Here at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating we do not endorse or promote any particular diet, or nutritional lifestyle. We do highly recommend that you openly explore the wide variety of dietary approaches and food experiences available and enticing to you. The final objective in a healthy relationship with food is achieved when each person discovers what works best for them as individuals, and brings about vitality, joy and support for personal growth, and health of the planet. The list below is not in a particular order. We believe all of these offerings deserve a place on this list – they’re all ranked highly in our eyes.

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1. 101 Cookbooks – 101 Cookbooks is a mainstay – a favorite of Savuer Magazine, and Heidi Swanson’s lovely photography and recipes are vegetarian, in turns light, complex, flavors. Her two cookbooks (one of which was nominated for a James Beard Award): Super Natural Cooking and Super Natural Everyday are sure to get you inspired and hungry.

2. Adventures in Cooking - Eva’s Adventures in Cooking is a beautiful cooking & food site featuring fun, innovative, and wonderful recipes to showcase her food-photography business. While she longs for a country life, she made her way to Los Angeles to pursue photography and film. Doesn’t hurt that the food looks good enough to eat.

3. Biscuits & Such – Elena writes a scrumptious southern food blog dedicated to sharing and promoting a mixture of modern and traditional southern cuisine. Biscuits & Such is simple, easy to navigate and lovely to breeze through.

4. Chasing Delicious – Russell van Kraayenburg says he’s on on the hunt for delicious food and is constantly seeking the most “tantalizing, elusive, most delicious dish ever”.  It’s a beautiful site, complete with videos, nutrition and cooking tips. We want to invite you to join him in his pursuit of all things delicious.

5. Chez Pim – Pim grew up in Bangkok but ultimately fell in love San Francisco Bay Area. After quitting her Silicon Valley job seven years ago, she now happily lives a professional food writing and exploration. Her work has been showcased in New York Times, Food & Wine Magazine, Bon Appétit magazine, and more. We know you’re going to love recipes, writings, and photos!

6: Cook Republic – Cook Republic is  a gorgeous culinary playground built by Sneh from Sydney, Australia. Both a personal and creative enterprise, Cook Republic shares and celebrates real food, recipes to nourish your soul, cookbook reviews, photography and food styling.

7. Dash & Bella: Cooking With Two Kids – 15 years after Phyllis gave up working in pastry at some of NCYs hottest spots – after tiring quickly of sugar — she began “Dash and Bella,” for her son & daughter. With a focus on cooking with and for children, her blog includes photos, step-by-step instructions, food preparation tips, and her own recipes for cooking delicious, seasonal, and healthful meals. She doesn’t believe in “kid food,” doesn’t oversimplify, and involves her kids in every step of the cooking process.

8. Desserts for Breakfast – Desserts for Breakfast began a collective of photographs for food projects Bay Area Native, Stephanie had undertaken, until one day she began receiving requests for  recipes and with that, she was happily absorbed blogging about the food she had before only been photographing. She loves to test out and share new recipes, and says that sharing  food with lots of people, which is one of the things that brings her “the greatest joy in life”!

9. The Foodess - Jenn describes her self-created titles as follows: Foodess: (noun) 1. One who takes butter + sugar and makes magic. For Jenn, it’s all about bringing friends and family around the heart of the home to share stories, laughter, music and nourishment. How could your ignore this most scrumptious of kitchen parties?

10. Food Republic – This is a collaborative food site for “every man” because the creators believe that men are “under-served in today’s conversation about food” just as much as they believe that food is art. What they’ve built is an incredible exploration of our ever-new and changing food culture -  through food stories, interviews, global conversations, and experiences. Definitely worth checking out.

11. For the Love of the South – Amber has Cajun Country in her blood, she’s explored Texas’ bold food traditions, along with Alabama and Tennessee, and Florida’s eastern oceanic cuisine. This is a woman dedicate to the food traditions and diverse cuisine culture of the American South. Three words for you: Bananas Foster Cheesecake.

12. Frank’s Finest - Chef “Franky G” is the owner and formulator of Frank’s Finest-LLC, a line of culinary herb+spice blends handcrafted from organic and/or wild harvested plants. Frank’s goal and intention is helping you create nourishing, flavorful food. Living the Good Life in Central Maine: foraging, farming and “chefing” it up!

13. Green Kitchen Stories – This is lovely Vegetarian site created by husband and wife, David and Luise (the photographer and nutritionist respectively), to share their endeavor to come up with healthy vegetarian recipes. They never fail to offer a story alongside their recipe that tells what makes this dish especially pure, simple, and delicious. They live in Stockholm with their adorable daughter, Elsa. Also check out their new cookbook: Vegetarian Everyday.

14. Honey & Jam – Hanna Queen is a baker and photographer from Georgia, who loves all things simple and lovely and good. Her photos are dreamy and gorgeous, a great imagination boost when you can’t figure out what you have hankering for: the misty hills of the south – or something resembling a galette.

15. Hipster Food -  This is the joint effort of Cara and Bob when they decided to go vegan in 2010 as a way to document, explore, and learn more about their new food culture world view, and re-learning how to cook in a healthy way. They’re passionate advocates for a whole foods, plant based diet, so you won’t find much processed … well, anything around these parts. They’re also the writers of Chickpea Magazine.

16. Hunter Angler Gardner Cook – Hank Shaw has made quite a name for himself the past two years. Whether he’s writing, fishing, hunting, farming or foraging, he’s reminding his readers of more traditional way of coming by our daily food. He’s the author of Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast, released in May 2011 and his second book: Duck, Duck, Goose: The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Waterfowl, Both Farmed and Wild is due out October of 2013.

17. In Praise of Leftovers - This is a great resource for anyone who’s ever opened the fridge didn’t know what to do with what’s inside. It’s for inspiration at the end of a long workday, parents at home with kids, novice cooks who want to get more comfortable in the kitchen.

18. Iowa Girl Eats – Kristin has been an Iowa Girl for more than 20 years. She knows the rhythms and livelihood that make those kitchens tick – and she’s out to free Iowa from it’s “boring” wrap and show others how to embrace the boons of eating locally and eating well. Check her out for healthy meal ideas, splurge worthy dessert ideas, travel tips and more!

19. La Buena Vida – Nicole Franzen is a photographer based out of Brooklyn, New York. Her main focus is food, travel and lifestyle, she is available for freelance work. La Buena Vida is a stunning, modern, photo journal of her everyday life and recipes.

20. Ms. FoodWise - Join Regula Ysewijn in the front seat to discover Britain’s rich food history. A self-described graphic designer, photographer and Britophile from Belgium, she’s devouring cookbooks dating back as far as the 14th century and having high tea with the locals – if you’re interested in a truly British take on food culture, biscuits and aged whiskey – you’re in for a treat.

21. Oh! She Glows – Angela Liddon shares recipes and photographs of mouthwatering vegan foods. With over 400 recipes on the site, everyone is sure to find one that they must make tonight, such as Raw Almond Butter Cups or Rad Rainbow Raw Pad Thai. She’s a favorite for plant-based foodies!

22. Olives For Dinner - Erin has created a lovely vegan resource with Olives for Dinner. She’s very forthright that a vegan diet may not be for everyone, but wants to debunk the myth that vegan food is tasteless, boring or inaccessible. This is meant to be a space that shows you how; she wants everything to prove easy to replicate in any kitchen with any pantry items, despite your prowess in the kitchen. There’s something here for everyone – both beginners and those who aren’t afraid of some spice in their dish.

23. Matt Bites - This is the home of the man obsessed with “food, drink, and everything in between”. If you haven’t discovered Matt Bites before now – prepared to be delighted. Matt has been involved with food culture for around 20 years and sees no reason to stop now – he’s all about real food, real flavor – keep the fake stuff – he says. In 2009 he began teaching food photography and food styling at conferences, schools and colleges.

24. Michael Ruhlman – Michael Ruhlman is a well know author and chef, from Cleveland, Ohio. You’ve definitely seen him on the Food Network and Cooking Channel – he’s really in love with teaching the craft of cooking to anyone who wants to learn – from pasta, to charcuterie, to the power of schmaltz. A great traditionalist with a love of his hometown and the path that took him to where he is today.

25. Patti’s Mexican Table - Pati Jinich offers up authentic Mexican flavors, colors, textures and warmth into American kitchens. A former policy analyst focused on Latin American politics and history. Patti’s also a chef, cooking teacher, food writer and mother of 3 whose true passion lies in sharing the tastes of her childhood and culinary adventures in her native country.

26. Road & Kingdoms - Roads & Kingdoms is an independent journal of food, politics, music and culture. R&K launched in December 2012 as an experiment on Tumblr, which became a home for reports on everything from Burmese civil war to dissident MCs to the perils of rancid crab. R&K is now a fully digital magazine, publishing long-form articles, interviews and global ephemera three times a week.

27. Straight into Bed, Cake Free & Dried - If you’re in the need for some Gluten Free delectables, then look no further. Naomi Devlin is out to show the world that there’s no reason why a gluten-less baked good need be anything less than flaky, chewy perfection. She’s even teaching at gluten-free workshops at River Cottage HQ near Bristol, England.

28. How Sweet Eats - Meet Jessica – the girl who’s “frenemy” with the vegetable world, smitten with Bacon and overjoyed with chocolate-anything! How Sweet Eats is her sharing space, from “healthy recipes to comfort food and indulgent desserts”. She keeps things as seasonal and local as possible. And I ask you – how can you not be curious about Mac + Cheese Stuffed Brown Sugar Balsamic Portabellos?

29. Roost – A beautiful site that chronicles how Caitlin and her husband embarked on a radical journey three years ago, to eliminate all sugar and processed foods from their diet to further heal her husband’s Crohn’s disease; he is now medicine free and thriving. Here at Roost you’ll be encouraged to eat clean, seasonal foods that not only taste good but are healing to the body.

30. Seasons & Suppers - Join Jennifer as she cooks her way through the seasons in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Seasons and Suppers is her online food and cooking diary, a great place to see what’s cooking in her kitchen throughout the year. And be sure to check out her amazing Peach Dutch Baby!

31. Souvlaki for the Soul – This Sydney based food enterprise by Peter as he seeks to explore tastes and travel from Australia and around the world, with a special emphasis on Greek culture and cuisine, of course. He calls himself a glutton who began blogging out of boredom – but one look at the photography and the Greek flavors and you’ll be hooked.

32. Steamy Kitchen – Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen is mom to two little boys, a recognized chef, food columnist and award-winning food blogger. She is one of the chef stars on this season’s Recipe Rehab on ABC and today considered one of the most influential food people in social media. Check out her incredible pan-Asian offerings with a modern twist! Who needs takeout when you can do it at home!

33. Tartlette - Have you met, Helene? In late 2008, she was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and tested positive for several allergies, such that her neurologist suggested looking at the relationship between gluten, sodium, cholesterol and Meniere’s. And with that, Tartlette was born. An absolutely dreamy and luscious feat of gluten free goodness and professional food photography. Join her on Pinterest or perhaps sign up for one of her food+lifestyle photo workshops!

34. Verses from My Kitchen - Michael spent ten years in the restaurant industry, and feels fortunate to have been surrounded by great food all his life, from his childhood dinners to a restaurant’s long hours. Verses became an extension of this love and passion for all things food & drink and those who you share them with. We have his wife to thank for this beautiful effort, she was the one who suggested he combine his passions for food and writing.

35. Joy the Baker - A self-taught/family taught/taste buds taught baker living in LA, Joy got her love of the kitchen because of her mother and father, a certain delicious Sweet Potato Pie, and really weird purple hot dog casserole, respectively. Her medium of choice these days is cake flour. She swears that baking is in her blood – and one look at her edibles, you’ll be sure to agree. Definitely check her out on iTunes: Joy the Baker Podcast.

36. The Year in Food – Join Kimberley Hasselbrink as she charts the course of the year through inspired, creative cooking and eating with an emphasis on seasonal fruits and vegetables. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better guide Farmer’s Markets, beautiful food and a truly seasonal take on what live ans grows and makes its way to our tables.

37. Goldbely – Need to send a fellow foodie to somewhere satisfying? Goldbely is the spot to explore, no matter what region of the country you hail from, to find the best goodies in your neck of the woods. Showcased by numerous networks, these gourmet trends and recommendations, from cheesecake to bagels, is worth a look.

38. Food 52 – With gorgeous style, The Food 52 community is committed to one goal: “helping people become better, smarter, happier cooks.” by inviting sharing, collaboration and exchange between cooks from all over the world! Check out their new shop, Provisions, for an artisanal, crafty approach to great food.

39. Big Girls, Small Kitchen – Big Girls Small Kitchen is a foodie’s dream, especially those looking for new ways to create and affordable, efficient, lovely meals in a small kitchen. It’s written, edited, and photographed by Cara Eisenpress, and you can also check out her book: In The Small Kitchen: 100 Recipes From Our Year of Cooking in the Real World.

40. Shutter Bean – Shutter Bean, by Tracy Benjamin, hails itself as  “food, photography & pretty things!” and she’s nailed it. Just. Go. Look. She also co-hosts with her friend Joy (who’s also on our list), at the Joy the Baker Podcast.

41. Lottie & Doof - Born and raised in Chicago, Tim made it his home with husband, Bryan and they love to showcase what their hometown can offer; they’ve been cooking up all kinds of goodies ever since. The recipes are delicious, whether they’re a Lottie + Doof are original, or adapted from recipes by world-renowned bakers and cooks. You have to try their Oatmeal Snack Cake. You’ll never look back.

42. Feather & Anchor – There’s a quote by w.e. channing on their site that sums up their worldview nicely (probably why they put it there): “To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common. this is my symphony.” Beautiful recipes and tutorials.

43. Fig & Fauna - Fig & Fauna Farm is a 3.5 acre homestead, located in South Florida, home to chickens, pigs, cows, dairy goats, rabbits and farm dogs. The family came into this “farm-style” in 2011, after they sold their home in the suburbs. They feel it’s important to live close to their food, and they truly enjoy being able to enrich their lives with the process of raising and harvesting vegetables and animals.

44. White on Rice Couple – Todd & Diane believe in connecting with people through food, sharing stories and supporting one another to live our dreams is what inspires us to publish this blog. They cook, consume and create from childhood comforts.

45. Cookie + Kate – Cookie & Kate is known for its fresh vegetarian recipes made from whole foods. Kate’s blog includes many inspiring recipes and occasional treats such as margaritas, cakes, and popsicles. Cookie is her canine companion who catches the crumbs.

46. The First Mess - The First Mess is devoted to eating seasonal foods, especially fruits and vegetables. The blog includes apple recipes for autumn, cabbage for winter, radishes for spring, and tomato recipes for the summer.

47. Gluten Free Girl + the Chef - This site belongs to Shauna James Ahern, her husband Danny, and daughter Lucy, as they cook, bake, and eat gloriously with a gluten-free and satisfying diet. This site is an incredible resource for anyone new to gluten-free living, as it houses a lengthy, but easy to understand, explanation of what gluten is and where it hides and videos on how to bake gluten-free.

48. Homesick Texan – Lisa Fain misses her hometown foods. At first, she says, Homesick Texan was just a place to share recipes with friends and family but it has since evolved into some other fine people started visiting as well—both homesick and non-homesick Texans alike! Enjoy the lush, bold flavors of the Lone Star State.

49. Happy Yolks – Kelsey and Shaun’s goal with Happyolks is to celebrate the experience of creating a wholesome meal and “the happiness that inherently grows from it. In the garden, at the farmers market, and from the heart of our kitchens,” they say — “a chance at each mealtime to express our gratitude to the earth, the day, and one another.” They live in Denver, CO.

50. PaleOMG – Juli’s great conversational style makes PaleOMG a blast to read, she’s a WOD leader at a Denver Cross-Fit and has some amazing recipes to share. Just search by main ingredient or meal time and you’ll easily find something primal and tasty.

51. Use Real Butter - Consider this lovely, space as a directive for life more than just cooking – this is how Jen likes it. She’s all about food and life in Colorado, but she’s never up for doing it half-assed in the kitchen. Recipes range from Agadashi Tofu to Lobster. Come and enjoy!

52. What Katie Ate – A website truly created to celebrate all things: food, photography, recipes and travel photos can be found rounding out the spaces with articles compiled by Sydney-based food, travel and lifestyle photographer; Katie Quinn Davies. Delicious.

53. Culinary Karma – Carly Morgan’s blog Culinary Karma focuses on spreading the message that it “is not only what you eat, it’s how to eat it”. Her recipes include whole, real foods, as well as love and positive attitude.

54. Edible Goddess – Bethanne Wanamaker is the founder of Edible Goddess and author of a number of raw food and natural beauty recipe books. Besides offering delightful raw food recipes on her blog, Bethanne also writes posts that aim to encourage readers to find and live their personal mission.

55. Honest Fare – Gabrielle (Gabi) Arnold is the food artist behind Honest Fare, a blog devoted to turning fresh ingredients into something beautiful. Besides maintaining this blog, Gabi also runs a food truck specializing in gourmet empanadas and has developed line of adorable, yet practical, aprons!

56. Girl vs. Dough – Stephanie Wise is a writer and self-taught baker who pens the blog Girl Versus Dough. Looking at the recipe index on her site will make anyone stop what they are doing and turn on their oven in order to do some baking.

57. Stone Soup – On her site The Stone Soup, Jules Clancy inspires home cooks to get out of their cooking ruts and try new healthy recipes. Her recipes revolve around using easy-to-find, real ingredients in simple recipes that do not require a lot of time or fancy kitchen tools.

58. Indian Simmer -Prerna Singh makes Indian cooking more approachable to all home cooks. Her straighforward recipes include directions that are very easy to follow, tips on how to find the right spices, and why it is important to make your own curry powder.

59. Tiny Urban Kitchen - Jen Che started her blog the Tiny Urban Kitchen when she lived in a tiny condo with a microscopic kitchen. She has since moved to a medium-sized condo, but her affection for cooking delish food — and eating out — remain.

60. Teeny Tiny Kitchen – Launie and Jedd Kettler live with and eat fresh, local, unprocessed food out of a very small kitchen in Vermont. Their website, Teeny Tiny Kitchen, demonstrates that “size doesn’t have to matter when it comes to good food.”

61. Living Lou – Louisa “Lou” Clements started Living Lou in 2010 when she was 17 years old. She describes the blog as a journey on which she continues to blog about her love of cooking and baking, share her original recipes, post her food photographs, and learn a lot along the way.

62. Edible Perspective – Ashley McLaughlin is a cookbook author, freelance food photographer, and recipe developer who specializes in gluten-free and vegetarian diets. Her blog, Edible Perspective, contains recipes for all sorts of creative foods including Belgian Brownie Waffles and Maple Sea Salt Doughnuts.

63. Cave Girl Cuisine – Michelle Fagone of CaveGirl Cuisine writes a fun-loving blog about eating a clean Paleo diet. She states on her blog that she is learning alongside her readers about how to eat local, fresh foods that fit into the Paleo lifestyle.

64. Paleoista – Nell Stephenson is a Paleo expert and successful author who shares recipes, research and product reviews on her blog Paleoista. Her blog is unique in that it does not dwell on the caveman, but pays special attention to the role of the feminine in the Paleo diet.

65. Ancestralize Me – Laura Schoenfield believes that without a doubt an individual’s health can be improved by changing their diet. Ancestralize Me is Laura’s blog where she writes about her health successes after switching to a Paleo diet that features nutrient-dense foods such as whole eggs, coconut oil, organ meats, and bone broths.

66. The Lil Foxes - Ashlee Piper is a holistic health coach and lover of all things compassionate and vegan. Her posts on The Lil’ Foxes highlight her fun-loving approach to food, beauty, and style.

67. Raw Food Home Recipes - Cathrine-Mette Mork follows a well-balanced raw vegan diet most of the time. The recipes on her blog Raw Food Home Recipes demonstrate just how easy, quick, and yummy “un-cooking” can be.

68. Oh My Veggies - Kiersten Frase is a self-taught vegetarian cook who started Oh My Veggies in 2011 mostly out of boredom. A few years later, her blog is a full-time job with a rigorous weekly schedule that includes posting at least two new recipes a week, updates about her garden, and a compilation of what recipes she made from other blogs that week.

69. Eatomaniac – Akhila, the writer behind Eatomaniac is a classic Indian dancer, clinician, artist, and vegetarian foodie. Their blog is stocked with posts testing and sharing veg-friendly recipes from all over the world, including dishes from Northern and Southern India, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, and the U.S.

70. Just the Food – Joni Marie Newman is the writer, photographer, cook, and baker behind the vegan blog Just the Food. She is also the self-appointed “Queen of Veggie Burgers” who has written a number of popular vegan cookbooks, including one devoted entirely to veggie burgers.

71. Hungry Hungry Hippie - Elise Dieden follows a mostly plant-based diet that is 100% committed to whole food and quality ingredients. She voraciously writes about her diet and her love of fitness on The Hungry Hungry Hippie.

72. Healthy Hungry Girl Kitchen – Wendy Solganik’s blog, Healthy Girl’s Kitchen, is about the challenges and delights of living life on a whole-food, plant-based diet. In addition to posting recipes, Wendy also shares her personal history of being an over eater in hopes of helping others find peace with food.

73. Brazen Kitchen - Leah Lizarondo Shannon is the recipe creator, health advocator, and aspiring urban farmer at The Brazen Kitchen. Leah writes about food and food policy, as well as the importance of making and sharing good food.

74. Vegie Head - Adele McConnell of Vegie Head mentors clients to eat a more plant-based diet, works with restaurants to add vegan menu items, and teaches private cooking and health classes. Her website is full of recipes that help overturn the reputation vegan food has of being full of tofu and fake meat.

75. Viva La Vegan – Leigh-Chantelle Koch started Viva la Vegan! eight years ago as a place to make her recipe calendars available online. Over the years, her website has grown into being an interactive, multimedia community for vegans that focuses on vegan education and outreach.

76. Fork & Beans - Cara Reed of Fork and Beans takes pride in bringing her readers the finest in gluten-, egg-, and dairy-free cooking and baking. She is on a mission to convince others that eating allergy-free does not mean depriving yourself of taste.

77. Vegan Am I- Rika and Doni of Vegan Am I – are well-traveled vegan foodies who write about vegan food, products, and restaurants around the world. Their blog is also a great resource for Taiwanese and Asian vegan recipes, as well as the perfect place to find inspiration for your next trip — check out their Travel Schedule.

78. Keepin’ It Kind – Kristy Turner shares vegan recipes, a reading list, and travel tips on her website Keepin’ it Kind. Kristy shows us all through her writing and photography how eating a plant-based diet is both delicious and beautiful.

79. Alien’s Day Out - Mipa Lee of Alien’s Day Out is a vegan living in Seoul, South Korea. She blogs about her favorite vegan Korean dishes, fusion meals, sweets, and baked goods — which she bakes for her online bakeshop (it only delivers to addresses in South Korea).

80. Clean & Delicious – Clean and Delicious is written by Dani Spies, a health counselor, fitness enthusiast, and self-proclaimed health conscious foodie who specializes in making simple and nourishing meals. Her recipes demonstrate how it is possible to find balance, enjoy food, feel great, and live a full life.

81. Liz & Jewels – Lisa Nieschlag and Julia Cawley share their love for design, food, photography, and brilliant ideas on their blog Liz and Jewels. Despite living on different continents, the two woman are able to collaborate on their blog, as well as their cookbook series, “Anni”.

82. This Rawesome Vegan Life – Emily von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life woke up one day and decided to be vegan and shortly after that go into raw foods. Her favorite foods are fruit, dark leafy greens, and chocolate — all of which play a starring role in her creative and gorgeous recipes.

83. Better Raw – Tanya Alekseeva’s words are ablaze with energy when she writes about eating a raw diet on her blog Better Raw. Besides sharing her favorite raw salads, smoothies, and dessert recipes, Tanya also writes about how powerful physical and mental detoxification can be for the body.

84. Chef Amber Shea - Chef Amber Shea Crawley is a linguist, chef, and cookbook author living in Kansas City, Missouri. From the recipes on her site, Chef Amber Shea, it is clear that Amber Shea is committed to eating unprocessed, organic, conscientiously-produced, and tasty foods.

85. Berry Ripe – Berry Ripe is a joint endeavor of a number of bloggers all committed to making the world a healthier place. This blog is packed with practical tips for eating healthy, staying in shape, and keeping the flu away.

86. Heather’s Dish – Heather Disarro, who writes Heather’s Dish, is a recipe devleloper, freelance writer, and lover of food. Her website is devoted to providing her readers with tasty recipes and authenic, honest, and soul-satisfying dialogue.

87. Yummy Supper – Yummy Supper is Erin Scott’s blog where she collects her recipes dedicated to eating seasonally in Berkley, California. Her recipes also happen to be gluten-free as she must avoid gluten, which she does not see as a limitation, but rather the opportunity to be more creative with her diet.

88. XO Breakfast – XO Breakfast is written by a breakfast expert who really knows how to celebrate the first meal of the day. If you need inspiration for your next brunch party, be it muffins, granola, pancakes, or omlettes, this is your website.

89. Maria Mind Body Health - Who says healthy food can’t be fantastically tasty? If this is you’re opinion on home-cooked whole foods, then please check out what Maria’s been cooking up, from chocolate eclairs to seafood risotto.

90. My New Roots - Sarah Britton started My New Roots six years ago as a place to share her deep passion for cooking with whole foods and her knowledge of Holistic Nutrition. The website is now an abundant resource for plant-based recipes that result in scrumptious dishes — every time.

91. Pioneer Woman – The Pioneer Woman is written by Ree Drummond, an award-winning blogger, bestselling author. Her site tells entertaining tales about how she lives, home schools, gardens, and cooks on a ranch in Oklahoma. She also has her own show on the Food Network.

92. Not Without Salt - Ashley Rodriguez writes about feeding her three young children as well as her passion for cooking on her blog Not Without Salt. While there are plenty of good main and side dishes to try on her website, we especially like her commitment to baking pastries, cookies, and cakes with real butter.

93. VK Reese Photography – Where Food and Images meet. And what a happy rendezvous! Vanessa has received awards and recognition for her work in food and still life photography. Among them are SAVEUR Magazine’s Best Food Photography and The [Framed] Awards best food photographer. She lives in Brooklyn, and loves tea. Her food photos are swoon-worthy.

94. The Gluten Free Vegan – Meet Megs. She doesn’t eat animals. She considers herself a foodie, but not, she says, one of the annoying kinds who use words like “mouth-feel.” This down to earth plant powered sweetheart loves to cook, and explore new flavors. Check her out if you have a passion for good vegan fare, food culture, and writing.

The list is nearly full – but we need your help to complete it.

If you have a foodie website that you think needs to be on this list, please email us at info@psychologyofeating.com with your recommendations!

We hope you enjoy!







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