The agency has been working with newer Toronto-based clients like Bayshore Health Care, Teknion to name a few.

2. Triangles Agency

Triangles represents the truth from all angles.

“Our approach dives into all relevant data. Your sales, CRM, loyalty, app, web, social, media, and offline data. We can also bring in 3rd party data sets that complement the analysis: census, income, language, ethnicity, and even weather, if relevant. RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME, RIGHT MESSAGE, RIGHT COST. We measure and report on the entire journey, driving ROI adaptively.” – Regan Zuzarte, Founder.


Reagan Zuzarte, is a creative technologist, digital marketer, and the founder/president of Triangles Agency. The high-volume, cross-category learnings proved rare, first-hand education in web behaviour and conversion – eventually evolving into the web, creative, social, campaign and analytics teams that today form the backbone of the Triangles Agency today.

Major services offered by Triangles Agency include Data Research & Measurement, Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Creative Design. They can architect social strategy from a solid foundation and then grow organically and via spikes to skyrocket those connections through Brand Identity & Development, Social Network Optimization & Seeding,Social Media (Engagement & ROI) Analytics.

They can help find your brand positioning, drive velocity and measure what matters with Brand Foundation & Competitive Research, Consumer Profiling & Pricing Strategy, Media Planning, Execution & Optimization, Search Engine Optimization & Pay-Per click. They develop high converting creative to help build, extend and bring ideas to live using Brand Identity & Development, Campaign Concepts, Rich-Media and Banner Ads, Campaign Landing Pages.

The technologies used at Triangles are Lens, Creative Deeds and Prism which is a custom-built hashtag aggregation tool that delivers intelligent social engagement.

3. Matchstick

Independent social media marketing agency that builds social brands.

“We’re extremely thrilled to lend a Canadian voice to this iconic, global brand,” said Matthew Stradiotto, Co-Founder, Matchstick. “It’s a rare opportunity. Crayola’s passion for creativity has allowed us to stretch our creative wings and explore the inner child at Matchstick. It’s been a lot of fun so far.”

Matchstick is an independent social media marketing agency founded in 2001 by Matthew Stradiotto and Patrick Thoburn. Matchstick is a social media agency that cultivates word-of-mouth marketing for clients. It has ignited conversations around top-tier brands including L’Oréal, Maple Leaf, Jeep, Carlsberg and SC Johnson.


They believe that the most powerful selling of products and ideas take place not from marketer to consumer, but from consumer to consumer. Major Services offered By Matchstick Agency include Social Media Strategy & Facebook Marketing, Digital Engagement Campaigns and Analytics & Measurement, Influencer Marketing, Word of Mouth Marketing, Publishing & Community Management, Social and Mobile Application Design & Development, Content Marketing, Blogger Outreach, Social Media Promotions, Social Media Monitoring & Brand Monitoring.

Matchstick has won numerous Awards & Accolades from around the world for their work:

V&S Absolut Spirits Best Practice Award, Stockholm

Media Innovation Award, Marketing Magazine, Toronto

Chrysler Jeep International Marketing Council Best Practice Award, Detroit

Smirnoff Double Eagle Award, London, UK

Best Demonstration of ROI, Word of Mouth Marketing Association, Chicago

Matchstick is a charter member of WOMMA (The Word of Mouth Marketing Association). In 2009, Matchstick’s innovative in Canada was profiled in Emanuel Rosen’s bestselling book The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited.

4. Zync

The brand agency for a digital world.

“By starting with our propriety process called Business Creative, which is built on a specific way of thinking—bringing both the left and right brain together to help solve the issues of today’s organizations. It’s where creative meets logic—bridging the gap between emotional and rational thought and action. Focused on mapping true intent, identifying strong connections and defining a unique stakeholder experience, the process will forever change how you present your organization to the world.” – Marko Zonta, Partner & Creative Director.

Zync is a brand, marketing and digital agency in Toronto, working with clients across Canada and internationally. Since 2004, they’ve built a range of long-standing relationships, focused on innovation and evolution – especially when it comes to technology. Their team excels in building brands, campaigns and websites that stand out in the marketplace that have become strong assets for their organization – redefining how they communicate with their audiences.


Major services offered by Zync Agency are Brand solutions: Brand Strategy, Naming, Taglines, Brand Creative, Brand Guidelines. Digital solutions include Corporate Websites, Promotional Websites, E-commerce Websites, Product Websites. The agency’s Video solutions include Promotional Video, Corporate Video, Training Video, WhiteBoard Video, Live-action Video, Animation, Social Media Content and YouTube Content.

With a huge clientele Zync has been successfully helping businesses achieve their objectives. Zync has worked with Koskie Minsky Llp, Ridgepoint Active Healthcare, Hicks Morley, Hris Hadfield, Umbra Telegraph Pictures,  and Aviva Canada.

Zync has been nominated for and won, a number of awards over the past few years. Some of the Major Recognitions include American Design Awards, ReBrand 100® Global Awards, Transform Award, W3 Awards, American Design Awards, American Web Design Awards. Zync’s only mission is to stay focused on delivering highly creative, strategic solutions, and pride their ability to forge strong relationships.

5. 2Social

Building your social city.

“Working with 2Social, is to develop a partnership with a team of determined and creative thinkers. We work ‘around the clock to best service our clients; and these kind words warm our little’ hearts.”- Steve Dolson, Founder.

2Social Inc. is a social media agency who can be the voice of your brand online. They strategize & design, build & foster, execute & report. But most importantly, they get results and connect brands with customers every day.


Since its inception in 2011, the team has grown from 2 hard-working thought leaders, to a full-service agency with a team of innovators who push the envelope, develop, create, and deliver the best in social media marketing offerings. They have a team of creative rock stars range from social media strategists to photographers from trend watchers to web designers, with backgrounds in advertising, marketing, and graphic design.

They specialize in Social Media Strategy, Online Advertising, Building Online Communities, Community Management, Content Creation, Web Design & Development, Blog Management, Analytics, Search Engine Optimization and Copywriting.

6. Atlas Communications

We use social media as an effective tool to grow your business.

“When we say we’re “results-driven,” we mean it. All our services are designed to help your business grow and make you look good – which makes us look good. We really like looking good. we’ll help you find new customers to grow. Our cutting-edge social media marketing strategies will help you stand out from the crowd and rise to the top of your industry” – Jasmine Pickel, Owner, CEO.

Jasmine Pickel is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer at Atlas Communications. At the age of 23, Jasmine co-founded an Ottawa-based social media and writing company. Noting a burgeoning business landscape and with a desire to be closer to family, Jasmine set her sights on Canada’s largest city. She successfully transitioned her first business and moved to Toronto in 2014 founding Atlas Communications.

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