Ok, so we all know by now that I am an ex travel agent who still loves to help friends and family with their travel needs, yes? I mean I don't book anything any-more, but any advise i can give i will happily help. I will often be having email conversations and DM's from friends with travel questions and i love keeping my foot in the door, as travelling really is a wonderful thing that everyone should experience as much as they can.

It's that time of year when proposals and weddings are in abundance. Whether you're just engaged, thinking about it, or closing in on the deal, i have some honeymoon advice for you, and my favourite destination for a honeymooners paradise too.

First Up

Advice for booking your honeymoon

When you first start planning your wedding, plan a budget for your honeymoon. Couples will often pour their heart and soul and savings in to their wedding day and then forget about the honeymoon until a couple of months before. Don't do this. Plan it alongside your wedding, as once your big day is through you want to have something to look forward to. Plus its going to be your first time together as husband and wife, you deserve for it to be special.

Discuss what you both want out of a honeymoon. Do you both want to relax, sightsee, bit of both? Clarify before you start searching, that way you can limit your search down to select areas rather than the whole globe.. trust me on this one, I've been around the world and back planning honeymoons for couples who haven't really thought through what they want.

Book in advance. Flights come out approx 11 months in advance. The first flight seats that are released for general sale are often the cheapest, the closer you get to the date of departure, the higher the prices will be. So again preparation is key. If you have the time, book in advance. If not seek out some offers through the likes of Flight Centre who have dedicated honeymoon offers

Indulge.. Chances are this is going to a trip of a lifetime. Don't scrimp on it, indulge in a little luxury if you can. Trust me, you will be talking about this honeymoon for years to come, it will set your married life off to a fabulous start. If it were me (and this is just my frank opinion, because i love to travel) I would forgo a few things on the wedding day, because the marriage to your loved one will be a buzz enough for you on the big day, and put that money towards a fabulous honeymoon. That way you will have the best of both.

My Top Honeymoon Destination for #JustHitched

Bahamas, Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort

White sands, crystal turquoise waters and the most glorious palm tree clad surroundings.
The perfect spot for any honeymooners.
If you aren't familiar with Sandals resorts then let me briefly acquaint you.

Pure Luxury
Adult only resort, perfect for honeymooners (no kids dive-bombing in to the pool, I mean I have kids, but man how awesome and peaceful, right?).
All inclusive: eat, drink and be merry.
Multiple facilities: water sports including diving, land sports including tennis, gym for all your fitness bunnies, and much more.
2 beaches
10 Restaurants.. all included
And if you're really pushing the boat out, some Butler class rooms have butler service.. oh yes, you read correctly, personal butler service.

So why here?
If you want to be treated like a princess, be left in peace or weighted on hand and foot, this is one of those places.
Beautiful luxury oozes from every corner of this resort, ensuring the most perfect honeymoon is their priority from the moment you set foot on this island.

The reasons i chose this as my top honeymoon destination this year are:

You are just off shore, on Sandals dedicated island. You want peace? You got it, Want to explore? Take a boat across to the mainland and head out for some fun.

Speaking of outside, try some day trips, including Swim with dolphins, distillery trip, The Queens Staircase and of course the Waterpark at Paradise island... just to name a few... needless to say you won't be bored.

If you're staying for 10-14 days (which i would say is best for a long haul honeymoon, make the most of every day I say!) then you want a plethora of restaurants available to you. Sandals has 10 here all included, all available. This is crucial as you don't want to have to eat at the same buffet for 10 nights on the trot.

Evening entertainment included. Sit back, relax with drink in hand and enjoy the varied entertainment program.

So tell me, if you were to book your honeymoon this year, where would you go? Or maybe your planning your wedding and need some inspo?
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