(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Colocation and Dedicated hosting provider HostColor.com has activated IPv4 and IPv6 peering agreements with the global IP transit providers Hurricane Electric and Retn.net. The web host also connected to US Signal and a number of other local Midwest U.S. ISPs. All customers of Host Color now enjoy much better connectivity and optimized routes to a number of locations worldwide.

The Internet connectivity agreements to Hurricane Electric (HE.net) and US Signal help HostColor.com to improve its high quality Midwest U.S. network and to lower the latency and round trip delay to some key Midwest U.S. metropolitan areas like Columbus Ohio, Minneapolis, and Kansas City. He.net also improves the routes to Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore for Host Color’s customers.

Through Retn.net Host Color’s customers are now better connected to many metropolitan European areas in Germany, UK, France, Netherlands and many other European countries, as well as to Russia and Ukraine.

Hurricane Electric operates a global Internet backbone network and provides IP Transit with low latency, access to thousands of networks. Retn.net is a provider of international IP transit, capacity and VPN services in 24 countries. US Signal is a Midwest U.S. ISP and network services provider.

Besides the improved network, Host Color has also announced upgrades of its rack-mount Colocation (https://www.hostcolor.com/colocation/) plans. The company’s customers who use 1U – 4U rack-month servers now get 10 Mbps monthly bandwidth on a 1 GigE port, a 40% increase from the previous 6.17 Mbps monthly bandwidth limit. Host Color has also changed its bandwidth usage and billing model and removed the limitations based on used gigabytes of Internet traffic. Now customers can take advantage of a free burstable billing option and decide whether to burst up to 1000 Mbps (the physical capacity of an average port) for up to 36 hours per month. Those who want to avoid additional monthly charges for overage bandwidth can apply 10 mbps or 100 mbps logical port restriction at any time. This could be done, after a customer has already taken advantage of the free 36 hours burstable bandwidth, allowed by Host Color.

All colocation customers who need to burst above their Internet access commitment rates, in order to deliver properly their content during any web traffic spikes, can take advantage of the Host Color’s unique DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) service delivery and billing model. The Colocation provider gives its customers the privilege to pay only for the used data transfer, based on the monthly average consumption, instead of changing them for overage bandwidth usage, in accordance with the 95-percentile burstable billing rule. This means that at the end of the service month Host Color removes all Internet traffic peaks from the overage bandwidth bill and charges only for the used data transfer, based on customer’s average monthly consumption rate.

Host Color uses APC cabinets and power distribution units (PDU) and Juniper networking equipment to deliver Colocation and Dedicated hosting services.

About HostColor.com

HostColor.com is a Colocation Dedicated hosting provider since 2000. Host Color (ARIN member AS 46873) operates a fully-redundant network with 100% uptime SLA guarantee that features Midwest U.S. peering and connectivity to Level 3, Cogent, Hurricane Electric, Retn.net, US Signal and many other national and international networks. The company’s data center is located 90 miles from Chicago in South Bend, Indiana. The company’s strategic Midwest U.S. data center location and the quality Internet network, ensure the lowest possible RTT (round trip delay) to any point in North America and Europe. Host Color also provides disaster recovery, Colocation and Dedicated hosting services in Europe through its subsidiary Host Color Europe ( https://www.hostcoloreurope.com ).


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