A Sepultura South Africa tour has been announced. The internationally renowned Brazilian metal heads are set to return to SA after more than 10 years for two shows set for Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The Sepultura South Africa tour has been confirmed by Witchdoctor Productions – the very same people behind Witchfest 2015, who recently announced a once-off Voice Of Destruction reunion.

“The band will play two shows while in South Africa. The 12th and 13th of September in Johannesburg and Cape Town,” say Witchdoctor Productions on their website.

Many metal fans will recall the Sepultura South Africa tour in 2003 when they destroyed Joburg, Durban and Cape Town. Having been around since 1984, Sepultura have found a permanent place in the hearts of many metal fans.

Making the Sepultura South Africa tour even more epic is South African heroes Groinchurn who are to joining them. The legendary metal makers are reuniting especially for the occasion, after a hiatus spanning more than ten years. As older metal fans will recall, Groinchurn are known for dominating South Africa’s grindcore scene in the 90’s. Many of Groinchurn members remain largely active, most prominently featuring in bands such as Pretoria’s Afrikaans Insek.

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