How many people can say they have reached the top of two very different industries in the course of their life? One person who can claim to have found success in two extremely different careers is the Brazilian financial expert Cassio Audi; in his early life and career, the current financial expert took on a role as the drummer with the first lineup of the heavy metal band, Viper. The launch of Viper came in 1985 when the members of the band were all teenagers and looking to make their way in the music industry in a heavy metal genre that had only just begun to achieve success in South America.

The Brazilian heavy metal landscape was influenced heavily by British groups in the heavy metal genre and Viper have always mentioned the legendary British band, Iron Maiden as one of their main influences. The skills of Cassio Audi as a drummer are on show on the debut studio album of Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise”, that includes a number of musical styles used to meet the tight time demands on the band during production. Vocalist Andre Motas explained his vocals on the last song to be recorded were difficult as the week long recording sessions had left his voice cracked and hoarse; on the insistence of Cassio Audi and other band members a punk style was adopted that made it easier for Motas to complete the recording.

Since leaving Viper prior to the release of their second studio album, Cassio Audi has focused on the financial career he has built after achieving his MBA from Sao Paulo University. The success he has achieved has led to Cassio Audi becoming one of the most sought after financial experts in Brazil after taking up a number of positions with multinational financial institutions including J.P. Morgan Chase.

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