Every year, the San Diego Comic-Con grows somehow more insane and more prolific than the year before. At this point, the weeks leading up to SDCC reveal more comic, TV and film news than the actual con did in years past. It's just too big to contain in one weekend and 2015 will certainly be no exception. What will happen at San Diego Comic-Con 2015?

This year is especially interesting as many major studios have opted out of Comic Con altogether. Including one of the biggest studios of all: Marvel! This leaves DC with a huge opportunity to swoop in and unveil their huge slate of TV and film work that's coming up.

While a lot of announcements are already known or widely assumed (Star Wars VII is coming, Fox's X-Men will have a big presence, DC TV's Gotham/The Flash/Arrow, etc), there are always a few surprises, like the Avengers all taking the stage a few years back, that gorgeous Ant-Man footage, and 2013's Batman V Superman announcement. What will come out of 2015 SDCC? There are many announcements fans have been waiting for (sometimes for years), and news that will hopefully break at the 2015 con.

From film footage, to new comic announcements, will fans get what they're waiting for? Here are 18 things that will hopefully happen at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2015.




X-Men Age of Apocalypse Teaser

The very tail end of X-Men: Days of Future Past showed us the tiniest of glimpses at its follow up, the Age of Apocalypse. Sure in the tiny glimpse we got not just young Apocalypse, an Abin Sur chant, as well as the four horseman shown silhouetted but we always want more!

Filming on AoA is well underway, plenty long enough to cut together an exclusive teaser for the hungry Comic-Con crowd. Give us our first sneak peek at Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse. Or if you don't want to expose that much just let us see how cool Wolverine looks. Give us something to rant and rave about for the next few months and by the time the first trailer drops we'll already be losing our minds.

Green Lantern(s) Casting Announcement

DC has a huge lineup of films coming out the next few years. It's enormous. They're attempting the daunting task of taking on Marvel. So far, they've announced almost all of their core players for the Justice League. Batfleck, Super-Cavill, and Wonder Gadot will all be there for Batman v Superman, but how cool would it be if others were, too?

What if Momoa came to show some Aquaman love? Or Ezra Miller popped up for the first public Flash appearance? Then they bring out.... Green Lantern? Whoever they decided to cast and however many they decided to go with. We would love multiple Green Lanterns, it would be amazing to see John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Hal Jordan.

How amazing would that final announcement at SDCC be if we finally found out who the Green Lantern(s) are!?

A Screening of Ant-Man

Comic-Con is known to have secret screenings here and there. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't making an appearance at SDCC what better way to make their presence known than by having their newest offering screen at the convention?!

It comes out mere days after the convention ends. (SDCC wraps up on July 12 and Ant-Man is out on July 17) And we know the film is done and locked (the embargo is already up on the reviews and the word of mouth is great).

If there was ever a time Marvel should screen a film, it would be now. Especially to compete with DC's impressive line up of film and TV at the convention this year.

Batman V Superman Footage

We know that DC is bringing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to San Diego Comic-Con. What we don't know is in what context.

They've blocked out a panel in Hall H, but they've done that before and we only saw the cast for a couple minutes at best. (Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot pretty much came out waved, took a selfie with Chris Hardwick and left.)

What we want is a decently long, serious look at the film. Like Hall H used to be. Actual new and exclusive footage (Like the Edgar Wright Ant-Man footage that's is now the stuff of legend, and forever exclusive to that room). The first trailer came out to very mixed reviews, now is their chance to show us why we should be excited.

Iron Fist Casting Announcement

After the roaring success of Daredevil, people wanted to know as much as they could about what was next for the Netflix Marvel Universe. We knew they had three more shows in the lineup, all leading to a larger event: The Defenders.

Of the three shows yet to air, two leads have been announced: Jessica Jones - Krysten Ritter; Luke Cage - Mike Colter; but Marvel has still yet to announce the fourth and final piece of the puzzle.

Who is their Iron Fist? We have to know soon as Marvel's Jessica Jones is due out later this year and Luke Cage soon thereafter. Iron Fist has to shoot soon, and what better time to reveal their Danny Rand? Marvel Films may not be at Comic-Con, but Marvel Television is.

Spider-Man Villain Announcement

We know who the new Spider-Man is! A lot of people thought they might save the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man reboot casting for SDCC (presumably as part of the Sony Panel), but we all now know it's Tom Holland!

We also know that it's being directed by Jon Watts (Cop Car). But.. that's all we know. It would be a smart move on Sony's part (and a great way to show some ownership) to have another announcement on the Spidey front during their big panel. Giving us further casting, or even who the villain is in the film would be enormous news and surely the talk of Comic-Con.

Considering the movie comes out in 2017 and will need substantial time in post production they will have to start shooting soon. It would be great publicity to have the villain/some cast come out early under their control and scrutiny (like Batman v Superman did) than to have it slowly leaked and rumored.

Deadpool Footage

Deadpool comes out February 2016. Let that sink in. In less than nine months we will have an R-rated superhero movie in theatres starring the Merc with the Mouth!

Comic fans have dreamed of this moment for years (including Ryan Reynolds himself) but now that they're done shooting people are clamoring for more. So far the production team and Reynolds have done a great job releasing a few images here and there to give us a taste of whats to come, but now is the time for more.

Where better to debut the first footage, or better yet the first Trailer for Deadpool than San Diego Comic-Con?!

Full Title Listing in All New All Different Marvel

Marvel Comics are in the middle of a Secret War. The entire universe is changing right before our eyes. We have no idea how it will end, or who will still be standing when it does. All we know is when.

October of this year brings us a whole new Marvel Universe. There's no Ultimate Universe, no 616 Universe, no 2099. There is only the one giant world that all the heroes inhabit.

Marvel has said for months there would be around 60 titles when all was said and done that would kick off this new era in comic history. Recently they gave us 45 titles (and they sound awesome). We hope they use SDCC to announce the full slate!

Fight Club 2

Two years ago at Comic-Con, Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk quietly announced that he had some ideas for Fight Club 2. (Trust us we were there in the room). Then, in 2014, they had not just a 15 year anniversary panel (with Palahniuk and David Fincher) for the first Fight Club but also a Fight Club 2 announcement panel!

Now that the first couple of Fight Club 2 comics are out, and Chuck Palahniuk is scheduled to attend the con, we hope its for something huge. It could only happen at a place like comic con, but it would be amazing if they had a Fight Club 2 live read. Or better yet a cast reunion to commemorate the book.

It's a pipe dream, but we can hope. In Tyler we trust.

Star Wars Footage

We know that there's a Star Wars panel this year. We know it's in Hall H (the biggest space at SDCC, usually used to showcase new footage). But we also know that J.J. Abrams is one of the most secretive directors in all of Hollywood.

We hope that they show not just another trailer, but new, exclusive to Comic-Con footage! This is the last SDCC before it's Christmas release and we still know nothing about it. (JJ is doing his job). Sure they could just introduce a new trailer a couple hours or days early. But Star Wars is a huge part of the foundation of Comic-Con and we think they should get an exclusive that no one else gets to see until the film's December release.

Let's give those people who wait overnight and hours into the day some well-earned bragging rights.

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