Randy Seidman has established himself as one of the youngest and hardest working electronic dance music DJs in Los Angeles.
His dedication for playing quality and time-appropriate music has created a demand for Randy that he is humbled to meet. Randy's versatility has enabled him to share the stage with such well-known DJs as Kaskade, Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate, Benny Benassi, Gabriel & Dresden, and many more.

Since 2007, Randy has toured with trance megastars, Infected Mushroom, playing over 150 shows with them around the world (from Ecuador to India, Mexico to Russia, Canada to Ibiza, New York to Madrid, and places in between). As one could expect, this opportunity has opened many doors for Randy, including events in Thailand, Zurich (Switzerland), as well as numerous venues around the US & Mexico.

In 2010, Randy signed with the Israeli label, Fatali Music (FM), where he joined a popular crew of quality producers, Eitan Carmi, Fatali, and Matan Caspi. Also notable is that Randy was named ‘Breakthrough DJ/Producer of the Year’ by Infected Mushroom in the prestigious DJ Mag Top 100 Poll.

Open House, Randy's electronic music mix show, features the grooviest deep, tech, and progressive from around the world. The popular podcast has featured exclusive guest mixes by DJs such as Paul Oakenfold, DJ Chus, Christopher Lawrence, and many more – check out episodes and track lists at openhousepodcast.com or subscribe for free in the iTunes store! Episodes are also available on DI.fm & ETN.fm.

Hi randy, thank you for making this interview.
How was your first visit on Koh Phangan?
I arrived to Phangan after a few weeks of traveling through Asia. I had just done a festival with Infected Mushroom in Korea called Green Groove, then a couple friends and I decided to check out Singapore as well as some of the cool cities in Thailand. After traveling around Thailand a bit, we made our way to Phangan.

I was worried about the boat because I typically get seasick, but I managed to survive. Actually, the taxi ride from the pier to Haadrin almost made me more sick haha! I stayed at a nice quiet beachside spot called Blue Marine in Haadrin, close enough to the parties to walk, but far enough to also get a bit of quiet. I was extremely fortunate to have been hooked up with very amazing opportunities while on the island. Between all of the amazing people I met, the Jungle Experience and the Full Moon parties I played, this past weekend will definitely live in my mind forever!

How long this you stay on Koh Phangan at this visit and how did you enjoy it?
I stayed for 6 days, and it was fantastic. I enjoyed renting a scooter and seeing some other parts of the island – such as Chaloklum Bay. I like that the island is manageable in terms of size, and that there is plenty of different types of quality food. Probably the thing I enjoyed the most was the ratio of girls to guys – must have been at least 2:1! I cannot wait to come back…

Where did you play on Koh Phangan during this visit?
I played Hacienda Beach Club, Jungle Experience, Mellow Mountain Full Moon, and the place where the first Full Moon party ever was held, Paradise. I closed out my weekend with a sunset session at the Electronic Lounge at Holiday Beach. All of the shows were unique amazing experiences… I miss Phangan already.

The last Jungle Experience party was a very big, how was it for you playing there?
In terms of the experience, it was definitely in the top five shows of my life – and a complete honor to have played. The party was like Burning Man but in a jungle, and I felt so much love from the audience. All of the other DJs on the night did a great job making the party such a memorable one. It would not have been as good if the artists hadn’t played as appropriately as they did. I can only hope to come back one day for another round!

What do you think about the music scene on Koh Phangan compare to other places such as Ibiza and Goa?
Well they have their similarities and differences. All three are tropical beach style destinations known for killer parties and a mix of cultures. Goa isn’t so commercial (with the exception of maybe Sunburn Festival), whereas you will find a commercial party or two around Phangan and Ibiza. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much beach mayhem as I’ve seen in Koh Phangan. I mean, can someone say ‘buckets’?!

You are from LA, How is the music scene in there and in the US in general these days?
The scene in the US is growing – over the last 5-10 years it has really exploded. Promoters such as Insomniac are throwing massive parties like Electric Daisy Carnival and Nocturnal. The people of Sensation White have also brought their brand to the US. The commercialization of EDM has made it more acceptable in the popular culture of America. That is not to say people don’t respect underground dance music in the states, but the solid parties for underground music are in the bigger cities such as LA, NY, SF, and Miami (I am not including Vegas on that list for a reason – only Drais Afterhours in Vegas respects anything close to an underground sound). Los Angeles has a good scene – we have big clubs (and small clubs) throwing weekly parties with the world’s biggest DJs. I am happy to come from Los Angeles, where I can play quality music and not feel forced to play the flavor of the day.

How you describe your music style?
I play all kinds of quality music ranging from deep to tech to progressive. Sometimes it is techno-ish, other times it’s melodic and emotional – Never too full on, but always driving; I try to play what the moment calls for. I am all about time appropriate tunes. I have even released a couple nice Chill Out mixes on my radio show Open House.

Tell us about your tour with Infected mushroom, seems you have been all over..
I have had the fortunate opportunity of playing with Infected Mushroom at over 150 shows around the world since they named my their ‘breakthrough DJ of the year’ in the DJ Mag Top 100 interview of 2009 – from North America to India, from Ecuador to Korea, from Ibiza to Mexico –it has been an amazing journey.

What projects are you busy at in these days?
When I am home, I am working on making music – you check out my productions on Beatport and Soundcloud from my website I have some solid projects in the pipeline including a collaboration with the American guitarist for Infected Mushroom, Tommy Cunningham. I also host my monthly radio show, Open House – which airs on Digitally Imported & ETN.fm. Besides that, I’m staying busy searching for the grooviest tunes and enjoying my life.

Next visit on Koh Phangan?
Not soon enough, but I will jump at it, the next time I have a chance.




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