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  • (This article was first published on [citation needed] » R, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers) Over the past two years, my scientific computing toolbox been steadily homogenizing. Around 2010 or 2011, my toolbox looked something like this:...

  • Introduction written by Gradle CMO Miko Matsumura, Blog post reposted from LinkedIn. LinkedIn is redefining developer productivity and the craft of Engineering software through a comprehensive program of Continuous Delivery–at an unprecedented scale...

  • The C/C++ programming languages dominate embedded systems programming, though they have a number of disadvantages. Python, on the other hand, has many strengths that make it a great language for embedded systems. Let's look at the pros and cons of each...

  • Numba vs. Cython: Take 2
    via planet.scipy

    Last summer I wrote a post comparing the performance of Numba and Cython for optimizing array-based computation. Since posting, the page has received thousands of hits, and resulted in a number of interesting discussions. But in the meantime, the Numba...

  • Web development is an ever-shifting landscape. New frameworks and practices emerge, fresh approaches evolve, the ground shifts. And it shifts often: it wasn't so long ago that most of us were building static web pages using tools adapted from the world...

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