January Pkmncollectors Mod Post

Rules – They're here to help! Not to hinder!

The moderation team would like to thank all members who assist us, by reporting users using the Report a Problem thread.
Here is are the list of rules that the moderation team has noticed being broken recently:

Backing out of bids on Auctions.
This is a big rule to break! If you are caught breaking this, you could be officially banned from the community!

Do not post more than once per 24 hours.
Most users think that this rule is once per day, it is 24 hours. If you are posting, please make sure that there is at least 24 hours between posts!

Do not alter the font of your entire post.
The only font changes allowed to make are bold, underline, italicize and strikethrough! Colour changes are strictly prohibited.
This is to prevent spam posts filled with various colours or posts with hurtful font colours.

All uncut photos must be under 500 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall.
Even if it is 501 pixels wide by 501 pixels tall, it is still larger than we would like. This is to prevent other members' computers from freezing up, making mobile on this site load properly and quickly and not destroy our sidebars. If a post is caught with breaking this rule, it might be deleted.

Do not repeatedly post the same sales to the community.
There needs to be a significant change in stock or prices in order to warrant a second post! There are many members who post their sales almost weekly and no one wants to see the same things over and over. You are hurting your business and spamming the community.

Post your information!
Please make sure to have both your SALES PERMISSION and your FEEDBACK links in your post. Otherwise, your post may be deleted.

PMs are private and not under the jurisdiction of the community.
Please handle all transactions that involve cash on the community and not via private message. The moderation team will not assist you if it is done off the community, as then we cannot see exactly everything that has occurred. We are unable to offer any advice or assistance in these situations.

Reserves & Minimum Amounts.
Reserves are NOT allowed on the community. If you are auctioning off an item, please start it off at the minimum amount you are willing to accept. If we catch someone using reserves, they may find their sales permission becoming revoked.

No Adding Extra Comments in Bids
As of now, all comments in bids are strictly prohibited. It isn't fair to other members to have to wade through a pile of messages like "Omg my grail" "I can't wait to win this! Good luck to whoever wants it" or unnecessary side conversations. This is considered off topic and will be treated as such to the moderation staff.


Rules – Helpful Hints!
90% of the reports we receive are easily preventable! Here are some tips to help save you from wasting all your time!

Do not deal with banned members. All sales must follow community rules.
There have been many reports about people seeing haybuddyy, a known banned member commenting on other's posts! Remember that if they are on the Wall of Shame, they are there for a reason!

Community locked posts are LOCKED for a reason.
There are reasons why we ask that Group Auctions and Group Buys, as well as Sales are to be community locked! It is to prevent users who are banned from commenting (if your sales are on your personal journal) as well as keeping known resellers from finding these gems. There are consequences for helping banned members, and by not locking it, technically you are assisting them! Just remember to lock them!

If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is!
If someone is offering to trade via PM, you've never seen them post before and WOW they have all your grails, chances are you won't be getting them! Make sure your deals are fair, and again posted on the community!

Re-read these rules!
When you joined the community, you probably read the rules then, but what about now? Just brush up and re-read because it is easy to forget things that are so “simple” to remember :)


Events – What's Ahead? What's Planned?
Some of these events are underway and will occur in the near future, others will be a little further on.

Secret Spring Swap
Everyone's favourite Secret Spring Swap will be coming soon. Please stop making posts asking when it will be up and running. These posts are cluttering the community and we are working around the clock to ensure that this project will be successful this year with little to no issues.

Community Pathtags
The wonderful akeyma had made this post here (link).
The pathtags are already ordered, so keep an eye out if you have ordered one of them!

Convention List
There will be a page in the near future letting comm members know where anime conventions might be in their area!



Moderation Staff
The newer moderation staff now has all their contact information available on the contact information page. We have also divided the moderation team into various specializations. Please note that general moderators are able to assist in any issues that may arise! Sales permission applications are going to be reviewed in the upcoming weeks and we have a lot planned for the community in general!

Anything Else?
The moderation team would like remind users that if they have any suggestions for things they would like to see happen on pkmncollectors to please use the Community Suggestions Box or comment below!

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