My most favorite and unique Phantasy star universe character is Mutsumotto Jutsu.

Name: Mutsumotto Jutsu

Age: 12 years old

Date of birth: Unknown

Place of birth: Unknown. He's not from the Gurhal system.

Family: Dead, But he do have Karen Erra and Mirei which are his step sisters.

Hobbies: Honing his ninja skills and seeking revenge

Hates: Traitors and people who shed innocent blood.

Race: Unknown

Unique abilities: His Dark form and his glowing red and white eyes, which is always active, while he's in his Dark form.

About him: Mutsumotto Jutsu is a 12 year old ninja, who's heart is filled with hatred, anger, rage and wrath. Revenge is constantly on his mind and he wont stop until his father and mother and his village, has been avenged. He's over protective of his two step sisters, Karen Erra and Mirei, of whom he cares deeply about, as they care deeply about him and look out for him. Mutsumotto is a very serious and silent person. A boy that is of little or no words at all.

Mutsumotto Jutsu's story:

7 years ago when Mutsumotto Jutsu was only 5 years old living with his parents, his village was suddenly attacked by enemy ninja from a clan known as shadow soles. As the village was being destroyed and burned down, by the shadow soles clan, countless people in the village was being killed. Great and brave ninja within the village took up arms to battle against the shadow soles clan and while some clan members of the shadow soles were killed, more reinforcements from the shadow soles clan arrived and the great ninja of the village was overwhelmed and eventually killed.

While people were dying, houses in the villages were burning down and being destroyed, Mutsumotto's father, a very skilled and greatly honored ninja who was reveranced by the village and mainly his family, commanded Mutsumotto's mother to take Mutsumotto and flee south into the forest. There through the long forest, she would find what would appear to be a boat. He commanded her to sail to the other side of the country and hideout there, until the chaos in the village was over. Mutsumotto's
Father knew that staying back to fight in the village meant certain death, but nonetheless he held his integrity and honor.

As his father have spoken these words, 3 shadow sole ninjas have broken their way through the roof of the house and immediately began attacking Mutsumotto's father and mother. Mutsumotto's mother ran to grab Mutsumotto and as she fled from the house with him, she attacked by one of the shadow sole ninjas, but her husband teleported in front of her and blocked the attack. Afterwards he raised his voice at her and commanded her to go immediately and she ran off with their son in her arms. As she was fleeing the house, Mutsumotto yelled for his father as tears ran down his eyes.

Mutsumotto's father then proceeded to join the battle with the other great ninja of the village, against the shadow sole ninja's. While Mutsumotto's mother was running through the burning village with him in her arms, she was attacked by another shadow soles ninja who did a canon ball flip off the rooftop of a burning building and came down towards her with a powerful slash, and
she dodged the attack. Afterwards, another great ninja of the village came and defended her and told her to get out of the village quickly. After she have reached south part of the forest, she ran until she had reached the river and she sat Mutsumotto in the boat and began loosening the ropes which kept the boat in place.

While she did this, she realized that a large group of shadow sole ninja was coming quickly for her and her son through the forest. Realizing that she wasn't going to have enough time to loosen the ropes and get on the boat to escape with her son, she decided to loosen the ropes and pushed the boat out into the river using a ninjutsu which caused a heavy gust of wind to blow to the boat in the river away from the land. She then decided to stay back and fight the shadow sole ninjas, to buy the boat some time to get away from the land, out of reach from the shadow sole ninjas.

As the boat sailed away from the land, Mutsumotto yelled mother no!!! What are you doing? Don't leave me!! As he cried with tears of pain. He attempted to jump out of the boat and swim back to his mother, but his mother used a ninjutsu that prevented him from leaving the boat, until the boat have reached the other side of the country. Realizing that he couldn't leave the boat, all he could do was cry, as his mother looked at him with a smile. He then yelled her final words to Mutsumotto Jutsu and said
Mutsumotto!!! Me and your father love you so much. This why we put our life on the line to make sure that you got away safely.
We love you!!! and we always will!!!

With these final words, she then turned around looked at the army of shadow sole ninjas had caught up to her. As she turned around, Mutsumotto yelled at her while crying saying, but why!!! Why do things have to be this way!!! I don't understand!!! Why!!! Mutsumotto's mother then looked back over her shoulders at her son, with great sorrow in her eyes and her final tears ran down her face. She then wiped the tears from her face and proceeded to fighting the army shadow sole ninja, who then attacked her.

She fought with all her might. However a couple of minutes later, she was slain without mercy. As Mutsumotto Jutsu seen this
from afar off, hoping his mother would survive, he began crying for hours and from that time on, great hatred, anger, rage and wrath began to grow within his heart exceedingly and he became cold hearted. A couple of hours later, the boat have reached the other side of the country and he woke up, feeling great depression within his heart. He was so depressed that sometimes when he breathed it hurt. Being only 5 years old, Mutsumotto Jutsu was on his own. While wandering the forest on the other

side of the country, he learned survival tactics. A day later, he sailed his boat back to his village. When he got to the forest, he put a white rose in his mother's hand and buried her under the ground, as tears ran down his face. He then thanked his mother for all that she done for him and left a group of white and violet red roses on her grave. White was her favorite color and violet red roses was her most favorite roses. He then proceeded to the village to see if there were any survivors left and to see if his father had survived. When he got the village, all he seen were houses that were burned down, rubble and dead bodies on the

ground all over the village, including the dead bodies of shadow sole ninjas. Realizing that his father wasn't at their home which was burned down, began searching the village. Almost a half an hour later he found his father and unfortunately he was dead. His father suffered from various stab wounds and his throat was slit open. After seeing this Mutsumotto began to cry again and he put his fathers dead body on the back of a wagon and pulled the wagon through the forest. Afterwards he put a white rose in his fathers hand, but before burying his father, he seen a note hanging out of his father's shirt and when Mutsumotto read the

letter, it stated that Mutsumotto was sail over the river on the other side of the country with his mother. There he would find a space shuttle that would take him to the Gurhal system. There he could train and become stronger. Then maybe one day Mutsumotto will return to this planet and avenge his people. Mutsumotto perceived that his father wanted to give this message to his mother, but unfortunately didn't have enough time. After putting a white rose in his father's hand, Mutsumotto buried him next to his mother as tears ran down his face. Afterwards he gave thanks to his father for everything that he have done for him.

He also stated that he would never forget the great honor that his father carried in the family and that he was great and worthy ninja and his mother was great and worthy ninja. With these final words left some white roses and black roses on his father's grave. Black was his father's favorite color and black roses was his most favorite roses. While standing before the grave of his parent's, Mutsumotto Jutsu swore to himself, that he would get revenge on the shadow sole ninja and wipe them out for what they to his village and people and for killing his parents, of whom he loved deeply. This was the last day that Mutsumotto cried.
Every since that day he never cried ever again.

From that point on, Mutsumotto Jutsu had nothing but hate, anger, rage and wrath within heart and every passing day, his anger, rage and wrath grew greater and greater and he grew more and more cold hearted ruthless. After sail back to the other side of the country, Mutsumotto began honing his ninja skills in a hardcore manner. Each time he trained, thought about the
tragedy, that he witness and the ninja clan that attacked his village that day. A month later Mutsumotto Jutsu continued his mission in reaching the space shuttle so he can go to the gurhal ran system as his father wished. While Mutsumotto was on his dangerous journey, he ran into other kids who were also victims of relentless ninja clan attacks by other ruthless ninja clans.

These kids were without a village or place to call home, just like Mutsumotto. These kids have came together and formed their own ninja clan in order to look out for each other. After they offered Mutsumotto to join their clan, he accepted their invitation, seeing that he could easily relate to them. However Mutsumotto Jutsu was very serious and he never smiled or laughed and didn't speak much. In matter of fact, he was a silent person that was of little or no words at all. When he trained to hone his ninja skills, most of the time he would train alone instead of training with the other kids. He remained with this clan for 5 years.

They all helped to raise and take care of each other. Even in dangerous situations. When Mutsumotto was 10 years old, he decided that it was time for him to depart and get on a space shuttle and travel to gurhal system. before he left, each kid that was apart of the clan, gave him a parting gift that he could either wear around his neck or on the wrist of his arms. However
the leader of the clan, gave him a picture with all the kids from the clan in it, including himself and the leader of the clan, said
remember us Mutsumotto, try not to forget us. And Mutsumotto Jutsu answered and said with a serious but determined look on his face, I wont forget you guys, I promise.

You guys have been like family to me. When I return to this planet, I hope to see you guys again. And the leader of the clan answered and said likewise to you. Mutsumotto then proceeded to heading to the space shuttle and the rest of the clan proceeded to continuing their training. After reaching the space shuttle an hour later, he got on it and a half an hour later the space shuttle ascended into the sky. As this was happening Mutsumotto looked out the window and saw the kids that he grew up with in his clan, including the clan leader, waving their hands goodbye towards Mutsumotto with a brotherly smile on their face, as they ran towards the space shuttle. It would appear that they wasn't going to train yet, instead they secretly followed Mutsumotto to the space shuttle, to bid their goodbyes to him.

While looking out the window at his clan members and at the leader of the clan, Mutsumotto said to himself, I promise.... I will return and we'll fight our enemies together. Wait for me til that day comes. I wont let you guys down. Having said these words,
Mutsumotto had slowly stopped looking out the window and laid back in his seat. While laid back in his seat, he thought back to that one time, when he trained by himself, while he in the clan with the other kids, and he discovered that he had a Dark form.
When he immediately charged up into his Dark form, he discovered that he was much more powerful and much more faster than normal.

When he was in his dark form, his eyes would become red and white, accept the red part of his eyes would glow up. With his glowing red and white eyes, he realized, that he could see through enemy attacks and predict the enemies attack before it even lands on him. However there was no guarantee that he will always be able to avoid the enemies attacks all the time. He then realized that by going to the gurhal system, he could learn to utilize his eyes, by learning to dodge and block against enemy attacks instead depending on his red and eyes to do it. That way when he do use his red and white eyes against his enemies in battle, counter attacking them with a powerful attack, after dodging their attack, will be much less difficult.

However, he can only use his red and white eyes while he is in his dark form because when he's not in his dark form, his eyes are black and white and when his eyes are black and white, they have no unique ability. Seeing that he can remain in his dark form for as long as he like, after charging up into it, he decided that he was going to remain in his dark form. He also discovered that there are two other higher levels to his dark form (his 2nd dark form and his final complete dark form) and that the only way to reach those higher levels in his dark form, is to greatly increase in strength and skill and to go through many, many, many

battles, and through high intense training, but most importantly he must have intense hatred, anger, rage and wrath with his heart, however he already has intense hatred, anger, rage and wrath within his heart. Also going to the gurhal system will also be a chance to greatly hone his ninja skills aswell. After thinking about these things, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

9 hours later he woke up, and looked out the window and saw the gurhal system for the first time ever. It was his first time seeing parum, neudaiz, moatoob and the guardians colony. When the space shuttle landed at the guardians colony, he got off the space shuttle and walked around. After a while he decided to get something to eat. While eating the alarm went off and a male operator began speaking through the loud speakers making an announcement, stating that wild animals have escaped from the facility and that guardians were needed to subdue to aggressive creatures. When Mutsumotto seen men armed with sabers

running to the linear platform, he perceived that they were guardians decided to follow them while questioning himself, what a guardian was. As he followed the guardians, one of them stopped and asked him what he was doing and he answered while raising his voice and said. What do ya think Im doing? I going to help you guys. And the guardian said you can't. You don't look old enough. Mutsumotto was 10 years old at the time. The guardian also told him that he had to be 14 years old or over to join the guardians. The guardian was in a rush, so he said that he will explain more later.

However Mutsumotto followed them anyways in secret and ran pass the guard at the linear platform entrance. Of course he was chased by the guard, but Mutsumotto is a ninja, so he out ran the guard and made it into the danger zone where the dangerous
animals were at. While fighting there, he seen Karen Erra struggling with a huge creature (Karen Erra was 14 years old at that time) and he went to help her. When Karen Erra seen Mutsumotto she said, you're a little too young to be down here aren't you? And he said, I saw that you could use a little help, so came over to help. Karen Erra then said whatever, but anyways thanks for coming to my rescue and Mutsumotto said in a cool manner, no problem. After taking down the huge creature together, they both decided to stick together and take subdue the of the other creatures.

After all animals were subdued by the guardians, they returned to the fourth floor and before Karen Erra went her separate ways
she asked Mutsumotto, what the name of his parents were so she could tell them how great of a fighter he was and when Mutsumotto heard this he looked down at the ground and said they are dead. Karen Erra was shocked when she heard this and Mutsumotto had then answered again and said, you see, Im not from the gurhal system and I just got here today. My parents
were killed and my village was destroyed by a ninja clan, on a planet called sapphire, the planet that I was born and raised at.

My father had written a note stating that I was to come here to gurhal system with my mother and train to greatly hone my ninja skills. Mutsumotto show her the note that his father had written. Karen Erra had then answered and said. Im sorry. I had no idea. So you don't even have a place to call home here huh? Mutsumotto answered and said no while putting his fathers note away. Karen Erra answered with a cheerful smile and said, well how about it? Mutsumotto look up at Karen Erra and Karen Erra said, I'll bring you to my home and you can stay with me and my sister Mirei. Consider it a greatful thanks for helping me out back there. I'll put in a good word to master Rutsu about your good deed.

Mutsumotto answered and said thanks and went with Karen to live with her and her sister. When they got to the house, Karen Erra asked a question and said, you don't mind me calling you my younger brother do you? Mutsumotto look up at Karen Erra and she said, I know we're not related blood family wise, but to have you as a step brother would be cool. But instead
of me calling you step brother, Imma call you my younger brother and you can call me your older sister. Mutsumotto said, that's
cool with me. Karen had then said, BTW my name is Karen Erra. Mutsumotto answered and said, my name is Mutsumotto Jutsu.

Karen answered in playful manner and said, wow Im so jealous of you. You have an awesome name. Mutsumotto answered and said. Yeah. My father gave me my name. My mother nick named me Mutsu the ninja. Karen Erra answered and said I see. That's interesting. Mutsumotto asked Karen a question and said is there any way I can join the guardians at my age? And she said no, because you're way too young. In any case you have to be 14 years old or over to become a guardian and even then, before you can become a guardian, you must under go a lot training first. Guardian missions can be very deadly and dangerous, especially
if you're not careful.

Mutsumotto looked down at the ground, grinding his teeth with anger. Karen Erra then said, however you're more than welcome to train in our backyard for the time being. Mutsumotto said fine and seen this as an opportunity to brush up on his ninja skills.
Karen Erra showed him around their house. She also showed him his bedroom. Afterwards she introduced him to Mirei her older sister and to her master Rutsu. After showing him around the house, Mutsumotto began brushing up on his ninja skills.

While he was doing so Karen Erra went in the backyard and said, if you need anything let me know younger brother and Mutsumotto answered and said gotcha sis.

Two years have passed by and Mutsumotto is 12 years old and Karen Erra is 17 years old. Mutsumotto woke up around the afternoon and seen that Karen was getting ready for something. When he went to her asked where she was going, she said
that she became an guardian instructor, and has been sent to instruct two new people. Two guys to be exact. Mutsumotto asked
her what their names were and she looked at the roster and said Ethan Waber and Hyuga Wright. Mutsumotto answered and said
are you sure you don't need to come with to watch your back? These guys sound like tough guys. Karen Erra looked Mutsumotto
and said. It's cool bro. Im tough myself ya know. I'll be able to handle them.

Mutsumotto said, are you sure? And Karen Erra smiled and said, Mutsumotto, you have always been overly protective over me and Mirei ya know. And then in a playful manner she said, Come on!! Give me chance!! Please little bro!! I'll tell you what,
when I come back, I'll treat you to some ice cream. Mutsumotto agree with her and said. Fine, but just make sure you come back safe. Karen Erra answered and said that she will. She had then left the house to go instruct Ethan Waber and Hyuga Wright.

However when she left the house, Mutsumotto seen this as an opportunity to leave the house and meet a vendor, where he will
pick up his false license, to use to become a guardian. After meeting up with the Vendor in a alley, he gave the Vendor 50 meseta and the vendor gave him his false license. After receiving the false license, he took a space shuttle to the guardians colony and went to the guardians HQ. There he showed the lady his false license and the lady said, you look too young try out
for the guardians and Mutsumotto lied to her and said that the license is true (for the false license said that he was 15 years old). However Mutsumotto knew that he was really 12 years old. When she looked at the license again, she giggled and said I guess looks

can be deceiving. So she processed his false license, not knowing it was a false license and he was registered as a guy to trying
for the guardians.

Mutsumotto knew that by becoming a guardian, not only could he protect his sister Karen, this would also be a great time to began greatly honing his ninja skills in battle against enemies and becoming even more stronger than what he already is. Also this would be the chance to increase the power of his dark form, in which he's still in his dark form, even to this very day. This would also be the chance train with his glowing red and white eyes, as he planned while he was on the space shuttle.

After passing various tests while keeping this as a secret from his sister Karen. Two weeks later, he became a full fledged guardian. However even after becoming a full fledged guardian, he kept this as a secret from his sister too, because he didn't
want her jumping on his back about becoming a guardian at the age of twelve. Eventually after his sister Mirei died and his sister Karen became the new Divine Maiden, Mutsumotto confessed to Karen Erra, that he was a guardian. Karen Erra at first

hearing the story became very angry, but then she smiled at him and said, I knew you were up to something, but as I would expect from my younger brother. I can't be too mad at you after all. Just please Mutsumotto becareful out there. Mutsumotto answered and said come on sis, your're beginning to sound like me now. Karen had then laughed and said fine! fine! Just promise me that you'll becareful out there and that you'll keep coming back home in one piece and Mutsumotto said I promise.

Karen had then said, you know I got to have the most coolest brother in the world. I've never seen, let alone heard of a 12 year old in the guardians force. Then she said in a proud manner, My 12 year old brother is now a guardian. Mutsumotto answered and said sis, I won't let you down, I will come home in one piece from every mission. You have my word on it. I'll tell ya what
when I come back how about I treat you to some ice cream? And Karen giggled and said fine by me little bro.

Mutsumotto turned around getting ready to walk off, but before he walked off, he looked back at Karen Erra and gave her a thumbs up and as she smiled at him cheerfully, Mutsumotto ran off quickly and went on his first mission.

Every since then Mutsumotto honed his ninja skills greatly and trained with his glowing red and white eyes. He also learned to dodge and block against enemy attacks without depending on his red and white eyes, so when he used his glowing red and white eyes against his enemies, he became very skilled at dodging and enemy attacks and counter attacking them. He have also increased the power of his Dark form greatly aswell. And after every mission he returned home to his sister Karen Erra, whom she loves as her younger brother and whom Mutsumotto Jutsu loves as his older sister.

This is the story of Mutsumotto Jutsu, the 12 year old legendary ninja.

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