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Wishlist for QuickBooks DESKTOP 2018+ by category

Register, Transfers, Deposits, Banking, and Reconciliation

Cleared Tag on Deposits, Transfers (for EACH SIDE of the balance sheet transaction), Payments that bypass Undeposited Funds, and Sales Receipts that bypass undeposited funds

Customizable check registers just like all other screens that have a “Customize Columns” option, all registers in the balance sheet should have this option. It is useful to be able to change the order in which data is entered, and which fields to hide (like REF) and which to show (like Class and Customer:Job). QuickBooks Online executed this very well

Same type of column customizability in Bank Feeds

Ability to “Pay Bills” from the credit card bank feeds screen, currently you can only do that from the bank account bank feed screen only

A “Write Checks” transaction and a “Pay Bill-Check” transaction should be able to be swappable via a simple checkbox, just like a Credit Card Charge/Credit or a Receive Items / Bill transactions.

Deposits: Larger Memo field and Deposit To fields

Deposits: Bigger PAYMENTS button, and label it with UNDEPOSITED FUNDS so people can understand where these come from

Make sure that Payments to deposit window has the word UNDEPOSITED FUNDS somewhere. More ability to filter date ranges and more filtering options such as whether the payment is from an invoice (payment item), Payment screen, journal entry, Sales Receipt, etc. Show Memo from Payment in this screen as well

In any Register, Shortcut for QuickAdd Vendor, like CTRL-ENTER

In a Credit Card Register, Ability to switch a creditcard charge to a credit card credit from the register if the user makes a mistake

Transfer Funds, I need to know if these two bank transactions have been cleared or not. Also I need the ability to transfer into an income or expense account; not because I want to do that, it is for correcting user errors.


I would like to be able to search and filter transactions within the same screen. It is also very useful to be able to see whether the account was downloaded or matched through bank feeds in the reconciliation screen.

A lot of users get stuck when a transaction is missing, so a “add new check” and “add new deposit” button under each side would be very useful.

We need “shift-click” functionality, which lets the user select several transactions in batch

Ability to Hide transactions that were checked

Mark All and Unmark all separate for debits and credits

Show void checks on the checks side, not the deposit side, its confusing

More Customized columns options

Reconcile and New Button

Add a hidden tag to transactions to know in which reconciliation they were reconciled

Group/Filter (and item count) by transaction type, very helpful for long reconciliations

Bank Feeds

Ability to bring CSV files to Bank Feeds…. This is long overdue, allow people with smaller banks or international banks to bring their data in without being a slave to .QBO files

Customize Columns, add or remove customer:job, class, or billable

Keyboard shortcut to QuickCreate Vendor

Ability quick create a customer or vendor based on the Downloaded As

There is glitch when clicking on SHIFT KEY

Sorting should be “sticky”, bank feeds gets resorted after adding a transaction

Ability to Pay Bills from a credit card on Bank Feeds

Ability to search Rules, filter by Payee or account

Keyboard Shortcut to access Rules

Option to automatically add the Bank’s Downloaded as and Memo into the Memo line, instead of just the MEMO.  QuickBooks Online does this very well.

Increase the performance of Bank Feeds, feels slow and clunky sometimes

Display when was the last time the bank was reconciled, to help user avoid accepting transactions that are dated before the reconciled period

Bills and Payables

Ability to add a memo when creating a Pay Bills

Make the Class and Terms box larger to support the view of all 31 characters

Ability to see which PO numbers are related to the bills in the Pay Bills Window

Ability to Pay a Bill using Method “Other Current Asset” which will enable all these accounts (the same way you can deposit to them) and create a General Journal Entry that hits Accounts Payable and applies it to bill

In the Pay Bills window, rename the method “Check” to “Check / Bank Debit” to make it easier for users to understand how to pay bills with debit cards, electronic debits, and/or wire transfers… which are becoming more common than “checks”

Ability to disable “Receive Items” or “Receive Inventory without Bill” from the workflow all together

Customize Columns that can be see about the bills, specially MEMO field, bill date, Terms, Class, AP account

In the Pay Bills screen, Ability to see ALL AP accounts if multiple are present, instead of bing limited to one at the time

Show MEMO from the transactions in the screen where we can apply credits

In Bills, Checks, and CC Charges Screen, “Expenses” tab, should actually say “Accounts”; this is very inconsistent with the rest of the software… This tab gives you access to accounts, not just expenses. Notice they fixed this in QBO as well.

Abilty to track Name/Header custom fields in Bills as well, so these can transfer from the PO

Transfer attachments from Bill/Check/CCcharge onto Invoice when marked as billable

We need a better system to manage Prepayments (against POS) that do not create negative A/P

Homepage, General Visuals and Preferences

All screens need to have a larger Memo field, at least TWICE as large. Checks and Bills should have 2 lines

Ability to search accounts (in expense tab or journal entry) the same way we search for Items in Sales Transactions

Ability to block the ability for using an account, customer, or item that has an active subaccount, job, or subitem

Ability to DISABLE “Other Names” so users cannot ever touch this

Add ability for purchase orders without the need for inventory

Ability to disable Item Receipts function so users go from PO to Bill directly or PO to Check/CC

Fast access to search transaction for a specific amount that uses the FIND functionality, not the SEARCH functionality, right on the main toolbar

Ability to change the names or add descriptions to any icon on the home page in parenthesis. Like if I want the Purchase Order to say in parenthesis (Work Order) to help the user really understands what that function does based on their industry or need. Like Customers (Patients) or Vendors (Service Providers). Also if we could move them around and change the arrows, we can really help customize workflows, at least visually

Move the Banking Area to the top, make Pay Bills cross into the Banking Area.   Company Area under the Banking Area

EVERY transaction type should have a keyboard shortcut

Add the Custom Fields for items and Names edit screen onto the List Menu, its too counter intuitive to access via the item list or customer/vendor center

Ability to increase and decrease overall font type, some people like the smaller funds to have more space to work, there is a lot of wasted space

Vendor/Customer Centers

Ability to separate Customers and Jobs into multiple columns, in addition to Flat view and hierarchal view

Last Transaction Date column, so we can know how “active” the customer or vendor is

Ability to use Subvendors just like Customer:Job, Item:SubItem, Account:subaccount, etc… Seems like vendors were left out all together

Transaction Forms: Invoices, Sales Receipts, Estimates, and Purchase Orders

Preferred Vendor option inside the item columns to give the user the ability to see the vendor for the item on sales transactions (or change it in the case of using a sales order or estimate to create a PO!)

Larger Customer:Job and Vendor dropdown menu (many times Customer names truncate)

Larger or Resizable Header fields on all forms, it makes no sense we are stuck with “on-size-fits-all” boxes

Ability to “collapse” or wordwrap lines on invoices to be able to see more lines whenever a description is long (see the fix of QuickBooks Mac 2015 to 2016, would like the ability to toggle it back and forth)

Attached file preview on right sidebar with thumbnails

Add a pencil icon next to the template name on the top right for quick access to customize data layout

Ability to use Copy Down feature on any field inside the form (must specifically on Class)

Larger Memo Field and Larger Customer Message Field (I am not talking about the capacity, just the display)

Ability to add aging bar on the footer when printing the invoice

Pencil icon next to any item to be able to quickly edit the item, or ability to right-click and click on Edit Item

Shortcut key for Copy Line and Paste Line (CTRL-ALT-C / CTRL-ALT-V)

Ability to BLOCK the ability to override the document number (Admin Company Preference) that way the user must work with the automated number provided. This one is HUGE for control

When clicking on Select Items to Receipts when inside an Open Purchase Order, it should jump straight into the PO being received, instead od having to select the vendor and then the PO

When a PO is created from an Estimate using the Cost and markup columns, the costs from the estimate should flow to the PO, instead of the default cost from the item (maybe this can be a preference to toggle this mode or the old mode)

Any custom field restricted to Date (Enterprise) needs to behave like other date fields (T to Today, +/- to go and down one). Additionally when using filters with those dates, we need to be able to work with a range, otherwise they are not really that useful.

Service Date needs to be available for searching and filtering for reports; otherwise is not too useful


We need these two Default Reports: Unreconciled Transactions Report and Undeposited Funds Report

Cleared Filter: I want to be able to see both types of cleared transactions: Cleared and Reconciled as a filter

Horizontal Collapse for Classes and Customers:Jobs

Multiple Accounts, Multiple Items, Multiple Classes, and Multiple Items filter needs to be cleaner looking, with ability to search, sort, and filter

Account filter needs the option for Cost of Goods Sold / Expenses and All Expenses Including COGS

Amount (Between / Range)

Two separate Account filters (Source and Split)

Name filter for Source and Split separate filters and also both showing as defaults in a transaction detail report

Transaction detail Report : At least two Dimensions of Total By for better grouping, maybe a “Subtotal by”

Transaction detail Report: Total by Options: Customers Only (Collapsed), Jobs Only, Classes without Subs (Collapsed)

Transaction detail Report: ability to export a FLAT FILE (CSV) with no totals, just headings and raw data

Process Multiple Reports into a single Excel file with different worksheets (Report Pack) or for a single PDF file with multiple pages

When memorizing a report, the ability to create a new group in that screen

Larger Footer Disclaimer for reports (EXTRA FOOTER LINE IS TOO SHORT, need 250 characters at least)

Quick Access to filters, Cash/Accrual toggle, within report

Filter/Columns available for transaction detail report: Has linked transactions?, Service Date, Creation Date

Quick Font resizing for reports (CTRL + / CTRL -)

Write Checks

Checkmark next to check number that disables the reference and enters “BNKDEBIT” as the reference number to represent a debit card, ACH, direct deposit, wire, anything but a check. This should be accompanied with a filter on reports to be able to filter checks that are BNKDEBIT or not

Ability to Copy Down for Customer:Jobs and Classes (also suggested for all other transaction forms and fields)

Ability to convert a Check into a Bill-Pmt in a single click. This helps to correct many errors that require the user to use ACCOUNTS PAYABLE when using a check to pay a bill. Or add a third tab called “Open Bills” that is like a pay bills window.

Preview open bills for that vendor when user overrides pay bills warning, not just a warning; it may help the person realize they are trying to Pay the Bill when they see it on the screen

Customer Payments

Larger Memo field

Customize fields that can be seen here about the invoices, specially MEMO field, terms/due date, source class, rep, PO number, SO number

We need a better system to manage Prepayments (against estimates and SO) that do not create negative A/R

Chart of Accounts

Ability to search just like in the Items screen

Right-Click Duplicate account

Display a thick black line between the Balance Sheet accounts and P&L Accounts. Between the last equity account and the first Income account. You could also make all the Balance Sheet accounts Bold.

In the NEW ACCOUNT screen, open all the accounts instead of having them inside that other account types dropdown. Organize them like a P&L and a balance sheet so it makes sense to the users.   In other words, on the left column put: Income, COGS, Expense, Other Income, and Other Expense… on the right column, put: Bank, A/R, Other Currenct Asset, Fixed Asset, Other Asset, A/P, Other Current Liability, Long Term Liability, and Equity.

Item List

When Editing an item, display the custom fields, no need to click on CUSTOM FIELDS

Quick Report or CTRL-Q from within the Edit Item screen

Ability to separate Items and Sub-items into multiple columns, in addition to Flat view and hierarchal view

Larger Item name field in the edit item screen

Item Category <- This may be a new/major feature, but I just want a dropdown field with any categories I want to use. This avoids the needs to use sub items many times, which is confusing for most users. This would of course be filterable just like preferred vendor or a custom field. However this field would not show in an invoice as a field, is just an internal category for reporting and sorting


Batch Enter Transactions

Add Purchase Orders, Sales Receipts, Customer Payments, and Sales Orders

Add Batch Enter Journal Entries… WOW!

Ability to Copy/paste inside split screen or If a user has more than one transaction with the same ref number and payee, it should become just one transaction with multiple lines. Allowing us to Batch Enter with multiple lines, eliminated the need for complicated 3rd party tools for Import, easier for us to bring data from other accounting systems into QuickBooks. Marketing wise, you can now claim that with QBES you can “import data from any existing accounting system” WIN-WIN

Recognize and omit $ signs from paste, and auto round to 2 decimals

Reclassify Transactions

Reclassify Payee and/or Customer:Job as well

Ability to add memo to reclassified transactions (like with the batch void new feature)

Ability to select Parent Account with all included sub accounts

Ability to reclassify items

Customize columns to see more data from the transactions, specially the CLR or Banking status

Ability to select a multiple vendors when filtering

Shift-Click to select multiple transaction

Add/Edit Multiple List Entries

Add Accounts as one of the options

Add Other Charges as a item option as well

Ability to Export to excel the EXACT list with the EXACT order that you are seeing on the screen

Ability to COPY DOWN for Active/Inactive items

Add the ability to choose the default Account Settings to vendors

New Tools Ideas

FINISH Batch Delete, add all other transaction types

Batch Edit (this is a little far fetched, but imagine a Check Register, Batch Enter, and Add/Edit Multiple had a brainchild feature called Batch Edit.   Allowing to change dates, payees, memos, customer:job, amounts, source accounts, anything in batch.. with COPY DOWN feature and robust filters, this would be the best tool ever!

Batch Merge. Ability to select a group of vendors and merge them all at once! Same for Items, Accounts, Customers, Classes, etc.

Specifically for QuickBooks Enterprise

User permissions, there is a LOT of work to do here.. we need DATA LEVEL (specific account, classes, reps, customers, vendors, etc…) permissions; more over we need permissions to modify which FIELDS within certain transactions that can/cannot be manipulated.  Also the fact that Intuit has not fixed that ANYONE can just change the sales price of the product (or not be able to put a “floor” on the price) is a deal breaker for a lot of mid-market clients.  We also need to be able to have more than 1 Admin

Multi-user support.  Our customers yell across their offices asking for people to get out to use in single user, and/or have to wait for people to finish… sometimes the Admin cant even boot them out through the messenger, lots of drama…  QBES should just be able to do VIRTUALLY everything in multi-user.  Plus while in multi-user, ADMIN should be able to temporarily override any transactions that a user doesn’t have access to, instead of: making the person get out, change permissions, log back in, make changes, get out, change permissions again… its a big waste of time

Advanced Inventory

1. FIFO, we need to be able to have FIFO data through the SDK as well, plus other areas where FIFO is just marking the “real” number which is still using avg. cost.  Additionally, FIFO needs to also be present at the LOT LEVEL, because the one of the most common reasons must people use lots is to track its costs/profit by LOT.  Same goes for SERIAL NUMBERS, which could give us the ability to do Specific identification (another GAAP inventory valuation method)

2. Lot Numbers are missing reports, there are virtually no useful reports when it comes to Lot numbers

3. Multiple Locations actually work pretty well (it being the most mature of the features), but there are a lot of missing reports in regards to bin locations

4. Barcode. well this features not so useful if you cant get a real wireless scanner to do inventory cycle counts or stock inquiries.  And Barcodes need to work in ALL transactions (specially inventory adjustment), not just a few

Core Inventory,

1. More stability and better performance after 20k+ items

2. Multiple preferred vendors with separate costs per vendor, this is so important for people making the decisions to purchase inventory.

3. Volume discounts (this is something advanced pricing cant fix either) which is to recognize the the cost of inventory simply just varies with volume

4. Sales Price AND List Price.  We need to be able to work with two dimensions of pricing, most wholesale and distribution businesses work with BOTH of these, and price levels and rules sometimes need to work of one or the other

5. Cost, Avg. Cost, and FIFO Cost.  These 3 pieces of information are important an need to be available in ALL SCREENS where we are making a cost inquiry or producing a MARKUP/MARGIN calculation

6. BOM Costs.  the cost of BOM is still works of “Cost”, we have got to be able to pull real costs like AVG or FIFO, otherwise the sales price is hard to get right

7. Units of Measure, have a very small limitation for conversion (10,0000), due to the 5 decimal limitation.  We need a 10 decimal limitation at least, that way we can have broader conversion ranges

8. Landed Cost, ability to allocate freight and other expenses to the item cost

9. Assemblies, we need to be able to have a better way to integrate Payroll/Overhead costs.  Also the ability to have NEGATIVE qty in the BOM could fix the deficiency with scrap.  We also need some production planning reports and tools, as QBES only works for very “light” manufacturing.

10. Inventory Attributes. we need to be able to have an attributes table with different prices… and/or and “Item Category” field that allows us to use instead of SUBITEMS which is a complete mess for end-users.   Item Categories need to be used to group and organize your items, and on top of that

Core Reporting: there are some really basic things that we can get from standard reports like a workable commissions report, Inventory Reports by Lot or Bin, Inventory Aging Reports, Inventory Forecasting, etc…

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