Emily Johnston, left, Senior Technical Officer with Bruce Power’s Environment Sustainability program, and Francis Chua, right, Department Manager, Environment Sustainability, assist Municipality of Kincardine officials Adam Weishar, Director of Public Works, Gord Campbell, Councillor at Large, and Mayor Anne Eadie with the official opening of an Electric Vehicle charging station in the main downtown parking lot, west of Queen Street. Plug’n Drive and Baywest Nissan are also partners in the Kincardine EV charging station initiative. (photo submitted)

By Janice MacKayOctober 24, 2016 4:00am

A new Electric Vehicle charging station is now open in downtown Kincardine.

The station is located in the refurbished parking lot to the east of Queen Street.

Bruce Power, Plug’n Drive, Baywest Nissan and the Municipality of Kincardine collaborated on the initiative.

Kincardine Mayor Anne Eadie says the station will make the area a more desirable destination for residents, visitors and newcomers.

She says Electric vehicles will have an increasing presence on our roads in the coming years, so a charging station downtown makes sense.

This is the 3rd of 8 stations Bruce Power is collaborating to open, with chargers already operating in Wroxeter, Southampton and Port Elgin.

Bruce Power’s manager of Community Relations, Rob Liddle, says it is also important to ensure that as EVs become more common, the electricity powering them comes from a clean source like nuclear.

“Bruce Power provides 30 per cent of Ontario’s energy while producing zero carbon emissions,” Liddle said. “It is inevitable that emissions from the transportation sector will decrease as the

viability of EVs as a primary mode of transportation rise. By investing in EV infrastructure and producing clean, reliable energy, Bruce Power is helping to keep clean the air we breathe.”

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