It’s Season Nine Episode Thirty-Nine of Ubuntu AU! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson, Martin Wimpress and Dan Kermac are connected and speaking to your brain.

We are four once more, thank you Australia!

In this week’s show:

We discuss what we’ve been up to recently:

Alan and Martin went to UbuCon Europe

We discuss the news:

The UK parliament enacts extreme surveillance laws, and no-one seems to notice

openSUSE community Linux moves ahead of Fedora

Thanks to a report from BackBlaze Seagate’s 8TB disks seem to be solid

A long-standing major flaw in Linux security has been found

Google has “Strongly recommended” OEM against using proprietary fast charging methods in phones

Spotify’s desktop app writes tons of data to storage drives

Samsung has launched a Tizen app incentive program

Apple reinvent the book

Presenters news picks we didn’t have time to discuss:

Kids Win the Right to Sue the US Government Over Climate Change

SpaceX has filed for a massive constellation of satellites

Windows 10’s virtual trackpad turns tablets into mice

You don’t need to sign in to use Skype anymore

It’s 1989 again! WHSmith will sell video games again with GAME’s help

VW says Audi software can distort emissions during tests

Facebook halts WhatsApp data sharing across Europe

Domino’s starts delivering pizza by drone, but only in New Zealand

Bogus claims by homeopathic drug makers will now face wrath of FTC

Amazon Prime Now delivers Morrisons products in an hour

Google’s self-driving cars master tricky three-point turns

HTC Vive goes wireless with pricey upgrade kit

Europe rules that libraries can lend e-books like normal ones

Oxford University will offer free online courses in 2017

We discuss the community news:

Microsoft has been demonstrating its continued commitment to supporting Open Source platforms.

Microsoft joins the Linux foundation, at a cost of ‘about ¼% of their revenue from patent threats against Linux’

Microsoft SQL Server Public Preview is available on Ubuntu

Microsoft .NET Core 1.1 Brings Support For More Linux Distributions, Greater Performance

Colin Watson: Git-to-Git imports are available in Launchpad. Also known as Git mirroring.

Sergio Schvezov: Making your snaps available to the store using snapcraft

David Callé: How to build your own Ubuntu Core image and other documentation add-on

Tim Peters: How to create Snap packages of Qt applications

Ubuntu Budgie Becomes An Official Ubuntu Flavor

Ubuntu Kernel Update Utility

Fedora 25 Finally Makes MP3 Playback Easy, Fedora 26 Might Ship It By Default

We mention some events:

DevRel London 2016: 7th December 2016 – London, England.

A one day conference about developer relations, developer experience and developer marketing.

2nd Horsham Raspberry Jam: Sunday 11th December 2016 – Horsham, England.

Come and have fun learning about and using Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, robotics, coding and electronics! Many interactive projects will be on show. Thanks to Gavin Hewins from HackHorsham for emailing us.

linux.conf.au 2017: 16 to 20 of January 2017 – Hobart, Australia.

linux.conf.au is a conference about the Linux operating system, and all aspects of the thriving ecosystem of Free and Open Source Software that has grown up around it.

FOSDEM 2017: 4 to 5 of February 2017 – Brussels, Belgium.

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

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