After touring extensively for the past 3 years—Italian trio Soviet Soviet are releasing the follow up to their debut album, Fate that was released via felte back in 2013..

With the lead single Pantomine, which premiered via CLRVYNT, Endless—Soviet Soviet’s second full studio album, is sonic foray into interpreting and experimenting with music and songwriting—and is their best material yet. This is how post-punk should be—a kinetic kick of bass and percussion with a whirl of melodic guitars that quicken both pulse and limbs.

On creating Endless The band explains,

“It started to take shape during soundchecks while on tour, as well as last year when we took a break from touring. It is certainly a continuum of Fate, which we could consider a starting point since every journey calls for us to identify a point from which to start or start over again. That is exactly what we are looking at.” Endless is an intense story, one that is marked by purity and which talks of the past. It is an introspective, personal learning experience – a moment of reflection as well as a metamorphosis and a new beginning in life. It’s a tunnel – an experience through which to improve yourself and your surroundings. In many aspects, it’s more complex than their previous work in terms of how the songs are arranged.”

“We’ve tried experimenting with new sounds all the while remaining closely tied to our musical vision. It is a complete album that should be listened to in its entirety. There are songs that inspire reflection as well as tracks that are more potent, marked by distortion yet with a focus on lyrics, which continue to represent a fundamental element in the trio’s approach to composition.”

Endless sees the light of day December 2nd on Felte.

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