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Drug - There are many medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, which will alter the action of

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BRAND NAMES : Antelepsin, Apo-Clonazepam, Clonapam, Clonazepamum, Clonex, Clonotril, Gen-Clonazepam, Iktoviril, Kenoket,

(These are common indications for this medication. There may be additional conditions not listed here. Check with your doctor if you have questions about your specific condition).

If the patient continues to have a seizure without interruption, or fails to awaken after a seizure, this is an emergency situation! Get medical assistance immediately!

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Patients with chronic respiratory disorders, open angle glaucoma receiving treatment, or kidney disease

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Remain with the patient at all times. Keep a mental note as to the characteristics of the seizure, duration, activity prior to seizure, and time of last dose of medicine.

Overdose - Can lead to somnolence, confusion, diminished reflexes, respiratory depression, coma and even death.

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clonazepam with lab tests, neurological tests like CT scans or MRI scans and a physical exam. Your


General Directions for Taking

Protect from sunlight, room light and moisture.

Use clonazepam with caution in:

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