Recent releases from the Packagist:

mvc5/application (4.0)
Event Driven PHP MVC Application

mvc5/framework (4.0)
MVC event management system with dependency injection and no bootstrap

enricodeleo/wp-client-ajax-login (0.1.5, 0.1.4)
A simple plugin that allows login to wordpress through the client's browser via AJAX.

guzzlehttp/guzzle (5.0.2)
Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client library and framework for building RESTful web service clients

chevron/example (v0.1.0)
"Hello World." done chevron style.

vtalbot/coffee (1.2.1)
CoffeeScript compiler for Laravel 4 (Illuminate)

chevron/db (v4.0.1, v4.0.0)
a PDO wrapper for making common DB operations slightly easier

chevron/argv (v3.1.0)
an OOP way to parse an $argv array

graphstory/graph-kit-php (0.0.7)
Graph Story Graph Kit for PHP

peridot-php/peridot (1.3.0, 1.2.3, 1.2.2)
Event driven testing framework for PHP 5.4+

hotel-quickly/paypal-rest-api (v1.1.8)

clubmaster/formextra (2.1)
ClubMaster form extra.

huynguyen/mvc (,
Framework cho php

fluidtypo3/fluidpages (3.1.2)
The fluidpages package from FluidTYPO3

fluidtypo3/fluidcontent (4.1.1)
Create Flexible Content elements in pure fluid

davidhavl/dherrorlogging (v1.0)
Full featured error logging module for ZF2 application

fluidtypo3/flux (7.1.2)
The flux package from FluidTYPO3

prooph/service-bus (v1.3.0, v1.2.1, v1.2.0, v1.1.1)
PHP Enterprise Service Bus Implementation supporting CQRS and DDD

brightmachine/rapper (1.0.0)
A trait to simplify the creation of proxies or simple facades.

brightmachine/object-proxy (1.0.0)
A trait to simplify the creation of proxies or simple facades.

facebook/php-sdk-v4 (4.0.12)
Facebook SDK for PHP

bosnadev/mailer (0.1, 0.1.1)
Mailer class for sending emails more easily and efficiently. Part of Larapress CMS.

neemzy/patchwork-core (1.0.1)
Core files for Patchwork

neemzy/patchwork (1.0.1)
PHP 5.4+ full-stack web framework

sebmak/goabroadhq-sdk (v0.1)
SDK for accessing GoAbroadHQ.

mindscape/raygun4php (1.5.3)
Raygun.io client for PHP 5.3, to send errors and exceptions automatically.

graham-campbell/digitalocean (v0.2.0-alpha)
DigitalOcean Is A DigitalOcean Bridge For Laravel 4.1/4.2

graham-campbell/flysystem (v0.6.2-alpha)
Flysystem Is A Flysystem Bridge For Laravel 5

enormous/enormous (1.0.2)

paulfitz/daff-php (v1.2.3)
align and compare tables

brownpaperbag/flush (1.0.0)
Library to flush data friendly. To use in long-polling and zombie requests.

potherca/php-base (0.1.0)
Base for all PHP classes in Potherca Projects

magkopian/php-infinite-multi-level-comments (1.0.2, 1.0.1, 1.0.0)
An AJAX multi-level comment system, that allows infinite level comment and replies

exorus/php-mime-mail-parser (1.7.0)
Fully Tested Mailparse Extension Wrapper for PHP 5.3+

pentacorp/hashids (1.1.0)
Laravel 4.1 package for Hashids

peehaa/opcachegui (v1.0.0-rc2)
GUI for PHP's OpCache

tompedals/test (1.0.0)
A silly test project to play with versioning

andtyl/pts (1.0)
Get operator name of swedish phone number

michalfelski/gforces-coding-standard (1.0.4)
GForces PHP CodeSniffer Coding Standard.

rwillians/form-request (0.2)
A helper for processing form input.

chronon/stripe (2.0.5)
A CakePHP 2.x Stripe Payment Processing Component.

ropendev/curl (1.0.0)
PHP POO cURL wrapper (PSR compatible for autoloading) : light and simple.

rdev/rdev (v0.1.1)
The RDev PHP framework

heyupdate/sqwack (0.1.6)
Up to date Slack profile photos

freialib/bundle (v1.6.0, v1.5.4)
freia bundle

hlin/archetype (v1.3.0)
freia module

codenine/nexis (v1.0.0)
Advanced wordpress theme development framework

fenrir/tools (v1.1.5)
freia module

egeloen/google-map-bundle (2.2.1)
Provides a google map integration for your Symfony2 Project.

egeloen/google-map (1.4.1)
Google Map API v3 integration for PHP 5.3+

coandacms/coanda-core (0.0.2, 0.0.1)
The core package for Coanda CMS

dcramble/phpdoc-md (v0.1.1)
PHP documentation generator, with markdown output

mesd/settings-bundle (v1.0.0-RC1)
MESD SettingsBundle

tourman/array_extend_type (v1.0.0)
Merges arrays together recursively

chevron/chevron (v6.0.0)
a simple set of useful tools

diamante/desk-bundle (1.0.0-beta1)
DiamanteDesk Bundle

prooph/prooph-service-bus-module (v1.0.0)
Zend Framework 2 Module for ProophServiceBus

ripaclub/zf2-mailman (v0.2.0)
ZF2 module to manage email delivery

vse/lightbox (1.0.0-b1)
Lightbox for phpBB 3.1 will resize posted images to a maximum set width and display them fullscreen in an elegant Lightbox overlay effect.

devisephp/cms (0.7.2)
Content Management System riding on top of the Laravel Framework

malkusch/php-autoloader (1.14.4)
This autoloader supports every autoloadable PHP feature up to PHP 5.4's traits. It find's every class, interface or traits definition in any situation. No matter what convention is used. The autoloader is index based. After building the index there will be no performance issue. The building is done dynamically. There is no explicit need of calling a build script. For the sake of comfortability there exists a script for prebuilding an index.

course-hero/assetic-filehash-buster (v1.0.0)
Adds cache busting based on the hash of all asset contents to assetic

jonnyanyc/gmetric-php (0.1.0-alpha6)
A simple, lightweight PHP client for sending Gmetric data to a Ganglia node via UDP.

zofe/deficient (1.0.13, 1.0.14)
Experimental subset of laravel components

enygma/yubikey (2.4)
PHP library to interface with the Yubikey REST API

phundament/p3extensions (0.19.0)
Phundament 3 Core Extensions

synapsestudios/synapse-base (v0.4.4)
Base code for the API template

graze/guzzle-jsonrpc (2.1.0)
JSON-RPC 2.0 client for Guzzle

peridot-php/peridot-code-coverage-reporters (1.0.2)
Code coverage reporters for Peridot PHP.

crate/crate-dbal (0.0.3)
A Doctrine Database Abstraction Layer for the Crate.io DBMS

depotwarehouse/toolbox (1.0.2)

magicphp/framework (1.1.2)
The MagicPHP Framework

contao-components/tablesort (3.4.0)
Contao Open Source CMS tablesort

heimrichhannot/contao-conditionalfields (1.0.0)
Define dependencies between form fields.

contao-components/stylect (3.4.0)
Contao Open Source CMS stylect

crate/crate-pdo (0.0.4)
A PDO adapter for interacting with the Crate.io DBMS

dcarbone/ugly-queue (0.3.1)
A simple file-based queue system for PHP 5.3.3+

contao-components/contao (3.4.0)
Contao Open Source CMS components

arthurh/sphring-plugin-skeleton (0.9.0)
This a skeleton to make a sphring plugin

sleeping-owl/apist (1.3.0)
Package to provide api-like access to foreign sites based on html parsing

label305/auja (v3.0.0-alpha2)
A PHP library for Auja - A back end interface for end users and developers

tivoka/tivoka (3.4.0)
The universal JSON-RPC client/server library. JSON-RPC done right!

friendsofsymfony/http-cache-bundle (1.1.0)
Set path based HTTP cache headers and send invalidation requests to your HTTP cache

gorkalaucirica/hipchat-v2-api-client (v1.3.0)
Hipchat v2 API client

digitaledgeit/ffmpeg (0.1.1)
Library for ffmpeg

digitaledgeit/console (0.1.1)
Library for the console

payum/payum-silex-provider (0.12.0)
Rich payment solutions for Silex framework. Paypal, Payex, Authorize.Net, Be2bill, Omnipay, Recurring paymens, IPN and many more

digitaledgeit/compression (0.2.0, 0.1.1)
Library for the compression

supportbee/supportbee (v0.0.2)
A PHP library for interacting with SupportBee API

sheepy85/l5-localization (v1.0.4, v1.0.3)
Simple Localization Middleware for Laravel 5

zofe/burp (1.0.13, 1.0.12)
Simple PHP router that works with query-string and uri-segments

packagile/package-core-abstraction (0.2.0)

ibrows/sonata-admin-annotation-bundle (2.2.2, 2.2.1)
Manage Sonata Form, Data, List and ShowMapper over annotations

igormatkovic/laravel-livelogger (1.0.3)
Log and display you app live to your developers

arthurh/sphring (0.9.0)
Spring port in php

vegas-cmf/social (v1.0.0)
Vegas CMF Social integration

twig/extensions (v1.2.0)
Common additional features for Twig that do not directly belong in core

ray/di (1.4.5)
Guice style annotation-driven dependency injection framework

gmazzap/url-to-query (1.0.0)
Allow resolving any kind of WordPress url to related main query arguments.

devfactory/mollom (1.0.0-Stable, 1.0.0)
Mollom for laravel 4

samokspv/exclude-similar-docs (1.0.4)
Exclude similar documents

uthando-cms/uthando-testimonial (1.0.2)
Testimonial module for Uthando CMS

gmazzap/options-storage (1.0.0)
Options container for WordPress.

uthando-cms/uthando-file-manager (1.0.3)
File Manager module for Uthando CMS

pomander/wordpress (0.2.8)
Pomander plugin to deploy and manage Wordpress sites

happyproff/kartinki (0.0.2, 0.0.1)

graham-campbell/throttle (v2.0.1)
Throttle Is A Rate Limiter For Laravel 5

gmazzap/fc-post-content-handler (2.0.0)
Post content handler for Fragment Cache

ozziest/consozzy (2.0.1, 2.0.0)
Simple console core for php console applications.

egeloen/ckeditor-bundle (2.5.1)
Provides a CKEditor integration for your Symfony2 Project.

uam/propel-s3object-behavior (1.1.0)
A Propel behavior that allows objects to save a file to AWS S3.

gmazzap/ajax-template-part (1.0.0)
Like get_template_part(), but AJAX powered

artatol/image-manager (0.1.2, 0.1.1)
Integration of Image Manager with AWS S3 storage into Nette Framework

tymon/jwt-auth (0.3.7)
JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel

cubex/framework (0.3.5)
Cubex Framework

stnvh/silverstripe-cmsspellchecker (1.1.3, 1.1.2, 1.1.1, 1.1, 1.0.0)
Add TinyMCE Spell checking functionality without having to edit core

qobo/phake-builder (v1.0.8)
A set of build and deploy files, based on jaz303/phake

mozarcik/yii-datepicker (1.4.1)
Yii extension wrapper for bootstrap-datepicker

icybee/module-pages (v2.0.1)
Manages pages.

davidyell/numbers_to_words (0.0.1)
A helper for converting numbers into words

ssdtutorials/commander (1.0.3, 1.0.2, 1.0.1)

mikehaertl/yii2-apidoc-vim (2.0.0)
Yii 2 apidoc as Vim helpfiles

nordsoftware/yii-paytrail (1.2.0)
Paytrail implementation for yii-paymentmanager.

jacksleight/chalk (0.1.0)
Content management system built on Coast

nordsoftware/paytrail-php (0.2.0)
Paytrail REST client for PHP.

keboola/json-parser (0.1.5)
Keboola JSON to CSV parser

chartblocks/php-rest-sdk (1.1.4)
ChartBlocks SDK

jacksleight/coast-doctrine (0.1.0)
Coast component for integration with Doctrine ORM

jacksleight/coast (0.1.0)
Web application framework for PHP 5.5+

pointsback/pointsback-php-sdk (v0.1.4, v0.1.3)
Points Back PHP library

gianarb/influxdb-module (0.0.1)
InfuxDB Zend Framework integration

terminal42/contao-changelanguage (2.2.5)
ChangeLanguage extension for Contao Open Source CMS

mouf/html.widgets.jqueryfileupload (v1.1.0)
This package contains an upload widget based on the 'jQuery file upload' plugin. This allows easy uploading of files.

murganikolay/debug-errorhook (2.0.1)
Intercept PHP errors (including fatals) and process them (e.g. send to E-mail). Based on http://en.dklab.ru/lib/Debug_ErrorHook/ by Dmitry Koterov

ksubileau/color-thief-php (v1.2.0)
Grabs the dominant color or a representative color palette from an image.

icybee/module-sites (v2.0.1)
Manages websites

zirak/widget-pages-extension (1.0.1)
Freely inspired to burnbright/silverstripe-widgetpages, add a Widget's Gridfield to the extended pages

icybee/module-cache (v2.0.1)
Provides a common API and a centralized place to manage caches.

backboneit/contao-mod-article (2.4.1)
Various modules to display articles in a way so that problems that occur when using Insert-Tags are avoided.

allmarkedup/twig-extensions (v0.2)
A few handy extensions for Twig.

allmarkedup/super-sharp-router (v0.2)
A sharp little routing library for PHP 5.4+

betacie/hooks (1.0.2)
Command-line tool to interact with hooks.yml files.

majes/social-bundle (v1.20.4)
Majes framework social bundle

m6web/daemon-bundle (v1.3.0)
bundle sf2 easing creating daemon commands

icanboogie/operation (v2.0.1)
Operations, the doers of the MOVE world

owc/wp-shopify (v1.0.7)
Wordpress Shopify integration.

eleme/fix-zeus (0.1.1)
just want to hack zeus data

coandacms/coandacms (0.0.1)
Coanda (A CMS based on Laravel)

aferrandini/hal-helper (v1.0)
HAL 9000 Symfony Console Helper

gdmedia/bootswatch-sass (v3.2.0)
Bootswatch is a collection of themes for Bootstrap. SASS / SCSS edition

vince/type-bundle (1.0.16)
Form types for Symfony 2.3+

magical-yuri/magical-girl (1.0.0)
Test Data Generator

esteit/catalol-api-client (1.4.8)
FPC client

scws/pscws4 (v1.0.0, v1.2.2, v1.2.1)
PSCWS 是英?-? PHP Simple Chinese Words Segmentation 的头?-母缩?,它是 SCWS é??目的前身?'?

ahonymous/timezone-bundle (0.0.6-beta)
The Symfony2 bundle to Google Timezone API

racztiborzoltan/doxygen-php-interface (1.1.0)
Small and very simple Doxygen interface for PHP

mrjgreen/database (1.2.0)
Expressive Database Layer for PHP - Based on Illuminate/Database

burnbright/silverstripe-shop-geocoding (1.2.2, 1.0.2)
Geocoding support for shop module

azt3k/non-destructive-archive-installer (0.2.12)
A composer installer type that allows you to unpack archives to a specific location in a non destructive way - it is very useful when some packages need to be installed inside another package folder - e.g. drupal and modules

jpush/jpush (v3.2.0)
JPush API PHP Client

cocoframework/web-kernel (1.0.0-beta2)
The kernel files for cocoframework project.

gotcms/gotcms (1.5.0)
GotCms is a CMS based on Zend Framework 2

components/bootstrap (3.3.0)
The most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

bocharsky-bw/vkontakte-php-sdk (v2.0.0)
Vkontakte PHP SDK

coursehero/assetic-filehash-buster (v1.0.0)
Adds cache busting based on the hash of all asset contents to assetic

sokil/php-mongo (1.9.0)
Active Record for PHP Mongo

satrun77/configurablepage (1.0.0)
This module allows CMS users to create pages with customisable fields that are selectable from an admin defined list

icecave/overpass (0.3.1)
A basic pub/sub and RPC system.

satrun77/editablefield (1.0.0)
This module allows CMS admin to create an manage list of configurable form fields that can be used by other module such as, satrun77/configurablepage.

trsteel/ckeditor-bundle (v1.5.1)
Symfony2 bundle for easy integration of the CKEditor WYSIWYG

radekdostal/nette-datetimepicker (1.6.0)
DatePicker and DateTimePicker input controls for Nette Framework

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