Hey guys :) I'm back with another round of sales~ There's still many things left and the K. Uno eeveelution ring is up for sale again.

Thank you SO very much to everyone who bought from me the last time!!! I appreciate everyone's purchases and patience immensely <3 Everything has been shipped out (with one exception but they have been alerted) and I wanted to share my sales one last time before I start listing these on ebay for higher prices (stupid ebay fees)



I received sales permission by entirelycliched 27/7/13.
My feedback can be found here

- I ship from Norway to anywhere in the world.

Prices for letters:

Small letters under 2cm can be shipped very reasonably but few items except the smallest figures and flats measure under 2 cm.

Packages are much more and start at $30. Goes for all big plush. Please ask for quote.

- I can't be held responsible for lost items unless you purchase tracking as there's usually not much the PO's are willing to do with lost untracked mail. However I've never had a lost package :)

- Items come from a dog friendly home, please keep in mind if you have allergies.
- Comittment takes priority.
- I'm open to polite and reasonable haggling, but I might turn your offer down if I think it's too low
- This sales post is to raise funds but I might be open to trades for high wants, my wishlist can be found here :3
- I CAN BE A SLOW SHIPPER. I'll try my best to ship within 2-3 weeks depending on how many orders I get or sooner if there's few orders.
I'll let everyone know once their items are shipped so you know when to expect them! :)
- I'm running out of packing material to reuse so you might have to pay for that as well but I'll see what I can do at least for the first customers!! :)
- Customers are required to cover paypal fees

"Offers" / OBO items

I know these are a lot but the prices have been set to reflect what I paid for them. You can still try to offer lower and I'll consider it :)

Shaymin movie keychain - $35 OBO
Milotic Banpresto figure - $65 OBO
Umbreon pokemon mini strap - $65 OBO (cardboard is a bit sunfaded in places and creased on the thin edges that surround the square hole)
Glaceon chupa - $65 OBO
Umbreon chupa - $45 OBO SOLD
Espeon chupa - $35 OBO

Beautiful letter set/message boards with eeveelutions - $50 OBO (only pokedoll left)


I forgot what these are called! (I just call them "dangling/hanging" mascot plush! :'D)

$13 each. Only Flareon and Umbreon left.

Vaporeon I love Eevee mascot x 2 - $10
Espeon mascot TTO - $7

"Medium" I love Eevee plush - $12

Sold: Leafeon + Umbreon medium plush

DX I love Eevee plushes:

Eevee - $15
Jolteon, Espeon, Leafeon - $20
Vaporeon $25

Korotto Manmaru plushies
Eevee - $10
Rest - $13 each

Pokemon time Umbreon and Flareon mascots - $14
My pokemon collection Glaceon (TTO) - $8

Sold: Leafeon and Sylveon

Jolteon Ditto plush - $22
Vaporeon Ditto Mascot - $14 ( NB. smaller than most other mascot plush)
2012 Eevee collection Vaporeon - $25
2012 Eevee collection Flareon - $25
Tomy Vaporeon (Jap. ver) x 2 - $18

Kuttari plushies - $15 each (Japanese versions)
Available: Victini, awake Vaporeon, sleeping Sylveon, awake Jolteon, sleeping Umbreon, both Glaceon.

sold: espeon, awake umbreon, awake leafeon, awake Sylveon, sleeping Jolteon, sleeping Vaporeon, both Vulpix.

Round Eevee plush - $13
Pokeneco Dolce female Pikachu mascot - $13 SOLD
Pokeneco Dolce Sylveon mascot - $17 SOLD
Petit Latias mascot - $10

Osaka center opening Tepig plush (no hangtag, but comes with matching bowtie figure strap and charm <3) - $50 (or $35 without the charms)
Pokepuff Fennekin - $25 SOLD
Espurr Allstar plush - $25 OBO
Tomy Litten - $25 OBO
Allstar Charmander $25 OBO
(these last 3 were bought in an Anime store as import so a bit higher price than usual? Shoot me an offer <3)

Xerneas PC plush (American version) - $38 SOLD
Zygarde 10% - $35
Xerneas pokedoll - $38
Sylveon pokedoll - $27
Fennekin pokedoll - $25

Umbreon canvas - $80
Raichu Canvas - $35
Ninetlaes folly lolly beanie - $65 (paid 90 for her :O)

Talking Sylveon plush - $50 (Box opened. Sylveon has been taken out of the box only a few times to hear her voice - it's adorable :D)
Ichiban Kuji Twinkle dream Sylveon - $55 SOLD
Ichiban Kuji Twinkle dream sleeping Eevee - $35

Life size Fennekin $68 (Japanese version)

Sleeping Pikachu - $50
Sleeping Bulbasaur - $50 SOLD
Sleeping Fennekin - $68 ​SOLD
Sleeping Chespin $50 SOLD
Sleeping Froakie - $40 SOLD

Pokemon dream Oshawott (ON HOLD), Tepig and Snivy plushies - $50 each
Pokemon dream figure straps - $25 each (these are super adorbs and were so hard to track down, I never found the Oshawott one)
Pokemon dream charms - $15 each

Small vintage plushies: $6 each
Sold: Mew, Charmander

Misc goods and figures

Eeveelution K. Uno ring $325 size 14 or 15 (I have two as I bought another to wear)

According to the woman who helped me figure out my ring size at the jewelry store 14 is the most common ring size.
She just looked at my hand and put on the correct test ring so if you're fingers are neither thick or thin it should fit, but probably wise to measure your finger at a jewelry store as soon as you can.

I'm eager to sell it for full price as I have bills due, but if you can cover half now, I might be willing do a payment plan. Priority goes to anyone who could pay up front however.

My dearest Latias and Latios set of mugs: $36 (As new, have been on display only)
My dearest Pens - $25
My dearest Strap - $22
My dearest pins - $8 each (they're attached to the little hanger hole in the petit straps xD)
Petit charms - $15 each (Have been opened but only been on display)
Pokemon time $15 each

Eeveelution Toyopet watches
$30 each (Sold: Umbreon)

These were given out during an event at Toyota cardealerships in 2013 and I assume they're quite sought after, but feel free to give me an offer if you disagree on the price and I'll definitely consider it!! :) I've seen them sell for $20 to $50 so I'll be flexible ^^

Misc Sylveon/eeveelu merch
Cusion and blanket set - $30
Towel - $25
Bento cloth bag - $20
Small bento containers - $25
Big Table cloth - $20 (no plastic wrapping)
3DS strap pouch - $40

I was going to put in more here xD But I never found anything more I could give up rn :')

Blanket $40 SOLD
Umbrella $35

Misc mini towels/face cloths $3

Dedenne hand towels: $2 (I have like 5 of these, please take them away from me! xD)
Eeveelution tin pouch: $10 (same as above) SOLD
Eevee hand towel: $4
Eevee scrunchie: $5 SOLD
Eevee pen: $3,5
Eveelution buttons: 4 each or 7 for a pack (flareon/eevee sold)
Sylveon crogs accessory: $7
Meowth and Mareep Card sleeves: $1 each
Tape holders: Umbreon/Glaceon motive with sylveon on the back: $5
Happy party time mirror: $12 SOLD
Happy party time note book: $10 SOLD
Eevee notebook: $7
Photo frame: $6 (heavy and shipping might be a bit)

Click for bigger picture!

Eeveelution movie and activity books - $20 each

Stickers from the Genesect book. click for bigger image! :)

Click for bigger pictures!

First one is an activity book and has cute things like labyrinths and fun things, and lots of cute eeveelu artworks <3

Backside (front is a generic Genesect movie image but I bought them for eevees so :'D Click for better pictures!

The middle one is a story book of the Genesect movie and has a beautiful Sylveon/Eevee movie short page AND comes with gorgeous stickers :D <3

The last one is an activity book that comes with a little magnifyer glass or something where you're supposed to look for special pokemon together with eevee and pikachu :') And it has this absolutely beautiful page of the eevee's eating apples :D <33

Eeveelution amadas - $3,5 each (sideway Jolteon has wrong paper as his came ripped - $2)

Diancie clearfile - $5
Ampharos pokemon time set - $12
Wanted!!! Espurr clearfile - $7
Christmas cleafile (has both the aurora art and the christmas tree) - $20 for the set or $12 for Aurora/ $8 for Christmas tree
Notebook with aurora artwork - $20
Notebooks with 2015(?) christmas art - $10 each

Eeveelution Tomy's (and Raichu/Pichu) - $4 each

Clipping figures - $4 each

Bottle cap figures - $3,5 for the smaller ones and $6,5 for Reshiram. NB Servine doesn't have a base, I realized that's my Entei's bottlecap :O
Pyroar/Litleo zukan - $6 (has paint spill on face)
Litleo candy figure - $5
Samurott diorama - $12
Tepig VS Pikachu diorama $10)
Servine VS Scraggy diorama $8

Click picture to make it bigger!! :)

Ippai Eevee figures: $5 each ALL SOLD
Eevee and friends figures Sylveon: $6,5 BOTH SOLD
New Zukan with Sylveon: $18 SOLD
Eevee pokedoll figure: $8
Kyun Charas: Eevee is $8 and Flareon $10 (SOLD)
Flareon and Leafeon keychains: $6
Espeon chou get: $5
Umbreon keshipoke MIP with packaging: $30 OBO (I paid a fortune for these on pokevault back in the day ;D) SOLD
Sylveon/Skitty kaiyodo figures : $4 each
Eevee screen cleaner figure: $4
Fennekin soda figure: $4
MIP (Poochyena sold) Electrike Tomy figure: $15
Piplup and garbite palace figures: $2
Raichu pink chibi stamper: $10 Charmeleon keshimon: $3
Xerneas soap figures: $4 each, $2 for Froakie and Chespin
Xerneas candy figure: $5
Landrous candy figure: $3,5
Lapras stadium figure: $3
Yellow Vaporeon rubber figure: $4
Dedenne sleeping ippai figure: $4 comitted to
Turtwig and Chimchar (not pictured but found him later) sleeping Tomys: $27 each OBO
Victini and Pikachu figures: $6 or take Victini for $4 or Pika for $2
Pokemon time Vaporeon strap: $7 (eye paint is not perfect but nothing very noticable I nitpick, please ask for picture)
Vaporeon PC strap: $7
Jolteon PC strap: $5
Vulpix fire stone strap: $25
Tepig and Meowth Osaka PC opening straps: $7 for Tepig, $6 for Meowth $4 for Pika SOLD

MIP kids: $4 for Leafeon, Glaceon. Buneary $4, Meganium $3,5 (I have his box!) $2 for Azelf, Grotle and Wailmer
Eeveelution attack kids: $5 each (Sold: Espeon, Jolteon)
Standing/sitting (new release) eeveelution Flareon kid (others sold):  $4.5

Click picture to make it bigger! :)

Oldschool suction cup pikachu figure: $1
Clipping figures: most come with cards: $4 each (sold: gallade)
Chou gets: $3 each (johto middle evos, skarmory, arceus)
Pokeball keychains: $4 each (sold: spinda, rayquaza, marshtomp, groudon, kyogre)
Unova waza museum figures: Oshawott and Tepig: $8 (Do come with bases and box), Snivy is just the figure $5
Mantyke strap: $3
Entei strap: $4
Bidoof mystery dungeon figure: $2
Mega Charizard X figure (came with a mega Absol): $4
Togepi talking toy: $6

Click picture to make it bigger! :)

Beautifly line charms: $15
Gardevoir line: $13
Squirlte line: $12
Charizard: $14
Clefairy: $10
Bulbasaur line: $13
Pidgey line: $10
Togepi line: 10 SOLD
Butterfree line: $10
Eevee line: $17 SOLD
Old Blastoise line: $18
Old Pikachu line: $20
Happy party time set: $15
Single Eevee: $4 SOLD
Dedenne, Chespin, Meowstics pokedoll charms: $4, Froakie $3 SOLD
Mudkip kuttari charm: $3
Meowth Osaka charm $5, Pika $4
Manaphy metal charm: $4
Turtwig metal charm: $4
Metal pokedex charms: $3 each
Ponyta dog tags: $4
Blastoise and psyduck keychains

Thank you so much for looking~! <3

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