$2727 USD in urgent donations needed within less than four days to save me from asphyxiation at 21 y/o, which will be caused by rapidly worsening torn nerves. I need to get immediate private specialist care and avoid institutional brutality in emergency departments targeted at my severe physical disability.

$65 USD received so far. Thank you to those who donated. I’ve now exhausted my means of promoting the post, this is as far as it gets, and I’m anticipating being fucking dead. Can just say
I’ve stayed up all night (the most serious source of real physical damage) to try to edit this post to a point where
people will actually care. I can’t think now. I shouldn’t have had to do that last night, or for a lot of the past year. I really need
help, obviously, and my progressive catastrophic disability is beyond what most people can even
fathom, which is why it’s so hard for me to get help. I really need
money for basic things like appropriate MEDICAL CARE which has been
denied to me for almost 1 year now. I’m getting sicker by the second and I really fucking need help. Please do something.

I need money to be able to get specialist care from my neurologist so
that I don’t have to submit myself for emergency treatment and
potentially get killed by incompetent doctors who have consistently
forced detrimental treatments on me in the past due to my helplessness
as a result of being disabled and bedbound.

[Transcript here]
This is a discharge letter from 2014 in which emergency department +
acute psychiatry  seriously considered commencing legal action to deny
me medical consent rights for the rest of my life (I was 19). I was also
subsequently assaulted by transport officers arranged by the hospital
but did not file a report because police were unsympathetic.

Savings for bond are needed urgently to relocate closer to my
practice so that I can seek treatment without paying about $1500 USD per
appointment for private paramedic transport over the current distance.
The area around the practice also contains a large Chinese community and
I believe I would be able to get the vital social support and
affordable nursing care which I’ve long been denied, as an isolated
disabled  immigrant and domestic violence survivor.

rental market in Sydney is extremely competitive and it’s also difficult
find wheelchair / stretcher accessible housing. The process may take
some time and the sooner I can raise enough bond, the more likely I
would be able to get effective treatment.

All elements of this plan have to be met precisely to get immediate specialist medical treatment and avoid being dead.

can view my medical reports on  fundraiser-evidence.tumblr.com

here’s an update

- a treatment that i have always thought was the only way to cure my condition was rejected by one of my doctors as being too risky. This severely limits my options and I need to accumulate savings to prevent financial circumstances from restricting access to any viable life saving treatments that could potentially be found.

- i also need to increase the level of care i access to prevent further deterioration in my condition, as I have found no effective treatment options so far. To get the equivalent of the amount of care funded by gov. services (which i don’t yet have), I would need to pay at least $649 USD/week, in addition to about $808 USD per week in other existing bills.

- I was told yesterday that at no point had any of my doctor’s other disabled
patients been given all of the government services for which they are

- which means i DESPERATELY need my compensation case to be successful.

the potential payout from this could be in the millions and could fund medical and nursing care for the rest of my life.

i need to raise the legal fees for this quickly to prevent delays in the case.

depending on how much I spend on medical care + living costs (meaning
this amount can vary wildly), I have at least $18,693 USD left to
raise for my compensation case, at a MINIMUM. (the exceptionally high cost is explained HERE).

Update: I’ve received $114 USD so far. thank you. i REALLY need at least $972 USD by 3am Monday 15th Aug EDT (bank closing time) to pay for nursing care+ medical bills + rent. I also very much need to raise at least $1000 USD by 3am EDT as well to keep up with the pace of the compensation case and prevent delays that could jeopardise the case. ALL OF THIS is absolutely essential to ensuring that I get the bare minimum care that I need right now + ensure stability for years to come. My condition has already worsened to a point of potentially putting my life in danger - in part due to lack of adequate care - and I need help to stop the physical deterioration as quickly as possible.


- PayPal.me
page (PayPal account required; no transactions fees for PayPal
balance transfers)

PayPal page (no PayPal account required)

- PayPal transfer to romana2252@gmail.com

- If PayPal doesn’t work, please try my old gofundme page which uses
Stripe. Note: the info there is 20 months old, please just use the page as an alternative means of donation. https://www.gofundme.com/hmnad

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