KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate, PICT, East has announced schedule for fresh and left over lots for action from August 11, 2015 to onwards.

Details of auction is as follow:

LOT NO. P-50/Oct/13, QUANTITY 24360 Kgs


As per Test Report: It is found to consist essentially of Iron silicate and oxide in association with other silicate and oxides. It is in the form of black colour lesstrous small irregular pieces/grit copper slag.

LOT No. P-30/Oct/09, QUANTITY 4650Kgs


(1) Bicycle Qty. 03 Pcs (2) Trolley Qty 1 Pc (3) 2 Seater Sofa Leather Qty. 03 pcs (4) Mooving Beg. Qty. 02 Pcs (5) Mattress Qty. 05 Pcs (6) Tennis Table Qty. 02 Pcs (7)Chairs (Wooden & Iron) Qty. 15 Pcs (8)Dinning Table Qty. 01 Pc (9) TV Size 40 Qty. 1 Pc (1O)Drawer Qty. O2 pcs (11)Side Table Qty. O3 Pcs (12) Caninet Qty. 04 Pcs (13) Quilts net Wt. 25 Kgs (14) Glass Qty. 15 Pcs (15) Speaker Qty. 15 Pcs (16) Scooty Qty. O1 Pc (17) Books Net Wt. 200 Kgs (18) Singer Seawing Machine Qty. 1 Pc (19) Revolving Chair Qty. 1 Pc (20) Crockery |.e. Porcelain, Ceramic, Oplastic etc. Net Wt. 350 Kgs Approx. (21) TV Stand Qty. 1 Pc (22) Vacuum Cleaner Qty. 02 Pcs Net Wt. 30 Kgs (23) 3 Seater Sofa Qty. 2 Pcs (24) Curtains Net Wt. 20 Kgs Aprpx. (25) VCR Qty. 01 Pc (26) Booster Cable Qty. O1 Pc (27) Hard/Soft Toys Net Wt. 100 Kgs (28) Towels Net Wt. 25 Kgs Approx. (29) Toaster Qty. 02 Pcs Net wt. 10 Kgs (30) Music Stand Qty. 01 Pc Net Wt. 02 Kgs Approx. (31) DVD Player Qty. 01 Pc Net Wt. 02 Kgs Approx. (32) Juicer Qty. 04 Pcs Net Wt. 15 Kgs Approx. (33) Choaper Qty 1 Pc Net Wt. O5 Kgs Approx (34) Coffee Maker Qty. 1 Pc Net Wt. 7 Kgs Approx. (35)Lamp Qty. 05 pcs net wt. 35 Kgs approx. (36) Music System qty 01 pcs net wt. 15 Kgs approx (37) Decoration items net wt. 70 Kgs Approx (38) Guitar Qty. 01 Pc net wt. 10 Kgs approx. (39) Shendlier Qty. 01 Pc net wt. 10 Kgs approx (40) Dressing Table qty. 01 pc net wt. 100 kgs (41) Ladies Gents & Children Cloths net wt. 200 kgs Approx (42) Center Table Qty. 01 Pc Net Wt. 100 Kgs Approx. (43) Table Qty. 03 Pcs net wt. 60 kgs approx (44) Double Bed Qty. 01 pc net wt. 150 Kgs (45) Exercise Machine 01 pcs unit net wt. 150 kgs approx. (46) Mini Hi-Fi Comonent System Qty 01 Pc net wt. 05 Kgs Approx (47) Satelite Receiver Qty. 01 Pc net wt. 05 kgs approx (48) Oven Qty. 03 pcs net wt. 60 kgs approx. (49) Drill Machine Rechargeable Qty. 01 Pc net wt. 15 kgs approx. (50) Sandwich Maker Qty. 01 Pc Net Wt. 7 Kgs Approx. (51)Mirror Qty. 01 Pc net wt. 20 Kgs Approx (52) Refrigerator Qty. 01 Unit Net wt. 80 Kgs approx (53) Music Stand Qty. 01 Pc Net Wt. 45 Kgs Approx. (54) Carpet Net Wt. 10 Kgs approx (55) Washing Machiner Qty. 01 O1 Pc Net Wt 25 Kgs Approx. (56) 1 Seater Sofa Qty. 01 pc Net Wt. 20 Kgs Approx. (57) Computer Table Qty. O1 Pc Net Wt. 35 Kgs Approx. (58) Iron Stand Qty. 01 Pc Net Wt. 25 Kgs Approx.

LOT No. P-59/Feb/14, QUANTITY 15220

(l)OOLU-8540390 Q) OOLU-8570429 (§)TRLU-7014220=3×40’

EVA Sheet in Roll Size =1.43mmx100x1.2mm& 1.43Mx50Mx1.2mm As per Test Report: It is in the form of grey colour sheets, composed of EVA containing coloring matter & filler. I/O China.

LOT NO. P-11/Apr/14, QUANTITY 9100 Kgs


Mosquitio and Fly Killer spray brand “Mortein” Aero soltins 400ML/Tin Qty. 23280 Pcs Approx (2x24Pcs=48 Pcs/Ctn) I/O Malaysia.

LOT NO. P-21 /Nov/12, QUANTITY 44620 Kgs


Pefumery Comp GNV-1014, GNV-1004. As per Test Report: It is found to consist of an aromatic chemical. It is in the form of colorless liquid.

LOT NO. P-34/Feb/14, QUANTITY 30320 Kgs

(l)HJCU—1463208 (2)TRLU-6830234 Q)SLSU-9003172 $4) TGHU-6214563=4x4O’

Printed Paper/Paper Board Corrugated Empty Carton for packing Brand: Fresh Kinoo.

LOT NO. P-48/Mar/15, QUANTITY 20600 Kgs

GESU-2500289 =1×20’

Haxagon Head (Iron & Steel) Bolts & Nuts (Assorted Sizes) (i) Galvanized Qty. 18000 Kgs Approx. (ii) Blade Painted Qty. 1800 Kgs Approx.

P-11/Jan/15, 15180 Kgs

TCKU-2284524 =1×20’

As Test Report: It is found to be mineral greace based on mineral Hydrocarbon Thickened with calcium soap & other additives. It is in the form of light yellow color paste 80 Iron Drum net wt. 13700 Kgs Approx.

P-61 /Mar/1, 19680 Kgs

UACU-5875759 =1×40’

(1) Second hand clothing (mixed) Qty. 19500 Kgs (2) Used Shoes Qty. 1180 Kgs App.

P-42/Mar/15, 62470 Kgs

(1) UACU-5291890 (QUACU-5142685(;)FSCU-6028160=3×40’

(1) Mixed Second Hand clothing Qty. 61800 Kgs App (Z) Used Shoes Qty. 650 Kgs Approx.

P-57/Nov/14, 41210 Kgs

(1)GATU-8460043 Q) SEGU-7315040 =2×40’

Boiler with super heater/air heater, cooling system with accessories and boiler maker No. CB1091, Manufacturing Year 2014 Capacity 52000 Kgs/HR Maximum Working pressure 78 Kgs/Cm2(g) Super Heater Out Pressure 67 Kg/Cm2(g) Super Heater Temperature 490+SC, Hydrostatic Test Pressure 117 Kg/Cm2(g) I/O China.

P-03/Mar/15, 22320 Kgs

1 4C049 GATU-1260568=1×20’

(1)Black color coated Hex Bolt made of Iron Steel Qty. 7000 Kgs Approx (2) Galvanized /Chrome Coated Flange Bolt Qty. 15000 Kgs App. Size M6x100.

P-25/Mar/15, 201320 Kgs


Sheep Goat Skin

P-05/Apr/15, 13435 Kgs

097834 (1)TGHU-6979779 =1x2O’ (;)CSLU-1888141=1x2O’

New Paddy Separato, 4KW, Qty. 2 No.(ii) Suction Type Stoner 2×0.3 Qty. 1 no. (ii) Vertical Emery Roll Rice Whitener 45-55kw Qty.04

P-07/Apr/15, 16330 Kgs


Acetamiprid 20% SP (Ripe for Lab Test)

P-15/Mar/15, 19000 Kgs


ABS (HI-121H) Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (Ripe for Lab Test)

P-13/Mar/15, 9940 Kgs


CLODINAFOP PROPARGYL 15% WP (Ripe for Lab Test) I/O India (Ripe for Lab Test)

P-29/Feb/15, 17740 Kgs


Sanitox (Dimethoate) (1)Solid form (2) Colorless Liquid form (3) Brown Color Liquid form, Nt. Wt. 16000 Kgs I/O China (Ripe for Lab Test)

P-36/Mar/15, 9340 Kgs

TEMU-4388100 =1×20’

CLODINAFOP PROPARGYL 15% I/O India (Ripe for Lab Test)

P-09/Nov/14, 3610 Kgs


(1)Dry View Laser lmager (Used) Brand Kodak I/O China, USA (2) Dry Star 3000 (Printer) Brand Agfa I/O Germany (3) Used Monitor Brand Adhntech 08 Pcs (4) Used Mattress Foam Qty. 30 Pcs (5) Laser Jet Printer (Used) Brand HP I/O USA (6) Used Electro Graph with Trolley Brand Nihon Kohden (7) Used Servo Controlled Heated Respiratory Humidifier 12 Pcs I/O Newzeeland (8) Used Ex-Ray Displayer 02 Pcs (9) Used item patient transport trolley (for Ambulance) 01 Pc I/O England (10) Used Patient Transport Trolley Brand Hoskins 07 Pcs (11) Item Patient Transport Trolley I/O England 06 Pcs (12) Android (Blood Pressure Monitor (with integrated stethoscope) new 09 pcs (13) Wheel Chair I/O Norway 01 Pc (14) Used Phapsody Brand Arjo 01 Pcs (15) Electrical Chair used 01 pcs (16) Used ECG Monitor 02 Pcs I/O Finland (17) Used Operation Theater Lights 02 Pcs I/O Germany. 07022013 21

P-09/Apr/13, 10090 Kgs


(1)Synchronizer AC Generator 3 Phase 280 KW (350 KVA) O1 Unit I/O USA Brand Magna Plus (2) Generating Set, Type V350/AME (35OKVA) 280 KW I/O England Brand Musgrave, on alternator Engine Model No. TAD 1232GE Brand Volvo Penta I/O Sewdan O1 Unit (3) Electric Panel Qty. 04 Units I/O UK (4) Galvanized Sheet Made cooling system 02 units (5) Foam Mattress (load 150 kgs) Max Qty. 94 Pcs (6) Spare Parts i.e. Filter Belts, Seals, Pipes, etc packed in one wooden cupboard. 22

P-27/Nov/14, 10060 Kgs

H3521 IRSU-2036175=1×20’

Hollow PP Yarn Mollient. As per Test Report: It is found to be organically modified clay. It is in the form of Brown Powder.

P-63/Sept/14, 22690 Kgs

40441200 CXDU-1784886=1×40’

As per Test Report: It is found to be natural mineral substances, consisting of oxides of calcium, magnesim, iron and silica etc. It is in the form of white powder.

P-11/Oct/08, 4030 Kgs


(1)Old/used 01 unit Renault Van (2) Old/used Dinning Set consisting of 06 wooden chairs & 01 Table qty. 01 set (3) Assorted Old/Used Industrial Sewing Machine in CKD Condition Qty. 12 Sets (4) Old/Used Window Type air conditioner 01 Ton Qty. 01 Pcs (5) Old/used 15” Monitor I/O China Qty. 01 Pc (6) Old/used CRT TV 22” Brand Bush I/O Turkey Qty. O1 Pc (7) Old/used DVD player Qty. 02 pcs (8) Old/used assorted VCR qty. 02 pcs.

P-21 /Feb/15, 135060 Kgs

=7×40’ Container (1)Mixed Second hand clothing Qty. 127000 Kgs (2) Assorted shoes qty. 5700 kgs (3) Assorted New (un-used) sleeper (Ladies Loose in Bag) Qty. 450 Kgs.

P-10/Apr/14, 17230 Kgs

(1)WHLU-5108160 (2) SEAU-85222978 =2×40’

Assorted Items

P-11/Jan/15, 15180 Kgs


Calcium Grease. As per Test Report: It is found to be mineral grease based on mineral Hydrocarbon Thickened with calcium soap and other additives. It is in the form of light yellow color paste I/O Iran.

P-32/Jan/15, 120920 Kgs

(1)NYKU-3726275(2) NYKU-3271828 (3) NYKU-2852406 (QNYKU-32422373 (Q) NYKU-3389750=5×20’

(1) SSG Plani Lux Clear (Float Glass) Size thickness 6.0mm, 366Ox214Omm Total Qty. 3446.256 SQM.

P-13/Feb/15, 5420 Kgs


Clodinafop Propargyl 95% TC I/O China (File Forwarded to Lab Test).

P-32/Feb/15, 67200 Kgs

_(l)TRHU-3258180 (2)TRHU-3258235 (3) FSCU-7857397 (4) CAIU-3345820=4x2O’

DSD 356.02 Developmental Polyol Total Qty. 320 Drums I/O China (File Forwarded to Lab Test)

P-29/Feb/15, 17740KgS


Sanitox (Dimethoate) (1′) Solid Form Qty. 20 Iron drum (Total 4000 Litres (ii) Colorless Liquid Form Qty. 40 Blue color iron drum (Total 8000 Litres (m) Brown Color liquid form Qty. 20 plastic drum (Total 4000 Ltrs).

P-40/Jun/09, 01 Unit


One Unit ambulance mercdez 412D, 03 sewing machine & 01 cutter contained inside the vehicle.

P-41 /June/09, 01 Unit


One unit ambulance mercedez 412D, 08 sewing machine inside the vehicle.

P-O8/Mar/13, 13710 Kgs


(1) Assorted lighting fixture M/o Iron & Steel Qty. 550 Ctns (Total Wt. 4500 Kgs approx) (2) Flexible duct in round shape (insulated) M/O Iron spring, foam etc. length 25ft qty. 82 cnts total Wt. 150 Kgs. Approx (3) Assorted Rubber Pipe/Tubes in different sizes total wt. 8000 Kgs.

P-20/June/14, –

(1)FSCU-3373624 (2) CRXU-3261691=2×20’

(1) Glazed Mozaic Tiles (i) Size 50x5mm each CTN 33 Sqft x 124 Ctn 4092 sqf I/O Japan (ii) 1”x1 ” each ctn 30 sqft x 45 ctns = 1350 sqf (2) Border Tiles (i) Size 4.5×14.5cm qty. each ctn 240 pcs x 69 ctns = 109 sqft I/O Japan (3) Porcelain Scotting tiles (i) 10x60cm qty. 2384 pcs =143.04 sqm (ii) size 07x09cm Qty. 350 pcs = 22.05 sqm (4) Unpolished porcelain tiles (i) Size 3Ox60cm qty. each ctns 06 pcs x 86 ctns 92.88 sqm. (ii) Size 30x60cm Qty. 1924 Pcs =346.32 sqm (m) Size 60x60cm Qty. 68 Pcs = 24.48 Sqm. (iv) Size 20x60cm qty. 1050 pcs = 126 sqm (v) Size 45x45cm Qty. each CNT 07 Pcs x 20 ctns = 28.35 Sqm (vi) Size 30×30 Cm Qty. each ctns 11 pcs x 30 ctns = 29.7 Sqm (1) Porcelain Matt finish tiles (i) size 19.8x60cm Qty. 278 Pcs = 33.026 sqm I/O Malaysia (2) Porcelian unpolished tiles (i) Size 30x60cm qty. 2708 pcs = 487.44 Sqm (ii) Size 30×30 cm Qty. 1765 Pcs = 158.85 Sqm (ii) Size 60×60 Cm Qty. 424 Pcs = 152.64 Sqm (3) Porcelain Scotting Tiles (i) Size 10x60cm Qty. 2400 pcs = 144 sqm (4) Mosaic/Border/Motive Tiles (i) Size 50x50cm each ctn 33 Sqft 18 ctns = 594 Sqft (5) Glass Tiles (i) Size 30×30 cm Each Ctn 33 Sqft x 06 ctns 198 Sqm. 6

P-21/June/14, –

(1)PRSU-2903078 (2) CLHU-3336578 =2x2O’

(1)Unpolished Porcelain Tiles (i) 30x60cm Qty. each 06 pcs x 329 ctns 355.32 Sqm I/O Italy (ii) 30x60cm Qty. each ctn 08 pcs x 176 ctns = 253.44 sqm (m) 60x60cm Qty. each ctn 03 pcs x 36 ctns = 38.88 sqm (iv) 60x60cm qty. each ctn 04 pcs x 141 ctns = 203.04 sqm (v) 30×30 cm qty. each ctn 11 pcs x 02 ctns = 1.98 sqm (2) Border Tiles (i) 10x10cm qty. each ctns 25 pcs x 48 ctns = 72 sqm (3) Mosaic tiles (i) 50x50mm qty. each ctn 08 pcs x 380 ctns = 547.20 sqm (ii) 30x60cm qty each ctn = 05 pcs x 56 ctns 50. Sqm I/O Portugal (m) 60x60cm qty each ctn 04 pcs x 32 ctns =46.08 sqm (iv) 30.5x56cm Qty each ctn 06 pcs x 07 ctns 7.173 sqm (2) Mosaic tiles (i) 50x50cm each ctn 27.5 Sqftx117 ctns = 3217.5 sqf I/O Japan (ii) 4.5×4.5cm each ctn 30 Sqft x 77 ctns = 2310 sqf (m) 1”x1” each ctn 30 sqf x 36 ctns = 1080 sqm.

P-96/June/11, 64 Ctns


Mens footware (Gents shoes) upper artificial leather qty. 64 ctns (768 pair or 64 dozen) I/O India

P-07/Nov/14, 19380 Kgs


Textile Trimmings (Danim Clips Waste)

P-50/Nov/14, –

(1)BMOU-4370936 (;)PC|U-8117890 Q) PCIU-8232640 (4)BMOU-4967747=4×40’

(1) Earth Boost (2) Water Soluble Fertilizer

P-22/June/14, –


Unpolished porcelain tiles = 25 pallets.

P-96/April/09, –


3 Unit used great wall 4×4 Hover Manual Jeep.

P-58/June/14, 12330 Kgs


(1)Stiring Machine Assy with Accessories Qty. 01 Set (wt. 400 kgs) (2) Insulated steel container size (165x165cm) with single door & electric attachment & accessories qty. O1 set (wt. 250 kgs) (3) Assorted Hand Tool including iron drill machine etc. (4) steel folding chair qty. 06 Nos. (5) Empty plastic tank with steel grill qty. O6 Nos. (wt. 250 kgs) (5A) Fuel filter =12pcs (5B) Water filter =12pcs (6) Methonol qty. O3 drums (wt. 480 kgs (7) cyclohexylamine qty. 58 steel drums (Wt. 10150 Kgs) Note As per Test Report: (1) METHANOL: It is found to be methanol. It is in the form of colorless liquid. (2) CYCLOHEXYLAMINE: It is found to be cyclohexylamine. It is in the form of light yellowish color liquid. Density =0.864gm/cm.

P-49/Aug/13, 19680 Kgs


Old/used spring mattress net wt. 19500 kgs approx.

P-69/Aug/13, 20070 Kgs.


Old/used spring mattress Net wt. 18900 kgs.

P-111/Apr/14, 01-Unit


Used LCD TV (Multifunction) size 32” Model 32LD 8800TA. Brand Hitachi -01Unit I/O Japan.

P-109/Apr/14, 40 Pcs


Used color LCD Television size 20” Model PDI-P20LCDC. Brand PDI I/O Korea=4O” Pcs.

P-P-89/Oct/13, –


(1)Used TV 32″ -1 Pc (2) Used LCD Screen 13″ -O2 Pcs (3) Used Brother Fax Machine O1 Pc (4) Used ATen KVM & Accessories 01 pc (5) Used Fridge (55cmx54cm) Bompair) O1 pcs.

P-58/Dec/10,One Unit

SUDU-4880449 =1×40′

One unit used Ambulance Brand Mercedez Benz I/O Germany.

P-59/Dec/10, One Unit

SUDU-4892223 =1X40’

One Unit used Ambulance Brand Mercedez Benz I/0 Germany.

P-14/Feb/07, 2945 KGS


Used 02 units Truck/Trailer Maintable Refrigration Units, Installed on Truck/Trailer container Type cold storage box I/O France.

P-67/Feb/11, 24900 Kgs


As per Test Report: It is found to be sodium metabisulphite. It is in the form of white powder. P|T-7496- ME-1001689 17.06.10 01 Unit 1006-2010

P-14/Sept/10, –

HLXU-6680329 =1×40’

(1 )Old/used Hino Dumper Hydrolic Truck 12 Wheeler (2) Used Tyre size 315-80R/22-5 with out rim O2 Pcs P|T-7496- ME-1001896 17.06.10 01 Unit 1006-2010

P-15/Sept/10, 01 Unit

HLXU-8693670 =1×40’

(1 )Old/used Hino Dumper Hydrolic Truck 12 Wheeler (2) Used Tyre with out rim 08 Pcs size 315-80R/22-5.

P-27/Sept/14, 18640 Kgs


Assorted Old/ used shoes.

P-96/June/14, 55310 Kgs

_(1)HJCU-1926540 (2)SEGU-4188831 =2×40’

As per Test Report: (1) VOTL Plus-NF. It is found to consist of nonionic surface active agent. It is in the form of colorless liquid. (2) WET-T-NF. It is found to consist of mixture of sodium salt of naphthalene sulphonic acid condensation product. It is in the form of cream color powder. (3) VOTRAN SHD. It is found to consist of mixture of sodium salt of Aromatic Suphonic Acid Condensation product. It is in the form of brown color powder. (4) VOTRAN DYC: It is found to consist of mixture of sodium salt of aromatic sulphonic acid condensation product in association with starch. It is in the form of beige color powder. (5) WET T DHD. It is found to consist of mixture of sodium salt of phenol suphonic acid condensation product. It is in the form of light brown color powder.

P-20/Oct/13, 10760 Kgs


As per Test Report: (1)lt is in the form of off white fabric. On test is found to be special knitted fabric composed of polyester. (2) It is in the form of off white stretchable fabric with blue, red, pink, purple color strips, on test is found to consist of knitted fabric composed essentially on Nylon (85%) containing polyester and lycra (15%).

P-29/June/14, 18720 Kgs


As per Test Report: It is found to consist of sulfur & chlorine containing active organic compound in association with emulsifier put up in an organic solvent medium. It in the form of clear color less liquid.

P-03/June/14, 104500 Kgs

(1)KMTU-9286995 (;)SEGU-4805300 @)CRSU-9314523 _(1)KMTU-9305312 Q) GLDU-7349530 =5×40.

As per Test Report: It is found to be cotton seed consisting of brown color seed having green cotyledon covered with seed coat, this seed also covered with white fibrous mass composed of cotton. It is in the form of white granules.

P-26/June/14, 257160 Kgs

_(l)BLJU-2081397 (2) BLJU-2040926 Q) BLJU-2038831 _(i)BLJU-2039946 (Q) BLJU-2080322 (Q) BLJU-2036079 §Z)BLJU-2040000 (Q) BLJU-2042512 (2)BLJU-2231938 _(10) TCKU-2792680 (11) BLJU-2054719 $12! BLJU-2351682 =12×20’

As per Test Report: They are found to be petroleum coke. They are in the form of black color globules.


Detained Loose Cargo

(1)Spare parts load cell for weighing machine capacity 400 kgs Model No. 1, 460 pcs (2)Spare parts load cell for weighing machine capacity 150 kgs Model No. 2, 100 pcs (3)Spare parts load cell for weighing machine capacity 1500kgs Model No. 107, 100 pcs. Net Wt. 200 Kgs I/O China.

P-131/Jun/14, –

Detained Loose Cargo

(1) Used Mobile BP Appratus on wheel qty. 01 Unit (2) Used Neborn Warmer Qty. 01 Unit.

P-58/Nov/12, 46930 Kgs

(1)TCKU-2052468 (2) TEMU-2158069 =2×20′

Green Clor (Sprit Bottle) Broken Scrap.

P-44/Oct/11, 23690 Kgs


Old/used second hand clothing (carpet/rugs)


Detained Loose Cargo

Old/used Multimedia speaker 65 Pcs, Radio 12 Pcs, Electric Keetle 35 Pcs, Telephone sets 10 sets, Table Lamps 150 Pcs, Disc Player 05 Pcs, Hair Dryer & Straightener 70 Pcs, Portable TV 01 Pcs, Body Massager 04 Pcs, Electric Can Opener 01 Pc, Tape Recorder 20 Pcs, Electric Coffee Maker 30 Pcs, Sewing Machine O4 Pcs, Vacum Cleaner 20 Pcs, Steam Brush 01 Pc, Fax Machine 04 Pcs, Electric Sandwich Maker 07 Pcs, etc. 3250 Kgs.

P-134/Jun/14, –

Detained Loose Cargo

(1)Polyester Gent Shirting Fabric in Rolls of assorted color & design Nt. Wt. 60 Kgs I/O India (2) Polyester Embroidery Baby Three Pcs Suit consisting of blouse, shirts, dupta of assorted color, design upto 5 years Qty. 36 dozen Nt Wt. 120 Kgs I/0 India.

P-133/Jun/14, –

Detained Loose Cargo

(1)Used LCD 100L Pro32N Monitor (Multifunction) Size 32″ Brand Cisco/LG Assembled in Mexico Qty. 13 Pcs.

P-29/Sept/13, 15620 Kgs

MSCU-7926896 =1×40’

(1)Old/used Computer System all in one (CPU Built T-in) Qty. 717 Units (2) Old/used Computer System CPU-PIV Qty. 34 Units.

P-05/Apr/14, 14960 Kgs

BMOU-2382780 =1×20’

As per Test Report: It is found to be cobble stone composed mainly of silicates in association with iron, alumina and calcium oxide etc. it is in the form of off white rounded stone.

P-19/Apr/14, 96960 Kgs

_(1)TGHU—7331230(2)TRlU-9095817(3)EMCU-9319660 _(i)EOLU-4964-698(§)CRXU-9070096=5X40’

0ld/ used assorted spring mattress.

P-05/Feb/14, 69460 Kgs

(l)WHLU-5644964 (QWHLU-5319239 (§)BHCU-4937404 §4|BMOU-4047585=4×40’

Used spring mattress

P-30/Feb/14, 3338 Kgs


Infant Baby Polyester Frock of Assorted Colour & Design Upto 3 month. Total Bag 40Each bag contains 3000 Pcs x40 bags =120000 Pcs

P-06/Feb/14, 13070 Kgs

_(1) WHLU-5207769 (2) CLHU-8462938 =2×40’

Garments Assorted Size & Design polyester etc.(Ladies & Children)

P-11/Feb/14, 37360 Kgs

_(1)SESU-6010912 (2) TCNU-7819388 Q)TRLU-7420620 =3×40’

Old/used Flat Screen printing machine with standard accessories in Dismentle condition. Model 7000 Brand lchinose. I/O Japan & one air compressor 3.2 KW (Marked on Plate) Qty. 19 Kgs.

P-29/Sept/14, 16160 Kgs


Waste Lube Oil Packed in Iron Drum Net. WT. 14860 Kgs

P-73/Sept/13, 13210 Kgs


Used Speaker Size 12” Qty 02 pcs Olive Oil Virgin Extra of 5 liter each qty. 02 Bottle 10 Liter

P-75/Sept/13, 10780 Kgs


Professional FM Transceiver Built in scrambler for Anti-Interfere & Priority Scane, 16 Memory Channel (15+1 Scan) Model dT125S, Brand WY Spec.5W, 403-470MHz (UHF), DC 3.7V Qty. 10 Pcs

P-74/Sept/13, 12740 Kgs


Old/used mountain bicycle built in O6 gear, size 16″ qty. 04 Pcs.

P-15/June/14, 55830 Kgs

(1)MAGU-5164594 (l)CCLU-6467606=2×40’

(1 )Plastic metalized printed sheet in reels of assorted printed with ADD albatal cheese, natural potato chips, hot & spicy rice crackers & other confectionery items I/O Saudi Arabia.

P-17/June/14, 8020 KGs


Used Truck (Mitsubishi) mounted with tadano TS-70M, 4.9 Tons, Crane

P-49/June/14, 18225 Kgs

EOLU-8830470 =1×20’

(1)3-Phase Induction Motor (Re-condt) Type HSTC/Type of Rotar, Squirrel Cage HP KW 250 Voltage 3300V, RPM 2960 S.No. LA8010630-1, DLI 4/4, brand Hyosong I/O Korea 01 Unit (2) Used Central Apron ALCMS Taxway PLC-panel/rack qty. 01 Unit (3) Used 02L-ALCMS/SCM/CA-Panel-3, affixed computer system/parts CU-2 unit SCM 6 unit (4) Broken/used Iron & Sheet Tools/Wrenches, chain etc. Net wt. 500 kgs one rack/unit (200 kgs) (5) Silica Bricks/Material Fondal SCW assorted types/sizes (Chlorinator Bricks) T-118-123/Sci 20900123, T-118-10/SC-20900198/ST-118- 92496 Brand RHI I/O USA.

P-60/June/14, 5080 KGs


(1)UPS PSA IT-ON 6O0VA AVR USB PSA 600-UX Qty. 150 Pcs (2) UPS Liebert PSA IT-ON 1000VA AVR PSA 1000=BX Qty. 100 Pcs (3) UPS Liebert PSA IT-On 1000VA AVR PSA 1000 BX Qty. 200 Pcs (4) UPS Liebert GXT-MT+Online 3000VA 230V GXT-3000 MTPLUS 230 Qty. 40 Pcs (5) Steel Structure Rail Guide Net Wt. 230 Kgs Approx. I/O China.

P-38/Feb/14, 23840 Kgs

ECMU-4251090 =1×40’

(1)Printed Card PVC Liminated approx. 17000 Kgs (2) Paper Card Board App. Wt. 6840 Kgs. As per test report: It is in the form of printed pieces of thick sheet haring white backing consisting of Duplex Board Coated/Covered on One Side With printed plastic film composed of polyester.

P-74/June/11, 01 Unit


One Unit Used Crane Cabin.

P-19/Aug/13, 10870 Kgs

CADU-7031408 =1×40’

(1) Used second hand clothing consisting of knitted garments, sweters, paint, shirt, blankets, packed in bales net wt. 1620 Kgs. Appx. (2) Used assorted electronic & home appliance items consisting of (a)Microwave ovens, assorted bands & capacity (b) DVD/VCD CD players, assorted models, brands & origins (c) used printed (multi function) brand cannon (d) Type machine model AX- 100, 240V, I/O UK brand brother (e)Used LCD assorted sizes aspirapolvere N.1 237 Brand Molinex, Hitachi/Madien etc. (f) Thormas, Jug & Cattle Brand Ecygent, Goods means 230V (g) TV System, speaker, power edge leaning, 2100 W, (h) Scanner, Computers, assorted model & brnds (i) Digital Camera, 4MP song 1.3, Mepge, Movies, assorted brands & models (j) Used binoculars (k) Emuigwen, Type Mask 501 I/O Austrail /Scanner HP 3500 C, Printers, CPU, Brand LG, Panasonic etc. (l) Root Cyclone Brand Disone, origin assorted (m) Taperecord assorted type & models (n) Table/Stand Fans (o) Monitors, Stretching Machine (p) Vacuum Cleaner (q) Toaster Brand Phillips (r) Iron (s) Projector (t) Chair (u) Wall Fan (v) Keyboards assorted model & brands (w) Dell laser I-‘|’1815DNN Printer (x) Colour movies video camera Brand Sharp, Model XC-51, 12V, 5.4W (y) Bicycle (z) Baby Prime, Walker etc. Brand Assorted Brands & origin Total Approx. weight 5500 kgs. (3)Kitchen ware & crockery consisting of glasses, plates, cups, tray, knife, thormas, electric cattle, cutting board, M/0 Plastic, porcelane, Glass, Steel etc. total net wt. 1300 kgs approx. (4)Battery operated toys net wt. 300 kgs approx. & manual toys consisting of puzzle, cars, plain, stuff toys, animals toys, cartoons toys, children cycle, baby walkers, baby prime, total net wt. 600 kgs appox. (5) Used book & CDs assorted net wt. 40 kgs appox. (6)Home Decoration items consisting of show pcs, Flower Vas, Lamps etc. net wt. 500 kgs approx. (7) Artifical jewerllery net wt. 40 Kgs approx. (8) Suit case hard & soft assorted brand, colours & sizes qty. 40 pcs net wt. 200 kgs approx. total 10870 Kgs.

P-01/Mar/13, 23310 Kgs

CCSU-9175213 =1×20’

Unknown chemical colourless liquid form 111 plastic drum. Test Report: There is found to consist essentially of water containing some additive. It is in the form of colorless liquid. Report pertains only to the sample forwarded & tested in the lab.

P-93/Aug/13, 14310 Kgs

SUDU-4983365 =1×20’

Second hand clothing comprising of ladies wear, gents wear, sweater, coats etc.

P-66/June/13, 14915 Kgs

_(l)HLXU-5208663 Q) HLXU-4413508 (l)HLXU-4368076 14) GATU-4204300 =4X4O’

Laminated lasani shop fitting.

P-37/Sept/13, 18000 Kgs

CAXU-9208642 =1×20’

Tyre cutting scrap 3 pcs.

P-39/Sept/13, 19340 Kgs

GLDU-7579533 =1×20’

Tyre rubber scrap.

P-18/Aug/13, 1060 Kgs

BMOU-2559520 =1×40′

Photocopier paper, quality 80 GSM. Size A4.

P-50/Oct/13, 24360 Kgs

EISU-3668950 =1×20’

Middle east copper slag grit (STD Code 15011126N Each PP bag 40 kgs x 609 bag Brand GG I/o Not shown. Test Report: There is found to consist essentially of Iron silicate and oxide in association with other silicates and oxides. It is in the form of black color lustrous small irregular pieces/grit-copper slag. Report pertains only to the sample forwarded & tested in the lab.

P-32/Jul/12, 49390 Kgs

(1) TCKU-3653416 Q) BLJU-2043334 = 2×20’

Mill Scale Test Report: It is found to consist of metallic powder based on iron and ferrous oxides etc. It is in the form of blackish grey granular powder.

P-49/May/12, 20,720 Kgs

STXU-2013956 = 1×20’

Peanut Kernal 35/40 packed in PP Bags Brand China. Test Report: It is found to be corn starch. It is in the form of buff color powder.

P-25/Nov/12, 17,980 kgs

SEGU-1240520 = 1×20’

Sodium formate packed in Jumbo Bags Total 18 Jumbo Bags. Test Report: It is found to be calcium carbonate. It is in the form of off-white color powder.

P-12/Dec/11, –


Used assorted electronics items (1) Used Piano with stand one pc (2) Used video samp 15 units (3) Used Infra Red Lamp one set (4) Used Auto Head lamp one set (5) Used Electric type writer 2 pcs (6) used CCTV camera one pc projector 5 units (7) used battery charger 02 pcs adopter one pcs (8) used vacuum cleaner 5 pcs blower one pc (9) used telephone / cordless set 15 sets (10) Electric Coker one pc Ring 2 pc fan heater one pc water heater one pc Micro wave oven one pc (11) used heater 3 pcs electric iron 9 pcs electric kettle 7 pcs Sandwich maker 7 pcs frizer 4 pcs toaster 10 pcs coffee maker 4 pcs (12) used juicer machine 18 pcs, shaving machine 3 pcs, hand mixer 3 pcs, hair dryer 15 pcs, hair straigner 16 pcs auto shoe polisher one pc (13) used CRT Monitor 17” one pcs (14) Table lamp 49 pcs, fancy light 4 pcs charger one pc (15) head phone 4 pcs, speaker 52 pcs computer speaker 5 pcs mike 4 pcs (16) Car tap 2 pcs, Radio Alarm Clock 10 pcs , Amplifier 3 pcs, record player 7 pcs, CD Deck one pc, Elact 21 pcs. (17) Radio CD player VCR, Receiver etc. total 81 units. (18) used TV with stand assorted 11 pcs (19) VCR Ronter web Cam 20 pcs 96

P-10/Dec/11, –


(1) Used 41” LCD TV, Brand Getway, Mamet, I/O Taiwan Qty 02 Units (2) Used 42″ LCD TV, Brand: Phillips, Daewoo, Daytek, Panasonic etc. I/O Belgium, Korea, Mexico etc. Qty. 05 Units. (3) Used 43” LCD Brand: Pioneer, I/O USA Qty. O1 Unit (4) Used 44″ LCD Tv Brand: Micro Industries, I/O USA Qty. O1 Unit (5) Used 46” LCD TV Brandh: NEC, I/O Japan, Qty. O1 Unit (6) Used 49” LCD TV Brand: Pioneer I/O Japan Qty. O1 Unit (7) Used 50” LCD TV Brand: Panasonic, I/O Mexico, Qty. O1 Unit (8) Used 13” LCD Monitor Brand: Sharp, I/O China Qty. 01 Unit (9) Used 15″ LCD Monitor Brand: Planer, Viewsonic, HP Etc. I/O China Qty. 23 Units (10) Used 17 LCD Monitor Brand: MAG, Acer, View Sonic etc. I/O China Qty. 12 Units (11) Used 18″ LCD Monitor Brand: NEC, Viewsonic etc. I/O Japan Etc. qty. 22 Units (03 Pcs in broken condition) (12) Used 19” LCD Monitor Brand: Viewsonic, Princeton etc. I/O USA Qty. 10 Units (13) Used 2O” LCD Monitor Brand: Dell, Vizio, Sharp, Viore etc. I/O Taiwan, China, Mexico etc.. Qty. 08 Units (14) Used 22” LCD Monitor Brand Samsung, Asus, Viewsonic etc. I/O China etc. Qty. O8 Units (15) Used 24” LCD Monitor Brand: Dell, Asus, Samsung, Acer Etc. I/O China Mexico, Etc. Qty. O4 Units (16) Used 26” LCD Monitor Brand: Dell, Sharp, Toshiba etc. I/O China, Thailand, Japan Etc. Qty. 04 Units (17) Used 32” LCD Monitor Brand: SA I/O Korea Qty. O1 Unit (18) Used 40” LCD Monitor Brand: NEC, I/O Japan Qty. 01 Unit. 7

P-41 /Aug/11, 30,880 Kgs

(1)DCCU-5384800 Q) KHJU-74055382 =2×40’

Denim Farbic Waste in Bales

P-13/June/10, 150620 Kgs

_(l) CAXU-6447330 (2) FSCU-3257985 Q) ‘l’l’NU-2185257 (4) ‘l’l’NU-1644449 (5) FCIU-3496595 (Q) CAXU-6196825 = 6×20’

As per lab test goods found carbon pitch containing small amount of bituminoss substances. Test Report: “It found to be carbon pitch containing small amount of bituminous substances. They are in the form of blackcolor powder”. 9

P-126/May/12, 28120 Kgs

(1) SUDU-6842598 Q) BHCU-4933116 = 2×40’

Used Mixed shoes 100

P-02/Oct/12, 220 Kgs Approx.


(1) Used assorted electronics items (2) Used Baby Cycle Qty. 01 Pc 101

P-01/Jun/12, –


(1) New Little Wooden Cabinet Part (A) Spring Qty. O1 Pcs Nt. Wt. 13 Kgs (2) New Little Wooden Cabinet Part (B) Spring Qty. 01 Pcs Nt. Wt. 14 Kgs Origin: India.

P-04/Oct/12, –


(1) Old & Used Merline Gerin Power Capacity Pack 6-KVAR (18×1) per set weight Total 3500 Kgs Appxo. I/O France (2) Old & Used Multicore Electric Cable Total Weight 1400 Kgs Approx. 103

P-03/Oct/12, –


(1) Used CRT-Monitors (Size 17″) Assorted Model & Brand HP/Compag/View Sonic/Phillips/NEC/Samsung etc. I/O China/Malyaisa Not Shown Qty. 29 Units (2) Used Net Work Switches 24 Hubs etc. Model & Brand Assorted I/O USA/ Not Shown Qty. 05 Units 104

P-03/Dec/11, –


Used Assorted LCD TV’s different brand & origin qty. 13 units, used assorted projectors Qty. 28 Pcs & 01 unit Car Tape.

P-07/Dec/11, –


Regulator Battery Charger Qty. 02 Unit

P-43/Sept/12, 51250 Kgs

1)KMTU-9227544 (2) BMOU-4561399 =2×40’

Cotton Waste Packed in Bales I/O Not Shown. Test Report: It is in the form of dirty white fibrous mass with extrenous matter etc. fibres are composed of cotton fibres”.

P-01/Oct/12, 400 Kgs


Used Electronic Goods

P-20/Sep/09, 40940 Kgs

(1) PMLU-2031140 (2) PMLU-2053426 = 2×20’

Graphite as per test report to consist essentially of Graphite. It is in the form of grey color shiny powder.

P-88/Jun/11, –


Used Electronic Items

P-06/Jun/06, 44 Pcs


Used Electronic Items.

P-04/Dec/09, –


(1) Used Tyres with rims 25 Sets (Z) 15 Tyres without rims 15 No.

P-104/Jun/11, –


Used Electronic Items.

P-51 /Oct/11, 3920 Kgs

MLCU-2657786 = 1×20’

Mixed stock fiber in cut / small pieces repot 3290 kgs

P-83/Jun/11, –


(1)Used Assorted electronics items (2) used crockery item weight 200 kgs (3) Used Shopping Bags weight 485 Kgs.

P-09/Dec/10, 12 Units


Used Assorted Tyres

P-21 /Jun/09, –

PCIU-2048030 = 1×20’

(1) Toyota Corolla SIENNA XLE Left hand drive 06 seater 3000 cc I/0 Canada Ch. No. 4-T-3ZF-13C 204087597 (2) House Hold Goods (i) Washing Machine (ii) Used P-IV + LCD Monitor =15” (m) Decoration Piece 15 Pcs (iv) Table Lamp = 2 Pcs (v) Used Cloth 04 Ataches (vi) Carpet Mat 04 (vii) New Rechangable children redeon scooter (vm) books, large etc.

P-08/Mar/10, –

SUDU-3686871 = 1×20’

(1) O1 Unit used Toyota Previa (GS) Ch. No. JTIII AC1100103694 Eng. No. not visible Mode 1995, fitted with all standard accessories (2) used CRT monitors = 17” 01 Pc.

P-12/Mar/11, –

Detained Loose Cargo

Used Electronic Items

P-02/Dec/11, 02 Units

Detained Loose Cargo

Used Stabilizer (i) Model No. H13KVA-D 220-120V = 01 Unit (ii) Model No. LT-3000D, 220-110V (3KVA) = 01 Unit I/O Korea

P-01 /July/10, 26470 Kgs

WHLU-5151504 = 1×40

(1) Coaxial Cable in Coil of Rigsin 750 HMS (2) Old & Used Bicycle Qty. one unit (3) Old and used chair seat with out stand qty. 45 pcs.

P-73/May/08, 5200 Kgs

Detained Loose Cargo

Zydes 2501 Chemical packed in drums for industrial use total 82 drums each one drum weight 63 kgs batch 04 Origin Gujrat/India.

P-60/Jun/11, 11860 Kgs

SUDU-6785327 = 1×40’

Used Shoes, Crockery, Electronics items.

P-100/Jun/11, –


(1) Used assorted electronic items 250 kgs (2) Assorted CD’s/DVD’s

P-34/Jan/12, 9060 Kgs

TTNU-9820626 = 1×40’

Wooden Pallets Waste in Bulk Conditions.

P-63/Aug/11, 16750 Kgs

Used GRP Sheets in bulk (Loose Packing) *11-1X40’

P-18/Aug/11, 7730 Kgs

KKTU-7599594 = 1×20

Rockde Foam RFD (Dincthyl Siloxane) Test Report: To be antifoam preparation consisting of dimethyl siloxane with same additive and modified fatty substances, put up in a aqueous medium. It is in the form of milky white liquid. I/O Iran

P-37/Oct/09, 23540 Kgs

WHLU-5216544 = 1×40’

Emfloc MRE Packed in Bag 25 Kgs each bag. Test Report: To be sizing preparation based on Natural polymer (Starch) in association with synthetic polymer. It is in the form of off-white granular powder.

P-42/Aug/11, –

KKTU-7798960 = 1×20’

Methyle Methacrylate Test Report: The sample is not methyl methacrylate as per description. However, on test is found to consist of polyether derivative, put up in an aqueous medium. It is in the form of straw liquid.

P-80/Jun/11, 800 Pcs Approx. 50 Kgs.


(1) Used Assorted Electronic Items (2) Cassette / CD / DVD’s (3) Electrical Power cable / socket

P-03/Mar/11, 27 Pcs


(1) CRT Monitors 22 Units (2) Projectors 05 Units

P-79/Jun/11, –


(1) Used speaker 20 Pcs (2) Used Telephone sets 13 pcs (3) Used Lamp 65 pcs (4) Used Hair Drier 15 pcs (5)Used Electrical Massager 03 pcs (6) Hair Clipper 35 Pcs (7) Used Recorder DVD 100 Aprox (8)used DVD player 02 pcs (9) Used Camera 24 pcs (10) Used Computer Devices 09 Pcs (11)Used Children Game 05 Pcs (12) used Radio 09 Pcs (13) Used Thermo electrical cooler O1 Pcs (14) Printer 01 Pc (15) Used Mike O1 Pc (16) Used Juicer Machine 05 Pcs (17) Used Paper cutters 01 Pc (18) Used Toaster 03 pcs (19) Used CD Tape 20 Pcs (20) Used Kettle 04 Pcs (21) used Tape recorder 08 Pcs (22) Used Keyboard 05 Pcs (23) Used Cordless phone 08 Pcs (24) used DVD with LDd 01 Pc (25) Used TV 15” with LCD 01 Pcs (26)Used Vaccume Cleaner 03 Pcs (27) Used Clock 02 Pcs (28)Used Iron 04 Pcs (29)Used Power Stick 10 pcs (30) Used Fax Machine 02 pcs (31) Used Home Baker 01 Pcs (32) Used Hi Fi sound system 03 pcs (33)UsedType Writer 02 Pcs (34) Handy Camera 01 pcs (35)Used Drill Machine01 pc (36) Used Shaving Machine 07 Pcs (37) Used Mini Fan 01 Pc (38) Used Mouse 03 Ps (39) Used VCR 01 Pc (40) Used Laptop 01 pc (41) Electric Roller 01 Pcs (42) X=Box 01 Pc(43) Used VCR Cassette 10 Pcs (44) used Fancy light 17pcs (45) Used Spray gun O1 Pc (46) Used Grama Phone recorder 300 Aprox. (47) Used power cord 65 Kgs.

P-O9/Oct/11, 19240 Kgs

MSKU-9124008 = 1×40’

Used shoes in PP Bags.

P-95/Oct/11, 20160 Kgs

IRSU-2682112 = 1×20’

Humic Acid in PP Bag. Test Report: To consist of mixed humic acid and other humified organic matter etc. It is in the form of brownish black grains.

P-52/Oct/11, 24880 Kgs

SUDU-3852863 = 1×40’

Used Carpets in bundles & loose in cut pcs.

P-84/June/11, –


(1) Mosquito Coil 1 Pcs (2) Radio 6 Pcs (3) Iron 10 Pcs (4) Facial Sun System 1 Pcs (5)Egg Bowl 09 Pcs (6) Key Board 15 Pcs (7) Paper Shredder 1 Pc (8) Pop Corn Maker 1 Pc (9)Fo0t Massage 3 Pcs (10)Electric Lamps 90 Pcs (11)Electric Jug 12 Pcs (12)Fan 1 Pc (13)Baby Cold Stabilizer 1 Pc (14) HP External Server 1 Pc (15)Photo-frame 2 pcs (16) Fax Machine 11 Pcs (17)Laptop 1 Pc (18)Monitor /LCD 3 Pcs (19) Play Station 5 Pcs (20) Cordless Phone 21 Pcs (21) Finger Chips Machine 1 Pc (22)Juicer 10 Pcs (23)Food Steamer 1 Pc (24) Shaving Machine 1 Pc (25) TV 12 pcs (26) Hair Dryer 10 Pcs (27) Bakery Chips Machine 1 pc (28) Projector 5 Pcs (29)Sandwich Maker 2 pcs (30)Sky Band internet 7 Pcs (31)Table Fan 1 Pc (32) Vacuum Cleaner 3 Pcs (33)Type Writer 5 Pcs (34) Printer 42 Pcs (35)Walkman 27 Pcs (36)Hair Clipper 26 Pcs (37)Cash Machine 2 Pcs (38)Mixer 17 Pcs (39) VCR 28 Pcs (40) Receiver 11 Pcs (41) Speaker 15 pcs (42) Sewing Machine 2 Pcs (43)Cooler 1 Pc (44) Coffee Maker 3 Pcs (45) Camera 10 Pcs (46)Tape Record 18 Pcs (47) DVD 1 Pc (48) Toaster 10 Pcs (49)Telephone 46 Pcs (50) Assorted Electric Device 13 Pcs. Total 518 Pcs 6

P-89/Jun/11, –


(1) Printed Books 300 Kgs (2) CD/DVD/V.Cassetts 800 Pcs – 150 Kgs (3) Vacuum cleaners 2 Pcs E-Kettles , 5 pcs (4) Electric Iron 03 Pcs, Lamp 03 Pcs, Telephone O3 Pcs, Radio 03 Pcs, Key Board 03 pcs, Tape Recorder 03 Pcs, DVD Player O3 Pcs, Car Tape O3 Pcs, VCR O1 Pc. Electric Type Writer 01 Pc. Sandwich maker 02 Pcs, French Fries Maker 01 pc, Speaker 06 Pcs, Microwave Oven 02 Pcs, Juicer O1 Pcs, Antena O1 Pc, Electric Shaving Machine 02 Pcs. PlT-8534- 21122010 7

P-O5/Mar/11, 161 Units


(1) Used Scanner 01 Pc (2) Fax Machine O1 Pc (3) Used Vacuum Cleaner 01 Pc (4) Used Telephone Sets O4 Sets (5) Used CD Players 02 Pcs (6) Used Radio Recorder 02 Pcs (7) Used Electric Lights 06 Pcs (8) Used Rod Heater O1 Pc (9) Used Mic 01 Pc (10) Used Satellite Device/Used Sony play-station device 01 pc each (11) Used Type writer 01 Pc (12) Used TV 20” / used TV 14” 01 Pc each (13) Used Hair Dryer 10 Pcs (14) Used VCR O1 Pc. 13 8

P-09/Jun/10, 1070 Kgs


Used mixed electronic items/ used tyres. (1)Stand Fans 10 Pcs (2) Vacuum Cleaners 15 pcs (3) Used Tyres 80 Pcs (4) Used Electric Irons 09 Pcs (5) VCR 02 Pcs (6) Tape Recorder O4 Pcs (7) Coffee Maker 08 Pcs (8) CD Player 01 pc (9) Radio 03 Pcs (10) Car Tapes 02 pcs (11) Toaster O2 Pcs (12) Telephone 13 Pcs (13) Hair Dryer 02 Pcs (14) Weight Machine 05 Pcs (15) Electric Type Writers 03 Pcs (16) Projectors 02 Pcs (17) Speakers 10 Pcs (18) Deck/Double Cassette Rec. 02 Pcs .

P-05/Dec/09, 4580 Nos.


Cell (Mobile)Phone chargers Brand. Nokia, Sony Ericson. I/O China/ Not Shown.

P-01/Oct/11, 6803 Kgs


Left over assorted colors dyes packed in fiber drums, iron drums and cartons.

P-07/Mar/11, 107


(1) Handy Cams 2 Pcs (2) Alarm Clock 17 Pcs (3) Speaker 16 Sets 32 pcs (4) CD Players 15 Pcs (5) iron 10 pcs (6) telephone 14 pcs (7) Vacuum Cleaner 04 pcs (8) Car Tape 02 pcs (9) Kettle 03 Pcs (10) Sewing Machine 02 Pcs (11) Receiver O3 ps (12) DVD Player I/0 Alarm Clock 02 Pcs (13) Receiver I/O Alarm Clock 01 Pc.

P-107/Jun/11, 02 Units


(1) Used Jaw Crushing machine Qty. O1 Unit. (2) Used Grinding Machine Qty. O1 Unit.

P-07/Dec/09, –

Detained Loose Cargo

(1) Old and used vacuum cleaner brand Hoover in France, Model SC 036 Qty. 1 Pcs (2) Used HP Brand Laser Jet Printer Model 1020 I/O China Qty. 1 Pcs (3) Use VCR Model No. 24 HR 3- I/0 Korea Qty. 1 Pcs (4) Used TV Size 15″ Brand good mans Model 1404/A.

P-106/Jun/11, 02 Unit

Detained Loose Cargo

(1) Used Hand pallet lifter 3 ton capacity Qty. 2 Units (2) Used Carbon Dioxide Fire extinguisher Qty. 2 Unit.

P-08/Mar/11, 01 Unit

Detained Loose Cargo

Used Manual Type writer Qty. 01 Unit

P-17/Mar/11, 133 Pcs


(1) Used CD Player Qty. 1 pcs (2) Used TV 14” Qty. 1 pcs (3) Used VCR Qty. O2 pcs (4)Used DVD Player Qty. O6 pcs (5) Used Tape Recorder Qty. 15 pcs (6) Used Camera Qty. 18 pcs (7) Used Iron Qty. 08 pcs (8) Used Lamps Qty. 20 pcs (9) Used Walkman Qty. 09 pcs (10) Used Telephone Qty. 08 pcs (12) Used Electronic Jug Qty. 06 pcs (13) Used Coffee Maker Qty. 02 pcs (14) Used Chips Maker Qty. 1 pcs (15) Used Juicer Qty. 03 pcs (16) Used Toaster Qty. 03 pcs (17) Used Micro Wave Oven Qty. O1 pcs (18) Used Car Tape Qty.01 pcs (19) Electric Cooker Used Qty. 01 pcs (20) Sandwich Maker Qty. O4 pcs (21) Electric Grilling Machine I/o Electronic Iron Qty. 02 pcs (22) Vacuum Cleaner i/o Car Tape Qty.01 pcs.

P-01/June/10, 02 Pcs


New Digital Board Casting Satellite Receiver, Sla Teack SR-140, Qty. 02 Pcs.

P-06/Dec/09, 21 Nos.


Used goods (1) Chair Qty. 1 Pc (2) Frame Qty 3 Pcs (3) Book table Qty. 1 Pc (4) Tape Recorder Qty. 1 Pc (5) Toaster Qty. 1 Pcs (6) Mosquito Killer Qty. 1 pc (7) Sewing Machine qty. 1 pc (8) VCD Player Qty. 1 Pc (9) Monitor 6 pcs (10) TV qty. 4 pcs (11) Ice Machine qty. 1 Pc.

P-77/June/11, 128 Pcs


Used Toner for Computer Qty. 128 Pcs

P-05/Jun/10, 200 Kgs


(i) Digital Receiver used VCR Used video camera, used video games CDs, Used Digital cameras used DVD Player, used Iron, Used Walkman, Used Toaster, Used baths shower Qty. 200 Kgs.

P-03/Dec/10, 300 Pcs


Description Store Cutting and polishing abrasive pad qty. 300 pcs

P-102/Jun/11, 389 Units

CRXU-9510560 = 1X40’

Slightly used Mobile Phone set with charger or earphone of assorted models / brands packed in theirs printed box packing, Brand Nokia, Samsung, Q Mobile, Vodafone, Samsung GTE 1170, GD E2/2/V 1616 Nokia etc. Total Qty. 389 Units.

P-38/Aug/08, 02 Cases 5000 Pcs

(1) CPSU-1730963 = 1 x 20’

Dye Tube Self Fit made of Stainless Steel. 45mm x 17.3mm

P-32/Apr/10, 77280 Kgs

(1) FSCU-7494007 (2) FSCU-3651495 Q) ‘NU-2192195 = 3X20’

Report: The sample on test is found” to consist of mixture of aromatic hydrocarbon based pitch, a residual matter obtained from coal tar distillate. It is in the form of black colour granular powder.

P-15/Jun/10, 151,085 Kgs

(1) TEXU-2283640 (2) GESU-2991259 Q) FCIU-2654021 (4) TTNU-3609684 (5) GESU-3235575 (Q) FCIU-3023777 = 6×20’

Report: The sample on test is found to consist of mixture of aromatic hydrocarbon based pitch, a residual matter obtained from coal tar distillation. It is in the form of black colour heterogeneous. P|T-7083- 22032010 6

P-21/June/10, 101215KgS

fl) CRSU-1163903 (Z) GESU-36789423 (3) CAXU-2913620 14] TGHU-3848965 = 4×20’

Report: The sample on test is found to conform the description of organic fertilizer based on organic /decomposed vegetable substances and nitrogen, potassium phosphorous, minerals and fertilizing elements & inert matter etc. it is in the form of blackish moist powder. 7

P-24/Apr/09, 94610 Kgs

109663601 Q) HJCU-4409807 (2) HJCU-7594720 Q) HJCU-7685666 = 3X40’

Report: The sample on test is found to consist of mixture of aromatic hydrocarbon based pitch, a residual matter obtained from coal tar distillation. It is in the form of black color heterogeneous. PlT-4944- 26012009 8

P-33/Apr/09, 3010 Kgs

CAXU-2927310 = 1×20’

(1) Old and used Water Dispenser of assorted models and brand. Qty. 70 Pcs (2) Old and used double door Refrigerator appox. 12 Cubic feet. Qty. 01 No. (3) Used Flat TV 32” Samsung / Phillips qty. 02 Nos. (4) Used TV 17″ Brandh Efile Qty. 02 Nos. (5) New Water Dispenser clear plastic bottle seal caps packed in cartons. Qty. 35 Ctns x 07 kgs = 245 kgs aprox (6) New Manual pump for bottle water of dispenser Qty. 21 Ctns x 24 pcs = 504 pcs or wt. 115 kgs approx. (7) New Dispenser out side taps with iron stand qty. 100 x 12 sets = 1200 sets or wt. 840 kgs approx. Brand assorted check weight 100% found 3010 kgs. 9

P-74/May/08, 35 Pcs

Detained Loose Cargo

Old and Used HTV Tyres without rims load Rang & F (Printed On Tyre).

P-20/Aug/08, 57250 Kgs

(1) HLXU-5227133 (2) HLXU-4008362 = 2X40’

(1) Wood pulp for paper making (2) AC electric motor 40.5 W, qty. 01 pcs (3) A/C Electric (50 kg) motor 1PSS Qty. one (4) one motor with pumps (grandfas)Origin Sweden.

P-06/June/07, 1790 Kgs (02 Units)

Detained Loose Cargo

Fork of Header / Excavator Qty. 2 Unit Appt. wt. 1790 Kgs

P-17/Dec/08, 80 Drums 22460 Kgs

KKTU-7669388 = 1 X20’

Salted Beef Casing Test Report: The sample on test is found to consist of sodium chloride. It is in the form of translucent granulated small pieces.

P-23/Aug/09, 11 Units

Detained Loose Gargo

(1) Used TV Assorted Qty. 5 Pcs (2) Used Electric Oven Qty. 2 units (3) Used Toaster Qty. 2 Units (*4) Used Electric Iron Qty. 2 Units

P-22/Sep/09, 42310 Kgs

(1) PMLU-2024963 (2) PMLU-2052008 = 2×20’

Test report is found to consist essentially of graphite. It is in the form of grey color shiny powder.

P-21 /Sep/09, 42790 Kgs

_(l) PMLU-2014749 (2) ALMU-2030031 = 2X20’

Test report is found to consist essentially of graphite. It is in the form of grey color shiny powder.

P-25/Apr/09, 27200 kg 48 bags

= 2×40’ Carbonized Pitch I/0 Brand and no other specification on bags

P-17/Aug/09, 19280 Kgs


Found New / un used ready made garments but sock lot quality mode of making in PP Bags Packed and un packed men shirts padded jackets fabric and leather aprons and caps brand morrisions origin not shown

P-15/Aug/09, 1 Unit


Used Car Engine (Patrol) Capacity No. Not Shown

P-O9/Aug/09, 3950 Lbs


Used Lifter Clark Lift Brand: Clarklift Model No. N-0500-50 S/No. 355-455-1208

P-15/Feb/07, App. 900 Kgs

PICU-2112078 = 1×20’

(1) Refectory Brick, in difference size and shape Mega Coal 90-H in power form Qty. 4 Plastic Bales with coating 1.50 Kgs x 4 = 6.00 Kgs.

P-41/Aug/08, 18990 Kgs

CAXU-6368668 = 1×20’

SIC Dust 94% 150/O in Jumbo Poly Bags of 900 Kgs Each. Brand and O/I Not Shown.

P-11/Sep/05, –

(1) CLHU-8115353 (2) MSKU-8167685 (3) TGHU-8039768 3×40’

Mountain Dew 33OML Bottles 63 Pallets each pallets 3078 Bottles 63×3078 Total 193914 Bottles

P-09/Mar/04, 134 Units

KKFU 7105491 1X40’

Old /used Colour TV Serviceable / Unservable in Wooden Frame Assorted sizes.

P-01/Mar/07, 42930 Kgs

PCIU-3107672 = 2×20’

Raw Copper ore Wt. 21330 Kgs. & 21580 Kgs = App. 42910 Kgs.

P-01/June/07, 04 Units

Detained Loose Cargo

(1) Old & Used Electric Typewriter (220-V 40W) Model Carrera Me, Brand AEG Olympia I/O Japan Qty. 01 Unit (2) Old & Used Fax Machine 352 Brand Bosch I/0 Taiwan Qty. O1 Unit. (3) Old & Used Copier and Fax + Scanner Brand Super G3 I/0 Not Shown Qty. 02 Units

P-70/May/08, –

Detained Loose Cargo

5591 L°“d 5PeakeiS ‘ PlT-1804- DXB/KRA/ ‘ 500 Pcs

P-02/Feb/11, 11510 Kgs 434 Ctns 1736000 Pcs

FCIU-8051133 = 1×40’

Ball Point Pen

P-O2/Jul/10, 20880 Kgs

KKTU-7223930 = 1×20’


P-63/Apr/12, 11470 Kgs

(1) ASLU-0245410 Q) ASLU-2405066 =2×20’

Polyester Seat Cover assorted color 2 design.

P-01/June/12, –


Personal effect

P-04/Jul/12, 128 Pcs


Used LCD Monitors Plus TV. (1) Used Baby Weight Machine, Qty. O3 Nos. (2) Used Head Phone Wireless Qty. O6 Nos. (3) Used Panasonic Color TV Size 28” Qty. 01 No. Size 32 Qty. 01 No. (4) Used Medical Items , Net Weight 15 Kgs (5) Used Tyre with rim, qty 04 NOs. (6) Used Vaccum Cleaner Qty. 01 No. (7) Used Microwave Oven Qty. 01 No. (8) Used Sewing Machine Qty. 01 No. (9) Used LCD TV, Size 42″ Qty. 03 Nos. (9) Medical Machine Qty. 02 Nos. (10) Used Projectors Qty. 83 Nos. (11) Used Cycle Size 18” Qty. O1 No. (12) Used UPS 1KVA Qty. 02 Nos.

P-46/Jan/11, 10,940 Kgs

CAXU-9888560 =1×40’

New & used personal effect 09 pakgs inventory

P-12/Dec/11, –


Old and used assorted electronics items. (1) Used Electric Piano with stand 01 Unit (2) Used Video & Amp CD cassette packed in CTN/Bags 15 Units (3) Used Infra Red Lamp 01 Unit (4) Used Auto Head Lamp 01 set set top box 02 Units (5) Used Electric Type writer 02 Units (6) Used CCTV Camera, Projector Webcam O5 Units (7) Used Battery Charter and A/C adopter 03 Units (8) Used Vaccum Cleaner Blower 06 Units (9) Used telephone / cordless sets 15 units (10) Electric cooker, electric cooker ring, fan heater, water heater, micro wave oven 06 Units (11) Used Heather, Electric Iron, Electric Lettle, Sandwich Maker, Deep Frier Machine, Toaster, Coffee Maker 44 Units (12) Used Juicer Machine, Shaving Machine Hand Mixer Machine, Hair Dryer, Hair Straingner, Auto She polishers 56 Units (13) Used Crt Monitors 1 Unit (14) Table lamp, Fancy light, charger light 54 Units (15) Head Phone, Speakers, Computer speaker, mic. 65 units (16) Car tape, radio alaram clock, T- amplifier, record player, CD Deck, elect. 21 Units (17) Radio CD Player, VCR Receiver DVD player with LCD, DVD player, Cassette with CD player Walkman, Cassettee walkman 81 Units (18) Used TV with stand size 21”, 40”, 14” used TV size 5.5”, 8” 11 Units (19) VCR, Wireless router, set top box webcam. 20 Units

P-21 /Apr/10, 159690 Kgs

(1) FSCU-3691374 Q) MISCU-2332337 Q) CRXU-1669318 (4) FCIU-2854293 (Q) FSCU-7854989 (6) TCKU-1933043 (7) FCIU-3496240 = 7X20’

Carbon Pitch packed in jumbo bags. Test Report: It is found to be carbonized pitch consisting essentially of fixed carbon (a residual matter obtained from coal tar distillation). They are in the form of black color powder.

P-53/Apr/12, 7,710 Kgs

MRKU-0063131 = 1×40’

Window / Door Blind made of textile material size 4” in 20 inches

P-94/Feb/11, 17580 Kgs

CAXU-1820430 =1×20′

Rubber Sheet packed in PP Bags. Test Report: It is found to be reclaim rubber. It is in the form of black color thick piece having several layers adhere together.

P-14/Dec/10, 15,580 Kgs

HLXU-4535810 = 1×40’

EVA Regrinds Grey color packed in Jumbo Bags & each bag contain 1000 Kgs I/O Turkey

P-15/Dec/10, 15,650 Kgs

TGHU-8205220 = 1 X40’

EVA Regrinds Grey color packed in Jumbo Bags I/O Turkey

P-16/Dec/10, 14,400 Kgs

MLCU-9309524 =1×40’

EVA Regrinds Grey color packed in Jumbo bags I/O Turkey

P-39/Jan/13, –

(1) TRIU-5443874 Q) MAXU-4603705 =2×20’

Chrome Tanned Leather pieces.

P-44/Dec/12, 46230 Kgs

(1) MLCU-4923801 (2) TTNU-5717137 = 2×40’

Wet blue sheep & goat skins (assorted grade /pieces).

P-34/May/13, 13620 Kgs

GATU-8139959 =1×40’

Hesco steel barrlers (Material Iron & Steel with synthetic non weven fabric / blanket Qty. 91 units.

P-07/June/13, 20710 Kgs

_(1)GATU-8750016 (2) HLXU-8172918 Q) TCLU-8119756 _(4)CAXU-9548426 (§)HLXU-4526654 -5X40’

(1) Assorted old/used wooden cabinets with shelf =9440 kgs (2) Stainless steel rack with glass shelf = 3200 kgs (3) Stainless steel table with glass top =100 kgs (4) Wooden Table with glass top =1450 kgs (5) Assorted wooden deron light 616 pcs (6) Assorted wooden doors = 09 pcs (7) Assorted wooden panels (8) Assorted wooden racks (9) Assorted glass shelf (10) Aluminum racks (11) Stainless Steel windows.

P-34/Dec/12, 62010 Kgs

_(l) HJCU-2278117 (2) GLDU-5522987 Q) HJCU-2143370 (4) HJCU-2223990 =4X20’

Ingot / Bricks.

P-09/Jan/12, 22450 Kgs

TRLU-2388778 = 1×20’

Marble assorted sizes.

P-10/Jan/12, 5760 Kgs

ECMU-1983800 = 1X20’

As per Test Report: It is found to be inorganic salts. It is in the form of white crystalline powder crystals.

P-10/Feb/09, 42081 Kgs

_(1)STXU-2026059 (2) STXU-2008728 =2×20’

(1)(i) Ceramic glazed tiles size =25x33cm Qty. 84.64 Sq.mtr (ii) ceramic matt tile size 3Ox30cm Qty. 118.80 Sq.mtr (m) Ceramic glazed tiles, size 3Ox60cm Qty. 60.48 Sq.mtr (iv) P0rcelian un- polished tiles size 50x50cm Qty. 178.50 sq.mtr (v) porcelain polished tiles size = 60 cm x 60cm Qty. 191.52 sq.mtr. I/O China (2) stock lot tiles in rusty / broken condition.

P-85/June/11, –


(1) Used Monitor 14″ 01 pcs (2) Used Vacum cleaner 01 pc (3) Used Key Boards 04 Pcs (4) Used Telephone set 22 pcs (5) Used Hair Dryers assorted brand 41 pcs (6)Used Iron 16 pcs (7) Used hand mixer 02 pcs (8) Used devices assorted brand 02 pcs (9) Used assorted fancy lights 30 pcs (10) used lamps 100 pcs (11) used heaters broken condition 01 pcs (12) used weight machine 03 pcs (13) used toaster 08 pcs (14) used shaving machine 04 pcs (15) used recorded audio CD &DVD app. Wt. 40 kgs (16) used body massager 02 pcs (17) used paper cutter 01 pc (18) used chips machine 01 pc (19) used photo camera 10 pcs (20) used coffee maker 02 pcs (21) used kettle 04 pcs.

P-04/Dec/09, 40 Pcs


Assorted brand used tyre with rim & without rim 21 tyres with rim 19 tyres without rim.

P-66/June/13, 14375 Kgs

(1) HLXU-5208663 Q) HLXU-4413508 Q) HLXU-4368076 (4) GATU-4204300 = 4×40’

Shop fitting consisting of rack, show case, trolly, cabinet side cabinet with casing wheel and iron & steel chrome coated frame etc.

P-53/Jan/12, 01 Unit

KKTU-7061660 = 1 X20’

Honda City Automatic Hyper 16 valves car.

P-62/May/12, 01 Unit

MRKU-6777500 = 1 X20’

One unit old/used car (mercedez benz) C180 Elegance Automatic

P-66/Aug/13, 20950 Kgs

CMAU-5670421 =1X40’

Old/used bales steel spring foam mattress.

P-03/Oct/13, 10970 Kgs

SUDU-8598557 =1×40’

(1) Used mix sweater, rain coat, shirt (2) Toys 3209 (3) Used Kitchen ware made of procelline SS Steel 4830 kgs (4) Used electronic broken / damages cattle spocket (Bag 20 pcs) 400 kgs (5) office chair brothers DC-135C.

P-61/June/11, 20820 Kgs

TCKU-9680110 -1X40’

Old and used coil mattress without spring

P-45/Aug/13, 21770 Kgs

TRLU-5534789 = 1 X40’

Mattress with iron/steel spring in used and rusty condition, packed in bales.

P-38/Sept/13, 20350 Kgs

GLDU-0759277 =1X40’

Old and used cut tyre scrap.

P-06/Sept/13, 49190 Kgs

(1) BLJU-4081077 (2) BLJU-4250747 =2×40’

Old and used cut tyre scrap.

P-02/Oct/13, 23820 Kgs

SUDU-8610858 =1×40’

Old and used clothing /shoes.

P—68/Aug/13, 20740 Kgs

GESU-5245654 =1×40’

Mattress scrap in pressed bundle.

P-36/Sept/13, 15030 Kgs

SODU—8953902 =1X40’

Mix used shoes.

P-05/Nov/10, 24410 Kgs

Sorbo Sil-AC-77

(21 bags packed in each pallet x 44 pallets = 924 bags SUDU-5957416=1X40’ | )

P-22/Aug/13, 24270 Kgs

TCNU-6562525 =1×40’

Fiber cotton in bales.

P-29/Dec/13, 25680 Kgs

TGHU-3099569 =1×20’

As per Test Report: It is found to consist essentially of calcium carbonate in association with iron and other impurities. It is in the form of white powder.

P-41/Jun/14, 15010 Kgs

TRHU-2306344 =1×20’

(1) Diethylene triamine penta Acetic (DTPA) Qty. 280 Bags N.Wt. Approx 7000 Kgs (2) NTA (Nitrilo Triacetic Acid) Qty. 320 Bgs N.Wt. 8000 Kgs.

P-124/May/12, 13240 Kgs


Old/used Rusty Dump Truck Body including in cut pieces.

P-25/Jun/14, 26920 Kgs


Marble Tiles one side polished assorted size net. Wt. 26650 Kgs.

P-40/May/15, 11030 Kgs


Powder Detergent Qty. Each Ctn 30g x 150 Schets into 2189 = 9850 Kgs Approx 2189 Cartons Brand Total Clean I/O Indonesia

P-O9/May/15, 11780 Kgs


Wood Slats size 183x71x5mm Qty. Each Ctn 760 Pcs Net Wt. 22 Kgs 520 Ctn = 11440 Kgs.

P-O7/Feb/15, 44020 Kgs

_(1)TEXU-5540572 (QGLDU-9883708 = 2×40’

As per Test Report: (1) It is found to consist of Natural Rubber. It is in the form of Beige & Brown Colour Lamps (2) It is found to consist of calcium carbonate. It is in the form of white powder.

P-10/Mar/13, 13050 Kgs


As per Test Report: (1) Polyvinyl Alcohol: It is found to consist of Polyvinyl Alchol it is in the form of yellow colour powder. (2) Polyvinyl Alcohol It is found to consist of polyvinyl alcohol. It is in the form of white crystalline powder. (3) Stearyl Alcohol It is found to consist of mixture of fatty alcohol essentially of steoryl alcohol it is in the form of white pallets. (4) Degalac. It is form to consist of acrylic polymer. It is in the form of white powder. (5) Guar product: It is found to be natural thickever/mucilage substances based on polysaccharide. It is in the form of off white powder. (6) Toluene Sulphonic Acid. It is found to consist of Toluene sulphonic acid. It is in the form of Translucent white crystalline powder. (7) WL-100 A Synthetic Polymer. It is found to consist of sodium poly acrylate It is in the form of yellow soft lumpy material.

P-224/Feb/12, 49520 Kgs

_(1)UACU-5239084 (l)CA|U-8188703 =2×40’

Printed laminated film (Plastic aluminum backing)

P-08/June/05, 62350 Kgs

_(1)FSCU-6348883 (;)KKFU-7073898 Q)KKFU-7151882 =3×40’

PVC Scrap (PVC Coupling, Joints & Cable Cover cutting 90%)

P-33/Feb/09, 16950 Kgs


Printed Aluminum Foils.

P-54/Jan/11, 23260 Kgs


Self Adhesive Plastic Printed Sticker.

P-05/Sept/10, 24030 Kgs


Islami Books and CD’s

P-46/Feb/09, 14980 Kgs


Plastic Cutting Waste Scrap.

P-10/Apr/09, 14110 Kgs


Polypropylene Printed /Misprinted film scrap.

P-10/Sept/09, 15490 Kgs


PVC Cable Scrap.

P-68/Oct/13, 23950 Kgs

KMTU-7207791 = 1 x20’

Artificial Leather Waist belt without buckle.

P-15/Sept/12, 22990 Kgs


As per Test Report: It is found to be an aqueous solution of Ammonia. It is in the form of straw colour liquid. Note: It is not used cooking oil as per description.

P-08/June/13, 40930 Kgs

§1)TCLU-8058711 (QTEXU-5434230=2×40’

PVC Pipe fitting & pipe scrap of assorted sizes.

P-08/Nov/12, 25870 Kgs


(i) Metalized plastic printed sheets in Rolls. (ii) Plastic printed sheets in Rolls.

P-58/May/12, 18260 Kgs


As per Test Report: It is in the form of Transparent, Black, Blue, Orange and Green Colour pieces of plastic film composed of polyethylene.

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