Here is a little Christmas in July project for you! I had some leftover coin purse frames from the Baby Sock Coin Purse tutorial I posted last week and thought I would attach them to crocheted socks this time. I made mini Christmas stockings but of course you could use any color you want and use them any time of year. Completely customizable and a great gift idea. Make a bunch now and you won't be last minute shopping (or crocheting) when the holiday season rolls around.

- Worsted weight yarn. I used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Fern Green, Scarlet Red, and White
- Small Coin Purse Metal Frames. Mine are 2 1/2 x 1 1/4 inch.
- Size G Crochet Hook
- Embroidery thread or 2-ply yarn (just separated your 4-ply yarn)
- Small tapestry needle (Mine was a size 22)

Magic Ring Tutorial
Ch = Chain
SC = Single Crochet

1. Weave in ends as you go.
2. If you don't want to sew on a purse frame you can continue to SC in rounds after round 26 instead of creating the "flaps."
3. Feel free to make the color changes wherever you want. You can make stripes or keep them a solid color. The pattern below shows you how to make the red/white stocking you see in the picture tutorial.

Stocking Coin Purse Pattern:
Magic ring, chain 1 and make 8 SC in ring, join to first SC, ch 1. (8 SC )
Round 2: 2 SC in each stitch around, join, ch 1 (16 SC)
Round 3-9: SC in each stitch around (16 SC)
Row 10: join new color (this will be the heel color), SC 8, ch 1, turn (8 SC)
Row 11-14: SC in each stitch across, ch 1, turn. Fasten off after row 15 leaving long tail.
Sew back of heel together with tapestry needle using the whip stitch.
Round 15: attach main color and SC around entire opening. Try your best to end up with 20 SC stitches. (10 around the heel and 10 along the front).
Round 16-25: SC in each stitch around, join, ch 1 (20 SC)

If you are going to change color again now is the time to do it.
Round 26: SC in each stitch around (in new color)
Row 27: SC in first 10 stitches, ch 1, turn (10 SC)
Row 28-30: SC in each stitch across fasten off, weave in end. (10 SC)
Repeat rows 27-31 on other side of sock to create two "flaps" that you will sew onto your purse frame.

Using your small tapestry needle and matching embroidery thread or 2-ply yarn, sew the flaps of the stocking onto the metal frame. See picture tutorial below.

Merry Christmas in July!

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